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I miss you...

Harry returns from filming Dunkirk but wants nothing to do with you and it doesn’t go down well

Request:  Harry imagine where the reader is a bit clingy Bc she doesn’t want him to go out? Love your work

A/N: Hey guys so here is a imagine someone requested. Hope you like it I tried to work on it the best as I can. This is my last request in my inbox so if you wanna see more of my work defiantly send requests in my ask box. Love you guys and thank you for my following and reading. enjoy - maddy

Ever since Harry came back from filming for 6 months we truly haven’t done anything together then the occasional “Hi” and “Bye” before he leaves for the studio or goes out and sees the guys. Its truly been upsetting me a bit and don’t really understand why he hasn’t made the effort to stay home with me when he clearly has the time. We haven’t kissed that much, had a conversation let alone made love. I miss his presence and his words and the way they come off his lips. The way he touches me and the feeling of his finger tips on my skin. I just want my Harry back because I can’t stand being away from him any longer. Just at this very moment Harry walks through the door coming back from work. 

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Early Christmas Gift


prompt-  hi this is a request! can you please do a smutty Niall one where the two of you are just relaxing at home once he’s come back from doing the jingle ball shows and you’re just watching a movie or something and it gets really dirty? I love your writing so I know it’ll be good ☺️ thanks if you do!

(A/N- thank you so much for requesting! And if any of you are going to the D.C jingle ball on Monday hmu because i’ll be there too.Also if you couldn’t tell already I suck at tittles)

~1,082 words


Playing with the hem of his t-shirt, your eyes on the television that played christmas vacation you thought about how happy you were that you had your boy back with you. He had just gotten back from doing the jingle ball shows a day ago and since then you two has not left the couch and decided to get into the holiday mood by watching christmas movies.

You moved your gaze to Niall, his facial hair starting to become unkempt and his now mostly brunette hair lay flat on his head because he was too lazy to do anything with it. You watched as he brought his beer up to his lips, his adam’s apple bobbing slightly as he swallowed the alcohol. He was just so fucking handsome and you missed him, you couldn’t remember the last time you guys were intimate, all you knew was it was at least two weeks and you needed him. You needed his body pressed against yours and you needed him in you.

Pausing the movie you moved to take the beer bottle out of his hand, catching him by surprise. “What are ya doin’ love?” He asked watching as you started to rid yourself of your shirt and cotton shorts leaving you in nothing but your panties and bra.  

“What does it look like Ni?” You whispered into his ear as you moved so that you were straddling his thin legs.

“Don’t ya want to move to the bedroom?” Niall said, still surprised by your actions but that didn’t stop his hands from finding their way to your bum.

“Nope, i’ve missed your body baby boy. And you did so good performing that i think you can get one of your christmas gifts a little early.” You ran your bottom lip over his neck and jawline until you got to his ear where you took the earlobe in between your teeth and gave it a little tug.

A shaky ‘oh’ left Niall’s lips as he readjusted his hips to try and get more friction off of you. He allowed you to take his t-shirt off of him and watched as you started to grind into his growing bulge. “I’m so proud of you, getting on that stage all by yourself with only your guitar. If only i was able to see it in person, you would have been getting it every night.” You teased as you started to grind a little harder.

“Don’t ya worry babe, when it’s my own tour you’ll be coming with me.” He said, his big hands gripped your ass so tight you were sure you were going to have bruises.   

“I better be.” Your breath caught in your throat when he pressed his gorgeous lips against the soft skin of your neck, he started to suck so that he’d leave a mark. You hoped it wouldn’t be so bad that you wouldn’t be able to cover it with fondation because you weren’t sure if you could face his family on christmas with a massive hickey on your neck.  

A sharp slap on your bum pulled you from your thoughts, “Stop yer teasn’.” He growled as he flipped you over so that your back was pressed against the soft cushions of the couch while he hovered above you. You loved it when he’d take control. Placing your hands on either side of his face you pulled him closer to you so your could kiss him. It was such a deep kiss that you seemed to get lost in his heavenly lips.

