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Taylor Au: Dating Taylor would involve him being the biggest dork in the world, but also the hottest fuck boy in the world. He can go 0-100 real quick.

I’m back with the Au’s c:


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” You heard your frustrated boyfriend yell from the other room.
He was currently working on a long script for a new video that him and a couple of the Magcon boys were going to be doing soon but he was currently frustrated with the fact he was behind on everything.
The dead line for the script was getting closer by the day and he was rushing to finish it.
“What’s wrong babe?” You asked walking into your shared bedroom with a cup of coffee. You looked at the furious Matthew who was glaring at the computer screen.

“This stupid fucking thing just deleted my whole script! I’ve been working on it for more than an hour and I was so close to being done!” You could tell by the way he was talking he was on the verge of crying he was so mad.

“Awe pumpkin I know that’s gotta suck” you said before walking up being him and placing your hands on his shoulder before giving him a nice shoulder massage.

“Calm down its okay, its only two, you can take a break and work on it later tonight okay?” You said before kissing his cheek. You walked over towards the bed across from his desk, looking down at the paper he had scattered across it.
“See, this is too much, you need to receive some stress. In my honest opinion you’re being over worked” you said turning around with an innocent look. You froze as you saw Matt looking at you with lust in his eyes.
It was more than thirty seconds of silence before Matt finally spoke.
“Strip for me baby” he said, his voice lower than usual.
You smirked slightly before unbuttoning Matt’s flannel shirt from your body. You watched with a smirk plastered on your face as Matt’s lustful eyes followed your fingers as they caressed over your breast for a second before your fingers latched under the hem of your panties.
You turned around slowly before skidding them down over your bottom, bending down to give him a perfect view of your ass.
You stood back up straight before turning around to see the flustered boy watching you with needy eyes.

“Now come show daddy what that pretty mouth can do” he commanded, his pants already unbuckled. You walked over slowly with an extra sway of your hips.
Once you got in front of him, you got down on your knees, pulling his pants and boxers down to his knees. You grinned as his member slapped his stomach.
You watched as he jumped slightly as your could fingers trailed down his member, following one vein that stuck out more than others.

“Quit being a tease"he groaned. You quickly wrapped your cold fingers around his shaft before placing your lips around his head. You sucked slightly before taking him fully in, hollowing your cheeks around him.
"Oh my god” he moaned, leaning his head back, his fingers running through your hair. You ran your hand up and down on his shaft at the parts you couldn’t fit in until you felt Matt buck himself into you.

You felt himself twitch in your mouth, causing him to buck a little harder, making you gag around him.
Right as he was about to cum, he lifted your head, removing himself from your head.
“Ride me” he said before removing his jacket and shirt.
From the way his office chair was set up, you had your legs bent on top of each side of the legs before he slid into you. You immediately started to bounce on him, your fingers in his hair as his lips were attached to your nipples, sucking on them roughly. The only sound you could hear was the load moans coming from both of you, and the small faint sound of the TV that was on downstairs.
“Oh my god” you said loudly as he started thrusting into you, his hands firmly on your hips.
Before you could cum, Matt quickly kicked his pants and boxers from his legs before he lifted you, placing you on the bed before he pounded into you.
Now the only sound you could here were the grunting from Matt, you nearly screaming and the sound of skin slapping.
“You feel so good” Matt said into your neck before kissing you roughly.
You wrapped your legs over his waist, pushing him into you further.
“I’m close” you moaned as he still pounded into you roughly.
“Me too” he said. You watched as he sat up, lifting one of your legs over his shoulder.
“Oh my fuck!” He yelled as he closed his eyes, his orgasm finally hitting him. He watched you as you bucked your hips up on his, until you hit or climax, moaning his name out.
He fell down on top of you, you both out of breath.
“That definitely relieved some stress” he breathed out, looking up to the ceiling.
“Good, but I like seeing you frustrated. Its hot” you said before pecking his cheek.

She bad (Cameron Dallas)

It’s been forever since I went out and I felt like going to the club. Typical white girl shit of course. I straightened my long black hair and put on my winged eyeliner then some mascara and called it quits. I smirked looking at my favorite black heels and slipped them on to go with my low cut dress and black lace stockings.

