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dunno if you take requests anymore but can you pplease write something where harry texts you all the naughty things he'd do to you from his point of view? like if he was on tour or travelling to do promo of SOTT or Dunkirk, wtv x

Harry. Missus.

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna write the cliche where Harry tells the missus what to do and how, I’m going to write what Harry would make happen if he were with the missus, but there won’t any clue at all. If you don’t like this kind of stuff please simply don’t read it and don’t send hate. I’m sorry if there are many typos, I’m on my phone and can’t fix them at the moment. Thanks for reading if you do.

Hey babe! I’m just done with interviews and promo. 

I’ve had my dinner but… Somehow, I’m still hungry ;)

You want dessert? :P

Mmm I won’t say no to something warm and sweet babe

What I have melts on the plate..

It’s not even going to make it to the plate. Straight into my mouth babygirl… I’m famished ;)

So come hop your cute petite ass onto my desk. I want to take my time and enjoy that amazing body for as long as I can 

I’ll run my hands up over your feet and along your calves, squeezing and massaging them until I grip your thighs, right behind your knees and smile up at you, turning me head up for a kiss.

You bend down and open your mouth, your warm sweet breath filling my head and I’ll dig my fingers into your soft thigh and lean up, biting your lips and growling into you as I suck on your tongue lightly.

Lay back and enjoy this babygirl. I’ve got you.

I’ll groan and suck on your tongue harder. digging my fingers into your flesh and massaging my way up and down your thighs as your hair falls around us and I feel your arms snake around my neck

I sit forward and pull you closer, pressing my body between your legs, grinding against you slowly while my hands keep fondling your soft legs, my thumbs digging in and probably leaving slight marks and bruises on your delicate skin

Your hands and fingers slide into my short black hair, gripping my as I push my tongue against yours, tasting you and hungering for more! I growl again, breathing heavily as I rush my lips against yours and feel your tongue gliding over mine,warm and wet and slippery in my mouth

You feel me begin to grow in my jeans. You’re just wearing one of my tshirts and a pair of lace panties. My bulge growing and throbbing, hard against you through the soft material. I grip you by your legs and pull you closer, rubbing myself against you and feeling your warmth through our clothes, your hands pulling and scratching at my head and neck as we kiss passionately.

I move my hands behind you, grabbing you by your gorgeous ass and squeezing one cheek in each hand. I pull you against me and lean forward, pushing my boy into yours.

You move and wiggle against me, rubbing your tits against my chest and your legs wrap around my lower ribs, your ass barely touching the desk as I grope and feel you and out tongues explore each-others’ mouths

I groan loudly and feel you begin to grind against my bulge. You let out little purring sounds into my mouth as I feel you grinding your lit and pussy against my bulge. Your ass moving in my hands as you buck your hips, dry humping me while I squeeze your sexy butt cheeks hard and firm

I chuckle and pull away slightly, smiling up at you ‘Oh no you don’t, little one… I’m only getting started with you’ I say as I put one hand on your throat and push you back, choking you ever o slightly ‘You still oh me a dessert, don’t forget…’ pushing you further and further back until you have to unwrap your legs from around me

I take hold of both your legs and put them over my shoulders as you lean back on the desk, bracing yourself with your hands behind you. My hands move back up your thighs and push my tshirt up your soft pale body, exposing your flesh as I turn my head and kiss your inner thighs, first one then the other, letting you feel my stubble brushing and scratching your skin 

I lick and kiss and bite my way up your thighs as you whimper and pout above me

Harry, please.

‘Mmmm no not yet babygirl… You are on my time now. Be patient’ I smile, winking up at you and I push the shirt up over your tits and expose them both, letting my thumbs brush against your hard nipples as I bite and lick my way up your thighs

I feel your breathing slow and your body relax. I smell your warm soft skin, your scent filling my head.

