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Storm of Lust

It was obvious we weren’t meant to be forever, but that night our paths crossed and for a short moment we found one another. We found one another and yet I didn’t realise I was looking for her, but it’s when I saw her that I knew she was what I needed, I knew she was what I was searching for. The next day we would be strangers to one another, but that night we somehow found each other in what seemed like an endless sea of people. The next day we would be back to our normal lives, but that night nothing could stop us to have some fun. Everything about her was special and enthralling, she obviously wasn’t “perfect”, as if there is such thing, but she was for sure more remarkable than any other girl in the room. It wasn’t her look that immediately winded me, of course she was beautiful, but the first thing I caught about her was her scent as she passed by me at the bar. The usual cloud of smell in the club could not contain the gentle turmoil that was her aroma. The smog of alcohol and sweat was easily pierced by the soft ray of her fragrance. And as she passed by me a whiff of her aroma was casted on me, her sweet scent caressed my nose and grabbed me by the chin, my head had no other choice but to follow her silhouette in the crowd. She smelled delicious and flavourful, she smelled like love and passion, and she smelled sweet and somehow rough, all that at the same time. In no time her perfume drowned my mind with desire and burned my lungs with passion, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling anymore but for sure it felt good. After that, I had no other choice but to leave my drink there, I had no other choice but to leave my friend mid sentence here, I had no other choice but to follow her. I joined her on the dancefloor, took her by her hand and spun her toward me, she giggled and stared into my eyes. Spinning her around sent a gust of her fragrance that only charmed me more. Quickly we sweated and moved with passion and yet our clothes were still on.

After that everything else happened so fast, we talked, we danced, we drank, after that it didn’t take long before my mind began to spin. She proposed some shots and enchanted by the idea I followed her back to the bar. There she moved closer and closer to me, there I think I pulled her towards me, there she mentioned a discreet place for later. Before I could respond anything, we went back dancing. On the dancefloor, we could not leave one another and after dancing for a while she bit her lips and gave me a bewitching wink. Then, she left her friends there as she dragged me through the room, she dashed down some stairs and I followed her to another floor, then we flew across a calmer and less crowded room and we dove down some more stairs. We landed into a small and dark corridor, she turned to me and said with a mischievous smile that we should not be bothered here. But honestly, she could have brought me anywhere I would have followed her anyway, at this point I was completely under her spell. At the end of the long corridor she opened a door and invited me in. To this day, I’m still not sure who did what next, I’m still not sure what happened afterward or at least in what order. Next thing I remember was the intoxicating feeling of her lips stuck against mines. I could not let her go, her lips’ taste stayed on my tongue and her lipstick reddened my mouth as she took my breath away. A mere tease of her inebriating body and already I craved to lick more of her, I hungered to eat her, I thirsted of her juice and I demanded her moans. Even the few shots we took beforehand could not dull our senses. It seemed as if our outrageous lust sharpened our minds and controlled our bodies in this devilish act.

Our tongues latched on one another and caressed around in our mouths. It seemed as if our tongues like our bodies could not be separated. After all, we could not stop to touch and caress one another as we spun around the small bathroom. In an indecent whirlwind, I pinned her on the stall door, she straddled me on the seat, I bent her over the sink, she pushed me on the wall. We were in a continuous tempest of passion almost too small for the room to contain. After she pushed me on the wall, she latched her claws on my shirt and kissed my chest. Her crimson lipstick stained the white fabric of my shirt, she was obviously and lewdly marking her catch while unbuckling my belt.