I looked in the mirror and fixed my lip piercing then smoothed out my dress. I turned to check out my ass because what girl doesn’t. I honestly liked my thick thighs and big booty. Most of my close girlfriends got mad because I always posed a threat when their guys were around, but tonight was about me.

I walked downstairs and headed out grabbing my car keys. I got into my red 2015 Corvette Stingray and drove to the club.

When I arrived I saw a crowd of 15 to 18 year old girls. I looked around to see what the rave was about and shook my head when seeing the Magcon tour bus. I just laughed at them and pushed past them. One girl grabbed my arm and gave me a disgusted look.

“Back of the line tramp,” She sneered.

I chuckled and looked at her “Babygirl my parents own this place let go of my arm or your ass is headed to the slammer.”

“Oh,” she said going pale as I laughed and started to walk inside. I hated to admit it but my parents were loaded, not me. But they let me live the lavish life because it makes them look better.

“Hey Y/N, nice to see you back.” The bouncer nodded letting me in.

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Those Magcon boys are lurking somewhere in there, be careful.”

“I will,” I waved and started to walk inside. I ran my fingers through my hair and headed to the bar. I smiled at the familiar faces and the strange ones as well. I ordered a shot of Bacardi and downed in that’s when I heard the cat call. I turned and looked around to see a group of boys that I assumed were the Magcon boys.

I smirked and swayed my hips a bit as I walked over to them. I stopped when I was standing between the legs of a tan boy with light brown hair.

“How may I help you?” I raised an eyebrow.

He bit his lip and whispered something to his friends then he sat up a bit and patted his lap. I shook my head and crossed my arms.

“Come on babe, it’s my birthday.” He smiled and I smirked.

“Then in that case I’ll be right back.”

He visibly gulped and I walked to the DJ telling him to play “She Bad” by the same boy I was about to give a lap dance too. I walked back over and the song started. He bit his lip and looked at me as I turned and started to sway my hips to the music. His friends were hooting and hollering as I “twerked” to the beat. I turned around and straddled his lap and sat down. I ran my hands up and down his chest as I grinned down giving him a lap dance.

He placed his hands on my hips and bit his lip harder. I ran my fingers through my hair one last time and moved it to the side as I chastely kissed his neck. I felt him harden beneath me and my smiled against the skin of his neck.

The song was half way through when he grabbed my hips trying to slow me down. But I didn’t pay attention I went at my desired pace dancing on his lap. His bulge growing by the second. And that’s when he tightened his grip even more and whispered in my ear.

“Lets hit the bathroom babygirl.” His voice raspy and hoarse and his brown eyes hooded with lust.

I bit my lip and stood taking his hand and leading him to a lounge that was never used. I closed the door and locked it then I felt his erection press against my back side.

“Fuckin’ tease,” He moaned softly as I pushed my bum back.

I moaned softly as his hand trailed down my hip to my core where he rubbed my heat through my stockings and panties. I gasped when he ripped my stockings open then ripping my panties as well. His fingers trailed up and down my slit collecting my juices and rubbing my cl-t a few times. I turned to face him and he places his fingers in his mouth sucking them softly. He stepped closer and lifted one of my legs placing it around his waist as he pushed his briefs down.

My breathe hitched as he wasted no time pushing himself into me. His lips parted and his brow furrowed as he thrusted slowly.

“So tight baby,” He moaned softly.

“Just for you babe,” I whimpered as his thumb started to work my cl-t.

His head fell to my neck where he nipped and kissed the flesh as he slowly thrusted into me pushing deeper each time. His forehead now covered in a thin layer of sweat as I pushed the fallen hairs back into place. I laced my fingers through his hair and kissed him roughly as he started to speed up. I pulled the hair towards the back of his neck in small tugs causing him to moan louder and grip my hips tighter as he started to pound into me. He stood up straighter and hit my g-spot causing me to moan in a high tone.

“Right there Cam, fuck me baby just like that,” I moaned feeling my climax approach.

“Cum for me like a good girl,” He grunted as his pace grew sloppy.

His fingers worked my bundle of nerves while he pounded into my g-spot. My thighs shook and I threw my head back against the door as I came.

“Fuck Cam!” I shouted as he went harder finding his own release. He hid his face in the crook of my neck as he rode out our climaxes.

