dirty library

Library Secrets (reader x young Remus Lupin)

Summary: You help Remus out with a little problem he has;)

Warnings: Smut, fucking in a library, some dirty talk (just basically a lot of smut)

AN: I hope you enjoy this! Usually I am not in the mood to write smut but for Remus Lupin I’ll do anything.

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You and Remus had been sitting in the library, you both quietly reading. As you read the book, Remus couldn’t help but he distracted by you. He would occassionaly, more than he would like to admit, look up from his book and stare at you, thinking things he probably shouldn’t be about.

But god he couldn’t help it. Fantasying the way your hand would gracefully glide over his cock. The way you would moan his name over and over again. How you would feel around him. Before he knew it the bulge in his pants began to grow.

He would imagine so many different places and ways he would do it with you. He knew it was wrong to think of you this way, yet he still did.

“Well if it isn’t our two favorite nerds!” Sirius shouted cutting off Remus’s thoughts.

“Hello moony, y/n.” James greeted “You two doing anything interesting. You guys are awfully close.” James winked and wiggled his eyebrows. You looked next to you realizing how little space was between you and Remus, causing you to scoot your chair over a couple inches.

“Awww look Remus is blushing!” Peter squealed. You felt as embarrassment washed over you and Remus’ cheeks became redder than they were before.

“Shut up.” Remus grumbled.

“Well so are you two going to go to hogsmeade together again this weekend.” Sirius wiggled his eyebrows “Maybe do a little more.” Sirius motioned his head to Remus’ pants. James punched Sirius’s shoulder. You looked over your shoulder slightly looking down at Remus’s pants seeing his bulge.

“Too much?” Sirius asked and James raised his eyebrows “Too much.” Sirius said as nodded his head and started to laugh. You however moved your hand so it was right on his bulge. Remus slightly jumped at this, and tried to cover a moan with a cough.

Remus didn’t want this moment to be ruined by his friends so quickly responded “Don’t you three have some where to be.” Remus said, as you lightly moved your finger tips along his dick.

“Umm no I don’t think so.” Sirius said.

“Yes you do. Now leave.”

“Pff alright we get it. Let’s go guys.” James said as he started to exit the library, Sirius and Peter following behind. The moment they were out of sight, you got up from where you were sitting, and purposely dropping one of your books on the floor.

“Whoops I dropped my book.’‘ You said as you leaned down to pick it up. As you leaned down your skirt rode up fully showing Remus your ass, his dick began to twitch. As you picked it up and stood up you plopped down on Remus’s lap. 

’'Got it.” You whispered in his ear.

“Y/n-n.” He whimpered as your ass sat on his bulge. All the confidence you had, left you body.

“Oh shit Remus, am I crushing you.” You began to stand up but Remus pushed you down.

“Don’t you fucking dare get off of my lap. I like it-I like it……” Remus tried to finish his sentence but he was too shy to admit his desires.

“You like it when I sit on your hard, think cock.” Remus let out a moan.


“Should we go somewhere more private.” Remus whispered as you moved your hand up and down his chest.

“No, I want you to fuck me in this library.”

“Mmmm such a naughty little girl.”

You started to unzip his pants as he unbuttoned your shirt. “At least let us go to the back of the library at least.”


“Lead the way.” You got up Remus’s lap, making extra sure to push out your ass, showing him your panties. You grabbed Remus’s hand and lead him to the back of the library, where no body was. As you reached it Remus pushed you into the wall, starting to suck hickies on your neck.

“Do you know how many times I imagined fucking you in here.”

“Remus….” You lightly moaned, as he pushed his pants and boxers down around his ankles, freeing his dick.

He then did the same thing with you, pushing your skirt and panties down to the ground. “Fuck y/n your so beautiful.” He said as he finished unbuttoning your blouse and pushing it off your shoulders, exposing your stomach and your covered breasts to him. He then ripped off your bra.

You also then started to unbutton his shirt, pushing it off his shoulders showing you his chest and stomach with scars all over them. There were a few faded ones, while there were also a few pink ones from the recent full moon. “You’re so beautiful too Remus.”

He continued to suck on your neck and collar bones leaving a few hickies, causing you to moan out his name over and over again, just like he imagined.

