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Man I just need a fic of reddie being super gay and full of pda (making out against lockers, lunch tables, bathroom walls) all of that shit,, like they’re seniors in high school and everyone’s used to it but their friends are like really again you can’t keep your hands off of each other for 5 minutes??? And reddie is just like no lol

its a hc list but still!!! 

  • first of all don’t even try to tell them to keep their hands off of each other reddie isn’t having any of your shit
  • the begs go to deaf ears
  • these boys will be HUGE on pda
  • not a surprise with richie
  • lowkey surprise with eddie but then again what do u expect like if he starts dating someone like richie then there r probably things u don’t know about him so
  • they’re that annoying couple that will suck each other’s faces constantly and forget there are other people around
  • like they’re at the diner and it starts off as a small kiss but eventually eddie’s on richie’s lap and they’re basically grinding and everyone is so fucking bOTHERED
  • “can you gah-guys s s s sTOP IM TRYING TO EAT MAH-MY FUCKING BUrGER
  • bill is so done and hungry
  • like me every day!
  • whenever they’re hanging out with the losers richie is gonna murmur dirty things to eddie’s ear and eddie’s gonna blush and giggle and the losers try to ignore them and pretend like they’re not there ,, maybe with some eye-rolls ,, and they all try to focus on the story ben’s trying to tell
  • and then eddie bursts out in a chuckle and slaps richie’s arm and he’s like oHmyG00SHhhh riCHiEeehh!! in a ‘stop it silly’- way
  • and richie smugly smirks
  • “pls continue,,, ben….” one of them goes with a glare at reddie
  • ben is a little upset bc he’s trying to tell them this real good conspiracy theory like what the fuck guys and so he continues like “so then there wa-”
  • and it’s cut off by eddies laughter again
  • cAN YoU GUYS fuCKinG NoT!!!!” -stanley probably
  • just imagine plenty of scenarios like that because you damn well know there will be them
  • even when they’re not together
  • *beverly and eddie r at the mall*
  • “,but then again i don’t know if i wanna wear a blue or a—”
  • “hhhAAAA!!!”
  • beverly turns to look at eddie bein like wtf and sees him smiling wide to his phone as he texts
  • “are you serious right now" 
  • “what”
  • “you literally saw richie 15minutes ago”
  • “yeah so??”
  • “so why r u texting him”
  • “im not texting him” eddie says as he texts a contact named 💞💖💘💞RICHIE💗💖💘💕💖
  • “….right”
  • richie and stan were supposed to walk to class together but reddie is just making out against a locker
  • and stan is like “so are we gonna go”
  • *richie and eddie keep on kissing*
  • “…richie”
  • reddie: sMOOCHhhh
  • “….”
  • mmmWWAAhhhmmmhHhhhhh
  • “…rich-”
  • reddie: 💋💗💖👅💖💋💘💗💋👅💖💋
  • “RICHIE!”
  • richie and eddie straight up act like he’s not even there and stan just groans and walks away
  • they’re also that couple that will reenact the whole notebook kissing in the rain scene and then be like “see u next period babe”
  • mike shuts his eyes and inhales slowly through his nostrils because he is done
  • they’re so fucking whipped for each other man

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Whatever you do, don't imagine taking a nap with Harry after eating a huge thanksgiving meal. Don't imagine the two of you completely intertwined with one another, his head curled into your neck. And definitely don't imagine waking up to H lightly kissing on your neck which turns into not so light kissing and a pretty intense makeout sesh which then turns into a slow sensual thrusting of his hips into you, praying your fam doesn't hear you moaning or him dirty talking in your ear


Kitchen Counter (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Genre: Smut.
Word count: 2.4k

Part two: Laundry Room. Part three: The Club.

Summary: “Baby, we’re in your parents’ kitchen.” You muttered, squeaking softly, trying to push his arm away with both of your hands, but he just kept pressing those fingers into your core. “That’s what makes it so naughty.” He whispered against your neck before his mouth wound up back against yours.

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Insomnia (M)

Prompt: 💕+ Tae +“You have to be very very quiet, the others are around.”

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Warnings: moaning denial, dirty talk, fingering, Dom!Taehyung, almost getting caught

Notes: For my 3k present <3  2k Words

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There was complete silence in the dorm room of the two 95 liners, nothing to be seen since darkness enveloped the area as soon as the clock struck eleven. It had taken only a little time to get adjusted to the black, silhouettes easily spotted due to the light coming from the green digital clock on the bedside table which separated two queen-sized beds.

