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Someone asked for Lancer-Danny stuff.  Sorry I don’t remember who you were… it was a while ago… let me know your name and I’ll change this.

Threw in some ghost speak just for fun.


Edward Lancer glanced up from his lesson plans when the door to his tiny office creaked open and slammed shut.  A pale, dark-haired junior stood just inside the door, frustration evident all over his face, and in the way his eyes kept sparking green against blue, and the slow way he was rocking forward and back.  Lancer arched an eyebrow and glanced at the clock – only ten minutes until school started for the day – then back at his oddest student.  “Problems?”

Daniel Fenton burst into noise.  There was really no other way to describe the speech patterns of the frustrated child.  The words crawled under Lancer’s skin and a headache, not unlike the one caused by eating ice cream too fast, flared into life at his temples.

“Woah,” Lancer said, holding up a hand.

Danny’s voice cut off with a huff, his arms crossing over his chest, an annoyed wrinkle on his forehead.

“I didn’t understand a word of that,” the teacher admitted, ignoring his paperwork and leaning forwards, resting his elbows on his desk.  He studied the boy, looking for any sort of cuts or bruises that would help to explain what was going on, then gestured for Danny to come closer.  When the boy was within striking distance, Lancer grabbed an arm and flipped it around, looking at the scrapes and redness near his elbow.

Words bubbled out of Danny’s mouth again.  From past experience, Lancer figured it was probably a string of excuses.

He sighed and let go of Danny’s arm, watching the boy rub at it.  Lancer figured the minor injuries would be gone by lunch and decided it was not something to pick at just yet.  “Are you going be calmed down enough to go to class in a few minutes?”

His response was a wrinkled nose and a slow shake of the boy’s head.

Lancer pointed towards the chair in the corner by the tiny window.  What was this, the forth time in just a few weeks that Danny had come in to his office so riled up?  “You know the rules, Danny.  No touching anything while I’m gone.”  He watched the teen toss his ragged backpack into the corner and then slink over to the chair.  “Here’s a pass to class – just fill in the time when you’re ready to go, and make sure you come see me after school.”

Danny waved his hand back and forth, then nodded.  Lancer studied him for a second longer, then grabbed his paperwork and stuffed it into his satchel.  Leaving the boy slumped in the chair, slowly tossing a stress ball from hand to hand, Lancer trooped out of his office and towards his first period class.

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Ed Sheeran gets dirrrrrty.

anonymous asked:

STEREK AU / Deputy Derek Hale is hopelessly in love with an underage male stripper - the most gorgeous, perfect thing he has ever seen ..

This one’s kind of cheating, because it’s actually from the last time I opened prompts this summer, and I half wrote this fill and never finished it…so here it is. Featuring my favorite, sexually-confident Stiles. (nothing too risqué underage tho, bc apparently i dont have the balls, w/e)

As the rookie on the force, Derek’s sent on all the calls no one else wants to go on - domestic calls, mostly. Disturbances. He spends many evenings wrestling lowlifes into the back of his cruiser. He gets punched in the face once. He spends a lot of time under a hot shower when he gets off duty, washing himself clean, clearing his head. He comes to know the dirtiest dive bars and other fine establishments of the city’s underbelly, breaking up fights, calming upset patrons, responding to thefts and assaults.

It’s a fight in the parking lot that introduces him to the grimy spectacle that’s The Dirty Mind Lounge. He’s paired off with Parrish on this one - Parrish is the next newest hire after him, so they get sent together to the shitty calls a lot - but when they get to the place, half the fight is laying in a heap in the middle of the parking lot and, according to witnesses, the other half’s gone inside to have a drink. Parrish volunteers to go to the hospital with the lump in the parking lot, which leaves Derek to go inside to find the other guy.

He’s been in most of the city’s other strip clubs - never for pleasure; police calls only - but this one’s probably the worst he’s seen, the interior dim and reeking with cigarette smoke and…other things. Everything inside looks like it’s about twenty years out of date, cracked and fading with age. Booths along the wall are lined with shiny vinyl that’s split and revealing the foam upholstery underneath. Derek contains a shudder, resolving not to touching anything inside, and promising himself an extra-long shower when he gets home.

He scans the place, looking for his perp, when his eyes land on the dancer on stage. He’s young and lithe, lean but muscular, and he moves with a grace unlike Derek’s ever seen before, twisting himself around the pole like it’s an extension of his body. He’s wearing a baggy pair of sweatpants that dip to show the band of his underwear, no shirt, and Derek swallows hard at the sight of his creamy skin, flecked with small moles.

