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With a name like Dirty Sexy Money, we already know to expect bombastic and big, bold and resounding. And that’s exactly what we get on this bonafide bop from production bigwigs David Guetta and Afrojack, who’ve teamed up with UK pop visionary Charli XCX and rapper French Montana to give us this sleek glistening, beat hammering extravaganza. Aside from lending her voice to the song, Charli XCX also helped to co-write the song with Sweden’s Noonie Bao, and her punchy spunk can be found everywhere in the song, as well as some of the sleek sharpness of her recent collaborations with SOPHIE and other producers. Skrillex also helped produce the track, so Dirty Sexy Money is a wildly star studded composition. The animated lyric video for the song is also pretty nifty. 

Love at first bite – Ushijima Wakatoshi

Soulmate AU - You can’t kill your Soulmate

Staring at the stained ceiling of the rotten motel you were spending the night in, you let out a deep sigh you had no idea you were holding.

The moon was already high in the sky and you allowed your mind to wandered toward the team you used to train, kids will be facing a big opponent tomorrow and you’ll not be there to encourage and support them, whether in victory or defeat.
Oh, you wished you could see all of them right now, rather than roving around dangerous dark streets to catch bad guys.
With a click of your tongue and a frown you slapped yourself mentally to help you focus on the current problem you were facing; Sure teaching your passion to children was a wonderful activity, but it wasn’t enough to help you pay your bills and you had to use your strenght both, physically and mentally to put aside some money, some dirty money.

Your hand danced on the smudged cover under your sore body, reaching with the tip of your fingers a stack of papers filled with notes and sketches.
It took you a colossal effort to sat up on the bed, taming your hair the best you could as your eyes ran on the damaged report of your previous mission.
Those ghouls made life difficult to you but it was a piece of cake compared to the big fish you were tracking down, even if your plan worked, you would probably get out of there with worse than just bruises and scratches.
You grabbed the leather book resting on your nightstand, turning pages to stop on a resume you knew by heart after all this years of hunting.

Ushijima Wakatoshi – one of the most dangerous vampire roaming around the country for the last century, you bit your lips as you watched the sketches and old photographies, mixed feelings clashing inside your chest.
Vampires were known to stuck together in not-so-comfy nests, live together, fight together, kill together. But not this one.
He was the exception as opposed to the rules hunters shared for generations.
Some of them already tried to catch him, seeing the chance to slice a head freely as he decided to go off on his own, but none of them has been found – in one piece.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, you never had the chance to met him in person, always few hours late to find only half-deleted tracks and a delicate perfume that stuck to your nose, he was gone, leaving behind him new victims and the bitter taste of failure on the back of your tongue.

You detailled his figure, your nail grazing against unreadable sharp severe eyes, he was tall, strong, quick and violent, yet handsome and it was enough to send a shock throught your body.
As you watched your sleep flew away throught the window once again, you swore that this time, he wouldn’t be able to get away unscathed.

It was more than three weeks now that you left your hometown, twenty four days, ten hours and fourty-six minutes to be exact, not that you missed your flat that much, but you definitely would have prefered to leave for a more..Exotic destinations than traveling from states to states practically living in your car.
But you weren’t going to complain, you were wainting for this call for months as weeks passed without a signs of him and you began to lost hope that you could find his track ever again.
You canceled all of your plans, grabbed a suitcase then left in a rush, dishes still crammed into the sink when one of your source reported his presence hours from there.
You were close, so close it was hard to fight the urge to go and find him tonight under the full moon of October, but you didn’t have enough informations and take the risk to make him run away would be something you couldn’t forgive to yourself.
After few hours of disturbed sleep and a good boiling shower, you got a quick unidentifiable oily chicken breakfast and were ready to gather what missed to your board to finish him.
By the end of the morning you had localized the place he had invested, to your suprise, it was a cozy little house in a friendly suburb, that bastard was way worse than you could had thought.

You checked all of your package, again, and again, anything could be a help once there, and there would be no turning back, charms, Holy water flasks, stake plundged in the blood of a dead man and your keen sword, of course, everything seemed to be in place.
The thought of abandoning the task crossed your mind the time of an eyelash beat, it surely wasn’t fear, apprehension maybe, mush of feelings tried to overwheelmed your sanity and you pushed everything to the side as you entered your car.

