dirty saint

Hannibal Charms Are Here!

They just arrived in my mailbox! I’ll be working hard tonight to assemble and pack everything to ship out to you guys ; v ; if you preordered, look out for an email in the next few days with your tracking number. Thank you all so much for your patience! 

Any extras will be up for sale once everything’s been sent out. I’ll keep you guys posted~


“Nobody’s perfect I confess, but she’s perfect enough without ever dressing up”


ahhhhh thank you for liking the AU!! im so excited that u plan to cosplay black saint!! well this is my desgin for him its pretty simple ahah;; but theres also shinkamilyn’s desgin (this lovely drawing)! I basically just imagine black saint in anything that can be put on quickly??hes pretty fashionable when he wants to be tho!i hope you post pictures because id LOVE to see ur cosplay!!