The dancer twists around, grinds his ass against the pole in such an obscene way that Derek’s dick twitches in his pants. When the dancer lifts his eyes, it’s like he knows; his amber eyes snap to Derek’s and he smiles.

Derek jerks his eyes away, glaring around the smoky room. He spots the man who has to be his perp, nursing a bloody nose and a bottle of Michelob Light, and hauls the man outside for questioning. He sneaks a look at the dancer as he pushes his perp toward the door; the dancer blows him a kiss and then pushes down his pants, baring tight boxers and soft thighs. Derek fixes his eyes on the door, sweat gathering at his temples. He’s got a job to do.

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First Slice is Free

Original Requests: Can you do one where the reader is a hunter, kind recently started hunting with the guys. Where shes optimistic, glass half full kind of girl and loves the thrill of the danger that comes with the hunt. A hunt goes sour and she nearly dies and ends up covered in blood or something. But after she gets up and is just like wow that could of gone horribly. Kind of smiles it off.. this feels like a weird request, is this weird? i don’t know aha.


Hey can you do a really cute Dean x Reader fluff? It’s Dean’s birthday coming up and she wants to do something special for him? Like she bakes him pie instead of cake ‘cuz he prefers pie, etc. Something like that? Thanks! Love your blog btw <3


Can you do one where the reader owns a bakery and meets the boys when they are in town for a hunt and hits it off with Dean (maybe they bond over all the kinds of pie she has?) and when the reader gets kidnapped by a monster the boys save her and just kind of fluffy? Thanks! You’re amazing. :)

Word Count: 2701

Summary: A pie maker who runs a secret hunting hub befriends the Winchesters.


“Sam. Sam. SAM.” Dean stuttered as he hit his brother in the chest. “What is this? Am… Am I dead? Is this heaven?”

Dean and Sam Winchester stood in the doorway of the supposed hunting hub that they were informed about by some mutual friends. Ever since the Roadhouse had burned down Hunters didn’t have a place where they could all gather and exchange information. At least not one like this.

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BTS and The Lounge Chair

Time: early morning

Location: BTS dorms

JIN walks out of the bedroom half-awake and stumbles into large unknown object. Struggling to re-gain his balance, he notices it’s an old leather lounge chair.


V: (sleepily comes out of the bedroom) What

JIN: Why did you bring a dirty lounge chair in the house??

V: What

JIN points at lounge chair aggressively.

V: What’s this? Is it for us?

JIN (frowning): Don’t play with me

V: Where would I get this, a chair shop?

JIN: Not the right time to pretend you’re dumb

V: Dude I have no money for random furniture, I spent my last bit of allowance feeding my tamagotchi. 

JIN: Don’t - wait what, are those still around? You don’t have to pay for that.

V: There’s this new website, let me show you -

JIN: NO DON’T DISTRACT ME. WHy did you bring this in here??

V: Why do you think it’s me, there’s 5 other guys living here

JIN: Because when something that doesn’t make sense happens it’s usually your deed.

V: Well it wasn’t me. (lies back on lounge chair) This thing is 3 times bigger than me. 

JIN: That’s true, someone must’ve helped. JIMIN WAKE THE FUCK UP

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“Ameena came back with the news that Sunil had gone out of town. Nargis nearly collapsed. She bought a bottle of sleeping pills and planned to drug herself every day. If there was no news from him, she would swallow the final, lethal overdose.

Unable to resist his own feelings, he called her. The sleeping pills were thrown out as Nargis packed quickly to go to him next morning. Their reunion was long and intense. But he wanted her to know exactly what distressed her. He even ticked her off for behaving “like an actress” when other men were around, casually reclining on a sofa at home or cracking “filthy jokes” which burnt his ears. In Sunil’s book his was unacceptable. If she had to tell dirty jokes, it had better be only to him.

(Excerpted from Darlingji by Kishwar Desai)

No dirty jokes, no lounging around on the sofa…this man sounds like heaps of fun.

Also, holy shit, the drama. I thought the Nargil-Sunil relationship was supposed to have been a complete change from the drama of the RK-Nargis relationship, but apparently not.

Read more at: http://indiatoday.intoday.in/story/The+queen+and+the+commoner/1/1632.html