Though our foreplay was long it was rushed, it was passionate but delicate, it was rough yet sweet, and somehow our foreplay was hot in that cold bathroom. Or so it seemed to us. Our foreplay could have been a few minutes or many it did not really matter. Time obviously did not stop for us but we surely did not want to waste any second, we wanted to use every minute we had with our bodies before getting caught. In an instant her mouth was on my crotch, she was tasting me through my underwear, passing her lips on my bulge and underlining my swelling with her tongue. Then, in a quick motion her fingers snatched my underwear down. I could hear her silently savour me as her lips lapped on my cock. Surprised by her mouth work I stutetered a ccurse as I closed my eyes. I could not see anything but I could feel her tongue trace my length and I could feel her saliva quickly coat my cock as her tongue coiled me. Once she got me to the hardness she wanted, once she filled her hunger, we quickly switched place on the wall. Swiftly I spread her legs apart and pulled down her pants. My hands dove into her panties while my mouth began to cover her breast. My teeth then pulled down her bra as my fingers slowly slid inside her. Once inside of her, I heard her swallow her saliva and let out a faint sigh of relief as she enjoyed the penetration of my roaming fingers. Then, my nose rubbed against her skin as my mouth caressed its way to her nipples, circling around her nipple I felt her push her breast in my face as she took a deep breath. At this moment, my fingers pushed deeper inside her as my palm pressed against her clit, there I felt that my warm hand on her sensitive button made her shiver as she slightly grasped my forearm. I let her take a moment before my fingers began to viciously pump in her and my palm began to rapidly quake on her sensitive clit. Quickly, her juice dripped on my hand as I devoured her breast. Nibbled and fingered she tighten her grip on my arm as she let small moans escape her mouth. Now, with my mouth all over her breast, I must say that her body felt like honey, a delectable nectar that stuck to my lips and rolled on my tongue. The warmth of her body made me forget the staleness and coldness of the bathroom atmosphere. After a while, my hand slid away and all my fingers latched to her body as my mouth went back to hers. My hands wanted to brush her silhouette, my fingers wanted to paint her curves as our lips coloured our mouths of her red lipstick. Her moans tamboured into my ears and the rhythm of her gasps mixed with the music to restlessly hit my eardrums. Even tough I was still rock hard I could have been satisfied with just stealing her some moans, but her mischievous eyes said that she had more plans for me. She then let herself fall into my arms and I lift her up as she wrapped herself around my hips. I pinned her to the wall and we continued to exchange some deep kisses as we grinded against each other. I could feel that her soaked panties could barely restrain my cock as the tip was beginning to push between her lips. The tempo of the grinding continued to be heavy and dirty and we both knew what we wanted next.

I let her down to her feet and we went to the sink. Her back to me I caressed some kisses on her neck as my hands stroked her figure. I then bent her over, or more like she bent herself over before I could do anything, anyway we both wanted that either way. I eagerly took protection from my pocket and quickly put it on, my cock was throbbing as I could barely wait to feel more of her. I gave her a little slap on her beautiful ass and pushed her dripping panties aside. Then I slid my cock up and down her wet lips as she backed her rear on me. I pushed the head in and we both let out a moan of solace as she began to slowly move her hips, her ass moving in circles while the head of my cock was barely pushed inside her.

She shivered as I rammed my cock into her. The pounding of my cock in her echoed in the room as the mirror trembled from the blasting music of the club. Her moistness made lewd noises and this mesmerizing sound covered the noise of the locked door that was shaking because some people were trying to get in. I honestly did not realise she locked the door behind, everything happened so fast. But, I did not give it more thoughts as now I pushed deeply into her, she was only stopped by the sink as she received inside of her all my cock. The walls were shaking and we could not tell what was causing it, the pounding music of the club or the fierce ramming of my cock that was rocking the sink on the wall. I continuously pushed into her as my whole cock pumped in her with ease and rapidity. My hips rammed and shoved my cock into her with harshness and strength as her panting and moans only enhanced the music. In a way, it seemed as if her breathing and quivering had matched perfectly with the beat of the music. Actually, it almost felt as if the loud and energic symphony of the club could only be background noise to her suggestive and provocative moans. She closed her eyes and she let out cries of pleasure as I slapped her ass and pounded her pussy some more. She looked at me in the mirror, not at me as a person but as a momentarily giver of pleasure, she seemed to have been happy with her catch as she slowly brushed her tongue across her lips. I gave more strength in my thrusts, using all she gave me to burry my cock. Her hips tuned my pace and pushed on my cock at the right moments, she made sure to have all of me in her, she made sure to use all my length while she shivered on it. If at this moment, we would not have been both so selfish, our act would have been so selfless to one another, but in a way the meaningless of our sex was dedicated. After all, we did not want our moment together to last forever but to be memorable. So, I kept fucking her senselessly, her face inches away of the mirror as she moaned and shivered under my shoves. With this heated sex her shameless pleasure made her icy reflection fluster. Her warm moaning breath crashed onto the dirtied and old mirror as steam began to cover it. She sang for some more and I gave it to her. Then, I felt her getting closer and closer. She let her head fall down and she tightly grabbed the sink in front of her as her legs began to quiver. But, I grabbed her hair while pummeling my cock into her, I then pulled her hair to make her see the lustful scene in our blurry reflection. Her whimpers quickly crescendoed and it did not take much more time before we both finished in a gale of moans and grunts.