The sun began to set when you reached the district and it would have been too risky to try something until the next morning, comfortably sitting in the back of your seat you studied each of his moves, ready to jump on him at the first occasion, Surprise would be your best asset facing such a level.. But nothing came.
No movements, no switch of light, no shadows on the curtains.
Your adrenaline went down as the time passed and soon your stomach began to growled, reminding that you hadn’t eaten since the morning with all the stress acumulated.
Dear Lord, you could kill for a bucket of wings right now.
The ticking sound of the radio caught your attention, and you squinted on the enlighted numbers displaying two o’clock, the night was deadly calm, not a soul in view and the street lamps were off since hours now.
Ushijima was definitely not here and, as peculiar as he was, he was still a vampire, and wouldn’t be home before the the first glows of dawn, you took the decision to go and explore the lair of your terrible prey.

Picking the front gate was easier than you had thought and you pushed back the door as you sneaked like a cat into the night in the – surprisingly – clean flat.
You could have bet it was a show house if it wasn’t for the familiar scent which hit your nose as soon as you entered the lobby, engulfing you with weird sensations, striking memories long forgotten, awakening the need to hunt more than anything else.
You tip-toed from immaculate room to another, surprised by how neat this – monster – was, making him appear, almost, like a normal perfect man.
You knew that feelings had not their place on mission, however frustration built in the back of your mind as you ransacked one of his drawer in the silence of the darkness, not aware of the huge shadow loaming over your back as two piercing eyes were already digging holes in your neck.

«Looking for something ?»

A calm, stern voice rose from behind and you froze, mind going blank when you realized tables had turned.
The stake slipped from your sleeve to the palm of your hand as your other fingers were already working on the cap of the flask, ready to charge if he tried anything funny, to your surprise, he kept his distance and you turned around slowly.
The pale rays of the moon entering by the crossed shutters, drew the shape of each angles of his face, accentuating the deep and serious stare those hazel eyes were focused on you.
You swallowed in order to find back your voice, but his simple presence tensed the athmosphere to the point the uneasiness was almost palpable.
No word were pronounced as your hands got sweaty, but his sharp gaze didn’t waver, he studied  you, like a little animal, like the prey you were now, the next one, among the heap of victims he already had behind him, or so you thought.

No, that’s not how you die, that’s not your fate and you remembered why you where there, you better go for the first move if you didn’t want this to change.
You plundged toward his stoic figure, throwing the water to his face, eliciting a low grunt from him as you ran into his direction, he dodged the few attacks you tried without much efforts, still blinded, it seemed like legends were right about his speed, aren’t they?
Exchange of strokes missed and well placed continued in the tiny room, nerves carrying you as you weren’t realizing he was in defensive position the whole time.
Probably tired of your assaults, Wakatoshi grabbed your wist without effort, throwing you on the couch as you bounced on the cushions with the violence you landed on, it seemed like legend were right about his strenght too, aren’t they?

You closed your eyes as if it could protect you and teleport you elsewhere.
But to no avail, he didn’t let go of you, trapping you between the comforter and his own body, his fingers circling your arms ever so slightly for his profile.
When you opened your eyes again, his own were mere centimeters away, unreadable expression painting his face except a slight frown on his forehead.
You should have fight again, you should have fear for your life but for an inexplicable reason, you were feeling, good, and safe, your mind tried to fight the warm feeling in your chest and the weird one in your stomach, but you just wanted to stay like this, a bit more, just. a little. bit. more.

Your eyes stopped on thin lips, pinched in a way the tips of his fangs formed two little wrinkles on the rosy flesh, then to his hues empty and serious.
The thumps of your heart buzzing in your ears made it hard to focus and you felt yourself drown into his inert, emotionless pupils, until you saw them move, in a blink of an eye toward the pulsing vein of your neck.
It was the boost you needed, the piece of wood still in your sleeve, you sank the peak into his ribs with all of the power you could gather, pushing him to the side as he rolled on the floor, dizzy from the mixture.
Distraught and petrified, you reached for your sword landing on the tiles, heading in his direction, you rose your arm, ready to strike when you met his sight again, something prayed you to stop deep inside, but you closed your eyelids as you administered a final blow, ready for the sentence he deserved.

When you turned your head back to his form on the ground, ready for the slaughter you just caused, your heart skipped a beat when you faced the man in the same position, blinking at you in surprise, an expression finally passing across his face.
Your mouth opened in a perfect O, your hands shaking and your knees weak as you processed to understand what happened, or, worse, Why was it happening, when everything sank in both your mind, you fell on the ground, moving backward toward the open door your eyes still on his stun figure.

Oh. It was going to be funny.

Hello Red !  I really hope you enjoyed my little story, I’m so sorry for  all the potential mistakes, english is not my native language and it’s possible [highly probable] that my sentences sound a little weird ;_;
I wish you a wonderful day ♥

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