“Shit babe,” He moaned and pulled out quickly pulling his briefs and pants back up. I giggled and pulled my dress down.

“That was a first, never fucked a Magcon boy.”

“Thanks,” He smiled softly and blushed a bit.

“Happy birthday Baby,” I cooed and unlocked the door walking off.

I left him standing there as I walked off amused.

**requested, Can I have an imagine where Madison Beer is flirting with Gilinsky, my boyfriend, & I get jealous and take him to our room and we fuck, knowing she can hear us ***

“Oh my god” you groaned to yourself as you stood from the kitchen, watching your boyfriend Jack Gilinsky and his ‘friend’ Madison Beer flirt in the living room. Okay maybe you were overreacting. Maybe they weren’t actually flirting but in your eyes if she was giggling at wherever he said and she places her hand his shoulder, That’s flirting. “Turkey or Ham Jack” you asked after coming out of hiding. The tone you used was a little more harsh than you had planned. Both their eyes focused on you for a second as he said turkey before he turned back to Madison. Of course he gets you to fix him a sand which and he can’t even say thanks. You huffed before heavily walking back into the kitchen. “I outta spit in on this” you mumbled to yourself. The anger getting the best of you. You sighed before setting the sand which on a plate and taking it to Jack. “Here” you said setting it down on the coffee table that was in front of the couch jack Madison sat on. “Oh thanks babe!” He beamed before taking a bite out of it. “Mm!” He exclaimed with a mouthful of the sand which. Madison watched him intensely as his jaw clenched with each chew. “I swear (y/n) makes the best sandwiches ” jack exclaimed, exaggerating the word best. You grinned slightly until Madison spoke up. “Really? Well you should try my sandwiches. I’d fix you one everyday. ” she said poking her chest out a little more than needed. “No need for that, I already do” you said through your teeth, a fake smile plastered on your face. “That is true” jack said completely oblivious to the tension building between you and Madison. She just rolled her eyes at you when Jack looked away before bringing her focus back to Jack. “Oh my gosh Jack you’ve gotten more built since the last time I saw you!” She said her voices pitch higher than usual. “You should flex” she suggested with an annoying giggle following behind. He raised an eyebrow before lifting his arm up, flexing for her. You glared as you watched her grab ahold of his arm, gawking at the muscles. “Oh my gosh they’re so big!” She said with glowing eyes. That’s it. that hit your breaking point. “Yeah you should see them when they’re flexing on both side of my head while he’s fuck-” “(Y/N)!” Jack interrupted, complete shock written all over your face. You smirked at the glare you were getting from Madison as Jack stared at you with shock. “Excuse me for one minute please” Jack mumbled before grabbing your arm and dragging you to your shared bedroom. The second he shut the door he automatically started questioning you. “(Y/n) what the fuck was that? I thought you didn’t like it when our sex life gets mentioned!? That’s was completely uncalled for and you just embarrassed me in front of her!” He exclaimed, obviously not happy with you. “I’m sorry jack” you ssid , a Tiny bit of guilt filling up in your stomach. “Its just I was jealous. She’s so Much prettier than me and she was all over you.. I don’t know I was just scared you’d like her more than me” you said looking down. “(Y/n), I’m all yours. She’s too full of herself. I don’t like girls like that. You’re the only one I want. ” he said his face closer than you had expected. You grinned before placing your lips against his. “Show me” you whispered in his ear. You quickly kissed his earlobe before kissing his jaw. “Show me that I’m all yours” you said seductively. Jack leaned back some so he could see your face. You smirked at him as his brown eyes got darker than usual. Before you knew it you were lifted from the edge of the bed, thrown to the top in a matter of seconds. “You being jealous is the hottest fucking thing” jack exclaimed before placing sloppy kisses along your neck. “Mhm just fuck me already jack” you moaned, not in the mood for foreplay. Jack happily obliged, lifting your shirt over your head and pulling your sweatpants down. You watched him as he stood at the edge of the bed, lifting his shirt over his head and taking his pants and boxers off. Your eyes widened as his huge member slapped against his stomach before he climbed over to you on the bed. You watched as he kissed the bottom of your stomach, sliding up until his shaft slid into you, filling you up. “Fuck me hard jack, make me scream so she knows who you’re with” you commanded in his ear. “Oh fuck” he groaned. You never really talked dirty but right Now you felt like you were in control. “Your wish Is my command baby girl” he said before pulling out and ramming back into you. “Fuck!” You yelled as he automatically hit your g-spot on the firs thrust. You placed your hands on his back as he thrusted in and out of you at a fast pace, the headboard of the bed hitting the back of the wall. “Dirty talk, total turn on” Jack groaned out as he continued to thrust at the same pace, not missing a beat. You moaned loudly, praying Madison could hear you. “You’re being a little slut baby girl, you want everyone to know jack Gilinsky is fucking you don’t you?” Jack said with a smirk on his face. By then you couldn’t even get words out he was moving so fast. In a matter of seconds, jack pulled your legs up over his shoulders, giving himself a better advantage. “Fuck jack!” You yelled. This time you didn’t do it purposely. Madison being in the other room had completely flew over your head as now all you could think about was how amazing this felt. You reached your hands down, scratching down his back as he pounded into you, the head board still banging against the wall. “Fuck I’m close” he groaned, his thrusts getting sloppier. You just nodded before grabbing his face in your hands and placing a sloppy kiss against his lips. As you continued to kiss him, you felt him twitch inside of you before he grunted loudly, bucking his hips against yours. You bucked your hips up as well before you finally came nearly out of breath. Jack rolled off of you, laying down next to you. “Still think I’m going to pick her over you?” He questioned after finally catching his breath. “Do you think she still believes she has a chance?” You replied back with a smirk. He grinned before shaking his head. You were about to get dressed before you heard a knock on the door. “Hey I’m going to head home okay, thanks for letting me stay over” madison said awkwardly. “Yeah okay, see you later” jack replied back before covering his mouth from giggling. When you both heard the front door shut, you bursted with laughter, covering your face now embarrassed of the way you were acting. “I can’t believe I talked dirty to you.” You said looking st the ceiling. “I can’t believe you said that in front of Madison ” he replied back with a smirk. You shrugged looking down T your hands. “I don’t know, I just hate the thought of losing you so my instincts kicked in. *sorry, exams coming so I’ve been studying! I’ll start posting more often now though****
Tumblr Is Dead.