“Fuck-k y/n.” He moaned as you started to jerk him with your hand.

“Did you imagine this, me jerking you off.”

“Fuck. Yes.” He bucked his hips “But this is better than I imagined.”

 He couldn’t handle much more of your teasing. He pushed you into the near by desk, you laid on your back, as he got on top of you.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby.” He whispered in your ear. You honestly had no idea where this confidence came from but you loved it on him.

Before you knew it he entered his dick in you, and started thrusting fast. “Fuck such a naughty girl, letting me fuck you in the library.”

“Remus.” You breathed as he began to hit the right spots. You tried to keep your moans down but oh god the way he thrusted into you so fast and so hard you couldn’t stop them.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” Remus moaned into your ear as he grabbed the end of the table to help him keep his pace and balance. “Shit, y/n I’m cumming.”

“Me too, Remus cum for me.” The moment you said that Remus stopped his thrusts, he grunted into your neck, and spilled his seed into you, You then cumming soon after. Remus pulled out of you and got off of the table.

As you leaned up, Remus moved his hand for you to take it. You took it and hopped off the desk. You both quickly put your clothes back on. As you both finished Remus grabbed your hand and pulled you into him. He captured your lips in another kiss.

high school horrors

i actually love that suburban high school aesthetic. brimming with reveries & teenage dreams. 

  • those elegant-vampiric redbrick school buildings, three-hundred-years old with shielded pasts, sophisticated gates that squeak and creak like old floorboards or wounded warblers when wrenched open, a vast lawn for spilling blood & dirty secrets after class.
  • school libraries and how they always smell like steam-cleaned carpet, old paper and anxiety, getting lost in a particularly dense section, being hushed by the stern-eyed librarian, lullaby-inducing & packed with centuries of burning knowledge it is the most comforting room in the entire school building (as long as you avoid one certain section). 
  • the nostalgia of a hundred sneakers squeaking against the recently polished floors, lockers slamming open and closed, the indistinct chatter of jittery voices all buzzed up on something or the other, sheets ruffling, bodies slamming into one another, the prideful chorus of a school anthem pouring out of the throats of overexcited cheerleaders.
  • passing notes to your friends in class, pens tapping against wooden desks, the way the girl sitting behind you’s laughter runs downstream and the boy who talks to no-one, always looking like he’s hiding something.
  • disembodied voices coming from the bathroom, various bright and persuasive posters encouraging you to join various clubs tacked up everywhere, the theatre a ramp of glitter & deception, post-it notes stuck to skin & gum clinging to the soles of your shoes.
  • the malicious rumors that flitter at lightspeed frequencies and build up like bed bugs, slip into every nook & cranny like dust, how the janitor once found a body in the broom closet and the history teacher’s into the dark arts, how all the staff gather after-school hours in the gym to perform satanic rituals, how someone once broke into the principal’s office only to find it covered in caution tape.
  • breaking into the school at night, hearing soft chanting like the distant mewling of traffic, a parking lot as sullen as the deteriorating gleam in every student’s eyes, the ghost of a little boy rounding the corner, a prophecy engraved into stone and the hellhouse graffiti lining some of the walls. 
  • the clausterphobic feeling of a thousand trapped teenage souls, melancholy and raging anger sprawling from the ceilings and leaking out through the taps, setting off the fire-alarm accidentally, attending an exam you thought you’d taken a bunch of times already, staring out the window because you thought you caught a shadow flicker by during detention, the man on the speaker announcing yet another prom or pep rally bloodbath.
Tyler Breeze - “Perfect”

Prompt: Ed Sheeran’s song Perfect (Listen if you haven’t already”
Requested: by me because Tyler is fucking amazing and my favourite and there is legit nothing on this god damn website
Warnings: Swearing I guess. But is that really a warning?
Words: 1400+

“Who’s fucking idea was it to get married the day before Wrestlemania?” You cursed looking at your schedule for the week lying on your hotel bed. It was incredibly busy. Barely a moment to yourself until Saturday. 

