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It’s been five long years with these boys and I’m so grateful to be apart of this fandom we being through alot of shit together twitter wars crying over the fact that are favorite has cheated on us laughing making jokes working hard to make sure our boy’s are #1 going through the nasty Rumors losing zayn but all that has made us stronger and we will always be the baddest bitches here’s to five more years!!!!

Inspiration - Long Dirty Harry Styles Imagine

I sit across from him taking all of him in. His soft pink lips. His forest green eyes. His gorgeous curly hair. The way he bites the inside of his cheek softly when he’s concentrating. The way he furrows his brows when he reads over what he’s wrote. He’s gorgeous, and I can’t believe that he’s mine.

“You’re looking at me,” he says without lifting his eyes from the pencil and paper.

“I am,” I respond.

“Why are you looking at me?”

“Because you’re handsome.”

His eyes lift from the paper and looks me in mine. He gives me a small smile and shakes his head returning to his work. He’s writing a new song for Ariana Grande’s album. I know it is going to be great, but he’s never satisfied with his work, even when I think it’s amazing.

“What’s your inspiration?” I ask.


“When you write your songs. What inspires you to write?” I ask again.

“I don’t know. It just depends. I’ll see something walking down the street or I’ll watch something on TV. I don’t know, love, it just comes to me. Except for right now…” He sighs.

“Oh,” I say. “I’m sorry.” And his eyes return to his paper. And I return to myself. There’s not much to sidetrack Harry when he’s in his artistic mode. He’s determined and focused. He’s hardworking and careful… And he’s so goddamned sexy.

We’re at his house in the study. He didn’t want me to come here with him, but of course I did. I promised I would be quiet and I wouldn’t be a distraction, but it’s so hard with Harry. I just look at him and my heart leaps. I always want to be with him. I always want to see him, hear him, feel him.

“So what type of song are you writing? A dance song? Breakup song? Love song?” I ask killing the silence.

“It’s a love song, y/n.”

“Oh. Well how do you find inspiration for a love song just walking down the street or seeing something on TV?” I ask.

“Well, ironically, my inspiration is distracting me right now. And considering this is fairly important I wish the distraction would stop,” Harry says pointedly.

“That doesn’t make much sense,” I say oblivious not understanding what he’s really saying until he raises and eyebrow up at me.

“Oh! I’m distracting you?” I gasp.

“Jeez, y/n!”

“Well, I didn’t know I was such a huge distraction, I guess I’ll just be going then!” I roll my eyes lifting from the chair muttering a few profanities before slamming the door.

I walk into the living room not really knowing what to do with myself. I had come over to spend the day with Harry considering it was one of the scarce moments we had time to spare for each other when we weren’t both working, but he’s still basically working. I sit on the couch huffing and complaining to myself when a thought occurs to me… Harry said I was his inspiration. That I was the person that gave him that incentive behind every great love song. I was it for him.

That’s one of the sweetest things Harry had ever said to me. Hell, that was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever said to me. I smile as I cross the living room back to the study thinking about what he said. I feel the overcoming need to hug him; to kiss him. I reach my hand out to turn the knob when I realize something else: Harry also said I was a distraction…
I’m not mad at him anymore, not really.
But I do think I owe it to him to let him have his peace and finish his song. I would just have to wait and suffer until it’s finish and I can hear it. With nothing else to do, though, I decide it’s probably best for me to go home. There was really nothing for me to do here.

I pick up my purse from the living room and head to the door. Before leaving, I decide to leave Harry a note telling him that I’ve gone home. I grab a small piece a scrap paper and take a pen out from my purse.

Thought it would be better if I go home and be less of a distraction. Talk to you later - Y/N

Thinking that would do, I left the note on the living room coffee table, and head out.

It had been about two hours since I had left Harry’s house. I was all alone at my apartment watching lame romance movies in my bedroom. I was in nothing but one of Harry’s flannel button down shirts and a lacy pair of boyshorts. It was one of the few times I had to just relax.

I pause my current movie, Endless Love, and decide some popcorn and soda wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I jog down the stairs and into the kitchen looking for the microwavable popcorn. Suddenly, I hear a noise in the front room. This is why I hated being alone. The thought of someone breaking in when I’m home alone and defenselessly literally scared the piss out of me.

As the formidable sound only continues, I decide to go against every rational thought I have and go check it out. I sneakily tip-toe behind the wall that partly blocks the view of the front room and peer past it, only barely peeking out my head. The front door knob shakes rapidly and I realize someone’s trying to get into the apartment.