Tumblr Just Isn’t the Way it used to Be. Well Magcon Preferences/Imagines Aren’t. Where’s the Imagines? Where’s the Preferences? Where’s the Smuts? Where’s the Kinks? Did everyone run out of Ideas? Tumblr is Dead. We need to Bring it Back. Reblog to Save Tumblr!! We gotta bring back the Daddy smuts! Who’s With me? Reblog and Hashtag “Save Tumblr”

Something Big~A Shawn Mendes Smut Shot

Everyone knows having a younger boyfriend can be hard sometimes, but it gets harder when said boyfriend is rising to fame quicker than Jennifer Lawrences leaked nudes. Such a boyfriend is Shawn Mendes. He is the blushing innosence between all the dirty buggars. And you love him for it. Because no matter how much Sam and Gilinsky try to corrupt him, Shawn will ever remain your sweet gentleman.

You are home alone, your parents have gone out with friends for the weekend. It is sweltering hot in the house, because the airco decided to die. And to top if off, there is a thunderstorm going on outside. “Just great.” You get up from the couch to open the kitchen window. Your cat walks in, dripping wet. “Oh Thor, by the gods, you are such a dumb animal.” You take out a towel and wrap the longhaired blond cat up in it. He mewls sadly and submits to your attention. You rub him with the towel, hoping it will dry the poor thing a bit.
You walk back into the living as you hear the doorbell ring. You craddle Thor tighter against your chest and go into the hall. It is not like you are expecting anyone. Curiouse as you are, you open the door. On your doorstep stands Shawn, completely soaked by the rain. “Oh Mah Gods, darling, you look terrible, come on in.” You step aside to let him in. Shawn smiles widely at you. As he steps past you, he leans over and gives you a sweet peck on the lips. You chuckle and close the door.
“My gods Shawn, did you swim here?” You put Thor down and take Shawns bag. “Come on upstairs, I’ll grab you a towel.” You take him by the hand and lead him up the stairs. He entwines his fingers with yours. “You feel like you are on fire, Princess… What is matter?” Shawns voice is even. He uses most of his concentration to not stare at your bootyshorts clad butt. “The airco broke….” You answer, holding the bathroom door for him. He again passes you by and gives you another sweet kiss. “That more than explains the revealing clothes.” Shawn chuckles. “You sound like you do not like it.” You grab him a large towel and then turn to him. He is blushing strawberry red. “I-it does c-certainly flat-t-ter your cu-curves..” He stutters. You smile at his shyness. It is what you so love about him.

