dirty negatives

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Butterflies in your stomach are not dirty. 

Blushing is not dirty. 

Thinking about them all the time is not dirty. 

Smiling whenever they text you is not dirty. 

Having a crush is not dirty. Falling in love is not dirty. 

Hey, even thinking about kissing or having sex is not dirty, not in the negative sense of that word. 

There is nothing immoral, nasty or scandalous about liking someone - and the gender of the person changes nothing about that. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

Liv: He literally has a dartboard with your face on it at the scrapyard!

Rebecca: Rob?

Robert: *sweating profusely and making this face:*

No lol I put your face there because I love you and the baby so much and want to see you all the time, the darts I throw at your face symbolise Cupid’s arrows, clearly Liv is confused lmao go back to school pls and hush 

Rebecca: That sounds entirely plausible. God bless you, Robert. You sweet, tender-hearted man, you. 

It truly is a Relatable NBLW Thing to feel gross and predatory in a very specific way. Being attracted to a woman, trying to hit on her and feeling like a gross ass straight male who’s objectifying her (even though you’re not one), but also not getting the validation/social acceptance and encouragment of attraction straight males do get and still being a dirty freak.

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Yato from Noragami?

Noragami - Yato [ESFP]

The Performer: If anyone is to be found spontaneously breaking into song and dance, it is the ESFP personality type. ESFPs get caught up in the excitement of the moment, and want everyone else to feel that way, too. No other personality type is as generous with their time and energy as ESFPs when it comes to encouraging others, and no other personality type does it with such irresistible style.

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Se (Extraverted Sensing):
-Spontaneous and always action ready
-Enjoys practical/physical pleasures as it is
-Keen and observant of external surrounding

“Se’s live in a concrete world. They see things as tangible and real. With a solid understanding of how things are, they desire to experience all of it in it’s fullness.”

Yato is rather practical when it comes to his opponents and his fighting. He is opportunistic when it comes to his goals of being a real god or King.
He does not think twice to pull out his blade if his life or his friends are being threatened.
Yato may seem dumb and silly but he is more perceptive than he appears. He is quick to scan environments and live a life of poverty but still survive.
He is street smart.

He doesn’t think that much and can say or do things rashly or without considering the consequences such as telling Hiyori ‘to get in bed with him.’
He can over indulge in sensory pleasures such as spending all the money he saved on irrelevant things which annoys Yukine and Hiyori to no end.
He is a surprisingly amazing artist.

“Even if life is painful and tough, people should still appreciate what it means to be alive at all.”

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Fi (Introverted Feeling):
-Feels deeply and intensely underneath the surface
-Lives the way one wants and is unapologetic to external opinions
-Own code of values and thoughts for oneself

“Fi’s have a rich inner world of feelings and thoughts. They take time to develop their values and opinions, which are quite firm once decided. Some Fi’s can be a bit squishy, but they’re also quite serious.”

Yato is a highly emotional person, but cannot articulate his feelings well to those he cares about. He is better with actions rather than words.
This can lead to Yukine finding him overbearing and insensitive when they first met.
He can be naive believing the Capyland mascots were real and was horrified to find that proven wrong.
He is extremely attached to Hiyori ever since she’s stuck by his side no matter what and built a temple for him despite the small size.
He is comically jealous of any guy who tries to get close to her.

He is deeply compassionate and always tries to help the innocent in need. He is hurt that he is not seen as a real god and goes to great lengths to prove people wrong. 
He is hurt when told that Hiyori is human and cannot be with him but cannot bring himself to do anything about it and Hiyori had to be the stubborn one in staying.
He lives his own lifestyle the way he wants and no one else’s. 

“The happiest people you think, are the loneliest.”

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Te (Extraverted Thinking):
-Likes being in control of external environment
-Efficient at executing without dawdling on why’s and how’s for too long
-Take charge people

“Te is always looking for ways things could be better. Anything could be made more efficient, intelligent, and excellent, whether its architecture, a complex system, the company project, or their four-year-old’s picture of daisies.”

Yato is ambitious in his goal in becoming a real God and does whatever he can even if it means odd and shitty jobs to make himself more well known.
He is overbearing of Yukine; often telling the latter what to do or dragging Yukine into his adventures and shenanigans.

Yato is not afraid to be blunt, but is short when he is feeling emotions he cannot explain. He can come off rude and callous with his words like how he treats Bishamon, but he always means well.

“My silence doesn’t mean that I quit, it simply means that I don’t want to argue with people who just don’t want to understand.”

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Ni (Introverted Intuition):
-Good at reading people
-Can come up with quick answers or opinions to the situation at hand

“Many times, if not most of the time, connections happen in their head so fast that the Ni isn’t aware of the process, they simply see the result. Sometimes these thoughts even feel like psychic premonitions.”

