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If you're still taking prompts, how about natsume and natori + 37. "Do you think they could have loved me?”

writing prompts
37. “do you think they could have loved me?”


It’s a sunny spring afternoon, and Shuuichi is alive and in one piece after another misadventure concerning a handful of aggressive yokai and a certain extremely taboo book in his young friend’s possession – and more importantly, Natsume, sitting beside him and bickering with the fat cat in his lap, is alive and in one piece, too.

They’re dirty and disheveled and Natsume seems to have a personal vendetta against allowing Shuuichi to buy him food, but they have certainly had worse days than this.

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did snape go to muggle school

What a good question.  You rarely see it argued that he did, but…well, here we go:

I think Severus Snape went to Muggle school.  

Cokeworth is sufficiently big to demand more than one infant/junior school, so I think Severus probably went to one on the ‘bad side of town’, whilst the Evans girls went to a better school in the richer suburb.  

I believe Tobias was a very traditional man - and I think Eileen wanted to do right by her husband.  I headcanon that their marriage was mostly ok in their early days, and Severus went to school with the right clothes - clean clothes, even - and he was fairly quiet and well behaved.

I don’t think he had the best of everything, but then, neither did the other kids at the school either.  They were all in the poverty trap together, and I think Severus started well, because he was keen to learn.  He enjoyed reading and was desperate to practice at home - but he couldn’t find any books, apart from those weird dusty tomes in his mother’s battered school satchel.

Severus read them over and over again until he’d memorised them, even though he barely understood the words - and the odd time he mentioned them at school, nobody knew what he was talking about.  Apparating, indeed.  

I think about Harry and his magical outbursts as a pre-teen, and I think that was Severus’ downfall.  He was depicted as an emotional man as an adult, so I think he had no chance of keeping his outbursts under wraps as a kid. 

By five, I think Tobias would’ve already known that Severus was magical - and he was just praying that his son wouldn’t display any weird behaviour at the school, because he didn’t want the neighbours to know.

But Severus did.  

He couldn’t help it.  

The other kids soon became wary of him, then terrified - and the teachers weren’t far behind.  The more they disliked him, the more emotional Severus became.  In the end, nobody in his class complained when he skipped an afternoon here and there.  Afternoons became days, which became weeks.

Before Severus knew it, whole terms had gone by.

His attendance was so poor, it was flagged to social services, and one of their youngest - a Durham graduate with a tidy beard and shiny shoes - Jonny Davies, was sent to visit the boy’s family.  

You didn’t often see social workers down Spinner’s End; the adults were too far gone to help, and their reaction wasn’t often welcoming, laced instead with spite and vitriol.

But although Jonny couldn’t remember much of the afternoon, he did remember having a nice chat with Mrs Snape on the doorstep, and she reassured him that it was all a mistake, and of course young Severus was at school; he was there now!  

Sure enough, now that he was back in the office, Jonny couldn’t believe he’d made such a mistake.  His papers clearly showed that Severus had barely missed a day - and that was only due to the poor boy having a stomach ache.  

Tobias was furious when he heard that social services had visited.  He was ashamed of his son, and he laid the blame on Eileen.  In reaction, Eileen scoured her magical books, desperate for a way to help her son.  Eventually, she found the answer:  Occlumency.

But it wasn’t enough.  Severus was too young, too emotional and unable to focus.  He didn’t care about stopping his outbursts at Muggle school because he just didn’t care about Muggle school full stop.  Eileen’s belated efforts to make him attend didn’t work; if she dropped him at the gate, he’d simply leap over the wall at the back.  

A few years into the charade, and Eileen couldn’t pretend to care anymore.  Tobias had all but disowned his family; he wasn’t working, and what money he did have went into propping up the bar across town.  

Eileen stopped bothering to dress Severus in school appropriate clothes; the cost was astronomical, and if Severus was going to scrabble around by the river all day, then he could make do with what cast-offs she could scrimp together.

Not that Eileen really understood the difference.  One set of Muggle clothes was the same as the other.  

But Tobias knew.

And Severus knew.

And the Muggle kids he ran into from time to time…  They all knew.

So Severus spent his days at the playground, dirty-haired, and wearing ill-fitting adult clothes.  He daydreamed about his Hogwarts letter arriving.  Everyone would understand him in his new world, and nobody would laugh when he said the word, “Apparate,” or when he got so annoyed that sparks would fly from his fingertips.

Not that sparks would ever fly from his fingertips at Hogwarts, because Hogwarts was full of magical people; full of witches and wizards who couldn’t wait to be his friends…

You’re So Special

Author: miniimin (ao3)

Status: completed

Description: Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that’s okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend.

(Or: Jeongguk falls in love before he knows what the word means. Taehyung spends all his years teaching him.)

Rating: M

Tags: vkook, generalau, friends to lovers, fluff, shenanigans, yoonminseok, namjin, light angst, universityau, implied sexual content

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Note: this is part one of a series.

FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 7: Final]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, family, fluff

WORDS: 2122

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 [Final]

A/N: If you’re a previous reader, I suggest you re-read the previous chapters because I did a lot of rewriting. ;) Enjoy!


“Y/N you’re awake!”

“Don’t close your eyes! Y/N whatever you do, DON’T CLOSE–”


“Get him out of here.”

