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hey guys! okay so last year i made a follow forever on new year’s and i was going to try and keep that tradition but i’m lame and i got distracted by the new semester. it was probably partially laziness.  anywho, i’m sorry for the horrible edit, but i’m not very creative so yAY.

thanks to everyone who follows me! i appreciate so, so much and i wish you all a happy (and hella late) new year! i hope you all have the best year possible. there aren’t many people on here (im not good at these types of things, i follow close to 600 people so), but don’t worry, i love you all! 

friends are bolded and senpais are italicized


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The new year is almost here! And to celebrate that, I made a follow forever (or at least tried to) to show how grateful I am for all of you guys! I’ve had this blog for a little over a year now and I’ve gotten more followers than I had ever imagined I would.  You guys are hilarious, most of the time I creep on y'all’s tags, and I love you all!

Most of the people I put on here have either been with me since the beginning or I notice you always supporting my blog or you’re extremely funny or all of the above.  I couldn’t include everybody since I’m not too good at remembering names, but just know that even if you aren’t on here, I LOVE YOUU

bold - besties4ever/i like you, italics - senpaiiiiii


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I also apologize for my fonts.  I don’t know the fancy workings of typefaces so I just wrote it on there ^^