He pulled away from you and started to pull down his joggers along with his boxers, you followed suit and rid yourself of your panties and unclasped your bra throwing it somewhere across the room. “God you’re so fuckn’ beautiful.”

You layed back down and  relished the feeling of his big warm hands traveling all over your body until they stopped at where you needed them the most.  One long finger teased your bundle of nerves while his other hand held your hip down tightly, “I know it was only a two weeks or so but i missed seeing you like this princess.” Niall gently entered one finger into you and watched your face scrunch up with pleasure. “I missed seeing ya so needy for me.”

His words only turned you on more as you squirmed wanting him to fill you. He did just that and put two more digits into you and pumped them slowly in and out. “Fuck Ni, i need more than just your fingers.” You whined into the couch pillow into that layed next to your head. Much to your displeasure he didn’t take his fingers out of you but started to move them faster making you arch your back of the sofa. “Shit, I’m going to fucking cum.”

“Come on babe, do it. Show me how much you missed me.” He teased, he smirked at how worked up he got you. Listening to his words you reached your high. He allowed you to regain your breathing before he started to prep himself to enter you. “Ya ready for me babe.” Niall asked wanting to make sure you were okay.

You nodded your head and waited for him to enter you which you didn’t have to wait long for. A gasp left your lips as he did so and your hands traveled to his back digging your nails into the pale skin. Niall waited to make sure you were ready for him to continue before he started to get into his rhythm. “Shit, (Y/N).” He grunted. It felt so good you couldn’t help running your nails down his back, no doubt leaving scratches. You loved to watch his face, his eyes scrunching up, his mouth slightly open with grunts and curses spilling out as he chased his orgasm. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” He whispered as his thrust became harder and a tad sloppier.

“Niall!” You all but screamed as you felt another orgasm brewing. You knew you he was close so you tried your best to hold back wanting cum at the same time.

“Fuck, baby.” He finally said as his legs started to shake, finally reaching his peak. You screamed as you did as well, gripping his biceps to steady yourself. He pulled out and sat back to attempt to  catch his breath.

“Merry Christmas.” You breathed out finally making eye contact again.

“Merry Christmas.” Niall laughed as he leaned down to kiss you.


I hope that this is okay, kinda struggled with this.

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Reward (People's Choice Awards)

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*this imagine contains smut 

My body was lying on top of his, using his chest as my pillow as we cuddled through out the night, his arms wrapped around my waist as I comfortably slept listening to his heartbeats. Suddenly his phone started to ring, he grunted and placed me to his side before reaching for his phone on his nightstand

“What the fuck? It’s 6 am who calls this bloody early?”

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Conflicted (Part 2, SMUT)

[ previously on Conflicted ] [ from the start ]

A/N: Didn’t expect this to get such awesome feedback! The people have spoken, so here’s Part 2! Thank you :D

Character: Niall

Warning(s): SMUT. SMUTSMUTSMUTSMUTSMUT. Did I mention smut?

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Its a wonderful life

Harry invites you over to his place and you both make out for the first time

Request: Harry and y/n’s first time making out/snogging would be so cute!

A/N: I hope you guys like it! I worked hard and really put my heart and soul in these stories. But don’t forget to send requests, I’m always taking. Enjoy!

I am pretty nervous right now, actually I have been all day. Its gonna be the first time I will be going over my boyfriend Harry’s house. We have only been together for a little bit and hes been over my place for a bit but nothing like how it will be tonight. I mean when we were together most likely there would be people around us so I wouldn’t feel so nervous but this is the first time we will be completely alone. I hear a beeping noise coming from my purse and pick my cell phone up and see its a text message from Harry.

