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Oh Captain!// Steve Rogers x Reader (P2)

Pairing: Steve Rogers x POC Reader
Word Count: 2k+
Warning: Language, fluff, smut, unprotected sex (WRAP YOUR WANG BEFORE YOU BANG), slight dry humping, bit of dirty talk, a little Sub!Steve…if you squint and cock your head at a 45 degree angle.
Summary: Steve bares all, in more ways than one. How is anyone supposed to resist this god-forsakenly beautiful man? You don’t; you give into temptation and enjoy the ride. Sometimes Steve’s smart mouth gets him into trouble. Bonus: Bruce is so cute when he’s embarrassed.

A/N: I’m still getting the hang of this smut thing so pls bear with me. Idk why tf I’m so damn shy about writing it when I’m sinful as hell irl.  Also bless you @emilyevanston for reminding me that Steve is so much more than just Captain America. Sorry this took so long, hopefully the fic makes up for the long ass wait! Feedback is absolutely appreciated.

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Eerie antique bisque dolly, eyes in “sleep” position. She reminds me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole.

(I probably found this on eBay, but no longer remember for certain - please contact me if you can add credit info)

Chucky rides again - by Dogman707

I saw this art work while walking on the Greenline. This is an 10.8 mile urban trail that runs from Mid-town Memphis to Shelby Farms. He was hidden about the growth. It kinda of freak me out seeing this ragged, worn and dirty doll on the wood horse. I did not have my camera only my cell phone , but I took a picture any way. I need to get a telephoto lens for my cell phone for situations like this. 

Manhattan Mistress part 3


Pairing: Bucky x reader, Steve x reader, Tony x reader and OC!Casey (daughter of Y/N and Tony)

Summary: Sam scolds Steve for the things he’s done and hasn’t done. Y/N and Bucky take a trip down memory lane in a very intimate way.

Song: “Mad about you” by Hooverphonic. Lyrics are in italics. Part of the song challenge as hosted by @mrs-squirrel-chester

Word count: 2.637

Warnings: SMUT, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it!), talk of violence and abuse.

A/N: Dedicated to my favourite mob AU writer @caplanbuckybarnes. Enjoy sweetie!

Part 1: the background story

Part 2: the friction

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