“Come, let me take off that wet shirt before you catch a cold.” You cooe, taking the rim of his shirt in your ahnds. Shawn bites his bottomlip, but nods. You pull his shirt up and bend down to allow you to pull it over his head. He sniggers when you throw his shirt in the thub. But his laughter dies on his lips when you trail your fingers over his abs. “Not yet seventeen and already ripped as fuck.” Shawn blushes at your words. “Please stop it, you are making me shy. I can’t handle all the compliments.” He looks away from you.
Your fingers slide to the rim of his shorts. “Y/N, w-what…” Shawn stammers. “How teh heck do you want to get dry if you keep your wet clothes on?” You purr. Shawn still refuses to look at you. “I guess you are right…” He sighs. “That is a better boy.” You stand on your tippy toes and press a sensual kiss to his neck. The laboured sigh the escapes his lips also escapes your notice. You fumble with his button and zipper. You have to pull firmly before his shorts finally drop to his ankles. Upon discovering that Shawns white boxer is also toroughly wet and completely see-through, you press youself against him. You nuzzle your face into his cold chest and inhale his incredibly appealing scent. He hessitantly wraps his arms around you, nuzzleing his chin on top of your head. “I love you Shawn.” You whisper, your breath ghosting over his skin. His nipples stand on end and he whimpers softly. His cock hardens a little against your hip.

A plan hatches in your mind. You smile to yourself and turn a little. Your chest presses against his torso and you can feel his half hard cock against your pelvis. He looks down on you, his cheeks burning feverishly hot. “There is no need to be ashamed love.” You whisper. “But, M-Mellanin…” Shawns breath shakes and a flicker of lust shimmers in his ever sweet eyes. The term of Elvish romance turns your cheeks dark too. Or is it the way he so yearningly looks at your lips. “Do it, sweetheart.” You strech yourself so Shawn has to dip down a little less. His lips crash down upon yours in a possesive kiss. You moan softly and wind your arms around his neck. He takes hold of your hips and backs you up against the sink.
The kisses you share become more and more intense. Shawns tongue breaks through your lips and you both moan softly. He picks you up and sets you on the edge of the sink. This way, he doesn’t have to bend down anymore. As a result, his now fully erect cock presses right against your ladybits. Shawn apparently doesn’t notice it and keeps stronking your tongue with his own. You moans sweetly and tangel your hands in his hair. He groans a little and pushes the tips of his finger sin the fabric of your tanktop.You press yourself tighter agianst Shawns torso, which is slowly heating up. Shawn slowly sucks your bottomlip into his mouth. You moan loudly and rake your nails over his back.
What little oxigen you can get from breathing through your nose while making out soon doesn’t do the job anymore. Shawn pulls away panting. “I had no idea how much I needed that until we were actually at it.” He whispers. His eyes are half lidden, his cheeks a sweet pink and his lips sensually swollen. “By the gods, you looks so amazingly attractive right now.” You cup his cheek and stroke your thumb over his face. Shawn smiles lazily at you. “Look who is talking you look absolutely stunning. But you always do.” He slowly leans in to rub his nose against yours.