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BTS Reaction| Begging Them Not To Stop During Sex

(Request;The members reaction during sex when you beg them not to stop because they’re hitting your good spot)


He’d instantly slow his movements to tease you, simply because he wants to hear you beg over and over again.

“Come on baby, if you want me to go faster, you need to tell me how much you want it” He’d say while smirking at you.

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He definitely wouldn’t stop. Instead he’d speed up his pace and lean his head into your neck enjoying the sounds of you begging and moaning, and how tight you slowly begin to feel around him the more he hits it, and the closer you get to cumming.

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The sound of you begging and screaming would make jungkook cum immediately. He’d try his hardest to keep his eyes open, so that he can admire your body while spilling into you, and gripping your hips in a bruising manner.

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Sort of like yoongi, taehyung would make you beg and beg. But when all the teasing is over with, he’d get to serious work, gripping your waist and slamming straight into your good spot over and over again while demanding you to cum all over his ****

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He wouldn’t hold back at all, because he would do anything to pleasure you. He’d turn your begging into sounds of you yelling his name over and over again.

“shhh, baby its okay, cum for me.” He’d say while covering your mouth so none of the members hear you.

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Just to drive you crazy, he’d adjust himself deeper into your g-spot. The pleasure overwhelming you until you can’t even speak.

“you better tell me how much you want it, or I will stop.” He’d say right when you’re about to cum.

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Your begging would make him attach himself closer to you by wrapping his arms around your waist, and whispering sweet and dirty things in your ear, letting you know how much he just wants to pleasure your body.

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Dating Steve Harrington Would Include

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  • Buying him KFC because it’s finger licking good
  • Lots of PDA
  • He just wants to show everyone your his
  • Watching him play basketball while doing your homework
  • After he finished he comes over to you dripping in sweat asking you for a hug
  • You saying no
  • Which leads to him chasing you around the gym before catching you and giving you a salty kiss
  • Steve always has his arm around your waist
  • Or he holds your hand
  • Has to be touching you
  • Study dates which lead to making out
  • Taking care of him when he gets beat up
  • Would fight anyone for you
  • Taking care of your adoptive children
  • Steve saying I love you first and meaning it
  • Because he thought he wouldn’t find anyone after Nancy
  • But then he met you
  • Him giving you nose kisses before going to class
  • Whipped as fuck
  • Always going to your locker to see you
  • Being late because he wants to keep kissing you
  • Steve’s adorable man
  • Steve will whine if you don’t pay attention to him
  • Salty kisses
  • Slow soft kisses
  • Hard passionate kisses
  • Steve being the big spoon when cuddling
  • But he’s totally down for being the little spoon when needed
  • Slow love making with Steve whispering sweet things in your ear
  • After sex cuddles
  • Waking up before him because Steve is knocked out when he falls asleep
  • Going to the Snow Ball with Dustin and Steve watches with a smile on his face
  • Before Dustin being the little shit head he is goes in for a kiss
  • You haven’t seen Steve run that fast in your life
  • Dustin ended up kissing Steve’s hand
  • “Jealous Harrington?”
  • He just kisses so you shut up
  • Steve is the jealous type it’s not that he doesn’t trusts you because he trusts you more than his life
  • He doesn’t trust the guys at your school
  • Like Billy
  • Punching Billy in the face before Steve was able to do anything
  • When a demogorgon tries to attack the kids you grab Steve’s bat and swing it throwing the demogorgon a few feet back
  • Steve thought that was hot as fuck
  • Going to the movies
  • Not going to Tina’s party and just hanging out
  • Playing with his hair
  • Him letting you mess up his amazing hair
  • Piggy back rides
  • Car sex
  • Steve grabbing your ass in the hallways
  • He’s a cheeky little shit
  • Pick up lines
  • Whispering dirty things in your ear at the most inappropriate times
Dating Dean Winchester would include:

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·         Gruff morning hedgehog hair

·         Running his hands all over you

·         Whispering sweet things in your ear

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Supernatural Preference #2 | PDA



Dean was never large on PDA, that is, if he wasn’t jealous or intimidated. He didn’t want anyone looking at you and would make that very evident. If he saw a man flashing you looks at the bar he’d pull you off your bar stool and place you in his lap. If a woman was being a little too flirtatious and started brushing your shoulders with her fingertips, he’d come up from behind you and curl his arms around you protectively, looking the woman in the eyes as he places light kisses on your cheek and the top of your head.