I gave her a kiss on her back as I retired myself. We both slowly took back our breath for a moment. She readjusted her clothes as I threw the condom in the trash. We put back our clothes while exchanging satisfied grins to one another. Then, she came closer to me and stared into my eyes as she bit her lower lip. We both wanted an encore but at the same time we both needed to take some air after this tornado of passion. She kissed me one last time and turned toward the door, freezing me on place with a huge smile on my face. She unlocked the door and began to open it, but she stopped for a small moment, she slightly turned her face toward me but without looking at me, she seemed to have had a brief moment of hesitation but then she disappeared in the confused crowd waiting outside the door.


Alec is again caught in one of those annoying and boring meetings at the Institute. Worry not, Magnus decides to be a good boyfriend and keeps Alec entertained with sending him little text and pictures of himself in various kinds of interesting positions.

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Alec was turned on, by the Angel, he swore that he was going to kill Magnus when he’d get the chance to see him. Alec was right in the middle of a meeting at the Institute when Magnus decided that he was bored and he started sending him dirty texts. He gritted his teeth and he let out a small groan of annoyance when he felt his phone buzzing again. The annoyance on his face didn’t seem to bother anyone around the table, so he just sighed and tried to pay attention to whatever was going on. But, even though he was annoyed that he wasn’t paying attention to the meeting, he found the texts quite a turn on.

Throughout the entire meeting, Magnus continued playing with him with sending him dirty texts, telling him how wonderful it would be if they would be together at the moment. Because Alec didn’t want to be unprofessional, he didn’t respond to any of those texts, but he still read every one each of them and that was something that Magnus was quite aware of. Alec had an innocent appearance, but deep inside was hiding a perverted man, just like Magnus, so the warlock knew that Alec must’ve been having quite a time at the meeting. Besides, in his opinion, he was doing his boyfriend a favour; he knew how boring those long meetings could get and he was just being a good boyfriend with keeping Alexander entertained.

Soon, the texts weren’t enough, apparently, because Alec almost dropped his phone when a picture came attached to the text message and he just sunk down into his chair and tried to keep a straight face. The entire thing was kind of turning him on, but he knew that he needed to end that; he needed to tell Magnus straight that what he was doing wasn’t professional. It might’ve been fun for him, but it wasn’t for Alec. To him, it was torture. Yet, in the end, he still opened up the picture and almost moaned when he saw it. Magnus was lying on the bed, his T-shirt only lifted a little bit, revealing some of his sun-kissed skin on his abdomen and subconsciously Alec dragged his tongue over his lower lip, but didn’t dare to reply. If he was caught texting, he would ruin his family’s reputation, so he just looked up and put on his usual poker face, nodding when someone proposed of a way how to get better connections with the Downworlders. However, he was distracted again when his phone buzzed again, his cock twitching at the thought that Magnus sent him another picture.

And he did. Now, Magnus was lying on the bed stripped down, wearing only his boxers and Alec’s mouth literally watered when he saw how hard Magnus was. His boxers were already stained with precum at the front and he barely restrained moaned when he saw the outline of Magnus’ hard member in his boxers. Magnus’ thumb was teasingly hooked under the hem of his boxers, pulling them down enough for him to be revealing just a bit of his pubic hair and Alec squirmed his legs when another picture came. On that one, Magnus had his legs spread open, his swollen and heavy cock resting on his stomach, while he was playing with one of his nipples and Alec swore under his breath when he felt his body heating up and he didn’t care about the meeting. Fuck, that man was the definition of the devil himself.

Magnus had to know what he was doing to Alec and to the Shadowhunter that was extremely sadistic, yet so fucking satisfying. After receiving a few more pictures, on which Magnus was stroking his cock and fingering himself was when Alec almost came right at that spot, with the entire room filled with other people. He could only thank the angels that his parents and his other siblings weren’t present there, because the fact that he wasn’t listening to the meeting wasn’t a secret anymore and when he looked across the table, where a woman was sitting, he could see that she was curiously looking at him and his face heated up when she giggled, leaned closer to a man that was sitting close to her ear and whispered something into his ear, which only caused the other one to chuckle as well.

Then, another picture came; Magnus’ cock was leaking with precum even more and Alec wondered if Magnus was close. He tried not to think about it too much, but in the end he sent a short text, asking Magnus if he was close and the question seemed to please Magnus, because he got a quick ‘yes’ as a reply, followed by a selfie, on which Magnus was wearing his usual seductive smirk, his face flushed into much deeper shades of red and his hair was stuck onto his forehead from perspiration. Alec cursed again, because he knew exactly why Magnus sent him that; the faces that Magnus made when they were making love turned him on so much, so that was just another way of Magnus torturing him at the moment.

Alec lowered himself in his seat and pressed his legs together; he was rock hard, his cock itching to be touched. It was beyond uncomfortable to be sitting there with an erection like that and he allowed himself to press a palm between his legs for less than a second and that was when he received another picture; Magnus was stroking his cock again, leaking, showing just how close he was and Alec just closed his eyes tightly, trying to ignore the next text that came, but in the end he read the text anyway and his eyes widened when he saw what Magnus wrote.

‘Alexander, darling, I’m close. Tell me, where do you want me to come?’


Alec’s fingers were shaking and a part of him was yelling at him not to reply, but that was kind of impossible to do at that the moment. Magnus was probably holding himself back from coming, just for him. The thought of Magnus squeezing the base of his cock and moaning out his name got the best of him and even though he wasn’t a fan of sending dirty texts, he wanted to be the one to order Magnus when he could come and not. And from his point of view, making Magnus come so early in the game would be too easy. He needed to be punished and a devious smile came upon Alec’s face as he straightened himself up a little bit and wrote Magnus back a reply, saying,

‘Who said that you could come already?’


Alec then cleared his throat and looked up, pretending to listen as he waited for a reply to come. Before he could actually get what the others were talking about, he was distracted by the buzzing of his phone and he didn’t hesitate that time to read the reply, smirking as he was reading it.


‘What is that, I hear, angel? You’re up for a bit more fun, huh? Is the meeting over?’


‘Far from it. And yes, that’s your punishment.’


‘A punishment? For what, I don’t remember doing anything bad at all. I’ve been a good boy all day, darling.’


When Alec received that text, his cheeks warmed up and he bit into his lower lip. Then, he remembered that he shouldn’t get all soft on Magnus yet, determined to give him the punishment that he received, so he quickly wrote back a text saying,


‘M-hm, of course you were. Now tell me, what are you doing?’


‘Imagining how wonderful it would be to have those lips of yours wrapped around my cock.’


Even though Alec’s cheeks were burning with embarrassment, he managed to smirk and he let out an amused gasp. Having Magnus’ hot cock in his mouth at that moment would be lovely. He’d wrap his lips around it, swallow it all the way until he’d feel it hit the back of his throat and he’d squeeze him nice and tight, making sure to make Magnus come really hard. Alec’s head was speeding with the images of that flashing in front of his eyes and he moved again in his chair, his self-control paper thin by then. Alec felt his member twitching again and he crossed his ankles, holding his breath and he opened up his legs again. His phone buzzed again and he frantically hit the open button and read the text, which said,

‘What’s the matter, angel? You suddenly got all silent on me, not fair. Are you still in the meeting?’


Alec almost laughed at that and he just gritted his teeth, hitting the reply button and he wrote back a reply,

‘Yeah, I’m still in the middle of the meeting. You’re making things really hard for me, Magnus.’


Wanting to make himself look present, Alec grabbed the pen on the table and held onto it tight, his knuckles going white from how much he was gripping onto it. His skin felt hot, his toes curling when the fabric of his boxers grazed the head of his cock and he bit hard down onto his lower lip when a moan almost escaped past his lips. He was sweating, his breathing rapid and awfully uneven, his heart beating hard against his ribcage as his cock was pressed painfully against the zipper of his jeans.