Yato has a singular goal and that is to become a real God, be rich/King, have a wife and people worship him at his feet.
That hasn’t changed. 
When Yukine was thinking dirty or negative thoughts, affecting Yato and giving him injuries, Yato made the connection that it was because of Yukine’s behavior at the time.

Yato is not good with stressful or sad situations. He is quick to give up in the beginning with when Tenjin told him that Hiyori is human and cannot stay with him, he is sad and bothered but doesn’t do anything about it.
This is because he is not good with seeing other possibilities.
He grew up with a dark and cynical past and so his Ni is pretty unhealthy but this is starting to change.

“Hell if I care! Quit bringin’ up old times that don’t mean anything now!”

~Miss ENFP

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I'm just curious. Why don't trans men and trans women just call themselves men or women (whichever they identify with)?

I’m sure many of them do. But to some - myself for example - being trans is a big part of my identity. It would be a lie to act as though being transgender hasn’t deeply shaped me into the man I am. I simply wouldn’t be who I am today if I was cisgender, for many many reasons. I think it’s also important to remember that being transgender isn’t a dirty word or a negative thing. I’m proud of my identity, so I’ll always say I’m a trans man. Because I am. A man who is trans. And that’s okay and that’s beautiful and powerful and I want my son to know that trans people are brave and incredible.

It’s a personal thing. Many trans people don’t want their trans status to be a ‘thing’. Many trans people do their best to pass and 'go stealth’, for personal reasons or safety reasons. And some trans people are in a position of relative safety and want to be proud and vocal about their experiences. All of these things are valid. People are all individuals and that goes for trans folk too.


Top Feng Shui No-Nos

Before you start reshaping your lives with Feng Shui principles and hanging up crystals, consider these basic feng shui no-nos that could be representing major blocks in your life.

Change an unwelcoming front entrance.

Make a shift. Make it happy. Your front entrance is also known as the “mouth of chi,” and it’s your face to the world. Make sure your doormat is relatively clean and new, and that your porch is clutter free. Having the colour red there is a boon, or perhaps a fountain or flowering plant. When your front entrance is attractive, it attracts good things into your life.

Clear items under the bed.  

In feng shui, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms of the house. Why? Because good sleep is key to a good life. Keep the area under your bed free of clutter so that healthy, happy chi (energy) can circulate.

Chairs, beds, and appliances are arranged so that your back is to the door.

Whether it’s your bed, your desk, or your stove, it’s best to be in the “command” position, where you have a view of the door of the room. This way you can be fully present in what you are doing.

Make sure mirrors are not positioned poorly.

Yes, mirrors can be tremendously beneficial, but they can also be harmful. If it’s cutting your head off when you walk by, reflecting something unpleasant (i.e. the toilet or clutter), or facing your bed, please adjust it.

Keep in mind that fragmented or warped mirrors may give you a “fragmented” or “warped” sense of self, and while antique mirrors are in vogue, sometimes they can be a problem because you’re not seeing yourself clearly.

Cleanliness is Godliness

If your house is dirty, you’re letting negative chi collect.

If your house is cluttered and you have a lot of stuff that you don’t love or use, you’re creating very real blocks for yourself. Let it go.

This applies to clothes you don’t wear, broken electronics you’ve been meaning to fix, that project that you’ve been meaning to get to for five years, and things you’re holding on to for emotional reasons. When you release them, you are sending a message to the universe that you want something better — and that you trust the universe to deliver. Clean up, and see how much easier you can breathe!

By K.Nagori


A while ago I found some old glass negatives at a local flea market. Most negatives are dirty and in generel not in good condition. But today I picked the best ones and made a few contact prints. One box has “1913″ hand written on it.

This is why I like analog photography. In 100 years someone might find my negatives at a flea market and is having some fun with it :)


It’s been brought to my attention that Dirty Laundry is enforcing negative stereotypes about Latinx and Mexican culture. And after much thought, I’ve decided that I completely agree. I’ll admit, I’m ignorant. I’m white, and that right there is proof that I am out of my element. While I did do research on some things, I definitely didn’t do enough research on other things. I was naive, I am naive, and I was somewhat caught up in this fame of a fanfic that I posted purely for fun.

This is my sorry to all the Mexican and Latinx readers who were hurt by Chapter 9 (or honestly any chapter in general.)

I’m extremely sorry, and you all deserve the greatest apology.

The ‘Gasolina’ and ‘La chancla’ mentions were disrespectful, and although at the time that didn’t process in my mind, I now recognize that they are incorrect. I can guarantee you that I never, never meant to be harmful. It was me being arrogant, and insensitive, and not thinking things through. However, that is absolutely no excuse, and I’d really like to face the consequences.

At first I debated stopping Dirty Laundry altogether. I have hurt too many people, and I fear that if I continue to write it’ll go wrong and only hurt more people. However, due to the fanfiction’s popularity and the joy it’s brought readers, I won’t. However, I’ll be changing my tactics.