“Y/N you have to wake up! Y/N DON’T LEAVE ME!”






A gasp.

“She’s conscious?”

“More morphine MOR–”

“Soonyoung, she’s going to be okay.”

“It’s been a week.”

“Her wound’s healing just fine–”

“EXACTLY! She should be awake by now!”

“She’s just in shock…”

Another voice: “She lost her brother, after all.”

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do you think you could find me taekook docs of them being childhood best friends and growing up with each other please?

admin tk - hiii, personally these are one of my favourite types of aus so here are some i could fine;

little do you know by aeterisks (( 1/1 | E | 19,687 ))

Taehyung has been running away from Jeongguk for seven years. Now is the time to be brave.

(Or, Taehyung is a producer who goes back to his hometown to find a new artist to give his song to. What he didn’t expect was for it to be Jeongguk, his first love.)

You’re So Special by miniimin (( 12/12 | M | 87,982 ))

Sometimes you find your soulmate in the form of a dirty kid on the playground. Sometimes it takes a little longer to figure it out, but that’s okay - in the meantime, you have a best friend.

(Or: Jeongguk falls in love before he knows what the word means. Taehyung spends all his years teaching him.)

swear it by moonlightae (( 1/1 | T | 6,610 ))

Life doesn’t always go as planned for Jeongguk; except for when it does.

it was a big world (but we thought we were bigger) by jhopeg (2/2 | G | 15,501)

At the age of five, Jeongguk wanted to hate Taehyung. At the age of sixteen, Jeongguk wanted to kiss Taehyung. At the age of eighteen, Jeongguk really didn’t know what he wanted. The story of two childhood friends slowly inching towards each other.

Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint (( 1/1 | M | 21,481 )) 

Jungkook needs his daily dose of cuddles and Taehyung likes to wear Jungkook’s clothes. They don’t care that alphas and omegas aren’t supposed to be best friends.

then, now, us by kyuukis (( 1/1 | M | 24,316 ))

Kim Taehyung is _________.

a) a mystery

b) somebody worth fighting for

c) a person Jeongguk cannot get enough of

d) the one that Jeongguk loves

e) all of the above.

These were all i could find currently,, i’ll add more if i find some!! 

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55 and 56 with Alex Standall?

55: “Shut up and kiss me already”
56: “Are you flirting with me”

After a friendly night out seeing a movie Alex had offered to walk you home, and not wanting your time together to end, you were determined to do everything you could to drag it out.

That’s how you ended up in the children’s playground on the corner of the street. It had begun with a mock game of tag, and then using your camera flash to scare him when you hid under the slide. It then became a photo war, taking stupid pictures of yourself on the much too small equipment.

“Hey, Alex, don’t I look great on this?” You asked mockingly, sitting on a much too small rocking horse,

“Yeah,” he shrugged, “but you’d probably look better on me,

You froze for a second, amazed by his sudden confidence, “are you flirting with me?”

“Maybe,” he grinned cheekily,

“You know, we have been friends for two years. Two years, Standall, and now you flirt with me? When we’re in the middle of some old, dirty children’s playground that we will almost certainly get sick from. What is wro-”

“Y/N,” Alex cut you off, “just shut up and kiss me already.”

she is red hair and hazel eyes. she is high temper. when she was young i remember she would stomp her foot and yell at the play station when her virtual character fell to its untimely death. she would run across playgrounds in dirty plastic-and-foam flip flops, her red hair flying behind her, in tangles with grass blades threaded throughout. she was the laugh that always made you smile, the big glass of milk with cookies on the side. she was the orange soda mustache. flash forward seven years, and you have a girl trying to put her carefree past behind her. she is growing up too fast and now her eyes are smeared with black mascara and black eyeliner and knee high socks. the freckles that still pepper across her face always take me back to those endless summer days playing hide and seek in the forest and catching fireflies at night with the neighborhood kids. now she’s in the room next to me with her angsty music blasted too loud and her laughter spilling into the upstairs hall as she talks to a boy on her phone. she’s knock off doc martens, and black nail polish and a book in her hand. she’s the kind of beautiful that make people stop on the street and stare. she’s the side-comment that makes you laugh until your sides hurt. she’s the open mind you just want to work your way into.
—  my sister the scorpio // sjf

#future headcanon


Arizona is five months pregnant the second time around before she lets Callie start talking about names. They’d both been thinking about them, but until she was sure, and until they found out they were having a healthy baby girl, Arizona refused to discuss it.

“What about Dakota?”

“Callie, no.”

“Oh! How about Montana..? Like that girl who works at our coffee shop. That’s cute.”

There’s a mischievous glint in dark eyes as Callie sits cross-legged beside her, her palm rubbing the ever-growing baby bump as Arizona just rolls her eyes.

“Definitely no. I was thinking maybe–”

“Wyoming! Wyoming Torres. Now that’s a great name. Unique.”

When the pillow collides with the side of her head, Callie can only bust out laughing, and then it smacks her again, harder, and she raises her hands in surrender, falling backwards along the length of the couch.

“I was going for a mother-daughter theme!”

Arizona pushes herself up and hovers over her wife, expanding midsection bumping into hers, and as Callie continues laughing, the blonde pinches her in the side – hard and completely unapologetic. She grew up with the name Arizona, after all – she knows how to fight dirty on the playground.

“I’ll show you a theme!”