‘Hard, huh? Interesting choice of words, darling. Am I making things hard on you by making you hard?’


Alec almost laughed at how absurd that sounded. Of course he was hard, just what in the world Magnus expected him to be after all of that teasing?! He straightened himself up just a little bit and he cleared his throat as he hit back the reply button.

‘Are you fucking kidding me? Of course I’m hard, I almost came before just by seeing the pictures you’ve sent me.’


‘Is that so? I want to make you come just like that, without touching yourself, in front of everyone. It’s kind of turning you on, right? The thought of someone catching how hard you are for me right now?’


Alec cursed again, Magnus’ words stirring up his cock again and he pressed a palm against his lips, trying to look natural. But, no one was paying attention to him; they were too busy with getting into an argument about something that Alec couldn’t care less. His mind was completely focused on his boyfriend and he dropped his pen down onto the table, digging his nails into his palms. He grew even harder, if that was even possible; his erection felt sticky, hot, itching for relief and he was a mess. Despite his embarrassment, he needed more of Magnus’ dirty words; never in his life had he been so turned on and he wanted more.

‘God, yes. If I was there next to you, what would you do to me?’


When the reply came, he grabbed the phone back, way too quickly. Luckily, others were still arguing, so he just read Magnus’ reply, which said,


‘Kiss you, caress you. I’d start my way on top of your chest and then kissed my way lower. I would wrap my fingers around your cock and stroke it for you. Then I’d swallow you whole. Would you like that?’


Oh, Alec wouldn’t just like it, he’d love that. His imagination was running wild with things he wanted to do to Magnus. For example, he’d love to try out the 69-position with him; it was something new and so arousing. There were more things he wanted to do, but his fingers shook a bit, because he didn’t know how to put it into words. He rarely used dirty talk in the bedroom, so he was kind of awkward with that. Yet, he still managed to write back a reply saying,


‘Yeah. I want to blow you as well. I would turn around and we could do it in 69?’


His face heated up, but he didn’t care. Alec looked around the room and then almost jumped when a new text came, reading it almost immediately.


‘That’s it angel, I would love that. You could prepare me in this position as well. Lick me spread open, or would you use your fingers?’


Without even thinking, Alec let out a soft moan and he didn’t even know when he placed his free hand on top of his hard cock. No one seemed to notice, so he quickly removed the hand, but his hips moved on their own, wanting more of that friction. He placed a hand on top of his thigh and dug his fingers into the flesh; even that spot was sensitive. Without even touching himself properly, he could feel that he was slowly coming close and he gritted his teeth, writing back a reply.


‘I’d use my tongue and my fingers, together. What are you doing right now?’


‘That’s it, Alexander. I just slid a finger inside me.’


“Oh god,” said Alec under his breath. By the Angel, he wanted to see that. Magnus had sent him a picture like that before, but he wanted to see it again. Especially now; Magnus was probably a mess by then. And he, himself, wasn’t any better as well. His boxers felt damp with his precum, but he didn’t mind it. He wanted it to be sticky and messy.


‘Show me.’ was the reply that he wrote back. The picture that came after a minute or so didn’t disappoint at all; Magnus’s legs were spread open again, two fingers inside of him that time. Magnus’ chest and abdomen were wet with sweat and Alec swallowed hard, his throat really dry. His reply came a bit slower, because he was still holding back his breath. But he wanted Magnus to know how good he was for him.


‘That’s so hot, Magnus. You’re amazing.’


‘I wish I’d have something bigger in me, though.’


Alec wished for that as well, he wanted to bury himself inside of Magnus. He could already feel himself sliding through the first ring of muscles and even though he wasn’t touching himself, he could feel a tightness around his cock. God, he’d give it to Magnus so hard, it’s not like he’d be able to hold himself back anyway. He was too worked up. Alec’s head was feeling dizzy, but he still managed to write back a reply.


‘I bet you would, I’d give it to you. Hard, rough and deep, just like the way you like it.’