“Shawn, I want to try something. Will you let me?” You cooe. He nods slowly, his hormone addles brain in no way fit to protest. You slowly slip from the sink. “Shall we turn around?” You say softly. He nods and your trade places. You smile sweetly and fall on your knees before him. “W-what will you do P-princess?” Shawn stutters. “Hush Mellanin, just let me do my thing.” You say gently. Shawn swallow audiably, but does not speak against you. You pull his boxers down to his ankles. His cock bounces free, softly slapping against his lower stumach. You lick your lips and look up at your boyfriend. “Just enjoy, alright.” You say. “Uh, Y-yeah..” Shawn mumbles.
You curl your fingers around Shawns hard meat and wet your lips with your tongue. You peel away his foreskin and bring his glans into your mouth. Shawn gasps, about the sweetest sound in the world. It gets you going like a charm. And thus you set to work. Shawn sighs, pants, moans and whimpers. You swirl your tongue around his glans, dip the tip in his slit and suckle eagerly. Shawns hands cling to the edge pof the sink and his legs are trembeling. You slide your tingue over the veins of his erection. His pulse is rising and you know he is close to cumming.
With a wet pop, you let Shawns cock escape from your warm mouth. He sighs softly at the loss. “That was wonderful.” He breathes. “That much is obviouse.” You get up and trail your thumb over Shawns glans. His cock twitches eagerly. “There is more where that came from.” You pull your tanktop up over your head and throw it at Shawns feet. You wink at him and walk out of the bathroom, swaying your hips as if you are on the catwalk. You go into your bedroom and fall down on your bed. You allow Shawn some time to regain his befuddled senses.

Shawn saunters into the bedroom, his muscles ripple with every move he makes. You look at him, awestruck by how amaing he actually looks with no clothes on. Shawns eyes travel up and down your body. You stand up and walk to him over the bed. He pulls you in a tight embrace and kisses you harshly. You whimper and nip at his bottomlip. He groans and starts fiddeling with the clasp of your bra. You giggle and stay perfectly still. Shawn manages to open the clasp after a few clumsy attempts. He tosses the item of clothing aside and takes a step back. “My god, Princess, you look simply amazing.” He bring his hands up to cover your breasts. Them he nuzzles his face in your neck and starts kissing your sensitive skin.
You cling to Shawns broad torso while his lips, tongue and teeth do magical things to your neck. “You realise I am just winging this right?” Shawn whispers before biting your earlobe. “No, I think Sam and Jack did teach you things in the end.” You murr, running your nails down his back so harshly that red marks appear on his skin. Shawn groans to your skin. “Please lay down Princess, my legs are quivering and I don’t think I’ll hold out a lot linger.” He whisper. You nodd and disentangle yourself from him. 
You lay down for him, but not after stripping down your bootyshorts and your panties. You lay yourself down as comely as you can. Shawn turns as red as a beet, but lays down with you, albeit hessitant. “Are you sure about this, Mellanin?” He asks softly. “Yes Shawn. I’ve been thinking about for weeks now and this is a moment I have dreamed of. I want you Shawn, but only when you want me too.” You kiss him softly. “I would want nothing if not you.” Shawn kisses back tenderly. You sigh at his tender touches and know you can lose yourself to him any moment now.

You climb on top of him. You moan as your lips touch his cock. Shawns breath comes shivering. “Don’t you need prepairation?” Shawn asks innocently. “Why don’t you feel for yourself?” You cooe. You lift yourself up on your knee;s. Shawn looks up at you, pondering on what to do for a while. But then he brings a hand to your cunny and strokes over your lips. You moan sweet moans. It encourages Shawn quite some. He brings one finger to your wet opening. You gasped as he brought it in. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Shawn asked starteled. You shake your head. “No love, the pleasure just took my by surprise. Add a second one. I can handel it.” You whisper. Shawn obeys and presses a second finger into you. You moan loudly. “My God, you are so wet!” Shawn exclaims. “Natural lube sweety. Means I am ready.” You lean down and kiss him sweetly. Shawn kissed you back yearningly. “Show me how to make you feel good.” Shawn whispers. “I will baby, no worries.”
You reach for your nighstand, pulling a condom from the box. You carefully open the wrapper and cast the plastic square aside. Then you reach for Shawns cock and apply the condom. “Here goes nothing.” Shawn whispers. You nodd and slowly sink down on his cock. Shawns face is the greatest delight to behold. Wrought with pure pleasure. You are all the way down, Shawn being inside you till the hilt. “Does it feel good?” You cooed teasingly. “It feels perfect!” Shawn pants. You push yourself up, almost all the way, so that Shawn almost slips out. He whines. “Please don’t let me go yet.” He practically begs. You slide down on him again and moan loudly.
It doesn’t take him very long to cum. His fingertips dig into the flesh of your hips and he groans deep in his troath. “Ahm, Mellanin… I’ll!” Is all he can out before filling the condom with his splooge. You stay on hhim until he has fully rode out his climax. Then you get off and throw the condom in the bin. 