I’ll brush one cheek against your pussy through your lace panties, feeling your body tense as my stubble scratches your most delicate little girl parts

I groan softly, but deep, letting you feel the vibration through my teeth and jaw on your thigh.I reach up with one hand, taking you by your throat and pushing you right back up against the wall, so you nearly fall backwards against it and the other hand grabs hold of your soft warm boob, and I squeeze it hard ‘Grrrmmmfff yes… This is what I’ve been thinking about all day my little pet' 

I turn my face, eyes close and breathing heavily, and I smell your panties, drawing in your scent and feeling your wetness on my nose and lips, groaning again letting the cool air blow over your wet panties, sending shivers up your body and making your legs tense so I can feel your heels digging into my back

I look up one last time, into your eyes, and growl possessively but calmly ‘This is mine, little one…’ and with that, I turn my head and push my face into your pussy, licking and groaning loudly into you, feeling your body shake and your legs tremble as I bite and lick and chew on your delicious, dripping cunt through your lace panties! 

Your  passion flowing over my face already. Your juices soaking through the lace and dripping down my chin as I growl and grunt and breath into you like an animal on its prey. Devouring your delicious sweet flower as gnawing at you like you’re the last meal I’ll ever have!

My hand gripping your throat, going tighter and firmer as I fall deeper into the abyss of my lust. Squeezing your tit and rolling your nipples between my fingers, you know I’m going to leave marks on your neck but you don’t care. You beg and plead as I bite and lick your pussy through your panties and I push my gface into you more, harder, firmer! My nose rubbing against the hood of your clit and my tongue slipping your panties aside and finally sliding between your smooth wet pussy lips, tasting your nectar and feel your body shake in ecstasy! 

I hear you whisper ‘please’ desperately ad I come back from the fog, looking up at you, still rubbing my nose and lips and chin against your pussy 'Please what, kitten? What does my little pet need?’ I ask, my breath on your thigh nd my face still brushing roughly against your tender partially-exposed flesh

I smile and see the pleasure on your face and the lust in your eyes 'Well?’ I ask again, still rubbing my cheek and chin and nose against your pussy 'Please what, littler girl?’ I ask again, smirking at you and then taking your panties between my teeth and sitting back slightly, pulling them aside and down out of my way, breathing heavily so I can draw your scent deep into my lungs!

I smile and watch your eyes open and loo down at me, glazed over and lost in the clouds. I push my chair back and stand up slowly, bring my hand down from your throat. I take your panties in my fist roughly, my knuckles pushing and grinding against your pussy and clit, and I start pulling it own off you slowly, enjoying the feeling of your hand on my chest and neck and your legs shaking as you straighten and hold them together for me to pull your panties off.

I pull them off your soft, delicate feet and bring them up to my face and smell them 'Mmmm oh babygirl… This is what I’ve wanted all day’ I say as I look into your eyes and take them between my teeth and with my free hand I start undoing my jeans and pushing them down, along with my boxer. My rock hard cock springing into view at full attention!

I take your panties from my mouth and bring them over to your face 'Open wide princess’

You obey and I put them in your mouth, letting you taste your pussy juices, showing you how wet I made you and I take my cock in my hand and stroke it a few times against your soaking cunt, letting the foreskin draw fully forward and brushing it against your lips and clit 'Is thi what you want my little slut? Is this what my little whore is begging for?’ I ask tauntingly, stroking the length against you slowly and then taking it in my hand and slapping your bare pussy with it a few times, letting you feel the weight and hardness against your flesh

I smile and watch you change… My sweet, innocent little princess evaporates and is replaced by her twin… The sultry, slutty, hungry whore who can never get enough 'good girl…’

I growl and hold my cock at your entrance feeling you open your legs and put your heels against my ass, trying to pull me in but I hold back easily, controlling every move as I smile and look into your eyes 'Oh you eager, greedy little bitch’ I say, smiling and hearing you moan and pout and purr.

I rub my cock in small circles around your pussy and clit, stroking it a few more times, letting my foreskin move all the way up the head until it catches your lit and covers it, trapping it between my foreskin and the head of my cock. I lean in and bite your earlobe and growl softly 'This belongs to me, my little kitten…’ slapping my heavy hard cock against your pussy

Grunting as I hear you mewl desperately, hungrily, and then I suck your earlobe hard and whisper again 'And this, my little baby… .This belongs to you…’

And with that I hold my cock head at your entrance and without warning, I groan loudly straight into your ear, deafening you a I buck my hips and slide my swollen, thick mushroom cockhead between your smooth soaking pussy lips

In one long, slow, smooth thrust, I push myself into your warm, soft, trembling body. Filling you as I push inch after inch deep into you. Slowly, letting you feel every ridge and bump and vein, making every throbbing thick inch of me fill you up as you gasp and cry out and grab hold of me, your legs shaking and locking around my waist drawing me further

I groan and lay forward on you, my body weighing you down and pinning you to the desk and the wall, as I slide the last inch into you and you feel my heavy shaved balls against your ass and I stay there for  a moment, feeling your warm pussy engulf my cock and your body melting in my arms

I grunt and plant my legs apart from each other, putting one hand on the wall and the other on the desk

You hold onto me, clinging to me as I lift myself again and look down at you 'Enough of being soft and sweet. You’re not my princess anymore… You’re my whore!’