Magnus’ reply came slower than usual, just making Alec wonder what Magnus was doing then? Was he too far gone into the pleasure to write back? Alec pressed his lips together and his stomach made a flop when his phone buzzed, reading the text and almost came from reading it.


‘That’s it, fuck me. How would you want me? On my knees? Or with my legs up? Or should I just split myself open on top of your cock and ride you?’


Oh god, all of those positions seemed so appealing to Alec. He’d love to lift Magnus’ legs up and fuck him senseless. Or maybe do him from behind, grab him by his hair, yank his head back and kiss him? Then again, he’d love to have Magnus on top of him, riding him.


‘Ride me.’


When Alec’s phone buzzed again, his cock twitched again and he cursed; he didn’t know how long he could hold on for anymore and the meeting was still going. Was it really? Who cared, because when he read Magnus’ next text, a soft moaned escaped past his lips and he just pressed a hand between his legs as he read the text.


‘Oh god… Alec, I’m so close. Can I come?’


Knowing that Magnus was close, brought Alec closer to the edge as well.  With shaky fingers, he hit the reply button and wrote the reply.


‘Yeah, come for me. Let it all out.’


‘Here I come.’


Magnus’ last text came with a picture attached, on which Magnus was resting on top of the bed, wearing a devious and exhausted smile and Alec’s breath shook when he looked lower. Magnus’ stomach was covered with his load and Alec cursed. God, he came so much. Seeing that was what brought Alec over his edge as well and he grabbed the edge of the table, holding his head down his eyes tightly shut and he forced himself not to moan when the pleasure became too overwhelming, coming right at spot, without even touching himself. The pleasure was hitting him in waves, taking him quite a while to calm down and when he finally did calm down, he was mortified with what he had just done.

Alec’s heart fell to the pit of his stomach when he felt a hand on top shoulder and he literally jumped up when he saw a fellow Shadowhunter next to him, not even wanting to know what he was going to say to him. What if he got caught? Shit, shit, shit… his entire career would be over and-

“Everything okay there? The meeting’s over, so you can leave,” said a man, who looked the same age as Robert and Alec flinched, but he was kind of relieved. Not only because the meeting was finally over, but because apparently he didn’t get caught.

“Yeah, um, everything’s okay,” said Alec, surprised with how low his voice was.

“You sure you feel okay? You’re kind of flushed and you haven’t been paying much attention during the meeting.”

Alec froze as he tried to come up with an excuse. “Um, stomach ache,” he blurted out.

“Ah, I see. The stress is getting to you. I think I’d be the same if I were in your shoes,” said the Shadowhunter and laughed. “You have to watch your health while you’re still young, so don’t overwork yourself. Go get some rest.”

“Ah, yes, thank you,” said Alec awkwardly and quickly made his way to his bedroom, locked himself in and called Magnus.

“Magnus,” stammered Alec.

“Oh hi,” said the voice from the other side of the call and shivers ran up Alec’s spine when he heard how low Magnus’ voice was. He sounded really tired as well. “Everything okay? I was kind of disappointed that you didn’t write back.”

“The meeting was over,” said Alec, as if that would actually explain things.

“Ah,” said Magnus and even though Alec couldn’t see him, he could tell that the other was grinning. “Calling to scold me then?”

“No, I, um-”

“Did you like it?”

“Magnus… shit, of course I did,” said Alec and burst into laughter, his voice still breathless and he made a short pause. “You don’t understand, you made me come in the middle of the meeting. Well, technically, it was over, but-”

“Holy shit,” said Magnus and his deep, attractive laughter filled Alec’s eardrums. “Hands-free and in front of everyone?”

“Yeah,” said Alec and his face heated up again.

“That’s amazing,” muttered Magnus. “You just keep surprising me, in a good way, of course,” teased the warlock and Alec let out a quiet laughter. “So, now that the meeting is over, any more plans on the horizon?” asked Magnus.

“Can I come over?” asked Alec quickly, way too quickly.

“So that we can put what we talked about earlier into practice?” asked Magnus. “I’d love that.”

“Yeah. I’ll be on my way, okay?” asked Alec and couldn’t wait to be finally with Magnus.

“Hurry up, I’ll be waiting for you,” said Magnus and Alec didn’t need to be told twice as he was already on his way the minute later.