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I don’t think parents fully understand how important it is to be like 8 hours early to a concert

Midnight Escapes

Originally posted by coupleaims

*this imagine has mature content, if you don’t feel comfortable with it I wouldn't  suggest reading it

I look at my roommate, Evelyn, to see if she was asleep and she was snoring lightly. I slowly place my feet on the ground and I start walking towards the window tiptoeing on the wooden floor praying for no sound to come, but it creaked and I immediately stopped and stared at Evelyn, her snores halted and I was already coming up with an excuse for why I was awake at this time of the night, but soon enough she went back to snoring and I stepped out of the room. I moved as silently as I could on the hallway of the staff that worked at the castle, I quickly reach the kitchen and I went up the stairs that led to a “small” room next to the dinning room. I strode past it and I reach a staircase that stays next to a small window, I look at it and I notice the beautiful stars, I smile at them thinking that all this danger is worth it if at the end I can see my beautiful star. I quickly go up since I know a guard might arrive any moment, turning a few times I meet a dead end, there is a massive door, dark brown wood that was engraved with various drawings with silver handles. I knock three times on it and soon enough I meet the pair of blue eyes, once he sees me he smiles sincerely and lets me in, he closes the door right after I walk in and he is quick to give me a kiss catching me off guard, but I comply since I too have missed those perfect pink lips, we detach, his hands are on my cheeks and he then kisses my cheek and I blush at the sweet action

“I’ve missed you so much my love,” he says wrapping his arms around my torso

“Niall you saw me today when I delivered your breakfast” I say running my hand on his cheek

“ I know, but I had to spend the whole day with my father and his counselors discussing economic matters, but now I have you all for myself” he said kissing both of my cheeks again, “love why are your cheeks so salty?”

“Oh, that I had to take care of one of the gardens today, one of the gardeners was sick” I say looking down

“And why didn’t you take a bath?” he questions again running his fingers through my hair

“Water for the staff is closed down by 9pm and since I had double the work today I finished later,” I answer sighing

“So why don’t you take one in my bathroom?”

My cheeks get red from the thought, I was quite of a shy girl, I had never kissed anyone before besides Niall and that was pretty much the only boundary we have ever broken so the thought of me taking a bath this close to him was almost wild

“I don’t know Niall I don’t want to…” I keep going as I try making an excuse, “to b-be a burden for you”

“Why would you be a burden if the only thing I’m going to do is give you a towel” he says smiling to me rubbing my sides softly knowing pretty well I will give up if he does that, and I do.

 He follows me to the door of the bathroom, he opens it for me like the gentleman he’s and closes the door behind me. I look around the marble room, a tub in the middle and an equal marble sink in front of it. I sigh and quickly undress from my pajamas, then I take off my underwear and soon enough I’m completely naked, I move to the side of the bathtub and I turn on the hot water checking the temperature every now and then to make sure it’s all right, once I find it okay I go inside of the tub, the hot water taking away the sweat and the dirt that was covering my body. I finally relax only to realize I forgot the shampoo, conditioner and the soap. I huff leaning back into the water, it was a cold night, the bath was hot and I didn’t intend on walking out in the cold. I then sighed thinking about what I should do, my hair was gross all oily and my skin was dirty I wouldn’t be able to take a bath in the morning since I had to go straight to work besides the towel was there too, the only option was to ask for Niall to get them for me. I pushed my knees to my chest and I called for him, at first his name came low from my mouth and I doubt he heard that one, I gulped and called him again louder this time and another time, he then opened the door and peaked his head in.

“Do you need anything princess?”

“Um, can you get the products on top of the sink I forgot to bring them with me, it’s quite cold and I don’t want to get out” I said pushing my chest deeper into the water hoping he won’t see it, trying to hide my face feeling embarrassed

“Yeah, yeah sure” he said walking over to the sink.

 Niall’s POV

 I grab what she need and I place it near the tub, she then reaches for them on the ground, her chest raising enough for me to see her full breast, I inhale deeply, my eyes going wide stepping back from what I wasn’t supposed to see. I walk back into my bedroom closing the door and leaning the back of my head against sighing

“I’m such a virgin goddammit”

After awhile the door opens, I see her dripping water from head to toe with a towel wrapped around her body; I eye her up and down, noticing her bright legs licking my lips. She interrupts my thoughts asking for something to wear, I tell her she can borrow one of my shirts and I point to my drawer. She directs herself over there with her head hanging low, I can’t help but to watch as her legs move, the towel stopping dangerously at her bum and all I can think is of gripping it and pulling it towards my crotch. She chooses a white sweater and walks back to the bathroom to change, I slap my forehead to make me stop thinking of those devilish thoughts, I was always taught to respect women, that they’re beautiful instead of meat, surely I wasn’t complying to that right now.