I growl and start bucking my hips, fucking you in slow deep thrusts at first, filling you with every hard thick inch and pulling out until just the head is left in you, then sliding back in

Deep and hard, making your body shake, banging the desk against the wall with my thighs, my heavy dangling balls slapping your ass with every thrust

I look into your big beautiful eyes, my breath i your face and my cock filling you again and again your moans filling the room and your smell driving me insane with lust 'Yes this is what you need. You fucking hungry, wanton little bitch! This is what you crave: To be mounted and dominated and rutted in by a beast

I groan and fuck you harder, driving my cock into your depths more violently with every thrust

My sweat from my forehead dripping onto you, my hands gripping the desk and my thighs hammering it against the wall! My body slapping against you as one after another the brutal, deep, violent thrusts wrack your body!

Your legs trembling, my body slapping against you, your pussy juices splashing along my haft and against my balls a they whack against your ass and pussy with every drive into you!

I take my hand form the wall and grab your throat, choking you violently, pushing you against the wall and glowering and grunting into your face with every animalistic thrust into your depths 'I’ll fuck you like I want to break you, you fucking greedy little whore!' 

Your hands clawing at me, grabbing and scratching, your breath wheezing through your nose and mouth as your beautiful eyes well up with tears and I grunt louder and louder! MY body slamming into you, driving my cock deep into your pussy and filling you with my raging hard flesh again and again and again!

Choking you against the wall, your toes curling over as your legs tremble and your juices squirt all over my legs and balls and desk, and I don’t give a fuck! I see your tears and hear you whimper and I growl, driven further into the red haze of my animal lust 'Cry and scream all you ant you slut! Nothing can save you now… You are mine and I’ll use you until you are broken into a thousand pieces!’

My fingers on your neck and throat, digging into you hard! I buck my hips and thrust with my legs, pounding my cock into you like I fucking hate you!! Leaning in I bite your neck an mark you, leaving my signs on you for the world to see, so everyone knows this bitch is owned and that you’ve bee used like the depraved whore you are!

I groan and bite you, sucking on your skin and I feel the tingle in my belly, that sweet familiar sensation that tells me I’m approaching the edge!

Your hands and nails digging into my back, marking me as I slam into you faster and faster. The desk shaking and  banging against the wall in a fast frantic rhythm now! My body pouring with sweat, my groans and grunts deepening and quickening, filing your ears so you can’t hear anything else in the world except my ravenous hunger for you!

I close my eyes and throw my head back! I grip your throat and pull you back suddenly, pulling your ass off the desk and I slam you down on it on your back, pushing your head up against the wall! Twisting and contorting your body as I want it

I pin you down and hold you i place, thrusting hard into you! Slamming you with all my strength, destroying your beautiful soft body as I pound my throbbing thick cock into your cunt without mercy!

'Grrraaagghh fuck bitch yes I’m close!!’ I scream loudly, choking you and grabbing hold of your thigh with my other hand! Digging my fingers into you again, marking you as I hammer your pussy hard and deep, making you ache inside and out!!

I close my eyes and my legs begin to shake. You pull me deeper, your on senses incoherent and scattered, your only sensations being the pain of my hardness ravaging your tight sopping cunt and my hands roughly holding you and overpowering you! Using you like a fuck doll I’m about to dump  a huge fucking load into!

I cry out and my body shakes suddenly! I plough forward, ramming my raging hard cock eep int you and holding it there, letting it throb and pulse deep in your gorgeous body!

I cry out and pin you down, holding you exactly where I want you!