With Sam, it never mattered where you were, if he wanted to touch you, he damn well would. It could be small things, a hand on your thigh under the table or an arm around you in the Impala. But it could also be big things, he would pull you onto his lap or just brush the hair out of your way to get his mouth on your neck. He’d whisper dirty things in your ear to get the two of you out of situations you didn’t want to be in. And that’s all when he isn’t jealous. When he gets jealous he’s always got to have his hands on you. If anyone, ANYONE, so much as checked you out when you weren’t looking he would grab your hips and press your body flush against his own. He’d kiss you and let a small snarl leave his lips as he shot daggers at the poor victim that set him off.


Cas didn’t understand PDA at first. He didn’t understand that touching wasn’t strictly something he had to wait until he got home to do. After he realized that he was allowed to touch you in public, he always did. He’d slip his fingers between yours and look off, trying to be sly about it. Or he’d peck your lips or face quickly and pull away, a blush still painting his cheeks after all these years together.


While Crowley loved to show you off, he wasn’t an extremely touchy man, sure he always had to have his hands on you somewhere. Whether it be pressed on the small of your back as he led you through crowds at extravagant parties, or an arm curled around your waist firmly when he introduced you to his friends, your favorite has to be when he placed his warm, rough hand on you upper thigh firmly under tables. It never failed to make you blush and feel desirable and Crowley knew it. He rarely kissed you in public as he didn’t want to “Give anyone an image of you they could use to pleasure themselves later.” The only real time PDA is allowed by Crowley is in his throne room, where he insists you sit on his lap. On many accounts you would sit and trail your lips along Crowley’s neck and cheeks as he spoke to his servants.


Gabriel honestly couldn’t care less where you were, if he wanted to touch you he was going to. He already spoke freely to you as if no one else was there right in front of the boys. You didn’t mind when it was the sassy sweet talk or the passionate kisses when one of you saves the other during a hunt, but then he’d do things like slide his hand up and down your thighs if he saw another person eyeing you, or he’d whisper dirty things in your ear and start sucking the skin behind your ear. Of course, he’d always stop if you asked but he never seemed to like leaving you alone or not touching you in some shape or form.

The Front Bottoms song meanings
  • Flashlight: it’s about someone having a hold over you. this is a recurring theme throughout a number of songs on our album. Our favorite line from the song is “I can hear your dog whistle from my bedroom”
  • Maps: This song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the idea of not knowing what’s next. Accepting the fact that your life won’t be as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be when you’re younger. It’s about finding out life is a longer road than you had expected. Favorite line: “Let me be a raft on a blue sea I’ll blend right in”
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up: This was the quickest song we wrote. It happens to also be the shortest on the record. Same idea as from Flashlight - just someone having a hold on you. (One of our good friends fell in love with this girl that still had a boyfriend and so in order to make time with the girl, he hung out a lot with the boyfriend and her. He slowly found out that the girl he thought he loved was kind of a bitch and he found that maybe the one he really loved was her boyfriend. They have somewhat of a romantic relationship now. And they are living together.) The vibe of this song comes from that situation. Favorite Line: “It probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide”
  • Mountain: This song is actually about buying drugs in Pennsylvania. The line was originally “I bought weed. A big bag in Pennsylvania. I’m gonna light it up when I get home to Jersey” We changed it because none of us have bought drugs or smoked ganja. ever. Favorite Line: “They’re gonna ruin my whole summer. Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.”
  • Rhode Island: we met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way. On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back. favorite line-“She says you gotta promise not to break not matter how far you are bent, she says you gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again”
  • The Beers: It’s about the same deal. Someone having a hold over you, so much so that you’d be willing to put yourself in danger, to change yourself in order to make them like you. But the song is all over the place and that’s just a small part of it. Favorite Line: “And it’s an aerial view from your house to my room”
  • Father: I put myself in someone else’s body and I wrote this song about my life.
  • Swimming Pool: The voicemail in the breakdown is from one of our friend’s dads to our friend about some dumb shit about a girl. He saved it and we added it later on to our song. Months later, the girl’s mom cornered me in the grocery store and asked me if we could take that voicemail out of the song. But we’re punk rock so we left it.
  • Favorite Line- “There’s comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool”
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming: I got stranded in Germany one time and I missed Thanksgiving. Side note: On Thanksgiving, I ate a hot dog with some weird potato shit on it in Amsterdam but it was still mad good. As I was walking around Berlin, I found this circus of freaks - it was more or less a sideshow act but it was free so I went in. I met a dude who was a gangster drug dealer, he let me stay at his house and was actually super nice. He cooked me food and went to Amsterdam with me. But while I was staying in his house he explained to me the rules of the streets in Berlin. Everybody pays, everybody’s head is in the noose, everyone is part of the program.
  • Bathtub: There’s so much in this song. Take it for what it’s worth. Favorite line: Please take me off speaker phone, this is a private conversation.
  • Legit Tattoo Gun: This song was originally called “MJ” because when we put it out we gave it two different names on two different websites. If you know this song as “MJ,” you’re way more punk rock. At one point, I was making out with a woman who was making out with a lot of other people. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. Favorite Line: “I am not a dirty god, I don’t have a dirty body”
  • Hooped Earrings: This is about a friend of mine that asked me to be there with her when she came out to her mother. Favorite Line: Curly hair don’t look good cut short.
BTS Reaction: Them finishing quickly due to it being so long since they’ve had sex with their s/o