The door opens and I see her walking in, her hair is less wet, she’s pulling lightly on the sweater trying to cover her beautiful body as much as possible, but it isn’t exactly working, her legs are still out for the world and as she does that her chest is getting quite some exposure, making my imagination go wild with that scene. She climbs on top of the bed and lays her head on my chest rubbing circles on my exposed chest, I place my arm around her shoulders pulling her into me, she bends her leg placing it on top of my legs close to my bulge, I bite my lip at this questioning if she’s really that innocent I then to ignore her body looking up to the ceiling, but that seems impossible. I close my eyes so I won’t see the gorgeous body next to me, but it doesn’t work quite well, I think about what her body looks with nothing on, in my mind she’s lying on bed, legs spread open revealing everything to me only, her breasts peeking out, I take a deep breath, trying to control my lust, but it’s almost impossible, specially with her skin by my side, touching me.

I feel her lips ghosting my cheek and she kisses, I look back at her and she’s smiling innocently little knowing what she’s doing to me right now and I deliver a smile back to her, she leans forward and we share a sweet kiss, she grips my biceps pulling me to her chest, the kiss deepens as our mouths start to move together, I go on top of her between her legs, my tongue traces over her lips asking for entrance which she grants, I push it inside and we start a make out session we had never experienced before.

My hands are on her hair, holding as much as I can of it, our mouths can’t stop moving and our noses constantly bump against each other but we don’t seem to care, she runs her hands down my back and I can feel her nails while I move my back muscles, then my instinct side takes over me and I grind myself on her which earns me a loud moan from her that only raises the fire inside of me, but I ignore it, I don’t want to take it to far even though my quench is extremely high, I pull my hips back as far as I can staying in a uncomfortable position for me as I continue to kiss her mouth so desperately. Her legs then wrap around my hips and she pushes them downwards recreating the friction between us, I grunt to let it out a bit, but it doesn’t work, I need more than this, we both need it and I know it now. So I fully aware now grind on her again and she lets out a moan again and so do I, our mouths depart from each other and she leans in to connect them again, but I take this opportunity to break off our make out session. I look at her, her hair is everywhere and her face and lips are red and she’s literally breathless, so am I.  

“(Y/N) are we going to do what I think we’re going to do?”

“Only if you want to,” she says blushing still trying to catch her breath

I lean back grinning and kiss her again while she lets out a laugh and puts her hands back to my hair, I laugh too and peck her lips again, I stop kissing her and look at her, she’s blushing and giggling, she’s unbelievably beautiful, she’s so brave for risking everything to be with me, she’s my first and I love her

“Why are you laughing?” I ask

“Cause we’re going to have sex” she says giggling afterwards, “and this is my first”

“Same here” I say laughing a bit as I tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear

She leans forward and so do I, she kisses me slowly and I repeat the movements, I place my hands on her hips and I drag them upwards under the shirt she’s wearing, my fingers move fast against her back and her torso, I feel her spine, her ribcage, her tummy, her shoulder blades, but never her breasts controlling myself not to touch her there. Her hands touch my chest, sometimes pulling on my hair earning some grunts from me, whom she seems to love; now one of them is on my back leaving scratches as my muscles move. I’m currently massaging her torso and I can slightly feel the underside of her boobs, suddenly her hands stop touching me whatsoever, she puts them under her shirt, I stop mine and I watch as she places hers on top of mine and dragging them to her breasts, she pressures my hands and I squeeze them, I look at her face and she has the most innocent smile ever with clear blush on her cheeks

“You can touch me there okay” she says placing her hands back to my chest leaving me on charge. I look back at her and I grab them again with a little more force and she only giggles at my actions probably from being embarrassed. My thumbs outline her nipples, tracing them until they’re hard, she raises her arms up her head and I take it as a queue to take off her shirt. I do it ever so slowly pulling it over her head and I throw it on the floor behind me. I eye her chest and my eyes pop, she was even more beautiful, showing me everything that she kept underneath, I admire her up and down, I touch her thighs, feeling her soft skin and her body hair, she then catches her breathe and I raise them and I pass them on her tummy kissing it near her bellybutton, I then kiss all the way to the top between the valleys of her breasts. She’s breathing deeply, I move my mouth to the top of her breasts and her hands go to my hair pulling it as her moans increased, I bite her skin softly just to make sure there’s a hickey there later, when I do this she yelps and I move my head away afraid I’ve hurt her

“Are you alright? Have I hurt you?”

