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#43 The Gang Leader (Harry Styles)


Where are you?

The light flashed on the screen of my mobile, stealing my attention away from the class. Annoyed, I took it off the table and threw it in my bag. After class, still vibrating in intervals, I took it out.

Call me ASAP.

What does ASAP mean?

Honey, I need to talk to you now. Where are you?

Have you seen the update? I need to talk to you before that.

Okay, I think you must have seen it. Is that why you aren’t talking?

It’s been 2 hours! C’mon! I need to talk to you.

Pick the fuck up.

I picked up the incoming call to avoid answering the texts.

“Where the fuck have you been?” He yelled.

“In class! My gosh! If I’m not answering your messages or your call, I would be busy, right?” I yelled back.

“No, you’re supposed to answer my texts!”

“When have I answered texts!” He wasn’t making sense.

“Okay. Point. Where are you?” He asked, calming down.

“Just got out of class! She took a two-hour lecture. My head hurts.”

“I’m sorry, baby. Wait, Mike is right outside the building. Climb into the car, and come here.”

“Where is here? I rather go home, Harry,” I told him, already tired of the long day.

“It’s not safe right now. Come here and rest.” He cut the call, and I had to climb into the car. Mike was sitting there, smoking away, and he straightened when he saw me.

“Sorry, Harry asked me to take you back to his house.” He told me, starting the car. They worshipped him, it seems. I’ll never understand gangs.

Harry was the son of the leader of one of the two biggest gangs that ruled this city. And I, a normal international student, who came here on an exchange program and chose to continue my degree here, became his girlfriend. I didn’t know how, because I recently found out about his affiliations with the gang. I was just quite into my course, studying Media and Culture and he just was nice to me from the start.

“We are going to his house? But, that’s so far away!” I groaned.

“Don’t you have a week off, now? Festival and stuff?” Mike asked.

“At least, stop on the way to my place so I can collect my things. I’ll work there.”

“Umm, it’s not safe. We shouldn’t stop.” He fidgeted.

“Please Mike,” I sugar-coated my voice.

“Okay, you will have five minutes, though!”


I ran up the stairs to my room and took the largest bag out. Dumping some clothes, my prep kit, books, laptop, chargers, everything I could possibly need in the week, and rushed down.

Coming down the stairs, the main door was blocked off. I called Mike, “Dude, the doors shut! What’s happening?”

“Fuck! Charlie’s guys are here! Listen, climb down the back balcony, I’ll pull the car there!” He said, hurried and tensed.

“What? What’s happening! Climb down where?” I tried pushing the door open, but it didn’t budge.

“Call the Boss. We got the girlfriend.” I heard a voice claim and bang the door from outside.

I climbed the first floor and saw Mike pull the car. “Catch my bag!” I threw it down, and he caught it, dumping it in the backseat.

“Be careful. Harry will have my throat!” He said as I climbed down the pipe. Slippery as it was, I twisted my ankle as I hit the ground. But, Mike picked me up and made me sit in the car, before rushing to his side and driving off.

Hitting the main road, I turned around to get my bag, “Mike, we have cars following us!”

“Oh shit! Fuck!” He increased the speed and speed dialled Harry.

“Where the fuck, are you?” He screamed.

“Harry! We have cars following us! We stopped at my place to get my things, and they shut the door, and they said we got the girlfriend, they are catching up, Harry!” I yelled.

“What! You stopped at your place! What did I tell you, Mike! Straight home!” Harry’s voice when angry could make a grown man cry. A little harder, and he could pee in his pants as well.

Mike, increased his speed with Harry’s voice increasing.

“Jason! Tell the lads to leave the warehouse! Keep talking to me, baby.”

“Harry! What is happening?” I asked, scared now.

“Nothing honey, I’ll explain when you reach.” Within no time, we had two cars, right beside us acting as protection against the cars that were following us.

“I hurt my ankle too,” I said, watching the cars following us stop, as we enter the Styles’ Land. The car slowed down as we reached the mansion, and I saw Harry standing outside, with five bodyguards around him.

He opened my car door and picked me up. My hands went around his neck, and he placed a kiss on my lips. “I am sorry for rushing you.”

“I am sorry for delaying the plan. I wanted my stuff,” I whispered. “It’s not Mike’s fault.”

Harry nodded, “Get her bag, and keep it in my room.” He told Mike. We walked inside the lobby, where a nurse was ready to fix my ankle.

“I don’t think it needs more than a spray,” I told her. She checked it and shook her head.

“I am wrapping it up, don’t put pressure on it,” Harry grumbled, in anger.

“It’s my fault,” I repeated.

“No, it’s mine.”

“What happened? Tell me now?” I was genuinely worried now. “Where is your father?”

“He is out of the country. Will come in a week, I messed up.”

“What did you do?” I asked, pulling him closer.

“Old beef with Charlie. Raised it up, again. Family rivalry. It’s just worse this time because, we fought,” Harry sat closer to me, pulling me in his lap. I checked his body for injuries. “I don’t have any, he does though,”

“So, are we having an off because of this? The entire week is off, will it continue for longer?” I asked.

“Till everything calms down,” I sighed. “Well, it’s not my fault that our party’s ruling.” He smirked.

“Take me up.”

“Harry, you’re in the news,” I called for him.

“What?” He ran and sat next to me.

The Styles family clashes again with the Shaw’s. Is it just a fight between the big boys or will it take a political turn?

“What sort of reporters are these?” I said, disgusted.

“I don’t know. You’re studying Media,” He giggled.

“So, I can’t leave the house?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry, I’ll keep you entertained,” He laughed as pushed me down on the sofa, and climbed on top.

“You guys fight was no reason.”

“Hmm,” He said kissed up my neck.

“You think, I can talk to Charlie? Put some sense into him, too?” He stopped and looked at me. I tried to reach his face, but he held my wrists.

Anger filling his expression, “No, you won’t talk to him.” He said, tightening the hold.

“He was my friend, you know?” I whimpered.

“I said, no.” And he climbed off me.


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What are words// H.S- Short Story

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Warning: None

Another day I woken up to the sound of my phone beeping- continuous messages blowing up my notification and I sighed at the thought of what had been written across the screen. It was extreme torture being the girlfriend of Harry Styles not in the sense that he is a horrible person but I still haven’t gotten used to the fans that are not supportive of us, well me.

See, I wasn’t exactly the ideal girl for harry according to them- my native background had kept me from actually speaking proper English and they felt that our communication would be lousy but for the life of me I am trying.

Let me introduce myself; My name is Y/N and I am from France, my native language is French and I lack the capacity to write or speak English in a proper grammar. Yes, I am the girlfriend of Harry Styles and he is wonderful- for so long I had read about him being such a sweetheart and now I actually get to witness being one and it is true, I will support the statement of him being a sweetheart.

I opened my twitter as I scrolled through the various tweets towards me and most of them were negative messages being thrown at me for not speaking the same language as most of them.

‘Go back to France and bake, leave English girls for Harry’ I read through them and I know harry had told me to brace myself and try not to give into whatever people had to say because it wouldn’t change his feeling towards me.

Pourquoi me déteste-t-il? - I thought to myself.

“Y/N are you okay baby?” I heard a voice behind me and I snapped to his direction and I met those lovely green eyes.

“Non pas du tout“ I scoffed out as the tears prickles down my cheeks, instantly Harry rushed to my side and engulfed me in a loving rapture as he stroke my hair and attempted to make me feel better.

“What happened?” he asked concern coursed through his voice

“They make fun of me” I tried to explain but my accent and grammar weren’t coming out fully well and I hated myself for not being able to communicate with him all that well.

“I’m sorry you have to go through this right now but I can help you along the journey, you don’t have to be sad, please.” he soothed

“Parfois, je pense que tu vas mieux sans moi“ I retorted and sniffled at the thought of being away from Harry and throwing what we’ve built away.

“I don’t think ending what we have is the answer to our little debacle, you know I am here for you and this is a little minor set back in our relationship, I understand how intense it can be around people but I love you the way you are- the sexy tone in your voice when your voice as you pronounce each word, you sound like an angel everyday and I would never change a thing about you” he sweetly spoke as he still hung onto me, his chin pressed on my head and he squeezed my body to his.

“Just to prove how to you how much you mean to me” he paused as he walked over to his built studio, shuffling his finger across his laptops keyboard and pressing onto a selected beat had been working on for his next album.

“I have been writing a song for you and I want you to join me on it but you will sing in French” he said

My smile grew wide and it lit up the joy in his eyes by achieving his main priority in life- Making me smile everyday.

“Sing what you feel in your heart and I will join you on it” he instructed

The beautiful melody poured through the speakers as I help the headphones and closed my eyes to listen to sounds and instruments deeply, my lips parted as the words flowed out of my mouth

“Parfois, je me sens un peu irrégulier et parfois je me sens peu froid et seul, mais vous êtes toujours là comme ma lumière pour me guider et me garder au chaud, mon cœur se sent en sécurité autour de vous vous sentez un peu de bonheur et c'est toujours autour de vous. Je vous tiendrai toujours ma lumiere, je vous remercie de votre existence“


“Sometimes I feel a bit irregular and sometimes I feel little cold and alone, but you are still there as my light to guide me and keep me warm, my heart feels safe around you, feel a little happiness And it’s always around you. I will always keep my light, I thank you for your existence“

And then his sweet voice came along as he sang beautifully to me, his eyes showed passion and the noticeable veins popping at the side of his necks as he focused on moving me with me with his talent and he did, he really did.