(SMUT) Anon Request


You felt him fill you up over and over as his thrusts became harder, making it impossible for you to keep quiet. You clung to his body tight, missing him against your body so much while he had been on tour for months. The unusual loud grunts and the occasional low growl from him told you just how much he had missed you too. Being too lost in the moment, you barely noticed his head move to the crook of your neck, and his hips stuttered in their movement before a deep groan left his mouth. He stopped his movements, panting hard as he looked up at you, slightly apologetic. 

“Yoongi did you just?”

He kissed you slowly as he pulled out of you. 

“Sorry baby, you felt too good. I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

You rolled your eyes, trying to take that as a compliment instead of being annoyed.

“Well, you better be ready to work yourself up again, because if you’re going to be lasting this long in the time I’m with you we’re going to have a problem.”

He laughed at your bluntness, slowly moving south down your body.

“Awe baby, you love my tongue just as much.” 

You bit your lip hard as he rested his head against the inside of your thigh. 

“Mark this as round 1. I love your tongue, but I love your cock more.”


His grunts were loud in your ear as he had you pinned up against his studio door, pounding into you at an insane speed. You could almost see stars, making you forget about anyone else that could possibly see through the fogged glass of his door or hear for that matter. It had been so long for the both of you and the feeling of him inside you was just sending the both of you crazy. When you felt him pull you closer to his body, his mouth attacked your neck, marking you all over your exposed skin. 


He muffled against your neck and his hips snapped against yours harder than before, causing a loud gasp to escape your mouth.

“Y/n, I can’t…”

His words were cut off by the long moan that left his mouth, his hips stopping for a second before he slowly rode out his orgasm. 


You whined as he pulled out of you, the embarrassment clear on his face. You pouted towards him and his eyes finally met your own.

“Sweetie, I’m really sorry. It’s been a while.”

He grabbed onto your hand softly, holding it against his chest as he leaned down to kiss you. You kissed him back softly, running your hands through his hair. 

“Are you gunna make it up to me?” 

You said, batting your eyes at him. He giggled towards you and pulled you over to his chair. 

“I’m going to make round two all about you sweetie.” 


He had made the effort to set up his bedroom all romantic for your arrival back to Korea, clearly planning out exactly what would have naturally happened anyway. At this point, the candle light and rose petals were a blur in your vision as you felt him thrust into you deeply against his bed. He peppered kisses all over you, from your neck to your jaw, and down to your chest. Being away from him this long didn’t do either of you any good but definitely made these times more intense. He had one hand pinning your arm above your head as he kissed you deeply, his other gripping your hip as his thrusts picked up a little. He suddenly parted from the kiss and you heard the shaky sigh that left his mouth as he hung his head against your shoulder. As you felt him fill you up, you sighed contently even though the experience was quick. As he pulled out, he kissed you quickly, moving to the side of you with his arms wrapped tightly around your waist. 

“Missed me so much you couldn’t hold it in a bit longer hm?”

You said, holding back a small laugh, hoping to not offend him. 

“Jagiya, I’m sorry. But I did miss you a lot. It’s so hard when you go away for that long. I lose my control.”

He giggled softly at his own remark. You cuddled closer to his body.

“It’s ok, we have a lot of time to build up your control again.”


He was the type to either take his time and cherish your body, or fuck you for hours until your throat ran dry and you couldn’t keep back the tears of pleasure prickling down your cheeks. Though tonight, after not seeing you for months due to work, he was acting a bit more needier than what you were used too. He was usually controlled and very aware of how he wanted things to pan out, but tonight was wild. He had you naked on the kitchen counter as he fucked you hard, his hands roaming all over your body, trying to feel every inch of your skin as his hot breath hit the side of your face. Your legs were wrapped tightly around his waist and surprisingly, you were so close to your release. The way his hips slammed hard against you were driving you crazy and just before that heat could start building up, his teeth sunk into your shoulder, muffling the low growl he let out, his hips slowly coming to a halt. 

“Joonie no.”

You gasped out, whimpering as he pulled out slowly. He lifted your chin with his finger so your eyes met with his, a small, cocky grin on his face. 

“I would say sorry, but the way you just whined out my name was so sexy babygirl. Sexy enough for daddy to go another round and make you feel good.”


The boys had been cockblocking the two of you all night. Unfortunately, Jimin’s idea of throwing a dinner party right when you had returned to the country wasn’t such a good idea for the tension between you and your boyfriend. Which is what led the two of you sneaking away to the bathroom while the boys were preoccupied with a dumb drinking game. The two of you stood in front of the bathroom mirror as he took you from behind, your skirt hiked up above your waist and your panties pushed to the side as he fucked you hard. One of his hands were hidden under the front of your shirt as he played around with your nipple through the thin fabric of your bra, while the other was covering your mouth to keep you quiet. The sound of his hips hitting your ass was the loudest noise in the room though you couldn’t find the sanity to care as he fucked you faster and harder. Your eyes never left his as you watched each other through the mirror.

“F-fuck, y/n.”

You heard him stutter as he slammed into you hard one last time, an audible gasp leaving your lips through his hand as you felt him fill you up. As he pulled out, he took a second to catch his breath as you fixed yourself up. 

“That didn’t take long. Almost as quick as when I took your virginity.”

You smirked and looked towards him as he zipped the fly of his pants up. He stared towards you with a dark expression, then suddenly, spinning you around quickly, he lifted your skirt up again and smacked your ass hard. You yelped softly, enjoying it more than anything. You saw him with an evil grin in the mirror and tried to hold back your laughter by biting your lip. His hands gripped your hips hard as he came up next to your ear.

“Watch what you say princess, I might just not let you cum later on if you’re going to be cocky about it.”

You bit your lip and shot him your sexiest stare, rubbing your ass against his crotch. 

“Was that wrong of me? Am I going to be punished when we get home? Have I been a bad girl?” 

You whined out. He just laughed evilly, smacking your ass lightly again as he pushed you towards the door. 

“You got no fucking idea baby.”


You had been teasing him the whole trip home, groping him, pulling his hair, whispering dirty things in his ear and also delaying the time it could’ve taken you both to get home by stopping into the shops. It was dark when you pulled over into an almost empty car park and that’s when he took the opportunity to shut you up. You were quickly sprawled out on the back seat of your car, Jimin fucking you hard and fast, not caring about who heard the two of you from outside. The windows were already fogged up and you found the fact that he got so worked up over your actions earlier so hot that the heat in your body was rising quicker then usual. It had also been so long since the two of you had been together, causing a huge amount of sexual tension and cravings. You decided to test the waters though. 

“Jimin Oppa.”

You moaned out softly. You watched his breath hitch in his throat and a little choked moan came out of his mouth as he stared down at you.

“Y/n, don’t.”

He whispered in a slightly seductive tone. You didn’t care though, ignoring what he said.


You moaned out louder then before, causing him to thrust hard into you a few more times as you felt him cum inside you. 


He said breathlessly, laying on top of you. There was a small silence before you spoke.

“Did that really set you off early?”

You said giggling. He shied away a little bit as you both sat up, attempting to get dressed quickly. 

“Hey! You’ve been messing with me all night. Plus I haven’t seen you in months. Plus, You haven’t called me Oppa since we were in high school.”

He said the last part hushed and you could tell he was embarrassed by it.

“But you liked it, right?”

You watched him nod slowly, finally his eyes meeting with yours. You laughed towards him, scooting closer to hug him. 

“I missed you Oppa.”


