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Neither movie is of interest for the most part, but I always thought it was interesting how differently ants are portrayed in A Bugs Life and Antz.

In A Bugs Life they are the small underdogs and shown as noble hard working people who get pillaged by an outside source who they are intimidated by but in the end they learn they are strong together

In Antz the colony a powerful war mongering military complex.

The Pixar ants are all soft blues and purples with cutely big eyes and their nest is a beautiful cavern full of glowing mushrooms while Dreamworks ants are creepy man-Bugs who toil in a big dirty pit

There’s Something in the Water

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Description: Babysitting kids at the lake couldn’t be more boring, but maybe…someone’ll show up and make a little more bearable…

Warning: None

“Stop splashing, you brat!” You growled from the edge of the dock, where you sat calmly with just your feet in the water, watching the young kids you were to be watching swim and splash happily in the water, escaping the heat of the summer.
Summer meant no school, and no school meant nothing to do, and nothing to do meant mom volunteering you to take the neighborhood kids to the lake, and monitor them while they played. Normally, you would have just sucked it up, and taken the kids, and pouted by yourself. But after spending a regrettable night reading stories and having come across one about demons that waited in the water, ready to drag you to your death. This wouldn’t be so bad if you had to take the kids to a clear pool for the day, but the fact that it was a murky lake, with no hope of seeing what possibly waited below really made your mind race.
Every brush against your feet that dangled in the water, your heart pounded at the thought of what touched it.
Best case scenario, it was just a fish or a water plant.
Worse case scenario, it was a water demon claw ready to snatch you from the blurry water below.
In an effort to not scream your head off, and alert the kids that would surely just think you’re an idiot, you quickly pulled your feet from the water, tucking your knees up to your chest and wrapping your arms around them, trying to maintain even breathing.
“Scared of the water?” A voice startled you, almost making you fall into the water, but his hand steadied you. “Woah, no need to jump ship.”
Glaring up at the boy that wore an amused grin, you snatched your arm from him and pouted, “Didn’t anyone teach you to not sneak up on people?”
“Maybe,” he shrugged, sitting beside you. “But I never was one to listen to what I’m told.”
“Rebel much?” You asked.
“A little bit, sure.” He grinned. “I’m Johnny, my cousin owns the lake.”
You introduced yourself and explained that you were the one that got roped into baby sitting duty.
“Don’t look so glum then,” Johnny nudged your shoulder. “If you didn’t get stuck with the squirts, then you wouldn’t have met me.”
“I’m not sure if that’s a good thing.” You teased back. 
“It’ll be a good thing, I promise.” Johnnysmiled, looking out to the lake. “You aren’t swimming?”
“Umm,” You gulped, thinking about the dirty water and unknown creatures. “No, I’m just here to watch the kids.”
“Ah,” Johnny nodded. “So, that means either you can’t swim, or you’re a chicken.”
“Excuse me?” You scoffed. “You say that like you know me.”
“Well, you about had a heart attack and yanked your foot out the water for something,” He stated. “So, can you swim? Or are you just afraid?”
Glaring at him, you sighed and looked to your lap. “I’m afraid.”
“Thought so.”
“Well, you’re sitting on the dock, with your feet in the water. I’ve never seen people that can’t swim get near the dock. Normally, they’re afraid if they fall in, they’re screwed. You’re just afraid, so you got closer.” He explained, to which you nodded a bit.
“Right on the nose, aren’t you?” You snickered, glancing back at the kids.
“I just know the type.” He shrugged.
“I can tell.” You said, “Anyways, are you going to swim? I can’t imagine you come down here for any other reason in this damn heat.”
“Oh no,” Johnny shook his head. “I don’t swim.”
“Ah, so you’re scared or can’t swim.” You snickered, feeding him his own words  making him scowl.
“I can swim! I don’t like getting wet, that’s all.” Johnny huffed.
“I hope you can stand it long enough to shower…”
“I don’t know, why don’t you smell me and tell me if I need another one, it’s been about a month.” He grinned, lifting his arm and offering his under arm to you, “Go ahead, sniff.”
“You’re disgusting.” You growled, shoving his arm down, almost sending him off the dock to his dismay, “Hey watch it!”
“Then don’t out your armpit near me.” You sassed, glancing down at your wrist watch.
Almost time to go.
Sighing, you stood up, Johnny following your action. Cupping your hands around your mouth, you shouted to the playing kids, “C’mon guys! Times up! Start bringing it in!”
You smirked at the glares sent your way by the kids before turning to Johnny.
“Well I guess this is goodbye.” You said, with a mock pout.
“Guess so,” He shrugged, “That is, only if you don’t come back and see me?”
“Why would I come back to the guy that tried to get me to smell his armpit?” You teased.
“Hey now,” He nudged you, bumping you to the side lightly. “I offered, you didn’t have to be rude and just say no.”
“Oh yeah,” You rolled your eyes, bumping him back. “I definitely should have been polite about sniffing a dirty pit, my bad, please forgive me.”
Somehow, that turned into a push way, bumping each other’s shoulder, all but sending the other tumbling over the dock. One shove, however, was too strong, and you sent Johnny splashing into the water.
You couldn’t help but burst out laughing, watching him disappear into the dirty water. You clutched your aching rib as you glanced towards the kids finally making their way in, waiting for him to resurface.
Moments passed, and nothing…Not even an air bubble.
Panic started gnawing at your gut, you called out to one of the boys that got close, “Yoogeun, can you see Johnny under the water?”
Taking a breath, the kid dunked down below, returning up a moment later.
“No, I don’t see anyone.” The young boy shook his head, wet hair flying every which way. “Who’s Johnny?”
“He’s the cousin of the person that owns the lake.” You answered, worryingly eyeing the water. “We talked while you guys swam, he just fell in the water…well okay I pushed him…”
“Erm, what?” Yoogeun asked, the rest of the kids gathering around, climbing onto the dock, clothes dripping wet and soaking the floating wood.
“What do you mean ‘what’?”
“You’ve been alone on the dock the whole time.” Haru answered, ringing out the end of her shirt. “No one was here.”
“What are you talking about?” You asked. “You guys had to have seen him, you all looked at me when I told you to come in.”
“Uh, no?” Soojun shook his head, “No one was here…You were alone…are you feeling alright? Maybe the heat got to you?”
Frowning, you looked at the spot Johnny disappeared into, the water still and calm now that the kids were out.
Could you have…imagined him? It was hot…maybe you hallucinated? No, he touched you, you touched him, he fell in the water.
“Ms. Y/N?” Sooeon asked, touching your arm. “Are you okay? Maybe we should get you out of this heat.”
“No,” You shook your head. “He was there, if you’re playing one of your little games on me, I’ll have you all grounded.”
“Ms. Y/N,” Yoogeun looked concerned. “No one was there…”

8 Years to Fall in Love

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The First Christmas

Jin x reader

Bestfriend AU/Angst, romance, smut

Word count: 20k

Day 1  ⇢ earmuffs

The ice broke into little flat grounds against his feet, crushing and crunching the piles of snow as the cold breeze brushed through his hair with winds cooling against his jacket. Flickles of snowflakes fell on top of his hair, creating almost a crown bedding as he walked through the white carpet that lied ahead of him, the softness that sunk when he stepped. His hands were tucked in the warm holes of the pockets, face covered up to his nose and a bit above with a maroon colored scarf, feet in his socks inside his heated black boots, and ears covered by his pink ear muffs. He loved his treasured pink earmuffs.

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So most sportsmen have this thing about no sex before a big game or whatever. Not Dayton. For a good couple of months, he's been insistent you two fuck right before going down to the pit, a dirty quickie somewhere semi-public, his lips on yours to keep your moans and whimpers quiet when he bucks into you, making you cum around him.

Hi yes someone call an ambulance

Sinful Sunday™


I shot the dirty dash this morning! It was pretty fun for all but the last maybe hour or two. Then the sun was right on me and it was HOT. The pictures were also sucking at that point since it was all straight on sun, so people’s faces were all shadowed, but the foam was BLINDING! It was fun watching people fall all over the place though! I’m gonna have to participate in one of these sometime! By the time I got home I was absolutely wrecked. I’m just dead now. Took a shower, ate food, took a nap and now it’s 10pm and I’m just gonna go to sleep. Hoping to feel better tomorrow! 


YO, SO, I saw a post a while ago about Undressing Bucky Barnes and what his WWII uniform entailed so that there would be accurate smut fics.

Now, Sebastian Stan’s new character Dayton White, is a race car driver, and though I have no passion for race car racing, I know quite a bit about it as my Dad was a race car driver. 

SO I thought I would do a ‘Undressing Dayton White’ for all you fanfic writers, smut, fluff, angst,  or otherwise.

This is about 2 pages long, so I’ve bolded the main titles so you can skim through if you need quick answers.


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Sacrifice: An A Court of Thorns and Roses Short Story

So, yesterday I made this little post-thingy about what I think would happen if Tamlin ends up realizing his mistakes in ACOTAR 3. And it got a pretty big response (one I was not expecting). 

Before I go all into my little rant/ discussion about some of the responses I’ve been receiving, I decided to write a full-out, MUCH BETTER WRITTEN story based on my post yesterday. 

I hope you all enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to send me your thoughts, I love getting asks and answering questions or fan-girling with you guys. It literally makes my day when someone takes time out of their day to do that kind of stuff:)

Suggestion: Listen to the song below once you get to the battle scene. It helps. 




Silence. Pure, complete silence.