“And with the the touch of your hand, my demons are silenced- with the voice of an angel my existence is clear for I am nothing without her.” He sang

Tears formed in my eyes as I listened to his words with intensive care; my heart was pounding at this point when he held my hands in his as he sang to me.

“You are beautiful and never forget that” he kicked off and looked me directly in the eyes

. “Je t'aime beaucoup, Harry” my voice shaky from the overwhelming tears.

“What are words? If you really don’t mean them when you say them?” he pecked my lips gently and I felt all the worries and trouble had slipped away from us, and I really was happy.

“I love you most” he whispered

Miniature Preview

Sneak Peak of …

“I’m Happy You’re Here.”

Niall’s breath knocked out of his lungs as he observed your figure step out of your wardrobe. He sat on your mattress, his knee bouncing, his fingertips picking at his cuticles, desperately trying to avoid staring at you, his jeans beginning to grow tighter and tighter with each miniature dress you’d slip on and show off, innocently asking his opinion on which looked better and more appropriate, although he couldn’t bear to truthfully explain that he’d wish you’d wear a smock and only let him admire you in a dress which showed off every single curve he would love to love and kiss and touch.

He couldn’t manage to take his gaze and focus off of you. He couldn’t imagine watching any other man dancing or kissing or touching you, beyond himself, in a peach dress, which hugged all of your curves in a way he couldn’t use words to properly express. His breath hitched in his throat, his thoughts travelling in a million different directions. He didn’t draw his attention back until you’d nearly shouted his name, your fingertips snapping in front of his eyes to capture his focus.

“Did I scare you or something? Should I not wear this?”

“No, no. God, no. It’s, um, you look really good,” he stutters, shoving his palm against his cock, crossing his legs uncomfortably as he manages to stare at anything in your bedroom beyond you. “I like your dress. It’s pretty.”

“Thank you,” you blush, a slight giggle leaving your lips as you step into your wardrobe, your hand clutching your chest, a heavy breath breathing in as your heartbeat slows, your cheeks burning red and your heart thumping through your thoughts. “Should I wear my nude pumps or booties?”

“Don’t remember the difference, darlin’,” he chuckles, groaning as he adjust himself on your comforter, his head laying against your pillow, his arms tucked neatly on his chest as he closes his eyes momentarily, a quiet cough drawing his attention, once more. “Pumps.”

He chuckled to himself quietly, shaking his head, his mind reminiscing to a moment in his life where he would’ve never assumed he would care so much about what his best friend would carefully wonder about his opinion – his opinion on how she looked and if she looked “good”, which colour dress should she wear for which occasion, or how a certain pair of shoes would match with an outfit. He couldn’t believe she would ever believe she didn’t look beautiful, because in his eyes, she always looked stunning – whether she was dressing in her best dress and heels, or if she sported a tank top and joggers with a pair of fuzzy socks tucked on her feet. He grinned widely, his cheeks blushing as she snapped around, her hands on her hips, her hazel eyes narrowing as she stared with a smile.

“What’s so funny?”

“Not’in! I’m surprised wit’ me’self with havin’ an actual opinion on fashion choices, like t’is. I’m not all too well in my fashion, as we can see,” he smiled, waving his hand alongst his outfit, his white tee shirt and blue jeans falling loosely off his figure.

“Niall,” you moan, rolling your eyes sarcastically, dropping your heels on your carpet, dragging your feet as you step against your bed frame, “you’re in blue jeans and a tee shirt – there is no direct style with that, like, at all.”

“Hey! I’m a boy – we don’t have a best sense of style.”

“Clearly,” you giggle, turning on your heel, shuffling towards your vanity, lifting a tube of mascara and brushing against your eyelashes swiftly, “I’ve gathered as much with our friendship over quite a few months.”

“We’ve been best friends nearly a year, now – thank you very much.”

“Wow. I am so sorry,” you dramatize, your soft words dragging each sound, his hip bumping your bursting a giggle off your lips. “Hey! I’m putting on mascara. Do you want me to permanently poke an eye out?”

“No,” he sighs playfully, winking with a smirk as he shakes his head, “because if you poked an eye out, you wouldn’t be able to admire my beautiful face ever again.”

“Wow, maybe you should bump into me, again.”

#26 Why Not Me? Part 3 (Harry Styles)

Part 1

Part 2

I sat with tousled hair and a bottle of cold water, thinking about my options. I had two – I could either accept Harry’s sudden want for me which is still unexplained but, I will get him for a few months at max. This could be a way of finding closure for this crush that I have, and enjoy being with Harry like I always dreamed of being. Or, I could tell him to cut his crap, find the reason for this sudden want, slap him because I wasn’t an idiot and then, walk away with pride and a complete heart. Anyway, I had to hear out his reasons first.

I pressed the cold water to my forehead, trying to cool off since, I felt extremely hot and then, got ready for the day. It was raining outside, which wasn’t shocking since it was always raining here. I walked with my umbrella to my workshop to find the gate already open.

“Alex? Are you inside? Why is the gate open?” I walked in, taking off my jacket. Picking up a canvas, as I felt getting inspiration through basics today, I chose my corner and walked to the store to get paints, “Oh my gosh!” I held my chest. “What are you doing here? Step away from there, it’s fragile!” I told him as he raised his hands and slowly walked out. “What is the meaning of this?” I asked, crossing my arms.

“I was looking for tape,” Harry explained.

“You came to my workshop to look for tape?” I raised my eyebrows.

“What? No. No. Tape, I finished all of mine, and I was making something here…”

“This is my workshop. What do you mean by making something here? Where did you get the key from, anyway!” I questioned.

“I kinda took it last night,” He went on.

“You stole it? Great! What are you making here anyway,” I walked to the other corner of my workshop.

“Zuri! Wait! I’m not finished!” He ran behind me but, I entered the area to find a table set in the middle with roses. The entire area had all my painting and sculptures properly organised which they weren’t earlier, and there was an ‘I’m sorry’ banner hanging halfway falling on the ground. “I was going to fix that…” He said, walking in and pulling it to the side.

“What is this? You’re using my space for a date with someone? Are you some sort of sadist or something? This is my workshop!”

“Wow! You think that low of me, don’t you?” He let the banner drop.

“I’m sorry for what?” I asked.

“I’m sorry for ruining things between us. I’m sorry for not seeing your worth and not understanding you. I’m sorry for coming on to you like that without any explanation. Basically, I’m sorry for being an idiot,” He said. “I brought food? For Lunch, your favourite, umm for two!” He picked up the bags and kept them on the table pulling the box out. “Please don’t just stand there, just come and eat lunch,” He sighed.

I unclenched my hands and walked to the table. “How do you even know I like this?” I asked.

“You’re my best friend, why won’t I?” He looked at me, surprised.

“Huh, best friend?” I let out a laugh.

“Well, closest friend…” He backtracked.

“You don’t have many friends then, Mr Styles if I’m what you have, and you don’t even treat me properly,” I watched his face fall, “What? The truth hurts…sit down.”

We ate the lunch in silence. It was weird, but we didn’t mention it. He helped me clear all the plates and kept the table in place. “Thanks for organising this stuff, it was…yeah in a mess before…”

“No worries,” He smiled. I nodded and walked out of the area, back to the store room to take the paints out. “Do I really have no chance with you?” he asked from the gate.

“Why do you want one, Harry? Why now? You’ve embarrassed me, made fun of me, ignored me, literally just left me on the road and told me to choose another way to be with your girls, and all the while I proudly held my head up and my heart out saying that I really liked you. I never questioned this, and I was never embarrassed cause, I kept thinking that it wasn’t intentional but, it was, and it is, and I don’t see why you would want me now when all you could do was run away from me before…” I poured my heart out. I was not crying, I felt like I had cried enough.

“I agree, I didn’t like seeing you with that guy. I hated the way he held your waist, absolutely detested the way he bent down to kiss you and for the first time, I thought, I could actually loose you. I never did before, you know. I liked that you were always there, that I could depend on you. And, I know how this is all wrong cause because all I am talking about is me because I was never there for you. I liked your attention on me but, I don’t know why I didn’t to have you at that moment. In my heart, I always knew, I’d date you, and it would be amazing but, I liked feeding off that…I’m so horrible, I know I am, telling you all of this but, the point is that I can be there for you. I can be your lover, I can have you depend on me and give you back all the love that, you gave me! All I am asking for is a chance. A chance to make things right…” I could see tears fall down his eyes.

I laughed, “all I had asked for was a chance, too. I didn’t ask for anything else, except just one chance to show you. And who says, you’re making it, right? Maybe this,” I pointed between us, “we separate is the right thing, and I have realised that now. You’re a selfish, selfish man who hasn’t even tried to be my friend yet and yes, it’s my fault. I let myself out to be used by you…but, I won’t now. You couldn’t be my friend. You would definitely not be my lover.”

I walked out of the store room to my canvas and exhaled all the air that, I was holding. After sometime, I heard the front door close and, that’s when I started crying.

It had been a month after that day. I was coping better now. I had my art exhibition in the evening and, things were finally working out. For the first time, I was paying attention to me and, loving myself more. I liked being me as I walked through the streets. I liked treating myself which I never did, and I loved this change.

“This is what inspired me to create this showcase. I feel, it’s important to appreciate the people and the things in our life and, I have tried to represent that…”

“That is very well said,” I heard his voice call out. The people in front of me nodded and turned to my work while this man walked up to me. He was wearing an all black attire; he always took my breath away.

“You always take my breath away,” He repeated my thoughts, and I smiled.

“You’re here,” I said.

“Yeah, I love the artist’s work. She’s my favourite. I have parts of all her collections in my house. Hey, I’m Harry,” he put his hands out.

I shook it, “Zuri…” Where was he taking this?

“You are very beautiful, Zuri. Would you like some wine?” He asked and, took two glasses from the server.

“Thank you,” I said, taking it.

“I really like the theme this time,” he said, acting like a complete stranger and I played along. At the end of the night, he walked me to my apartment, and kissed my cheek. “I hope we are friends now, Zuri. I’d like to see more of you,” He smiled.

“What are you doing, Harry?” I asked.

“Shh…” He touched his lips and walked away.

He kept meeting me, randomly the next week. And, we started hanging out, again. This time, I felt, I existed around him. He took me to parties with his hands around my waist, and introduced me to everyone, keeping me close throughout. We went clubbing once and came back sloshed. He didn’t even try anything. Not even once. I didn’t know where this was going. I was like a redo we were offering ourselves but, I didn’t question it.

After three months, he asked me out. “Harry…” I shook my head.

“I know, I know that I have an awful history but, that guy has changed. I realise what I lost, and I have just got it back, I want to take it a bit further. A lot further, please, just please forgive me, and say yes…” He pleaded. I took a night but then, said yes.

We were celebrating our six months tonight. His idea, cause I didn’t remember. “Hey baby,” He kept the champagne on the table and climbed over me on the sofa. Wrapping his hands around me, he pulled me to his lips. It felt so intense, as I finally tasted him, my temperature rising in a second with what he could do to me. I felt his tongue licking my lips, as I let them through to play with mine holding him in my arms against me. Our make out sessions were getting better and better and, I wanted to finally go all the way tonight. I felt his hands wander over my body as I tried taking off his shirt, first.

“You sure, love?” he asked, kissing down my neck.

“Yes, on my yes,” I felt him bite, knowing he was marking me as his own. He loved doing that, as he whispered sweet nothings in my ear. It wasn’t long before, our clothes were thrown off to one corner. I rubbed his bulge from my palms as he moaned, “No teasing, today, please! I’m desperate, today!” He cried in my palms, as I took him in my mouth. “Fuck!” I heard him moan. There was no more pleasure than seeing your man go crazy with you every move in front of you, as he did right now.  I tried to bring him over the edge but, he pulled me off and, then, climbed over me.

“Can we skip this?” I asked, panting. “I want you in me,” I said, kissing his lips as he felt him brush up and down, soaking himself with me. I arched my back as he entered me, going slow and kissing all over my neck, knowing exactly what gets me crazy. “Fuck, oh my, fuck,” I moaned as he increased his pace. He slammed into me, my head falling out of the sofa, as I held onto him, and took support from the table beside. His hands caressed my body, his lips kissing every part of skin he could reach, while I loved the feel of him inside me.

“Please don’t stop, please…” I said, as he picked me and, I bounced on his dick, wrapping my legs around him. Our lips met in a frenzy, as I lost my mind with him.

“Fuck, Zuri. Come for me baby, cmon,” He moaned, biting my chest. I came all over him, as he spurted his come, coating my insides. He fell down, on his back, pulling me with him, as I took a breath, my head on his chest. “I love you.”

“Do you, now?” I giggled.

“I’m serious. I love you. It’ll always be you, I’m very serious.” He said as he kissed my lips, once again.





You Attend The Late Late Show With Him (Request)- Harry Styles

“Love, get out of this bed,” Harry says from above you, pulling the covers away gently from where you held them above your head. He had been dressed and ready for a well half hour, but couldn’t bring himself to wake you up, considering the night you had before.

“H, leave me the hell alone. I’m so exhausted,” you groan, turning over and covering your face with the pillow as your fiancé laughs.

“We’re going to miss the flight, and then the Boys are really going to ream our arses’. They still haven’t given up on the last time,” he says, taking the pillow and turning you over forcibly but gently, climbing on top of you and kissing your lips as your eyes open. “Mm, you awake now?” he asks, lips still red from the night before.

“I guess so, but I might need another to truly wake up,” you smirk, looking up at him from your place on the bed, his shirt just barely covering your panties that you’d slipped on when you went to use the toilet after spending most of the night awake making love to your boyfriend. You thought he was leaving by himself to go to L.A. for The Late Late Show with James Corden, but he had already packed your suitcase and told management you would be joining him. “You know, we spent the whole night up, when we could’ve very well saved some for when we got to the hotel, but no, someone was a bit too excited, if I say so,” you laugh as he leans back down to kiss you, your arms wrapping around his neck, until he starts to tickle your sides, that when you jump out of the bed, swatting his arm and running to get in the shower. 

“We could just sleep on the plane and still have time at the hotel,” he says hurriedly, cursing at himself for not just containing himself a bit more the night before. He quickly makes up the bed, grabbing your suitcases and putting both by your bedroom door. He walks to the mirror, fixing his hair and putting on the rings by his nightstand, fixing his shirt and jeans before going to make you and himself a tiny breakfast.

You quickly get out of the shower, freshly bathed, shaven, and had used Harry’s favourite scent on your body. You pop in front of the bathroom mirror and sink, brushing your teeth and drying your hair with a towel, quickly tying it into a top knot and throwing the towels in the laundry bin. You walk into the wardrobe, putting on a matching hot pink bra and panties set, then throwing on black leggings, a black t-shirt, and a sweatshirt, one that you had stolen from Harry before he left for tour, but it was ironed and nice enough to wear out of the house. You sprayed perfume on yourself, another one of Harry’s favourites, and grab your converse before walking down the stairs to meet Harry in the kitchen. 

“Thanks, baby,” you say, placing a quick kiss to your fiancé’s lips and taking the toast and eggs from his hand. You both eat fairly quick, putting the pan in the sink and checking your carry-on to make sure that phone and computer chargers had been packed, alongside your phones and computer, itself. You hear a car beep outside the house, meaning that Niall had arrived to pick you up and drive all three of you to the aeroport together. Harry sets the house alarm, taking both suitcases behind you, whom carried the carry-on and made sure that the house was locked up afterwards.

“Look who made it on time,” Niall laughs from the driver’s spot, you sitting passenger, Harry insisting that he would sit in the back. Your left hand was laying on your lap and Harry couldn’t help but smile at the diamond sitting on your ring finger. You said yes, and you were going to marry him, and everyday Harry seems happier and happier just knowing that the three letter word was your answer. “Mate, you listening back ‘dere?” Niall asks, looking at Harry from his mirror.

“Yeah, yeah, what’s up?” Harry asks, drawing his attention back towards his best friend, who had been apparently trying to get his attention for the last few minutes.

“We ‘ave to go straight to ‘de hotel, and ‘den we only have like an hour before we ‘ave to head back to James’ studio,” Niall says, turning his attention back to the road. It was early in London, awfully early, but by the time you arrived in California, it’d be the night and time for another interview.

“Okay. Baby, do you want to just grab a bite to eat in the hotel, or meet up with the Boys at the studio and find something closer to there?” Harry asks, turning his attention towards you as you contemplate your answer. You have this little dimple, not one as deep as his own, but one that is visible and stuck out most when you were concentrating or laughing, and he could see it at this very moment and it made his heart flutter.

“Why don’ we just eat at the hotel, this way we can all leave together and we won’ have to worry about getting back to the studio,” you say, turning your body around and facing Harry. “What’re you smiling about, hmm?” you ask watching as he shrugs but the smile never fades. You grab his hand and squeeze it, before placing a small kiss to the back and letting it go.

“You two make me sick,” Niall says from next you, shaking his head and chuckling as you two both laugh at his commentary. “But if you two could hold on the loving-on-each-other, it’d be great so we can just get on this damn aeroplane.”

You laugh and get out of the car, taking your bag and the carry-on whilst the pilots load the luggage on board and you walk hand-in-hand with Harry to board. Harry sits across from you at first, but just long enough for you to take your phone out and quickly take a picture, before moving over to his side and snuggling against him. “I love you,” you say, taking your phone and editing the picture, readying it for you to post.

“I love you more. But I also love you in my clothes. And you’re wearing my favourite perfume. What’re you trying to do to me, love?” Harry says, head resting against your own, placing a few kisses there and then placing a lingering one on your lips.

“Okay, okay, you two. There are other people on this plane,” Louis jokes from the seat next to you, already putting in earphones and humming the melodies to the new songs off the album.

“What do you think James is goin’ to ask you ‘bout?” you ask, looking up at him and adjusting yourself so you could place your legs in his lap and head on the pillow.

