dirty joke


Being fine one moment, suddenly having an existential crisis the next.

How I made my best friend

so, in sophomore year, we had a science class with a rather attractive female teacher and I was a quiet rather shy kid at the back of the class. While we were going over the digestive system when one kid innocently asked “Ms. G, why do we swallow?” to which i screamed from my seat “Because spitters are quitters!!” and the student proceeded to get out of his seat and run over and high five me before the two us had to see the principal.

Man, I never tell dirty jokes.

Okay, gather ‘round.

So there were these three Romans, right?

And they decided to have a threesome.

The first one was determined to reach the peak.

The second one was determined to watch.

The third one was determined to fight their incompetence problems.

So the first one and third one go at it.

It’s not long before things are steaming up.

The first one is able to pass the point of no return as the third one is able to successfully overcome their incompetence. The second one eagerly watches.

When all is said and done, the first one, second one, and third one glance at each other before respectively saying: