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A/N: A fluffy Steve one-shot of course! Who doesn’t love the classic Secret Relationship trope?

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Rating: NC-17 maybe? PG-13? see warnings. How does one even rate a fic…? 

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Some suggestive material, Lotsa swears (Reader has a dirty mind!) nosy friends, meddling Clint, dramatic Tony, etc.


My eyes fluttered open, startled awake by the soft light floating in through the windows and a heavy arm pulling me closer to a hard chest. I sighed, nuzzling into the bicep he had propped under my head. My hand slid down his arm, brushing my fingertips softly across the veins of his forearm to link my hand in his. As I started to lull back to sleep for a bit longer, Steve sighed into my hair, sitting up slowly.

“Nooo,” I groaned, not letting go of his hand. “Just a little bit longer,” I begged, pulling him back to my back.

“Babe, we have to go. We have a full schedule today and a mission to plan with the team still.” I groaned. He was always the responsible one.

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Maedhros and Fingon during the Siege of Angband

I absolutely love this image for so many reasons.  It’s war.  They’re not pristine.  War is dirty, grim, and horrible. Their clothes are torn and blood-spattered (with black orc blood by the looks of it).  Their hair is coming undone and they, themselves, are not unscathed.  Still, they are noble Elf-lords, and they literally have each other’s back. 

(Art by Star)

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im an ace with a dirty mind and all my friends say i cant be ace if i joke about dicks all the time :/


some people just find dirty jokes funny, some people find farts funny, doesn’t mean much besides what your sense of humor is 

Dreadfully | 01

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Warning: Swearing, little smut (for now)

Genre: Best friend!au
Pairing: Vernon X Reader (all members included)

In some senses, you will never not be broken hearted again.

You told yourself that it would be the last, last time to trust or even got near these selfish popular fuckboys. After this year was over, which was in 2 months. It was going to be your first year of collage and nothing was going to change your mind about studying your ass off until you became what you wanted all these years.

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👀👀 is there proof that Madison was dirty minded

During James Madison’s days as Secretary of State, Madison once had to cover the costs of a visiting Tunisian diplomat named Sidi Soliman Mellimelli. This honored guest was accompanied by several concubines whose expenses Madison lightheartedly justified to President Jefferson as “appropriations for foreign intercourse.” In the company of Jefferson alone- yes, he was the dirty minded friend. 

Ok so…

So I ordered some cum lube(lube that looks like jizz okay) as a prank type of gift for one of my nasty friends(dirty minded and all that), and so usps delivered the package Saturday to my mailbox although I didn’t get to check it till today. So When I get it it’s just the orange bubble wrap envelope thingy in a bag saying they were sorry and the item was missing and all that, I open the plastic bag up to the orange envelope to see it’s been ripped open and there’s a note inside from usps. The note said that the item was missing, not that it was damaged or anything just that it was missing.

Now what I found funny about all this is…

1) usps just delivered the empty package

2) someone ripped open my package to find cum lube and decided that it was worthy of takin

I’m just laughing holy shit.

EXO Reaction When Their GF Does Something Unintentionally Sexy

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EXO reaction to their girlfriend doing something unintentionally sexy e.g. taking their hair out of a ponytail or pulling their shirt up as they take their jumper off :D I couldn’t seem to think of great examples but I hope you get the idea!

This is my dirty mind talking but how intentional would this be given EXO? Hmm? Granted I like teasing the boyfriends I have had so I could just be a pervert… Definitely dirty minded. Friends have blamed it on my dirty blonde hair. Again, I like to think I’m funny when I’m not.

Xiumin: Oh hey… That’s hot…I’ll just stand here and enjoy the view *he thinks to himself as he watches you fluffing your hair while you work*

 Luhan: oh hey, Luhan likey… *he thinks as you flip your hair during a break while you were attempting to play football against him*

Kris: I’ll just be here then…And she manages this unintentionally… Aish…Calm down Kris for Christ’s sake! *he thinks as he looks at while while you suck your lip into your mouth while reading your textbook*

Suho: *on the outside stays cool but on the inside…* I hope she knows what she’s doing to me right now otherwise my upcoming behavior will come as a great shock *he thinks to himself as he watches you dancing absentmindedly while you do the dishes*

Lay: I shall be here, hugging my guitar to control myself, so I do not subcomb to these feelings. *he thinks to himself watching you pursing and unpursing your lips while you read*

Baekhyun: Oh Y/N, look at this… Why don’t we… ;) *he cannot last while he watches your shirt catch in your hoodie while you take it off*

Chen: why does she do this to me without even trying? Aish…how could I hope to control myself if she did do it on purpose? *he thinks to himself while watching you shake out your hair to dry it*

Chanyeol: AYA this girl is going to be the death of me one day! *you were just twisting your hair up into a bun but he still got turned on*

DO: You: Kyungsoo, what are you suddenly doing on the bed?

DO: No reason, but why don’t you join me? *all you’d done was stand up to reach something and as your arm lifted up your midriff had been exposed*

Tao: Oh jagi, why don’t we do something more interesting? *he says after watching you let your hair down*

Kai: this girl…Being all innocent as she drives me crazy… *fumes to himself while you continue to dance a little while you clean*

Sehun: ah damn Sehun, just play it cool. Don’t let it show that you think it’s sexy when she licks her lips and fluffs her hair while she reads. She’ll torture you with it for sure. No, just sit here like your sexy self and she’ll come to you.

You make me sad too, Beth

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Jayce needs to be banished from using phrases like ‘want to play with me.’ Let’s keep this PG, eh?

PG? Do you even want it to be interesting or not? No dirty comments, age restriction, PEOPLE WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? I want my dirty-minded friends back T_T

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7, 14, 41 for the ask thing :v

Thank you for sending me an ask! (/OwO)/

7. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?

YES! Watching animes… Such weeb.

14. What make you laugh no matter what?

… So, I have a dirty mind and my friends don’t help, but sometimes, our teachers say something that can be interpreted in such dirty way or just funny. :‘v That’s makes me laugh.

41. What is your all-time favourite romance movie?

Ok, my memory is bad and I can’t remember of any movie. Seriously, I don’t have a favourite, but I really liked “Kimi no na wa”. It made me cry!!!! ;-;

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