“Probably ‘bout Zayn leaving, the new album, I think he might ask about that “No Control Project” the fans are doing, and possibly us. I know once we posted the pictures about us being engaged, people have been tweeting questions and I’m pretty sure he’ll take some of those,” he says looking down at you whilst drawing circles on the palm of your hand. “Do you wan’ me to answer the questions or just leave it private?” he asks, looking at you intently, waiting for your response. You both had been not completely private with your relationship, but did keep certain aspects away from all to see.

“I mean, we already posted the pictures online, so answering the questions can’t be too bad. Just don’t say too much about the proposal, I mean if it’s asked, you could talk about what you did, but what you said to me I want to be completely private. Your memory and my memory only. It was the best thing you have ever said to me and I want to cherish it all by myself,” you say, leaning back up to kiss him, smiling as he wraps his arms around your waist. “I love you.”

“I love you so much, babe. You don’ even understand. But c’mon, we need sleep before we get there, it’s goin’ to be a long night. And not just because of the reasons you think I’m thinking of,” he smirks, planting a kiss on your forehead before wrapping the blanket across your bodies, and laying his head on yours. You smile and quickly upload the picture to Instagram before closing your phone, cuddling into Harry, and falling asleep.

@Mrs.StylesOfficial: Look at my handsome man. Whatcha doin’ over there, H? #fiancé


“Baby, I’m sorry to do this to you, but the plane is landing. We got to get up to go to the hotel,” Harry whispers from beside you. He’d only woken up ten minutes ago when we heard the pilot’s voice on the intercom. He watched you for a few minutes, amazed that this sight was what he has to look forward to for the rest of his life, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “My love, c’mon, we can go eat and then the interview and then go back and sleep,” he says, brushing stray hairs that had gotten loose from your bun, away from your face.

“Ugh,” you groan, wiping your face and opening your eyes, adjusting to the darker surroundings that you had arrived in. “I want a pizza,” you say, wrapping your arms back around his waist, trying to wake yourself up, and his cologne was surely doing the trick. It was your absolute favourite and got it for him every year, both as a selfish gift and non-selfish because you both completely loved it.

“Okay, babe, I’m sure I can arrange that,” he chuckles, rubbing circles on your back as he pulls his phone back out of his pocket, checking his mentions on both Instagram and Twitter, smiling at the new post you had uploaded whilst he was sleeping. He quickly responds to Twitter and leans back over to you. You had managed to get up from your seat and grab your carry-on and backpack. “I love you,” he whispers against your lips, kissing you multiple times before you could respond.

“I love you, too. Where’d that come from?” you giggle.

“I can’t just tell you that I love you?” he asks, hand interlocking yours as he hears the wheels meet the road beneath the plane.

“You can. Always. I love hearing you say it,” you say, leaning in to kiss him.

“I love to say it. But I also see that you changed your name already,” he smiles. You swear that the minute you said yes to his proposal, anytime you would speak his smile would grow larger and larger.

“I did, I did. You know we are getting married in six months, I think it’s time,” you laugh, standing up from your seat and grabbing Harry’ hand to interlock your fingers and you walk off the plane and into the car that waited to bring you all to the hotel.

The ride was quick compared to the 14-hour long plane trip. Once you got checked in to the hotel, everyone dispersed to their own rooms to drop off luggage and then went to wherever they wanted for the remaining hour-and-a-half before the car came back to take the crew to the studio. You and Harry stayed in the room, ordering a pizza, ready to just relax for the time you had.

You were laying on the bed, hands on your stomach as an unknown program played on the TV. Harry climbed on the bed, leaning over to turn the box off, and then pulled you to the middle of the bed. He climbed on top of you, kissing you deeply, running his hands down your sides as you hands attached themselves in his hair. He moaned as you pulled lightly on the hair, creating a massaging sensation, and as soon as he pulled off you shirt, already leaving love bites on your neck, there was a knock on the door, signalling the arrival of your food.

“Fuck,” he whispers whilst climbing off of you, “Stay right there.” He finds his wallet on the dresser, grabbing twenty dollars out. He opens the door, says ‘thank you’ to the delivery man, pays him, and shuts the door as fast as he possibly can. He walks back over to you, climbing back on top, kissing you again. “Killed the mood, didn’t it?” he says as you giggle from underneath him.

“Yeah, little bit,” you laugh, getting up, pushing Harry onto his bum as you pull your t-shirt back on. “Later, baby. Later on, when we get back, no one will interrupt us. Okay?” you say, giving him a quick kiss before going to eat the pizza that had just arrived.

You two made your way downstairs just in time to meet with the rest of the band and avoid any embarrassment. The car pulled up a few minutes after you all had gathered together, and everyone piled in, ready to just arrive at the studio. “I’m surprised we didn’t have to come up and get you,” Liam says, laughing alongside the other two members.

“Oh shut up, Liam,” Harry chuckles, knowing that that is exactly what happened the last time. 

As soon as you and Harry had your first time together on your one-year anniversary three years ago, it has been quite hard to keep your hands off each other. Especially on one occasion where Harry was almost late for sound check because you both had stayed at the hotel for a bit too long.

“C’mon, Liam, leave us alone for one night?” you ask, pretending to pout for a minute, and then everyone is laughing. The rest of the time was spent discussing bits of your wedding that is set in stone and fully prepared, and what else needed to be done in order to be ready for the wedding in November. 

In a mere ten minutes, the whole entourage was being ushered into the studio, the Boys going to meet James backstage whilst you, Lou, and Sophia stand around by the side where you would watch the show.

“There’s the better half,” James says, walking over to give you a hug.

“How’s it going, Cordo?” you ask after giggling, feeling Harry come up and wrap his arms around your waist from behind, resting his head on your shoulder.

“I’m well, and you? The wedding’s coming up soon, yeah? November, right?” he asks, taking a sip from his mug.

“Yeah, we only have a bit left before we’re done planning, as well,” you add, pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek quickly, feeling his smile grow as he places a kiss to your shoulder.

You and James talk a bit more until he’s being called out, in order for him to start the show and introduce the Boys. You and the girls watch from the side, listening to the men talk about their fans and the new “No Control Project” and you swear you can see all of their faces light up. There are questions about Zayn and how the tension is between the five, quickly dismissing any rumours that there was fighting continuing, and other nonsense. But towards the end you hear James say your name, and you look over to see Harry’s smile grow as big as possible. 

“Harry, we’ve seen that you have a bride-to-be, if I’m correct?” James says, leaning forward to speak directly to your fiancé.

“You are, James,” he says coolly, trying not to let himself burst with every detail that he would like to share, just not particularly on camera.

“I’ve met your missus, she’s quite lovely,” James says, flipping through note cards, assumingly the ones that have his questions.

“Y/N is wonderful, she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, besides One Direction,” he says, seeing a picture of you and him from Instagram appear on the screen.

“I have a few questions here from fans, and I am going to ask the more vague ones, this way you don’ have to give anything away that you don’ want to, okay?” James asks, looking intently at Harry waiting for his nod of approval. As soon as Harry nods his head, James starts to ask the questions. “When is the wedding exactly?”

“The wedding is the 16 of December. The day we met three years ago,” Harry answers, taking a quick peek at you on the side, mouthing ‘I love you’ before answering the next questions.

“Okay, here are two. How did you propose? And, I want to know, have you thought of letting me be the best man?” James asks, and Liam, Louis, and Niall shake their heads, laughing quietly.

“Well, Y/N and I don’t want to reveal too much about the proposal, but basically I did it when we were in a bit of a rift. She had no idea and the best part was that she was mildly irritated at me when I did it,” Harry says laughing. “My sister actually helped me pick out the ring, because her and Y/N are best friends and she knew what she wanted. I already had an idea, but that really helped. And for the second questions, no. I already have my best men.”

“Really? Are you sure? I would make a great best man,” James says, earning laughs from everyone in the room.

Harry just shakes his head, waiting for the final question to follow suit.

“Did you ever think that maybe you two were too young to get married right now, I mean you’re both in your twenties,” James says, sitting back in his seat and drinking from his mug.

“No, not at all. We love each other, and the people who love us, support our decisions completely,” Harry says, smiling and finishing the interview before walking off stage and sneaking up behind you, and hugging you tight.

“Hi, baby. You did great up there,” you say, leaning up to kiss him, your arms locking around his neck loosely.

“All because you were here,” he says, kissing you back, foreheads resting against each other. 

You had finished UNI within the first year of you and Harry dating, so ever since then you’d been on the road with the team. Management paid you in bits to just keep everything in check, seeing as though you basically acted like a mum to the group, even with Liam being the responsible one. It was really nice being able to spend time on the road with Harry and not have to be away for a long time.

“Alright you two, are going to come back to the hotel with us or not?” Louis asks, looking behind waiting for you to follow.

“Yes, yes, hold on,” Harry says, taking your hand and guiding you out to the car. The ride seems shorter back to the hotel and as soon as you were let out, both you and Harry walked straight up to your hotel room. 

You unlocked the door, feeling Harry push you in lightly, closing the door behind him and locking it. You quickly take off your sweatshirt and shoes, giggling when you feel Harry pull you up close to him.

“What do you want from me, mister? Is it was I think it is, hmm?” you ask, leaning up against his ear and kissing down his jaw and near his lips, but never touching your mouth to his.