That was my only companion.

It was a day like any other, with the sun shining and glistening perfectly high in the sky in the Spring Court, with my servants bustling about the place, all of them aware of what has transpired. Aware of why I had not left my study in more than a week. 

I had been foolish, in more ways than one and not just recently. Looking back on it, my entire life was made up of ridiculously stupid decisions and prejudices and stubbornness. 

Feyre, the woman I was to marry, the woman whom had held my heart, was gone. Slipped away in the middle of the night, with the darkness being her best friend, with it being a part of her now, and returned to her High Lord’s side. 

And I had not suspected a thing.

A damned fool.

I realized now that my mind had always known exactly what my heart was too stubborn to acknowledge: Feyre and Rhysand were mates. That bond between them had not broken and Rhysand had not slithered into her mind and put the idea there, it was as real and true as it was difficult for me to understand.

I clutched the piece of parchment with her handwriting on it. With her brief, parting words.

I had been blinded by love, surely and, Cauldron boil me and Mother send me straight to the pits but I could not stop that blackness growing in my heart. A feeling I had seldom felt before.


For what I had done to her. For having oppressed her, denied her, refused her. She had given me everything, had sacrificed her life, and I practically shoved her into Rhysand’s arms. He had given her everything I had failed to.

Maybe…maybe if I hadn’t treated her wrongly, if I hadn’t been so damn stubborn, she would still be mine. She had loved me fiercely, enough to have been willing to sacrifice her life for me and the rest of Prythian. 

You cannot help the Mating Bond, but…I sometimes wondered if I had done something differently…

But there is nothing to be done now. What has happened has happened and the only thing to do is to move forward. 

What I wouldn’t give for her to one day look at me with something more than hatred in her eyes. Perhaps one day she will.

That was the only string of hope that I had and I would cling to it for as long as I possibly could.


“Tamlin, please think clearly. You cannot do this.” At once I felt his presence beside me. It may be the last time I do so.

I turned to him, setting a hand on his shoulder. “Lucien, you have been my good friend  for all of these years and I have very much enjoyed your company and loyalty. I admit that I have not treated you at all like I should have…as a friend would. And I apologize deeply for how I have wronged you.” I swallowed. Took a deep breath. Continued. “But I am going to atone for as many of my sins as I can now and I owe it to Rhysand. He does not trust me, and for good reason. Perhaps this will earn his respect, at least.”

I had to turn away, had to look away from a face I had come to know so well. A man who had supported his High Lord despite everything. 

My eyes grazed over the lands of the Spring Court in an almost loving way. It had been my home for centuries and I had looked upon the gardens overflowing with flowers, of the woods that housed numerous creatures plenty of times, but only with new eyes did I come to fully appreciate it.

“You still love her,” he quietly muttered. Not a question, merely an observation. It was quiet for a few moments.

“I will love her until there is no more breath left in my body.” I felt the solid, steady weight of his hand on my shoulder, a comforting presence.

Lucien took an ragged, unsteady breath. “Then do what you must.”

I nodded once. “Set the arrangements. There is much to be done.” He lingered for a moment longer before I heard the door to my study open and then close. 

I was alone once more.



It was everywhere. I had never before seen so much devastation, so much gore and unrelenting killing and murder. The King of Hybern had promised as much and he certainly did not disappoint. 

I wished I did not have to be here, did not have to harm these people who are truly not my enemies, but it would surely go noticed and then everything I have done would be for naught. So I try my best to only injure, not kill.

I spot Feyre no more than one-hundred feet away and she is a mighty and fearsome sight to behold. It may be foolish of me to do so, but for a few heartbeats I do nothing but take her in. She is fighting in a way I have never seen before and—

Yes, Rhysand is never far away. Watching the two of them together is like watching a dance; They move as one person and I can’t deny the appreciation that even in battle, his first thought is her safety.

However, unlike me, he still allows her to fight. 

And the realization hits me like an imposing wave.

That was what it all came down to. Why Feyre was now with Rhysand and not me: Rhysand hovered whereas I suffocated. One would eventually lead to death, one was harmful. 

I am forced out of my own head due to seven dark, shadow-like creatures coming at me. It takes longer than I would have anticipated to bring them down, especially since my goal is not to kill them, and for a moment I worry that I may be too late.

No. The King said that there would be a signal and—

There it is. He had anticipated that Rhysand’s first instinct would be to protect Feyre, but he had not known that it would be mine as well.

Rhysand is suddenly overcome by creatures that the King of Hybern had risen from the very lowest pits of hell and now Rhysand—now otherwise occupied—has left Feyre wide open and the effect is immediate and devastating. The both of them fighting independently is notable, but not as much as when one has the other to feed off of.

Fear flashes in my core, but I shove it away. I will not go into this afraid. 

I will do this for her.