You had offered to pick your boyfriend up from the airport on the day he arrived, but quickly shutting you down, he didn’t want to put you out of your schedule for the day. It was a little odd seeing as you hadn’t seen him for months, but you took the time to dress up in something you knew he’d like when he arrived to your apartment. When he had finally shown up at your front door, you opened it wearing only a white-floral, mesh bra that tied up around your neck, basically see through, along with a matching, white thong that had a small crystal hanging above your backside, making you feel extra seductive. His reaction was clearly what lead you both to the bedroom. Disregarding your underwear all over the floor of the living room, obviously desperate to get what he wanted. He lay beneath you as you rode him slowly, his length filling you up exactly how you remembered and exactly how you missed. You watched his eyes roam over your body as you placed your hands on his chest. His hands wondering from your hips, up your stomach and then finally, to your breasts. Your body finally felt content having him home again and just as you were about to speed up, he flipped you over onto your back.


You said breathlessly as he sped up, thrusting harder into you, making it impossible for you to keep quiet, as well as him. His forehead rested against yours as he kept moving, his eyes baring into yours and then, they fluttered shut and his movement slowed right down as his mouth hung open, choked moans escaping his lips. He moved off of you slowly, laying on his back next to you as he calmed down. Then he reached his arms out to you, pulling you against his chest. 


He said slightly laughing at the situation. You sat up suddenly pouting at him, and he laughed even more and attempted to sit up as well, but you pushed him back down. 

“No, no. You’re helping me out until you’re ready to go again.”

You said quickly climbing on top of him, positioning in between your thighs above his head. You saw the smirk on his face as he hooked his arms around your thighs, pulling you down closer to his lips. your hands moved down and gripped his hair softly. 

“It won’t take me long, I missed you too much so get ready for an all nighter.” 

this gif … I wanna sit on his face


A/N: As you can see, the more I wrote, the more I got carried away and detailed. Actually, Writing Jungkook’s killed me. Like every time I write something about Jungkook, I start thinking about him and I wanna tell him to swerve because he ain’t my boy but like, he’s too god dam sexy! dw Tae you still the number one like slay me now! Anyway I really hope you all enjoy this! I had so much fun writing it and more requests will be posted soon! Mwah! x

exo ↬ turn ons

⇴ xiumin:

thigh riding, sexting (specifically photos), begging/dirty talk, “daddy…”, sexy lingerie

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⇴ luhan:

lap dances (receiving), lip biting, high heels (sorry, this is a little fem centric), bending over in front of him (intentionally), “daddy…”

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⇴ kris:

groaning, tattoos, confidence, teasing yourself in public (or in the car while he’s driving), uncharacteristic role changes (ex. a sub acting more dominant)

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⇴ suho:

schoolgirl/boy outfits, general ‘innocence’ acts, cute lingerie (private fashion shows/modeling), lingerie shopping too, batting your eyelashes to get something

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⇴ lay:

a loud, contagious laugh, sweet smelling perfumes/colognes, receiving compliments, having his hips straddled, (mildly) you sitting on his lap

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⇴ baekhyun:

risqué dancing (together), ear nibbling (??), dirty talk in a foreign language, very well fitting jeans ass, basically, sexting (texts)

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⇴ chen:

you wearing only his shirt and some undergarments, skype shows, watching porn together, praise on his ‘performance’ last time he had sex, running your fingers through your hair

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⇴ chanyeol:

hearing you talk dirty to him (in public or over the phone), showering together some things just can’t be kept innocent, lap dances, pole dances, you using his fingers to get off i’m a little tipsy so it might not make sense, but not him fingering you… you fingering yourself with his fingers

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⇴ d.o:

you ‘acting out’ (especially in public), you attempting to be dominant for the night, but watching you give up really gets him going, massages you’d definitely get a treat, low-cut tops

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⇴ tao:

public teasing (receiving), being ordered around/told what to do (in everyday situations, not the bedroom but the bedroom too), the promise of a punishment, looking through past nude photos and videos of you

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⇴ kai:

neck kisses, ass grabbing (you grabbing his, or vice versa), lap dances (giving), running your fingers through his hair, various forms of voyeurism

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⇴ sehun:

strip teases, swearing (in a foreign language), “baby boy…”, any form of teasing (mainly physical though), referring to yourself as mommy/daddy, saying anything that would boost his ego

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Petplay - Kinks pt. 1

Yoongi x reader

genre: Petplay, dom!yoongi, smut

word count: 3.1k

thanks to @lonely-kitten-named-bambi ‘s weird past for the idea! ( @joon-chaos )

It’s a series for every memeber and their kinks I think they have. The first one is dedicated to Min Yoongi and a petplay kink. Enjoy.

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