Then I fall of the cliff. I release all the anger and frustration and lust and passion.. I cream loudly and choke you and grip you with all my power, marking and hurting you intensely, as my cock erupts deep in your cunt and I pump rope after rope of my thick, warm, creamy seed deep into your cunt and flood your omb with my spunk! 

My hands not releasing you, and shake an shiver and groan with each incredible jet of cum that pumps into you! One after another they flood your body, filling you as I groan and gasp in ecstasy, feeling myself melt into your warmth as your legs wrap around me possessively, not letting me go, holing me inside you, and I feel you clenching and releasing your cunt, milking my tender cock, drawing the last drops of me deep into you

I lay forward on top of you, my chest heaving, my heart racing, blood thundering in my ears and still I feel you. Your hands all over my back, your gorgeous legs still wrapped around my, not even considering letting go, and your brutalised, broken pussy still squeezing and milking my cock, wanting every single last drop of my seed deep inside your womb, and I gasp breathlessly 'even now kitten… gggrraaaggh… still as greedy as ever, my pet’

I’ll stay there, not pulling out. Growing soft inside you, feeling your bod melt under me. My seed filling you, warming you inside and I know that between my marks on your body, and my cum in your belly, my little slut has been well and truly owned. My kitten. My whore. My babygirl…

Fuck babe… I loved that.

So did I, too much

Mmm oh yes babygirl, mine to own and enjoy and spoil and use and show off and dominate

Hehe too much? I don’t think that’s a thing xx

   Touchè, it’s never too much because it’s never enough

It’s never meant to be enough. Lust is insatiable… And thank fuck for that!

Did you cum for me during that, babygirl?

Three times, I enjoyed that a lot I told ya

Oh fuck… I love that! 

I’m very glad you did. I cam so hard at the end. Harder than I had in a while

You’d have been filled up so much babygirl. Filled to the brim with my thick, warm cum

I don’;t think there is any better sign of ownership by a man, and submission by a woman, than him cumming deep n her pussy and filling her with his seed. I fucking love that so much.

I love how filthy and hungry you can be, while looking so sweet and innocent, babe

My kind of girl!

That’s why you chose me, :P

#48 The Age Gap (Harry Styles)

Could I date a younger guy? Opinions, please. Help! 

Word Count: 2,457

“How long are you going to sit in the room and groan?” My flat mate asked me, seeing me cuddled in the duvet with wet cheeks.

“Not a single person, Emily! Not a single person! How can my luck me so bad! I changed colleges, opened my horizon and there is still no decent single guy out there for me? How is this possible? I’m so tired of being alone!” I said, sitting up.  She had been hearing me groan for a long time now.

“Maybe you’re looking in the wrong age group?” she said, sitting down on the bed.

“I can’t date people above 28! I mean, I’m 21! I’m giving a 7 year age benefit!” It was so hopeless. This love came when you need it was bullshit. I’ve been without love for a long time now and, I don’t know who decides when I need it or don’t need it.

“I meant below 21, you know people who are 20…19…18 – let’s keep it till 19!” She said, trying to pull the duvet off my face.


“Why not?” She said, “I’m younger than you! And look we gel so well! I think you’ll do brilliantly with a younger guy!” she said. She was right. I was the online postgrad kid living in this flat with the 4 undergrad kids and, a year or two difference doesn’t really matter.

“But, you’re my friend! This is having a sexual-emotional relationship! I will be a paedophile!” I argued.

“No, a year or two difference of age doesn’t make you a paedophile. Now, wipe your tears and wear a nice dress cause I’ve a brilliant idea!” she said snatching my blanket and, going towards my wardrobe. “I’ve a guy for you. He is single as well, and fits according to your taste buds for men.”

“Why haven’t I met him yet?” I asked, sliding into my fluffy slippers.

“Because he is 19…will be 20 in two or three months and, I wanted to introduce the idea once!” she pulled out my classic black dress and pushed me inside the washroom.

“He is child!” I groaned.

“You’re a child! Give him a chance! You know, this might be love!” She kicked the door, leaving me to get dressed.

I didn’t like cab rides. I was more of a tube person. We were too dressed to me in a tube and cab was cheaper and closer at the moment. I dressed as I always did for clubs. My black heels, my only black dress amongst the things that could fit in my little wardrobe, and the only little makeup I knew how to use. Learning about makeup was always on my to-do list, but I wanted to buy it from my own money and not my parents who were already paying for everything else. For now, my little knowledge helped me enough. “You know this guy?” I asked Sophia, my other flat mate,

“Yeah, he is studying law! Very intelligent…he knows about you. Vicky mentioned about you not finding any men,” She giggled and I hit Victoria.

