dirty jokes

  • Little Girl : Mom, what's this ?
  • (***she pulled down her pants***)
  • Mom : That's your garage, don't let boys put their car into your garage.
  • Next Door Little Boy : Dad what's this?
  • (***he pulls down his pants***)
  • Dad : That's your car, you need to put that into a girl's garage.
  • (***He nods and hops off***)
  • Little girl walks in with her hands covered with blood..
  • Mom : What happened!?
  • Little Girl : The boy from next door tried to put his car into my garage so I pulled off it's wheels.
  • A boss has to interview 4 girls for the secretary position. He asked the same question to each one of them.
  • Boss : A woman normally has lips in 2 different places. What's the difference between the two?
  • First Girl : One is hairy, the other isn't.
  • Boss : OK.. good!
  • Second Girl : one can talk but the other can't.
  • Boss : That's better!!
  • Third Girl : One is vertical & the other is horizontal.
  • Boss : Hmm.. Clever!!
  • Last Girl : One is for me & the other is for my boss.
  • Boss : You are hired!!!
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