“You know what I want, missus. Now stop teasing me,” he whines, grabbing your cheeks gently and connecting your lips to his. You two strip of your clothing and fall on the bed, spending the night professing your love to each other in more way than one.


“You know, I know we say it, but I can’t describe how happy you make me,” you whisper, fingers tracing the butterfly on his abdomen lightly.

“And I know I say it quite often, but I am so in love with you, that I can hear you breathe in the morning and I feel like I fall more in love with you,” he says, the pads of his fingers resting lights on your bare back. 

He’s so in love with not only you, but this moment. You’re both lying underneath the blanket, bare from making love just hours before, and now you’re professing your love for one another in whispers, as if you want no one else in the world to know why you are so deeply in love with each other.

The wedding was not too far off, and he couldn’t wait for moment where, this, right here, would become his forever.

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10 minutes into netflix and chill and he gives you this look 😂

I Shouldn’t Be Mobbed With My Family

All That You Are Is All That I’ll Ever Need

I Shouldn’t Be Mobbed With My Family

Visuals are in the text of this chapter.

“Baby, why don’ we go out today? We could go for a nice brunch and after we could go pick up the girls from school. It’d be a nice change for you. You’ve been in the house ever since you had Lucas,” Harry says, concern lacing his voice. For the last week your husband has been trying to get you out of the house.

It wasn’t that you were opposed to the idea, no. You were just not in any form to leave the house. You were not getting as much sleep as your body should be getting, and even with Harry helping around during the day, the night feedings were wearing you out, breastfeeding becoming much more difficult for Luke than with Hensley or Heidi. You were lucky enough to not suffer from any postpartum depression and for that you were so grateful that Harry has been so active and involved with helping you as much as possible. It was just at the point in time where if you had the opportunity to rest from household chores, you would gladly do that above anything else.

“That sounds nice, Harry. I’ll go take a quick shower and then get ready for us to go. Luke needs another bottle, only about three ounces for now, I fed him a few hours ago and he shouldn’t be too hungry. And if you could-,” you say, soon getting stopped by a soft kiss from your husband’s lips to yours, a smile finding its place on your lips.

“It’s all under control, babe. Go wash up, we’ll be right here for when you get all freshened up. I love you,” Harry says, taking a grumbling Lucas from your arms and moving to place a tiny kiss on your forehead before turning you around and nudging you across the house. Chuckling as he saw you walk lightly to your shared bedroom, turning around once again only for him to shake his head and point you back towards the bathroom.

“We know what to do, don’t we, Luke?” Harry coos to his four month old son, earning a smile and incoherent noises falling from his lips. “I love you so much,” he whispers, placing a kiss to his son’s lips, laughing as his mouth opens and closes, signaling his need for another feeding. “Alright, Buddy, Daddy will get you another bottle,” he laughs, taking his son and the freshly made bottle to the couch, ready for a quick view of the footy match and a nice feeding.


You take your time in the shower, letting the warm water wash over your body, falling through your hair, and running down your spine as you lean back. You shave, thanking your husband under your breath, because it was much needed. You squeeze the remainder of your body gel out onto a sponge, lathering your body with the sweet-smelling wash, letting your body gain the scent before washing it away. You hadn’t noticed how dirty your hair was until your began to wash it, the shampoo in your hands knocking the flakes from your scalp and leaving a clean and smooth hair on your head. Once you had finished and you felt that your body was clean and well-washed, you stepped out, turning the water off and grabbing your towel from the rack, tying it in a knot just above your breasts.

You walk over to the conjoined sink, chuckling as you see Harry’s toothbrush lying out of its place in the cup, and toothpaste marked in the sink. You rinse it out, drying your hands after, and move forward to your place, brushing your teeth and washing your face quickly before heading into the bedroom to change.

You step into the wardrobe, letting the towel fall and taking a black panties and a bra from the dresser, slipping into both as soon as you had pulled the pair out.

“Wow,” you hear from behind you, spinning around quickly to see your husband, standing in front on you, arms crossed in front of his chest and a smirk on his lips. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Harry, stop sneaking up on me like that!” you laugh, moving towards your husband to place a kiss on his lips, watching him smile and laugh as you pull away. “Is Luke asleep?” you ask, turning back around to pull on a pair of jeans and a plain, white, t-shirt.

“He is, and he is all tucked into his carrier. I swear he’s probably sweating in there,” Harry laughs, smiling as your laugh along with him, pulling your hair up into a bun and sneakers being placed on your feet. “Are we ready to go?” he asks, taking your hand and interlocking your fingers as soon as you placed your phone in your back pocket and stood up.

“We are, for sure, babe,” you smile, walking downstairs with your husband and into the lounge, smiling widely at your little boy, and then giggling as soon as Harry says he had to ‘capture the moment’. As soon as he was done, you had picked up the carrier and made your way outside, leaving Harry to lock up the house. No more than two minutes later, after you had buckled your son’s carrier in the backseat, you received an Instagram notification from no one other than Harry, smiling from the driver’s seat as you look over at him. You quickly click on the app, smiling at the picture in front of you, its caption especially.

harrystyles: Heading out for lunch with my little man and @y/nstyles. Pretty sure he’s bundled up for more than a little chill.


You walk into the café, one hand interlocking with Harry’s and the other mindlessly sitting in your jacket pocket, trying to warm from the outside cold. Harry has Lucas’ carrier in his other hand, holding it with ease and the hostess walks you to a private table. Harry immediately takes your son from his carrier, pulling him into this arms and letting him lay there until coffee and tea arrived for the both of you.

“This was really nice, baby, thank you,” you say, leaning over your cuppa and smiling at the man sitting across from you, your heart fluttering with the sight. Harry smiles, taking a quick sip of his drink before taking your hand and interlocking it with his own from across the table.

“No need to thank me, my love. I wanted to go out with you. I always want to. I love to see you after you’ve taken that breath of fresh air because I know you needed it. We’ve been together for a long time, and I know it can be hard when I’m not home. Just tell me if you need more help, okay?”

“I love you,” you whisper, kissing his hand before letting go and thanking the waitress as she placed your soups down on the table. You and Harry ate fairly quick, not realising how hungry you had actually gotten. As soon as you both had finished, Harry paid the bill, smiling over as you thank him again, kissing you quickly once you stand up. You take the carrier, smiling down at a still-sleeping Lucas, thankful he had not woken up during your peaceful lunch.

As soon you reach the door, you can see the flashing of lights and your face immediately scrunches with worry. Harry whips around taking the baby carrier from your hands and pulling the cover over of your son. “Walk in front of me, alright? We’ll be fine, baby. I’ve got you,” he whispers in your ear, thanking the hostess in the front before opening the door and beginning the journey to his car. You stayed close, hand wrapped around your husband’s waist, head down trying to ignore the commentary being thrown your way.

“Let us see the baby! Y/N are you feeling up to leaving the house? How is life with three children now? It sure seems to be taking its toll on you! Is Harry home enough?”

“Can you leave me, my wife, and my son alone now? I shouldn’t be mobbed with my family. That is fucking ridiculous. Have pictures of me, say what you want, but you won’t take advantage of my family. So if you would, please move out of our way,” Harry yells, causing the flashing and yelling to stop for moment, allowing you to pass safely through and into the car, settling in the back seat, where you strapped your son in, as well as yourself. “Are you okay?” Harry asks as soon as he shuts the car door.

“We’re fine, babe. Thank you,” you smile, placing a small kiss to his lips and then lightly turning him around, nudging him to start to drive, this way you could pick up your girls from school. As soon as Harry began to pull out of the space and into the park, stopping the car when the flashes begin once again.

“Stop following me, please. I am just trying to pick my daughters up from school,” he says, voice frustrated and tired. He quickly closes his window, pulling up the car a tad, leaning forward to check for any other cars and pulls out of the car park as fast as possible, leaving the paparazzi behind. “Now, let’s go pick up our daughters,” Harry smiles, looking back at you from the rear view mirror, earning a grin and giggle from you, leaning forward to give a head nod for your husband to move at the green light.


“Mummy, guess what we did in Arts today?” Hensley says excitedly, a slight lisp evident. You signal for your daughter to wait a minute, picking her up and putting her in her seat, buckling her tight, and placing a kiss to her lips before walking around to your seat.

Harry smiles as he sees you and your two daughters walking hand-in-hand towards the car. This was his life. You and his children were his whole world and these little moments were times that he realised it more than any other.

He quickly steps out of the driver’s seat, grabbing Heidi by the sides and placing kisses on her face, picking her up and putting her in the car-seat, peppering kisses all along her face, earning giggles from his five-year old.

“Now, Hens, what did you do in Arts today?” you ask, watching her face light up as she begins to explain her new pottery craft.

“Mummy, the clay was so sticky, and Ms. Clyde had to come and help all the kids make it not sticky so we could make it a shape. I made mine a stage, Daddy, just like where you sing. I asked if I could have more to make you and my uncles, but she said no,” she says, head drooping low.

“Hey, sunshine. I am going to love it. Because I know you made it for me. I don’t need to be put on it, that’s okay. I love you so so so much. When we get home you better give me extra hugs, okay?”

“Okay, Daddy. I love you,” Hensley says, a smile finding its way back on her face.