If anyone is willing, I’d love to have a partner in this fic who is willing to be a recourse for Mexican culture as well as reading the chapters before hand to confirm they are respectful and professional.

Additionally, I’ll be changing my update schedule. It’s going to be updating every Sunday and Wednesday around 8 PDT. This change is done so that I have more time to write, edit, and confirm that it is respectful.

Again, I am severely sorry.

Lessons In Riding

Prompt: Could you write me a Crowley fic where he guides the reader through topping him for the first time because she’s really nervous about it because she’s self conscious about her weight? Please please please?! 

Rating: Explicit/Mature
Pairing: Crowley/Reader
Word Count: 800+ (Sorry, I don’t have the exact count, my word document is being witchy again.)
Warnings: Dirty talk, swearing, Negative body image, multiple orgasms
Author’s Note: Also based off of this imagine.
Hey, hun, I really hope you enjoy this, I did my best with it and I hope that it’s all you imagined it to be!!:)


“Uh, I don’t know about this Crowley.” You said nervously as you looked down at him as he positioned you over him, you two were in the sudden throes of passion when he rolled the two of you over so now he was on his back and you were over top him. You positioned your knees on either side of him and tried to cover yourself.

“Come on love, it’ll be fine.” He tried to move your arms from where you placed them, the places you thought were the worse on your body, you weren’t very confident with the way you looked and always had trouble with being completely naked and so exposed, which was why you always stuck to the same routine during sex but Crowley was adventurous and had you doing a lot of different positions but this one was new. 

“I can’t do this, I’ve never done it before.” You were letting your nerves get the best of you.

“I’ll guide you through it, darling, now just relax this doesn’t have to be a performance. There’s just you and me and I think you’re perfect, love, every single inch of you.” His hands ran down your body, stupid Crowley, making you feel all tingly and good with those words and his stupid accent that always had you sexually frustrated but you couldn’t deny that what he said made you more willing to try this with him.

He sat up and brought his arms around you pressing his lips to yours in a slow, sensual kiss that had you melt into him and relax. His hands gripped your waist lifting you up a little and you got the queue to position him at your opening, He entered you with no problems, both of you letting out sighs, he let you go so he could lay back against the pillows his hands gripping and rubbing your thighs.

“I don’t want to hurt you." 

"You won’t, lets go slowly first, use your legs to lift and lower yourself.” He instructed, you looked down at him before moving, his cock automatically rubbing against your g-spot making you want to do it again. He closed his eyes momentarily letting the feeling of your snug walls overtake him.

“Good, now–now you can keep doing that or your could move back and forth.” He grunts, hands sliding from your thighs to your hips, his grip tight.

“How do you like it, Crowley?” You hadn’t meant for that to come out sounding so dirty and sensual but it did, your breathing was in a pant and your hands laid on his chest to give you some leverage. You began moving faster and switched to the back and forth motion while rotating your hips just slightly.

“Just like this, love, perfect.” The sounds of pleasure coming out of his mouth had you feeling more confident and dominant, you were having fun which you definitely didn’t think was possible. You let out a breathy laugh with your excitement but it changed into a loud moan as Crowley’s skilled fingers somehow slipped down and began rubbing your clit.

“Ah, yes, Crowley!” You called out as your head lolled back and your mouth opened slightly to let shallow breaths in and out.

“My cowgirl, you ride me so perfectly, you’re a natural.” He growled and meet your thrusts, his cock going deeper and dragging over your spot over and over again until your body trembled, being racked by your sudden orgasm. You let out a loud squeal not stopping your motions, riding out your first climax and building to another one.

“Loving the enthusiasm, ______, are you going to make your king cum?”

“Y-yes.” You whimpered as your sensitive walls tightened around him.

“Tell me how much you love it, darling, how much you need my cock.”

“I love it so much, Crowley, ah fuck, I need it so bad, I need you to fill me.” His low chuckle sent chills down your spine and made the heat in your belly grow hotter, your eyes closed as you concentrated only on how his length thrust into you perfectly.

“Do you want to come again, love?" 

"Yes, yes I do.”

“Then I suggest you get yourself there.”

His words did nothing but inspire you and soon you were withering on his perfect cock and moaning wantonly as you felt the pressure build and build, you could hardly keep your mouth shut until finally…

“Crowley!!” You screamed his name as your second orgasm slammed into you, Crowley groaned as your walls convulsed around him and soon his cock exploded in you, releasing his seed into your canal, you could feel it pulse with each spurt of cum that filled you. 

You collapsed on top of him, feeling his heated skin against yours and his heaving chest rising and falling in time with yours. It took you a while to calm down and when you did you were almost on your way to sleep. You could feel his hands stroking your back and hair softly and a light kiss press to your head.

“I told you you could do it, love, that was perfect.”

“I have a good teacher.” You slurred

What do you think about Jack and do you think he should just say something about this drama?