I will do this for Rhysand.

With conviction, I race towards her, changing into my beast form as I do. Hands and swords and the Cauldron knows what else tears at me as I do, but I will not stop until I get to her. 

I was many things, and I had done many regrettable things in my lifetime, but there was still love for Feyre in my heart. And I could not—would not—sit back and watch her die.

Even if the cost was my death.

Finally, I reach her. Without hesitation I take her into my arms and shield her with as much of my body as I possibly can. 

Dark, evil, heinous magic hits me and it burns and is excruciating. Agonizing.

Her eyes turn up to me, and they are filled with an astonishing amount of hatred. But I cannot shield her from all of this vile magic. I can tell the moment some of it reaches her because her body stiffens against mine.

I clench her tighter.

The venom in her eyes melts to sorrow and understanding. She knows I will die for this.

Time feels like it’s slowing or slipping away entirely, but it will be okay. It will be okay because Feyre will live and love and her life will continue. And together, she and Rhysand will defeat the King of Hybern. He will return to the dirty pits of hell where he belongs and both the Faerie and Mortal Lands will be peaceful once more.

It will be okay because it is a small gift from the Mother that the last thing I will remember before I slip into eternity will be the color of her eyes, the feel of her skin…

The pain is like a thousand knifes thrusting into me at once. Like being dumped into a pool of acid. Like all the pain and sadness and feeling of abandonment from losing a loved one.

I clench my teeth together so harshly it feels as if they will break.

I will not cry out. Even at my end, I refuse to give anyone the satisfaction. I will go silently. I will die with the love I have for this woman in my heart.

I force myself to look up and am surprised when my eyes lock with those of Rhysand’s. He is still fighting off the King’s monstrous creatures, but he bows his head in my direction and there is an abounding amount of gratefulness in his eyes.

I look back down at Feyre. She is so beautiful.

Her hand reaches up to touch my cheek…

So many words form on my lips, but the magic stops them from expelling. I can feel something like hands caressing the inside of my mind and I know it must be Feyre. 

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry.

I love you.

I love y—

I lo–


“Thank you, Tamlin.”

A flash of light and then…




I look up, and there are stars winking at me from above. The sounds of laughter and the whisper of the trees and the wind caressing my cheek and the music all come together to perform a beautiful symphony.

Somewhere, someone was playing a fiddle and a small smile graced my lips as I remembered how I had danced and danced and danced as Tamlin had played and played. How content and happy and utterly drunk I had been that night. 

Arms slither around my waist and I dons’t need to look to know that it is Rhysand.

“This is all very beautiful,” he murmurs against my shoulder. I nod, agreeing.

“Tamlin would have loved it.”

I would never forget Tamlin’s sacrifice. How he had given his life not only for me, but for all of the Faerie and Mortal Lands. How, until the very end, his first instinct was to protect me no matter what the cost of it was.

I had come up with the idea to make a Celebration of Music once every year here in Velaris, and Rhysand hadn’t hesitated in bringing my idea to life. I could tell that it was not only because it was something I wanted, but because he too had come to respect the former High Lord of the Night Court. 

We opened the invitation to every High Lord and were pleasantly surprised when each and every one of them came. Perhaps it was because each of them were aware that if not for Tamlin’s sacrifice, we could not have defeated the King of Hybern, and were, like Rhysand, astoundingly grateful. 

A soft kiss to my cheek. “Yes, I believe he would have.”

I would never forget the last words he had wanted so badly to say to me. I had managed to slip through his mind and felt an inkling of the pain he had been going through. However, despite that, I still felt his love for me burning through him. 

And both of us, both Rhysand and I, would never forget the High Lord who had realized his mistakes,

And righted them.



{My Little Rant/ Discussion on The Responses I’ve Gotten Because of This}

I was sitting here, trying to write Part 3 to my other story series, A Throne of Glass and Fury, and suddenly thought ‘ya know? What if Tamlin died? And not in the terrible way nearly 90 percent of this fandom wants him to, but in a redemption arc type way? Tamlin is not evil, he just has a hamartia. And that is that he loves Feyre too much.

His over-protectiveness always wins out. And up until now, it’s been a bad thing. But what if that bad thing turned into a good thing?

If, in the end, his hamartia is what ended him, but saved the woman he loved?

Honestly(and you can hate me if you want, but just hear me out) I hate all of this ‘Tam the Tool stuff. It gets on my nerves. I think Tamlin is just another flawed character, but in a way many people are not used to reading or haven’t read before. 

So, I’m rooting for Tam. I think that something similar to this will happen in the end and I’m sure it’ll be much better written than this little story that I whipped up in about an hour. 

So, that is it! That’s my little discussion/rant on this! I hope you enjoyed the story and that you’ll share your thoughts on it and any ACOTAR 3 theories you have. I love hearing from y’all!