You look at your husband and you can just feel your heart fill with more love for him. He always knew exactly what to say to both you and your children and his love that he shows for your babies is something that will never stop making you smile. “I love you,” you say, leaning over and pressing a kiss to the corner of his lips, earning you a smile and a dimple to indent. You love how all three of your little ones have that dimple, it was probably the cutest sight when all four were smiling and the smiles were identical, that was your family.

“I love you more,” he whispers, kissing the back of your interlocked hand.

“Mumma, Daddy, I got to draw a picture in class today. You wan’a see?” Heidi asks, already leaning over to take the drawing out of her tiny backpack. You lean back around to look, watching as your youngest daughter happily points at your family. Your husband standing next to you, then your two daughters, and little Lucas sitting in front.

“I love it, baby,” you say, blowing a kiss to her and folding the picture up nicely in your jacket pocket.

You unbuckle your seat-belt as soon as you feel the car stop, stepping out of the car to unbuckle Hensley, and then taking both her and Heidi’s hands, after Harry had unbuckled her. You walk up, opening the front door, two little girl talking about their days to each other and then quickly walking into the house, waiting by the door to step out of their shoes and jackets, then walking over to the table to do their work. You lock the car right after your husband had shut the door and begun to walk up the steps and inside the house with your son still asleep. As soon as everyone was safely inside the house, you close the door and lock it, taking the picture from your pocket, and then hang up the coat you had been wearing, taking Harry’s along with it.

You walk into the kitchen, after reaching up to take a frame from the cupboard, leaning against the island to place the picture in the glass, smiling as you saw your baby babbling on his mat, finally awake and alert, two little girls doing their school work at the table, and then your husband to come around and place his hands on your hips, leaving a kiss on your neck before settling his chin on your shoulder and looking at the picture himself.

“We truly have everything we’ve ever wanted, don’t we?” he smiles, kissing you lightly as you turn around, your hands around his neck, digits playing lightly with the curls on the nape of his neck, causing you to smile back at him.

“We really do.”

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#40 Summer of 2017 (Harry Styles)

It was the Summer of 2017. Harry and Ember hadn’t seen each other for three years. Ember didn’t plan to see him either. Not after what he had done to her, but what she didn’t know was that Harry had been trying to locate her. He had spent six months, but no one told him about her because Ember had asked them not to. She didn’t want anything to do with the Harry Styles. He had done enough to end everything between them, and she was finally, getting better. But, the commitment which Ember lost, seeped into Harry and he held on to the thread that attached him to her, trying to strengthen it. He just had to find her. But, when he did, he had not planned to… 

Alexa wanted the book. She wanted it desperately, and she had planned to check all the bookstores present in this small town regardless if Harry planned to accompany her or not. They were out with all their friends with all their friends together, and Harry had made fun of her mention in her ex-boyfriend’s book and, she wanted it. 

Harry had no choice, but to follow her. The second option was climbing the mountain and, he had that planned for the next few days. He had all the excursions, limited as they were, spaced out in the time, he was going to spend here. Doing everything in one day would mean boredom for the next days and, he couldn’t afford that. 

It was the fourth bookstore and the last one here, they had checked out that morning, and it was almost 1 pm now. It was a bigger store than the other ones in the town and, extremely pleasing to the eye. They could hear a guitar playing inside and a guy, and a girl singing some an old ABBA song. They entered the store, Alexa, a little jumpy now, while Harry shook his head and followed her. 

The music got louder, as they sung in an empty bookstore. It was obvious since the population of this town was not a lot. He didn’t want to stop them and, he pulled her into looking the book herself until they finished the song. She had a beautiful voice, a voice he remembered which warmed his heart. But, he didn’t want to think about that. All his efforts had gone to hell and were leading nowhere. 

Alexa started smiling finally, but it was because of the song and not the book, “they are pretty good, aren’t they?” she whispered to him, and he nodded. Harry wondered why the girl wasn’t singing anymore when he heard footsteps. 

“Hello, how can I help you?” She asked, and his hand’s stopped. He couldn’t turn. He couldn’t believe it was her voice, and if he turned around and if it wasn’t, he would cry because it was her voice to him. 

“Oh, you guys were singing beautifully! I’m sorry you stopped!” Alexa apologised, and Harry wondered if they should, as customers. 

“Oh, no worries! We only sing on Thursdays, because the owner isn’t here. Friday’s are silent if you plan to sit and read, here. It makes a beautiful place, but it’s singing Thursday today,” She giggled and, Harry knew it was her. He closed his eyes and turned his head to look at her. 

He started with her shoes, she was in flats. Harry knew her like the back of his hand, and his eyes traced up to her legs and that, white dress she was wearing and her hair, black hair, in curls like he remembered, longer than he remembered and, to her lips, her nose, her eyes, it was Ember. His eyes widened to see how she had matured. He body seemed tighter now, fuller even, her lips were a bit plumper and her eyes held the same sparkle they had held in his dreams before they faded away as she saw him. 

In her head, Ember did the same thing. She had seen his pictured online. It was hard not to see him. With his famous haircut and photoshoot and movie debut, he was everywhere. But, her heart beat faster as he stood a few metred away from her. She hadn’t practised her look of seeing him again. She wasn’t prepared to see him again. And he wasn’t either. 

“It’s no problem! You guys are amazing! This town is so small, it’s just lovely hearing some young voices. All we have seen is old or married people everywhere and none our age!” Alexa laughed. Had she forgotten about her book, Harry wondered. His eyes never left her face. He could do so many things now. He had thought about all instances, but none led him to an interaction in a bookstore.

“Ember? Can you handle another Lobo song? I feel it today!” The guy walked up to them, and “oh, oh, umm oh my god. It’s you,” He looked at Harry and, then at Ember. He knew about them. “Hi!” He shook Alexa’s hand. How can I help you?” He smiled, trying to distract her from the way Ember and Harry were staring at each other. “I’ll handle this, why don’t you keep my guitar back?” 

Ember snapped out, and nodded, taking it away from his hand and walking towards the counter. She heard Alexa and Miles interact, as she took deep breaths in. “You’re okay?” Miles came and held her, as she took deep breaths in, trying not to show it on her face and stopping all the tears from coming out. 

“I am okay, I am okay, I am okay. He doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me, he doesn’t affect me.” She chanted as Miles rubbed her shoulders. Harry had not moved from his position. 

“What are you doing there? Come, he said he’s looking for the book!” Alexa pulled him, and he snapped out.  

“Here’s the book, you want to give it?” Miles asked her. Ember nodded, finally controlling herself and giving a big smile, as she took on another role.

“Oh love, we do have the book, but it’s the one in hardcover. The paperback is available too, but we don’t have it,” she apologised to Alexa who stood at the counter. She could feel Harry’s gaze on her, but she completely ignored it. 

Harry was thinking of what he could say. Nothing seemed enough. She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. A ‘hi’ would do? Not after what he did, a ‘hi’ wouldn’t do anything. 

“The hardcover will do! I just really want the book! Searched the entire town for it!” Alexa assured and paid the bill. 

“There you go!” Ember handed the packet to her. Should she anything? No. She had nothing to say. 

“You guys should give me a kiss each as payment!” A voice announced, and all of them turned to look at the door. Percy walked in with packets of food and, Ember and Miles ran to help him. They looked inside the packet, and both kissed his cheek at once. “I wasn’t serious!” Percy wiped his cheeks. Alexa swooned looking at him. He was beautiful, the most handsome man, Alexa had ever seen.

Percy stopped as he took her in. He knew who she was, but she was looking incredibly pretty standing in front of him, “Hello,” He smiled. Ember knew the attraction that instant. She smiled and bit her lip. Harry knew that reaction by Ember. Percy’s eyes shifted to Harry, and he cursed, “Are you okay?” He asked Ember. He knew, too. She nodded. 

“So you guys work and live here in this town?” Alexa asked, looking at Percy. 

“Well, Ember and I work. She is Ember, I am Miles, we love books and singing in bookstores! Percy is too cool to work!” Miles teased. 

“We are on holiday!” Percy casually pointed out. “We are on Uni leave, so we are supposed to be holidaying, but these two just love bookstores and are easily manipulated by old people!” 

“He wanted help! Mr Roland is a very nice man and, he wanted Thursday and Friday morning off, so we volunteered. Percy is too cool to work!” Ember countered as she brought plates for them out. “How long are you guys here?” 

Harry’s heart skipped a beat. She wanted to see them again. She considered him. “Oh, a couple of weeks. We should meet up!” Alexa replied. 

“Oh, umm,” Percy and Miles shut up. They didn’t want Ember to go through what she had. It took a long time to recover her. 

“Definitely!” Ember replied, and they looked at her,, in shock. “Let me give you Percy’s number since, he plans everything and tell him your plans?” 

“That’ll be great!” Alexa nodded, “If you don’t mind,” She looked at Percy and, he immediately shook his head. Harry couldn’t take his eyes off his girl. Was she his anymore? She wasn’t, but maybe she’ll give him a chance to explain. “Thanks! We will see you guys around then! And, thank you for the book!” She held it tightly, “let’s go, Harry!” her voice made him snap out of his thoughts, and he followed her out. 

“They are lovely, aren’t they?” She asked Harry on her way out. “You didn’t say anything!” 

“Yeah, we’ll meet them again and, I will!” He smiled. 