“Where…” she inhales air so she can speak again, “where did you learn that?” she asks

“Some time ago my dad told me a thing or two, it was around when they thought I was going to marry that French princess, but she ended up marrying a German duke or something”

“Well God bless him for that”

She leans forward and kisses my neck, sucking on it ever slightly careful not to leave a mark, I let out an unexpected moan and I can feel her grin on my skin continuing her job only breaking away from my neck to take away my shirt. Her hands then rub my v-line my member getting harder each time, until she finally tugs on my waistband and she pulls them down freeing me. I kick them off and flip us over, my hard ends up in contact with her thigh, I look at her, she’s looking upwards trying to hide her evident blush as well as I’m.

“Niall can I touch you, you know there” she asks not looking at me in the eye

Instead of answering I grab her wrist and move her hand to my base earning a wide eyes look from her. She finally looks down at me and she’s clearly surprised and I don’t know whether that is a good or a bad thing. She takes me on her hand gently tugging on my throbbing cock, I moan at the contact gripping the sheets, I feel her hand sliding down taking my balls massaging them, my grip tightens and my head goes back, she moves back to my dick moving it up and down slowly making it quite of a torture for me.

Her eyes meet mine, she has a smile on her lips, if I anyone only looked at her face at this moment they would never say she’s doing what she’s right now, she had this magic of innocence wrapped around her even on the most obscene acts. She leans forward our faces close to each other and she kisses me letting go of my hard shaft. I flip us once again having gained courage with adrenaline up in my veins, my hands go to her breasts just the way she likes, but one I slide down to her stomach rubbing it. I then whisper in her ear if I can go lower and the air she’s breathing stops on her throat and she’s only able to nod as her answer. I move two of my fingers up and down her slit, I can almost hear her heartbeat that is going up the roof, I stop them near her desired entrance and move inside of her, her back arches moaning as I do ‘come here’ movements with them and she nearly screams in pleasure making me smirk and I pull them out.

I adjust my dick and I look at her, her arms are by her side, I can tell she’s nervous both of us knowing fully well this is going to hurt a bit for her

“Niall just do it, please”

I close my eyes and I move in slowly stretching her entrance I can only feel contentment right now, she shifts a bit uncomfortable, I move all in and I can feel her hymen and it breaks, she grips my biceps at the pain, closing her eyes.

“Fuck” she whispers

“Is everything all right?”

“Just a bit of pain, but you can go on” she answers

I move out as slowly as I can, she is tight around me giving me immense pleasure and I know she is feeling none and I feel guilty so I try to focus everything on her. I begin to create a slow rhythm and to make this better for her I touch her boobs knowing she likes it, I connect our chests and I move my mouth to her ear

“Relax baby, just focus on good things, let the pain go away, think about our secret midnight picnics, I know you love them”

My thumbs pull on her nipples, grip on the under side squeezing gently and she finally smiles letting out a low moan but it’s still something and I’m able to maintain the same movements not adding neither decreasing its speed. I look at her face to see if she’s still in discomfort and she has her eyes closed smiling, I smirk and continue to hit her walls at a slow pace until she tightens even more around me and I hear one of her beautiful moans right next to my ear

“Yes Niall, right there” she tells me

I try to focus on repeating the same thing until I finally am able to and she nearly screams under me scratching y back, I continue to go in and out of her leading me to feel so much bliss that I stop grabbing her boobs my hands now laying on the side supporting myself on top of her, she then takes charge of that function, rubbing and firmly grabbing on them, pinching herself to the point they’re red giving me an incredible view. I keep my eyes closed feeling a strange heat starting to build on my stomach, she wriggles under me saying words about how great this is though I’m the only one able to listen to them

