dirty rusher

#50 He cuts your hair

Louis: “You’ll be fine, baby. Don’t worry.” Of course you trusted Louis but you’ve always hated getting your hair cut in the fear of ruining it completely. “Y/n, I used to cut my sisters’ hair all the time.” You quickly heard the scissors close and a huge chunk of your hair fall to the ground, causing your eyes to widening. “Louis! I wasn’t ready yet!” Looking at his reflection in the mirror, you noticed a playful, slightly evil, grin on his face. “Are you ready now or do you want one part of your hair to be shorter than the rest?”

Liam: “Lou always does my hair, baby. I’m positive that I can do yours.” “Lou does your hair, Liam. You’re a boy. It’s completely different when you’re cutting a girl’s hair!” You huffed. Liam was so determined to cut your hair. He didn’t exactly have any reason besides claiming that because he loves you so much, any way he cut it he’d manage to love you more because he was the one to cut it that way. “Lou just said I had to cut it even. Now, c'mon, just let me true. Worst comes to worst, Lou will have to fix it…”

Niall: It was either let Niall dye your hair or cut it. You figured that, if Niall were to dye it any color, it would end up green so you decided to let him cut it because it would always grow back, right? “You know I have absolutely no idea how to cut hair right, y/n? I’ve had my hair dyed a lot more then I’ve gotten it cut.” Your eyes widened when you realized he was right. “Louis!” You called out from the bathroom. “I changed my mind! Niall’s going to dye it!” You heard Louis laugh loudly before he appeared at the bathroom door. “Sorry y/n. A dare’s a dare and you wanted him to cut it. You can’t change your mind now. Lads! C'mere and bring a camera. We need to film this tragedy!”

Zayn: “Are you sure you want me doing this?” Zayn said, fear evident in his eyes. You nodded your head slightly, not trusting your voice at the moment. You see, you made a bet with Louis that you wouldn’t let anyone touch your hair, let alone have Zayn cut it. If you won, you could spend a week with them on tour but if you lost, you had to do Louis’ laundry for a week. “Go ahead, Zayn. I-I really need a haircut anyways.” He sighed and began cutting your hair. “Fuck, y/n. I don’t think I should'a cut it this short…”

Harry: “This can’t be a good idea….” “Y/n, c'mon. You said that I could cut your hair and you can’t back out now.” Harry laughed, continuing to brush the knots out of your hair. “Anyways, sweetie, Lou is always doing my hair so I think I’ve learned a few things from her.” You sighed as he stopped brushing it, picking up the scissors from the counter. “Just, please don’t screw it up, Haz.” It was hard to deny him when he had a cute pout on his face. “I won’t! I promise…but if anything does happen, I’m sure Lou could fix it…”

  • You: *on phone with James* Okay babe, I have to go now, I need to take a shower.
  • James: Ohh, come on. I was on my way with the coffee and doughnuts.
  • You: Well you will just have to wait. *hangs up phone and gets in showers*
  • As you are washing your hair, you all the sudden feel two large manly hands on your waist. You turn around to see your boyfriend James. You and James make out passionately in the shower. You finish your shower and James wraps both of you up into the same towel and pulls you into your bedroom. James forces you onto the bed. You and James spend the rest of the day in bed, naked, cuddling, touching and having sex.