“Hey! He was complaining about not finding any women!” She laughed.

“He is a boy!” I said.

“You’re a girl,” she retorted. “If you’re giving this a chance, please do it with an open mind. At least get to know him!” She said.

“Is this the first time I’m meeting your friends?” I asked her.

“Yep, but they have come home…” she said, asking the cab to stop.  “Don’t be so tense, you are not an old lady amongst us!” She giggled.

“Oh god!”  I cried, and the girls laughed. We entered the pub where I’d been a couple of times before with my friends. Seeing my friend working at the bar tonight, I walked up to him.

“Sam!” I yelled over the loud music.

“Hey, babe! How are you? Are you here with everyone?” He said, making my favourite drink.

“No, with my flat mates,” I told him, “They want me to socialise,” I smiled.

“This one’ s on me,” He handed it to me.

“You don’t have to – “

“Go socialise, see ya in class,” I nodded, taking my drink, and giving him a flying kiss. Taking a deep breath, I walked towards my girls. They already had their drinks on hand, so I didn’t feel too bad for leaving them. I looked around and saw all of their friends, as I wrapped my hand around Vicky’s waist.

“Oh, she is here! Say hi…” She said, pushing me forward.

I gave my best smile, and nodded as she introduced me to everyone. It was pretty easy for me to gel with them. I meshed with the people around me so, it worked well for me. I spent a while knowing all the people around me, talking about what they did, and so on, whatever became the topic. They got up to dance, pulling my hand to the centre of the floor. Sticky people around me was never ideal, but it worked since I was so tensed about life at the moment. Letting my neck loose, I started dancing with my girls as we got sweatier and jumpier with the beat.

“What’s the name of the guy?” I yelled in Vicky’s ear.

“Oh, he is not here! Will come in some time. Name’s Harry!” she yelled back, taking my hand giving me a twirl. I nodded, letting my body to the DJ’ beat. A guy came up to me, and started dancing with me, doing really weird steps and going down to my feet and coming back up. Vicky and I giggled, and I left the dance floor to get away from the creep. Ordering another drink from the bar, I danced at the table, laughing at the ridiculous song that was playing.

“Hey, could I have a repeat of my beer, please,” I looked at the guy next to me, and my heartbeat skipped a beat. I was sure, I was not exaggerating. He was so handsome. At the moment, I was shamelessly with no regret checking him out from her short black hair, to his red lips and that neck. Down to his broad shoulders wearing that sheer black shirt and, his tight butt fitted skinny jeans. It happened fast, I knew the trick as I repeated the image in my head. I took a sip of my ice cold drink to cool down unsure if it was from the dance or not, as he was handed his as well. He looked at me and gave me a nod, walking away into the crowd.

I pouted, not having the same reaction from him. The bartender, who was not my friend, gave me a small smile knowing what was going on in my head. I shrugged talking through my eyes, plenty more fish in the sea, right?

“Come here!” I was suddenly pulled again, as Sophia took me again to their table.

“I was getting myself a drink, babe!” I said, giggling. She wrapped her hand around my neck and whispered in my ear about the guy she was talking about…Harry.

“He’s here! I hope you like him!” She said.

“I hope he likes me,” I tell her.

“That too…” She titled her head, “Why wouldn’t he? HARRY!” She yelled, taking me forward as I tried not bumping into people and spill my drink.

That guy was there, the one I was checking out! “SOPHIA!” he yelled back making her laugh. I couldn’t believe my luck. How is this guy not older than me?

“I want you to meet my flat mate!” she introduced me.

“The old one?” He said, as his eyes did the same to me what I had, only he wasn’t so discreet.

“I’m 21!” I frowned.

“Yeah, that’s just how we tell you apart!” She kissed my cheek.

“Old one? And you were telling me…” she was such a hypocrite when I called them kids.

“She doesn’t date younger guys,” Sophia said, and I gave her a piercing look to stop.

“Oh, why not?” He frowned, clearly acting. “You’re missing out on us gems!”