Ember collasped on her chair. She had to build her walls higher. Her ex-boyfriend of four years was back in town. 

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I'll See You There💋 Harry Styles💋Part 8

Harry’s P.O.V

She started kissing me while slowly unbuttoning my shirt, she took off my shirt then kissed my chin, after my neck, kissing and sucking on it leaving hickeys. I felt her hands moving around my chest, one hand moved down and rested on top of my bulge rubbing it, it felt so fucking good, “Y/N please love, I’m begging you,” I grabbed her by her throat gently but at the same time aggressively and looked at her eyes full of lust, “It’s not fun being teased, love.” I kissed her and bite her bottom lip, moved my hand around her and slapped her ass and gripped it with my hand, she gasped and smirked. She moved down onto her knees while she stared into my eyes. I bite my lip and bend over a little and squeeze her tits, she bite her lip and pull down my pants and kissed my hard cock through my briefs. I moved my head back and hissed, “Fuck.” She pulled down my briefs and watched my cock sling up and hit my stomach, I watched her smile and grab my cock and stroke it slowly.

Y/N’s P.O.V 

I stared up at him as I stroked his big cock, I didn’t imagine it would be this big. I flicked my tongue on his tip and watch his head go back and hiss again, I started swirling my tongue around his tip while rubbing his balls. I proceed to move up and down slowly while stroking him, then I felt Harry grip onto my hair and push me down more on his cock and I started gagging on his cock. I felt him let go, so I took him out and lick his tip then went down to his balls and started sucking and licking his balls while stroking him. I grab his hard cock and slapped it against my tongue and took him in my mouth, moving up and down fast then deep throating him, “BLOODY HELL Y/N! SO FUCKING GOOD!” Harry gripped my head and started thrusting forward hitting the back of my throat every time, making me gag. I lifted my dress up and started rubbing clit and playing with my tits while Harry fucks my mouth, “I’ gONna CUm!” After a few more thrusts Harry came in my mouth and watched me swallow his load. There was cum dripping from his tip so I licked it off, I couldn’t believe he was still hard.

Harry’s P.O.V

I was lost for words, watching her swallow my load. I bite my lip and brought her up from the floor and took her dress off then grip her hips and pulled her in and kissed her. I slapped her ass signalling her to jump and she did, I gripped her ass with my hands and started kissing and sucking on her neck while playing with her clit and hearing her moan in my ear. I felt her getting wet by the second, “I want you inside me.” she whimpered and softly moaned. I felt her grab my cock and inserting it slowly in her pussy, I bite my lip hard from how tight her pussy felt, “Shit! your pussy is so tight around my cock.”, she dug her nails into my shoulder as I pushed her down further, “Your COcK IS so BIG!” I let her adjust to my size for a few seconds then started moving her up and down my cock speeding up.

Y/N’s P.O.V

I was screaming from pleasure, I tried being quieter so other people wouldn’t hear us but I couldn’t every thrust made me beg for more. He slowed down and put me down, I gasped as I felt the emptiness inside me, “Walk over to the bed for me love, I want to see ur pretty ass in the air and ur face down on the sheets.” I got wetter hearing his deep British accent, then looked in his eye, staring into his dark green eyes full of lust. I obeyed his command and went towards the bed as soon as I got close to it, I got on my bed gently letting my face fall on the sheets and lifted my ass up in the air and my legs opened just a little. In the corner of my eye, I could see Harry jerking off slowly, then started walking slowly towards me. I felt his presence behind me, then his hand on my ass rubbing it slowly. He started teasing me with his cock, rubbing his tip on my clit going up and down, I moved my hand down and started my rubbing my clit, “Harry, Please I’m begging you.” He came close to my ear and whisper, “It’s not fun getting teased love, is it.” I whimpered as he bit my earlobe gently.

Harry’s P.O.V

I decided to stop the teasing, I grabbed my cock and inserted slowly into her tight pussy and watched her arch her back and grip the sheets and softly moan. I speeded up immediately my thrusts and felt her squeeze her pussy around me, “Oh GOD YEs!”, “DoNT STOP!” I speeded up more, and I couldn’t lie to myself I was about to cum, “FUck!” I gripped onto her hips with one hand and thee other pulling her hair, “I'm GonNA CUm HArry!” “ME Too Love!” I speeded up more hearing the headboard hit the wall with every thrust. After a few more thrust, “I’m Cumming!” I watched her bite her lip and squeeze her tight pussy around me while cumming, I pulled out quick and cummed all over her back taking deep breaths, “Ahh!” That was the best sex I ever had. I closed my eyes for a second, then felt her standing up and move around. 

Y/N’s P.O.V

I got up from the bed and wipe off the cum on my back with a towel then looked for my dress, as I bent down to get it, I felt Harry behind me, “What are you doing?”, “Getting to ready leave, of course, what else what I would be doing?” I giggled a little at his question, “Why?” I was stunned by his question, so I turned around and looked him in his eyes, “I thought you would be one of those guys who just want sex and throw girls away.” I looked at his face reaction and regret saying that because he looked hurt, I turned around again bending down to grab my dress, when Harry grabbed my hips, turned me around and kissed me, “I’m not those guys.” I dropped my dress and wrapped my arms around his waist, remembering we were both still naked but I didn’t care, “Jump,” I did as he said and jumped, he caught me and walked back to the bed. He gently put me on the bed, walked around, closed the lights and laid next to me. He kissed my cheek and whisper in my, “I would never treat a lady like yourself like that.” then he kissed my lips, “Goodnight, see you in the morning.” I smiled and drifted to sleep.

#23 The Best Friend (Harry Styles)


I have been going through a lot and this imagine is almost what happened to me. Instances and situations are changed to a bit but, yeah. 

Give me advice. And, if you feel I’m an idiot, let me know. 

It’s long and mature. I’ll be waiting for your response. 

“This is not working out. We go in circles again and again and again, and it’s emotionally exhausting and, I can’t deal with it anymore. I feel, we should just take some time apart, get to-”

“What? Why?” Harry burst into my room, knocking over the vase, kept on the side table. “Why are we breaking up?” He frowned and held my face in his palms.

“We aren’t…Issy and Michael are…” I giggled, kissing his lips.

“Oh, wow. Oh god. You got me all worried,” he shook his head. “I was like, I just got you back, I can’t…”

“And you aren’t,” I said, sitting on his lap and kissing his cheeks. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, again. This was important for us, I guess. We had gone through so much together and still, chosen each other.

“So, you’re making them break up, again?” He asked. I had a habit of reading out the dialogues of my characters to go through corrections and make it sound as real as possible.

“Yes, it’s getting too much for Issy,” I smiled, combing through his hair.

“Alright, okay. Get back to it. Give them a good end and, come and meet your boyfriend upstairs?” He placed me on my feet and kissed my forehead.

“I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?” I cried, sitting on the floor. He was breaking up with me, and I didn’t know why? Don’t fall in love with your best friend. Because when you break up, you lose more than just your love. And my best friend was breaking up with me and, I didn’t know the reason.

“It’s been too long? Don’t you feel so? Like we have always been together!” He laughed. He was laughing.

“You’re my best friend,” I spoke through my tears.

“Yeah, but don’t you want to, maybe know other people? Know how they are? You know me inside out, and I know you but, we don’t know how anybody else is!” He sat down on my bed.

“Apparently, I don’t since you’re doing this.”

“It’s just a break. Nothing more. We spend some time apart from each other. I’ll go live with Mike and, just get to see life without each other in our lives. Just a small break,” He was saying all this so easily.

“So, you’re basically saying that you don’t want me in your life anymore?” I frowned.

“You’re making it sound dramatic.”

“That’s what you just said!” I screamed.

“Don’t scream. We are just discussing.” I could see his palms turn into a fist.

“We aren’t though. You’re giving me your decision,” I got up from my position. I was allowing myself to be degraded by this man, who I considered my best friend, the love of my life. To only hear that he wants to see life with me not being there.

I picked up a bag and walked up to his dresser collecting my things. I was so stupid. I considered him to always be there. Chose him over others all the time and, now all our friends were the same, our lives were so tangled together, I didn’t realize he could feel claustrophobic. That is how he was feeling. I’m such an idiot. Not worth anything and, he finally, has realized that.

“You don’t have to collect all your stuff. It’s just a break,” He sighed. I could see he was trying to go through his decision.

“But, it’s not. You’re breaking up with me,” I shivered. “Don’t worry, you can be the dumper,” I threw all my books inside the bag and collected a few of my T-shirts, stole one of his. I had my stuff all over his room, I was debating on the ones I’d need in the coming weeks before, I could handle myself.

“It’s a break!” He shouted. “You’re still my best friend! You’ll always be my best friend,” He yelled as I tried to stuff my things in the bag. “You’ll always have that place in my life, you don’t have to take everything!”

“But, that’s it, right? You want that place gone.” I could see the pain and the confusion on his face. But, changing the words, doesn’t make it any nicer. This is what he wants. “What does ‘let’s see life without each other’ mean? You don’t want me in your life and, I’ll disappear.” I tried not breaking down, but my voice has never been good at that.

“You know, your ability of understanding words and people is going down! It’s like you don’t understand anything, at all!”

