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  » min yoongi

       elucidation (wolf!au)

           |teaser|  |0.1|

       lesson learned (vamp!au)

       honey, am i a chore? (mafia!au)

» jeon jungkook

      for your pleasure

       firsts (wolf!au)

       coffee (jikook)

» kim taehyung

      none yet

» park jimin

       coffee (jikook)

» jung hoseok 

      far away (commission)

» kim namjoon

      none yet

» kim seokjin

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⦁ you steal a shirt/your shirt gets ruined

⦁ you call them daddy during sex

⦁ they spank you/tie you up

⦁ you have nipple piercings

⦁ they have a mommy kink/call you mommy

⦁ you suggest bondage

⦁ they eat you out

⦁ you’re sad/upset

⦁ they wake you up sexually

⦁ you ask them to teach you how to give a blowjob

⦁ you cry during a fight

⦁ dirty talking

⦁ they’re jealous

⦁ your first time with them

⦁ you get burned

⦁ you use sex toys

⦁ they’re protective/possessive

⦁ they see your scars

⦁ you’re thick/curvy

⦁ you flinch during a fight

⦁ tummy kisses

⦁ they give you a hickey

⦁ they finger you

⦁ mirror sex

⦁ you have a panic attack

⦁you’re sick


⦁you’re stressed

⦁ appreciation

⦁thigh riding

⦁learning korean

⦁you can’t swim


⦁you’re sore

⦁you sit on their face

⦁car sex

fake texts

⦁ you send them a pic of your nipple piercings 

hyung line / maknae line

⦁ daddy!bts texts

⦁ dirty talk/lingerie

hyung line / maknae line

fake sc

      none yet


⦁ mtl: dating a black girl

fics on ao3 (archive of our own)

» alpha and his omega (yoonmin)

» coffee (jikook)

» honey, am i a chore? (yoonmin)

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