dirty kids


“This is true love….do you think this happens everyday?”

Where my dirty kids at?

I want to know how many of us dirty kids use tumblr. Reblog if you have done or currently do any of the following:
-Dumpster diving for food
-hitchhiked across state lines
-hopped freight
-been to AMF
-helped trail blaze or been clean up crew for a National Rainbow Gathering
-feel like you’re gonna snap if you hear wagon wheel one more time
-been"adopted" for a night
-prefer RYO (if you smoke)


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80′s Movies

Crimes for Dimes
Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price
Filthy Favors for a Fair Fee
Unclean Proceedings for a Low Cost
Shitty Edits with Average Photoshop Skills
Kindly Deeds Done for Free
Dastardly Doings Delivered for Dollars and Cents
Bad Shit from the Bargain Bin
Unethical Doings for Frugal Individuals
Sinister Shenanigans Supplied at Satisfactory Rates
Unclean Undertakings Ushered Under Budget
Garbage Shitpost with No Effort
Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief
Salacious Schemes Sold for a Steal
Dirty Seeds Done Dirt Kids
Unlawful Doings Done Inexpensively
Unrefined Actions Performed Poorly Priced
Cost-efficient Objectives Performed Rather Cheaply