“Yours. Because you were adamant on both raw and smackdown rosters being able to come. And this was the only weekend for a very long time that everyone would be together” Tyler said lying next to you “plus we’ve been engaged for like 2 years and you were getting impatient” 

“I just want to get married to you in front of all our family and friends is that so bad?” you mumble. Tyler rolled on top of you. 

“It’s adorable” Tyler smirked leaning down and kissing you. 

“Tyler stop we still have so much to do” You sighed as he placed gentle kisses down your neck 

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(The library is closed by now, so getting a webcam photo in a really roundabout way involving two laptops and a USB device is the only way to go atm…)

Anyway, there are three characters his shitlord and newest son of mine reminded me of this far: Crona Gorgon, Anakin Skywalker and Asriel Dreemurr. Cannot decide which is the best fit, but quite frankly, he’s fucked either way. There’s always hope, I guess.


ten minutes spent asking people to play yelle/be.yoncé + thirty minutes discreetly dancing to yelle/be.yoncé + five minutes feeling really tired, laying on the only couch + complaining about something for three minutes + quietly cleaning up the room even tho u don’t live there

Brotherly Love

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Pairing: Brett x Reader (with Jackson x Reader as siblings)

Setting: End of season 4/beginning of season 5, the whole pack is alive

Word Count: 

Prompt: You’re Jackson’s younger human sister and he doesn’t approve of you relationship with Brett.

A/N: Thank you to @theamericanwolfinlondon for the request and for fueling my love for Brett and Jackson

Your name: submit What is this?

Don’t get me wrong, Jackson is a great brother. I mean sure sometimes he can be a complete ass, but he’s just looking out for what’s best for you. Usually.

Jackson is super overprotective of you. And quite frankly, he has every right to be. Being a homicidal lizard turned werewolf sure does make you realize the dangers of the world. And those dangers are pretty evident in Beacon Hills. That being said, he does let you help out with pack stuff. You’re usually paired up with Stiles due to your human status. But you don’t mind being a detective with Stilinski. You’ve even made up a little name for yourselves, “Stilinski and Whittemore: Supernatural Connoisseurs”. The two of you think it’s quite clever, but the rest of the pack doesn’t seem to think so, even if they never admit it.

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Character/Pairing: Cas x Reader
Location: a library
Random word: sandwich

requested by: @miss-whatshername

Time: 8 minutes

Cas felt largely out of place in the library–he had never been in a public one before, solely the Supernatural Motherlode at the bunker. He often thought of humans as being so chaotic and turbulent that he was profoundly moved by this silent place of learning and study, where humans came for peace and quiet–to expand their minds and–

“SHIT!” The curse echoed in the high ceiling and Cas turned, along with everyone else, to stare directly at you.

Your face was red, but whether it was due to embarrassment because everyone was now focused on you, or whether it was anger because of what just happened Cas wasn’t sure.

You were staring down at a sandwich that was on the dirty library floor, apparently having fallen out of your hand and it’s wrapping to plop (mustard side down) onto the marble floor. You sighed heavily, paying no attention to the dirty looks you were getting, and began to pick up the pieces.

Cas watched you with fascination, feeling oddly drawn to you, and he drifted over to the circulation desk and grabbed several tissues.

He approached as you were still picking up the pieces and cursing under your breath and offered you the tissues.

“Thanks,” you muttered, taking them without even looking at who was offering them. “This was my lunch…” You wiped up the mess on the floor as best you could and chucked the sandwich into a nearby garbage bin. “I guess I’m fasting,” you tossed out casually, wiping your hands on your jeans and adjusting the precarious pile of books in your arms that had contributed to the sandwich debacle. Finally you met Cas’ eyes and your eyes widened at the unexpected blue staring back at you. “Th-thanks,” you stuttered out again. “For the Kleenex…” You didn’t know where to take the conversation next.

“You’re welcome,” the man replied, and his voice was deep and kind. “Can I help you with those?”

You were still staring at him and trying not to turn wholly pink. “What?”

“…Your books.”

“Oh. …Oh! Yes! Sure! Thanks! I mean, only if you want to!” you said.

A nearby librarian shushed you from behind the front desk.

“I’m Castiel,” the man said, completing ignoring the chastisement, and taking the books from your arms with a smile.