“How was that for a first time?” You nuzzle your head into Shawns chest. “If every time is like this, I am never leaving you again. We’ll forever stay in the bedroom.” Shawn teases. You laugh softly. “Oh and Y/N… Gi Mellani.” He cooes.

“Throw it up, on a Tuesday” you sang loudly as the music pumped through your head. You swayed your hips to the music as your boyfriend sammy watched intensely from the other side of the club.

The boys had finally gotten a break and of course they decided to go out and party. You of course didn’t mind though, It was a break from sitting around hotels and airports all day.

You continued to sway your hips in the small black dress as you beckoned sammy to come dance with you but he just shook his head, taking a swig of his drink. You sighed before turning around, facing the other dancers. You watched as Sammy’s best friend Nate stumbled towards you.
“Dance with me (y/n) ” he said, holding his hand out for you. You gladly took his hand, giggling as he twirled you in a circle. You both were dancing normally until your favorite song came on that no matter what always seemed to make you wet, craving to be fucked sensuously.

“I know this is your favorite song (y/n) so just let go” Nate said Into your ear. You took a quick glance at Sammy who was staring you both down before you swayed your hips against Nates, his hands quickly finding their way to your waist. You leaned your head back to where it was laying on his chest as you basically grinded your hips into his.
Each time you closed your eyes you’d imagine having sex with Sammy, making you move your hips even more seductively. Not even two minutes into the song, you felt Nates prominent bulge against your bottom, his hands squeezing tighter on your hips.
When the song was actually over, you opened your eyes, not removing yourself from Nate.
“(Y/n)” you heard from in front of you. It was Sammy, and he did not look happy.
You didn’t even get to say anything before he jerked you from Nate, taking you out of the club.
“Where are we going” you questioned, struggling to keep up with the pace he was forcing you to go.
“Home, since you don’t know how to stop acting like a fucking slut” he spat.
At first you were offended by his choice of words until you realized what was going on.
He was jealous.
Of course you weren’t complaining. When sammy got jealous, you got the rough treatment and you were in need of it too. You both had been sexually deprived for so long, the last time you had even gotten any pleasure was a short quickly at the airport earlier today. Thank god there was a VIP set of bathrooms.

The ride home was long and silent. You were tempted to tease him by rubbing him through his jeans but decided not to because of how angry he still looked. When you both had actually got inside the hotel room that you shared, your back was slammed against the door, Sammy’s hot breath on your neck.
“You’re little fucking whore you know that? You think just because I’m not right next to you, I won’t see you basically grinding on my best friend? I bet you enjoyed it didn’t you? I bet you thought about Nate fucking you huh?” You knew he was over exaggerating because if his jealousy.
You liked it though, it made everything even better.
“Looks like someone deserves a little punishment” he said before nibbling on your ear.
“Punish me baby, punish me for being a little whore” you moaned, grabbing at his ass.
He groaned loudly before unzipping your dress quickly, it falling to your ankles.
You almost screamed as he literally snatched your bra off of you, breaking the straps. You moaned as you felt his hand rub you through your panties.
In less than a second your panties were ripped as well, jerking your body towards him. You smirked. You were loving the rough side of sammy.