I stepped away from Sophia, suddenly not too comfortable anymore. Taking a sip from my drink as I saw the others join the gang on the dance floor, leaving Harry and me on the table, clearly looking planned. I gave him a small smile, as he continued to stare at me. I turned around watching them dance, “are you offended?” Harry stood closer now, his voice much more deep, and softer.

I turned my head to see his face so close to mine. I, instantly, looked at his lips, and then met his eyes. I shook my head, “No…”

“I think you did get offended,” He said, wrapping his arm around my waist and turning me around. He was taller than me, and well built as I looked at his arms.

“How are you 19?” I asked.

“I’m going to be 20 if that makes you feel better?” He said, taking a sip of his drink.

“I’m not old…” I told him.

“No, you’re not…” He smiled, his dimples showing. He was truly beautiful, but many were.

“A year or two isn’t a huge gap…” I repeated my thoughts.

“That is what they’ve been trying to tell you,” He raised his eyebrows, smirking. I huffed, clearly losing my thinking capabilities in the loud music. “Do you want to step out? We can go to the balcony…” I nodded as he took my hand, the fingers knotting themselves as I stared down. There was this sexual tension which I couldn’t disagree with at all. We climbed the stairs to a quieter and almost empty balcony, excluding the girls heavily making out in the corner.

I took a deep breath looking at the view of the city from this point. It was all so pretty, it made me feel very happy. I wrapped my shrug around me, the wind blowing at a slow speed, making it a perfect balcony experience. “So, what are you studying?” He asked.

“Media…you’re studying law…” I stated. He gave me a shake of his head, taking a sip of his drink. I took a deep breath wondering where this conversation will go. We didn’t speak for a while, as I looked down at the passing cars. He kept his glass on the floor table and came closer to me.

“So, younger guys don’t do?” He said.

“It’s not logical,” I said.

“Dating older guys is not logical!” he laughed. “Now, dating older women though, is a different case altogether, at least for me. My age girls don’t work…”

“Really how?” I laughed.

“Okay, look at it like this, is it about maturity?” He asked. I nodded, “I might be 19, but my mental age is 28, maybe even 30!” We both laughed, “No no, hear me out! Dating a younger guy is always better! I can never use age on you like all men do! Age as maturity is bullshit…when it comes to me!” He stated. I laughed, throwing my head back.

“Let’s take a few shots, c’mon…” He wrapped his hand around my waist. As soon as our bodies met, there was this tingling feeling which I was sure he felt too. We went to the upstairs bar and ordered shots. Taking three each, he continued, “Look men getting older, get really snobby and crabby. Now, I will always be younger than you, so always less crabby,” I giggled at his explanation.

“I have more, listen to me,” He held my face in his palms, making me meet his eyes, I nodded clearly drunk as him, “Okay, there will always be fewer ego clashes because, you will be my teacher and guider in a lot of ways like I would be, and that is so important to a relationship. I don’t have to act like this big responsible man all the time, and you don’t have to act like the responsible woman, we can both be kids as we are already breaking social rules.”

I nodded, agreeing to everything he was saying, “then, you know, sex with a younger guy will always be better.”

“You have to explain this!” I asked, holding a frown, as I wanted more explanation.

“See, we will always be more energetic, and tricks can be learnt. Why will you not want to have sex with this sculpted body and learn your way through sex, than be with an old man who has too much experience and not much-moving capability.”

“Yes your honour, you’re right!” I yelled raising my hands.

“I will always cook, no this man business you know, that’ll be bullshit, and you can always set me right. I have so much more!”

“But, you’ve already won the case, sir!” I said, wrapping my hands around his neck. “Now, we have to see if we are mentally and well, physically compatible as well.”

“Sex and talk are so important,” he nodded, we both were pissed drunk. “We should check-“ I didn’t give him any more words as I crashed my lips to his. It was so intense and passionate, as he pushed me against the wall, my head hitting back, as his lips shifted down my neck creating this feeling of ecstasy is me which I had never felt before.

“I’ve dated only once before,” I said. “So I don’t…fuck,” feeling his lips suck on the nape of my neck, “ No experience, and isn’t that bonus?”

He stopped, resting his head against mine, as we both tried to catch our breath, “we’ll figure it out,” he said kissing my forehead.      


Tell me what you think about dating younger guys, help a girl.