“What am I supposed to understand? That my boyfriend just randomly comes and tells me, that we should take a break from each other because we’ve been together too long? Who says that? You want to see different things? When have I stopped you from seeing or doing anything! What have I done to make you feel like this! And that’s just it, isn’t it? You’ve had me in every way you can have, and realized you don’t want me anymore. You want to see what else is good, out there? I’m not an option, Harry,” I picked up my bag.

“I never meant to make you feel like this,” He rubbed his face. “It’s not about options, at all. I just…you are twisting words. I don’t want to make you feel like you’re an option but, haven’t you ever felt the need of wanting something more?” He questioned. “That maybe there is something worth more, out there?”

It was like a knife running through my chest and, I took a step back. I felt, he realized what he just said. He just engraved the words in me. “That is not what I meant, honey, that is not what I meant!” He tried to hold me.

“I wish you all the best for finding someone who isn’t as worthless as me.” I just shook my head and walked out of his room.

I ran down to my floor and broke down against my door.

It seems like a dream when I type this down, again. But, I question my decision, every day. He did say all that, but he did come back. Or, I got him back. I can’t swallow down the fact that, I was the only one fighting for us. Maybe, he doesn’t want us at all and, I’m just messing with his head. Perhaps, he’ll realize in another month that, I’m not worth it, after all. Am I messing with his head? Should I be trying that hard? I had always been taught to not give up on things and people. Whether it was your old laptop or an old friend, I was taught to fix with all that I have before I gave up. What am I doing?

I kept out his way. It was good that our majors were different. They took place in different buildings and, I found a routine that didn’t collide with his at all. The problem was that he lived a floor above me. I could hear the loud music, the loud laughs, which I was not invited to. I kept my promise. I disappeared from his life. But, it was killing me. The day started with me being happy and confident but, by the evening, I just grew numb.

He was all over the place, though. The photos, the finally single updates for all his friends, I was removed from his life that, I realized that, I didn’t really make any friends. All I had was his, and maybe, they just tolerated me. I never needed them for any emotional talks or things that, actually get you close. I had Harry. But, he was good with people. Stayed connected and I stayed connected through him. That was my first mistake. I wonder where I could have made a difference but, I was honestly, just with my best friend and, that’s how it works, right? I didn’t feel the need of moving away, there was enough space. Different majors, different jobs, I didn’t feel that he felt the need to move away.

But, life goes on. I was made strong. I kept myself groomed up. No one had to know what I was going through. The only person, who can save you, is yourself, and I knew that. I was just not out there like he was.

“You know if you stare that hard on the glass, it will break.”Voice got me out of my thoughts, and I looked to my side, where it came from. “Why don’t we order another one so, it can hold itself?” He was from my English Lit class.

“I’m sorry, I’m Miles…” I shook his hand. “And, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” I smiled.

“Can I sit?” He asked at the empty chair in front of me. I nodded and sat up straight. “Me Before You…” He said, looking at the book. “You’re a sappy romance kind of person?”

“I’m trying to find it out if I am,” I told him the truth.

“You know, I always saw in your class. You’re very smart but, I wanted to talk to you and, I finally saw you sitting, alone, it took guts, though, to come here!” He laughed, “And, then I found out that, you had a boyfriend who just demoralized me.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend,” It felt weird saying that. “At least, not anymore.”

“Ohh, break up period? Could you tell me when it’s okay to hit on you, though? I’d like to be the first in line.” He stared. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I am saying that…”

I laughed, “It’s okay, you’re funny.”

“But, I am serious, too!” He cut me.

“Okay, I’ll let you know.”

“Another coffee?” He asked, and I nodded.

I finished the chapter and, walked out of my room and walked up to his. I knocked on the door. I always knocked, now. “Hey, baby!” He kissed my lips and pulled me in. His friends were over, used to be my friends, I just didn’t feel that comfortable anymore. I didn’t get a Hi when we broke up from them, and that said a lot.

“We are just finishing this project from class, it’s thoroughly annoying!” He laughed.

“Oh, well why don’t you finish and then, give me a call?” I asked.

“Nah, you can sit!” Sara laughed.

I ignored her. “No, really. I have a few people to meet, I’ll do that. Call me.” I pecked his lips and walked out.

I called my friends. I finally, had a few and met them, at the coffee shop.

“Tell Miles to agree with me on Dryden!” Riana screamed as Miles just teased her.

“You have to be open with literature!” He laughed.

“You guys are crazy! Get down from the table,” I laughed and ordered a coffee.

“How is boyfriend?” Miles asked, eyeing me.

“He’s okay…” I laughed. “Don’t look at me like that!”

“Like what?”

“Like that!” I laughed.

“You’re an idiot.”

“I know,” I sighed.

“He should have been the one who came begging at your feet for forgiveness for all he said and did! I can’t believe…”

“He’s my best friend.”

“That’s your excuse?”

“I love him.”

“Then, there is nothing else to say, is there?” He sighed.

It had been three weeks. I was fine for the last two. At least, I was in control. Now, I was all over the place. The wine wasn’t helping either. It was his birthday and, there was a party in his room and, I had never missed one. But, I was supposed to be Miss Invisible, so I was sitting in my room. I had made friends from my major. They were really cool. Kept me up float during the day, The nights slowly killed me, though. The skin that healed during the day was torn again, during the night. And here I was, sitting in his favorite dress but, in my room, with a glass of wine and trying to keep myself together.

The music kept getting louder. I could hear laughs in my corridor. I finished my bottle and started talking to someone online. I suddenly felt the need to fix it between us. The point was that we were at this stage, in this college because of each other. We have reached places, and they have been because of each other and, I can’t just disappear. He might hate me, but he couldn’t keep us on a pause and live life. That’s not how it worked. I fixed myself in the mirror. Trying to look decent to my drunk self and walked up.

I had built my courage before I walked to his door, which was wide open for people to walk in and out. I took a deep breath and walked in. It was so crowded. Some people hugged me. Long times was thrown around while I looked for him. I wish I hadn’t cause there he was sitting on the couch with a girl on his lap. Sara, it was Sara. She was kissing his chin as he giggled like he did with me and that’s when his eyes met mine.

How could I fix this? He had even found a replacement for me in his life. I was utterly defeated as I took a step back. I walked out of his floor, trying to stop my head from spinning.

“Honey? Wait! Honey!” I heard his voice down the stairs as I tried to fasten my speed and reach my door. I wanted to lock myself up and never come out. I felt his arms around me before I could open the door. He held me in place and, I wasn’t strong enough to struggle. He sighed, resting his against mine. “Oh god…I love you so much,” and then, he kissed me.

I didn’t want to stop this. I was weak enough to want anything, I could have from him. He kissed me against my door for the longest time. I knew we were both under the influence, and maybe, that’s why this was happening.

“Stop, I’m not Sara,” I tried to get away from his arms.

“No, no you’re not. You’re my baby, and I love you,” He took the keys from my hand and opened my door. He switched on the night lamp as he climbed on top of me “God, you’re so beautiful. And, always so sexy in this dress. It’s my favorite.”

“I know.”

“It’s my birthday,” He kissed down my neck, down to my chest and pulled down the zip.

“I know.”

“I’ve missed you so much,” He sighed against my breasts as he sucked on them. I let him. Was this some last hurrah, I really didn’t care. My heart wanted this, it had been too much.

I let him do whatever he wanted to, and he let me do whatever I wanted. I could never understand us. What we wanted from each other? What we were to each other? But, right now, meant everything.

He held me so close as we were made one. His lips so close to me, as he increased his speed, always knowing how to get me to reach my high. “I’m so close,” He mumbled, knowing I was, too. “I love you, I love you, I love you,” he screamed against my neck, as he let go in me. I was covered in his bites, and he was covered in mine.

He held my face in his hands and kissed me, against the light from the lamp. Then, he switched it off, cuddling into me.

Waking up, next to him in the morning, felt incredibly normal and then, not. His head rested on my chest as it always did, but, it wasn’t always now. I shifted in my position, trying to get away from him. I didn’t know what was going to happen next and, I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to take it.

He woke up from my movement, and I sat on the edge of my bed, wearing my own clothes. “Good morning,” He kissed my shoulder. “You’re up, already.”

“You remember last night?” I asked.

“You don’t?” He said, sitting up.

“I do, I don’t know what to make of it.”

“Let’s decide with breakfast?” He asked, trying to pull me back in his arms.

“Breakfast,” I nodded and got dressed.

My phone was ringing for the second time after I had cut his call. I usually, didn’t. Only when I was in class and, he knew I wasn’t. I picked it up. “Hey, where are you?” He asked I could sense the worry in his voice.

“Umm, near the lake. Why?” I asked. I was hanging out with my friend as he was with his.

“With your friends?” He asked, and I hummed a yes. “I’m sorry, I always keep thinking it is back to how it was, and,”

“It isn’t. It can’t be,” I sighed.

“You still love me, right?” He asked.

“Yes, you?”

“I love you with everything I have. I’m an idiot. I know, I am but, don’t let my stupidity and utter immaturity ruin us.” I could feel he was worried. I was not always spending time with him. I knew the difference now. I had a life of my own of which he was a big part but, I did not depend on him. This was my lesson.

“I won’t. I’m just out with people. I’ll be back soon,” I smiled.

“I’ll be waiting.”


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