“Bedroom. Now” he growled in your ear. You gulped before nearly jogging to the bedroom, him not far behind.
As you made it into the bedroom, you felt yourself being yanked back by Sammy, your bottom pressed firmly against his erection.
You pushed your hips into him even more, earning a groan from him.
“You feel that baby? That’s what you do to me. Is it bigger than Nate’s?” He asked into your ear. You just pushed yourself further onto him as a response.
He could tell that you were eager for him to get inside of you.
“Go lie on the bed” he commanded. You did as told, watching as he looked for something in the drawers. You gulped as you watched him pull a set of handcuffs out.
“I’m going to fuck you so hard, but you won’t be able to touch me. ” he said as he hooked your arm to the bed post. “Just like a real slut, I’m going to make you beg for it” he said before he took his shirt off, unbuckling his pants.
You groaned as he kissed down your stomach getting teasingly close to where you craved him the most. Before you knew it though, two fingers were roughly plunged into you.
“Fuck!” You moaned loudly. You watched as he dug his face in between your legs, licking up your slit.
“Oh god yes” you panted bucking your hips up on his face. He quickly placed his arm on your hips, keeping you still. You moaned continuously, tugging at the handcuffs, needing to touch him.
“I’m close!” You panted out, leaning your head back onto the pillow.
You suddenly felt Sammy stop. You looked down at him irritated. You was smirking as he pumped himself. You didn’t even realized he had removed his pants.
“Oh you were close? Sorry” you glared at him, knowing he wasn’t even close to being sorry.
“Sammy please” you begged, your voice trembling.
“What do you want (y/n)? What do you want me to do?” He asked, still stroking his hard member.
“Fuck me sammy” you pleaded watching him please himself just at the sight of you naked and vulnerable.

“Who me or Nate?” He asked with a smirk plastered on his face.
“You baby, no one can make me scream like you do. I want you so bad sammy” you groaned, the sexual frustration getting the best of you.
“That’s what I wanted to hear.” He said before plunging into you in one swift movement.
“Oh my god!” You said arching your back. He immediately started thrusting into you hard, his lips on your neck.
You watched as sweat beamed from his for head, his eyebrows furrowed together and his lips slightly ajar. It was the hottest thing you had ever seen and you couldn’t help but to tug at the handcuffs, needing to touch him.
“Oh god” you moaned as you came. Sammy watched your face as you came undone under him, making him thrust even hoarder into you. You could hear the headboard of the bed hitting the walls as Sammy continued to pound into you.
“Fuck” he grunted as his dick twitched inside of you. Just the sight of his body shaking while his eyes were closed tightly made you hit your second orgasm.

He rode out both of your highs before he pulled out, flopping down next to you.
“Sammy, do you mind freeing me from these?” You asked yanking your arms, the medal handcuffs rattling against the head board. He grinned, taking the key and freeing your wrist.
“Let’s get fur ones next time okay?” You suggested, pointing at your red wrists. He just kissed them before sliding his fingers down to your clit.
You jolted at the touch, your body still sensitive from the other two orgasms you had just had.
“N-no sammy, I can’t take anymore” you stuttered, but he just continued to rub you until you had your third orgasm of the night.
“Paybacks a bitch” he smirked as you finally caught your breath.

My eye roll back as he licks up my slit. I bite my lip as I purr quietly as he looks up at me. Tangled in the sheets he pulls me to him in a flash. “Scream for daddy…. I want to hear it.” His raspy voice says near my ear. As he slams inside I can’t help but squeal in delight as the pleasure pulses through my veins. He grabbed my hips tight as he smiled at the hot mess he made me into. I tasted our sweat,my perfume, his cologne, our sex. I gripped his back hard as he changed our position going harder. I arched my back moving closer to him. My first climax came in a rush. I couldn’t hold on to the rollercoaster he invited me on.

Shawn Mendes Blurb ~ Necking

Comming back from tour is the greatest thing for Shawn. It means he’ll be back with you. You haven’t officially moved in yet, but it is safe to say that Shawn calls your appartment very much home. Even though it is quite a way from his actual home with his parents and friends. Still… most of his belongings have already moved house and home is where the heart is.

“Gods, I am so happy to be home.” Shawn plops down on the couch and pulls you on his lap. “I am happy that you are here as well. I missed you so much, my dear.” You smile to him. He smiles back in his usual sweet and innocent way. “I missed you too, Princess.” Shawn tenderly takes your chin in between his fingers and brings you in for a sweet kiss.

You kiss for a while. Shawns body language soon gives you the sign to stop. He’s getting a little uncomfortable with the way his hormones are reacting to the kissing. “What is the matter darling?” You ask, looking at him. “I don’t think I am ready for this.” He stutters. “No fears, sweetheart. I’ll make it good on you.” You cooe. You lean closer, placing your lips against the base of his troath. His breath escapes as a deep sigh. You smirk to his skin and start spreading butterfly kisses over his troath and neck. Kisses that get more itense and turn into sucking and biting. Shawn trembles and withers beneath you. His lips are perpetually parted and moans keep spilling from them.