I gain concentration again and travel my hand down to her and rub her clit in a small fast circle and I hear her divine moan again, I open my eyes long enough to see her head throwing back in pleasure

“God yes” she says

I drop my hands my strengthen going away as my climax is coming soon, our chests touch each other once more, she lets go of her breasts, I can feel her nipples scraping on my chest hair and she leans forward to suck on my collarbone, she licks it and bites it, then she sucks harshly all to mark my body

“If I have a mark you should have a matching one” she whispers in my ear and I let out an animalistic grunt

“I’m close,” I tell her

She grips on my biceps inching her face close to my ear and whispers ‘Let go’, I then give a hard thrust letting out a deep moan, I can feel myself loading inside of her, I close my eyes savoring the moment and arch my back while she touches my cheek. My body feels immense euphoria that’s quite indescribable, a cheeky grin forms on my face as I keep thrusting now deeper so I can give her the same ecstasy. I move my lips to her breast sucking on the top part, kissing my way to her nipple, once I reach it I circle it with my tongue, she holds my head gripping on my hair as she whimpers

“Yes just like that”

I connect our eyes and I can see her pupils dilating, her eyes going wide, her lips part slowly before she throws her head back nearly screaming in bliss. I lie on her chest, we still are trying to catch our breaths, her hair is going on every direction displayed on the pillow, her cheeks are red and her skin is gleaming from sweat, yet she looks stunning.

She out of nowhere starts giggling and I smile playing with her hair

“Why are you laughing love?”

“Because we had sex! We had sex!” she exclaims the obvious

I can only laugh at her, dropping my face on the valley of her breasts, her hands move to my hair twirling it around her fingers.

I finally move out of her, she aches a bit at it and I drop to her side pulling her by her arms to my chest, I look down at her body and I notice a string of our desire coming out of her rolling on her thigh and I smirk knowing that’s part of me

“Petal look at your thigh there is something there”, I warn her and she searches for it worried until she sees it and gasps in shock, she then slaps my chest and I laugh out loud.

“Stop being so cocky” she tells me before getting out of bed, “I’m going to clean myself”

“Well that is going to a hard job there’s a lot of it inside you” I scream at her, she grabs a pillow from a nearby armchair and throws it at me hitting my arm.

I put my hands behind my head and long enough she comes back and climbs on top of the bed cuddling me for a few moments, she straddles me and tells she has to get back to her dormitory

“Stay” I say pulling her back where she belongs

“I can’t, my roommate will notice I’m not there and they’re going to catch us”

“Like I care, you’re my maid either way and if they question you just tell I called you because I woke up with a bad headache and needed some pills” I say shrugging

She only rolls her, but decides to stay, laying her head on my chest; my arms go around her back as we start to sleep.

Camping Trip (SMUT)

A/N: I’m in dire need of some Niall smut. This is also for the anon who requested for smut with GIFs. Not sure if you’re the same person who requested this, but here ya go! Also, pretend the bed in the GIFs is a sleeping bag XD

Character: Niall

Warning(s): Smut + NSFW visuals

DISCLAIMER: NSFW GIFs used aren’t mine.

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Pink Polka dots

In which Harry and you have been away from each other for way too long and him looking way too good before his show

Request: Sex with Harry on the tour bus or backstage.

A/N: This is the very first time i have ever written smut so if it doesn’t sound so grand i’m sorry but i’m trying my best. Don’t forget to send requests if you wanna see more. But i truly hope you enjoy. 

 Its been six months. Six months since you have seen each other face to face. Other than the occasional facetime and skype call at least once a week. But it still wasn’t the same, it wasn’t the same to be able to hold him and feel his strong arms wrap around your body and squeeze you tight to his chest, to look at him and see how his face and body reacts to your gentle touches, kissing him till the sunrises in the morning and feel his plump lips all over your skin, to sleep next to him and feel his strong arms keeping you safe all night.

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He’s so adorable and so so T umblr.





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