The only option I can think of is to rush to the door and quickly lock the top lock, so I do that. I run over to the door, barely putting a hand on the top lock before it bursts open. I’m quick to jump back, ready to run and flee my attacker when I look up and see who it is.
“Harry! What the fuck are you doing here? You scared me half to death!” I yell.

“Relax, darling, it’s me,” he smiled warmly. “I have a key. Remember?”

Harry did have the key to my house, I realize. I suppose between the surprise of him showing up here unsuspected, and me and my paranoia induced thoughts of being defenselessly robbed, I never really considered sensible explanations.

“I thought you were trying to rob me,” I admit. Harry laughs one of those deep, infection laughs and I fight back a smile and roll my eyes.

“I’m glad you find my deepest fears humorous and exploitable. Maybe next time you can take all of my childhood memories and burn them in a bonfire.” I cross my arms and walk back to the kitchen with Harry following a step behind.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, y/n. I just wanted to see you,” Harry says. I turn around to face him and get an eye full of his beautiful, cheeky grin.

“I’m glad you can fit me into your schedule,” I say, shrugging a shoulder.

“Oh… This is about earlier,” he says.
“And on that topic, what is this?” he asks quirking an eyebrow up at me as he pulls a folded sheet of paper out of his pocket. He hands it to me and I open it up and read it. It’s my note I left earlier.

“Clearly,” I huff sarcastically. “It’s a note. A ‘goodbye’, ‘see you later’ note, to be more specific.”

“Your specifications don’t really make it any less confusing.”

“It’s a ‘I’m sorry for my terrible, distracting ways. I’ll personally rid you of your burdens by going home,’ note .”

“That’s ridiculous,” Harry says shaking his head at me.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be ridiculous and distracting,” I mutter.

“Wow, you’re overreacting. If I remember correctly, the same conversation in which I referred to you as a distraction, I also told you you were my inspiration,” he reminds me.

“Which can’t be of much use to you when I am a distraction,” I return. I feel some of my irrationalness fade out of me when I look into Harry’s eyes.

“Besides. I didn’t leave because I was angry or to make you upset. I just wanted you to be able to finish the song and knew you had more important things to do. So I just decided to go home.”

“Aww, y/n. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, love,” he said engulfing me in a large hug. I sigh annoyed and push him back off of me.

“You didn’t hurt my feelings. I’m not a child. I was just looking forward to spending a day with my boyfriend when we weren’t working and too busy for each other, but apparently you were too busy for it. But you needed to finish your song. I completely understand,” I say crossing my arms.

“I didn’t finish the song,” he says.

“Excuse me?”

“I couldn’t finish the song.” His lips quirked into a sly smirk. “My inspiration ran out on me.” I narrow my eyes at him. This was no time for him to be cheeky or witty or whatever he would like to call this. I spent our together time alone today because of that song.

“Today was one of the only days in weeks we had just to be together, just the two of us for the entire day. You decided you wanted to write a song. I gave up those hopes so you could write said song. And now you are telling me said song did not even get written?” I ask angrily.

“I know! I know. But when you left, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you. And that helped me write a good amount of it, but it’s not the same. I needed the real thing,” he said from behind me, pulling my hips into his large frame. I allow myself to slightly sink into his arms.

“That doesn’t make up for it. It’s already nine o’clock. We missed our day together,” I sigh.

“Then I’ll make it up to you all night,” he whispers in my ear. He places his lips on the crook of my neck and I let my eyes flutter closed. He moves his mouth to the area and bites on the skin.

“Don’t leave a hickey. I don’t want the mark.” He continues sucking on the spot, only harder, ignoring my comment. Harry loved to leave marks on me. I always have to work twice as hard to cover it up the next day.

“It’s a part of the experience,” he says and I can feel his smirk. He continues finding places to kiss on my neck. He moves his tongue against the skin. Blowing on it. Kissing on various spots. Sucking on the same areas.

“You were a real ass earlier today,” I manage to say quietly.

“I know. I’m sorry,” he whispers against the nape of my neck.

And that’s when I feel it. That flutter in my heart. The quick shift in my heartbeat. The humming at the bottom of my stomach and aching in my soul. Harry was that person that could always fix everything for me. That I could always forgive. As much as he said I inspired him, he inspired me too. To do more. To be more. To love more.

“I love you,” I say.

“I love you, too,” he whispers.

I turn around to face him and look him deep into his eyes. His emerald orbs take all of me in and I wonder what he’s thinking. I wonder if he feels what I feel, and I hope he does.

“I meant what I said, y/n. You are my inspiration,” Harry whispers. I don’t say anything in return. Instead, I bring my lips to meet his, but it does all the same. He moves in sync with me, our lips connect in a million different ways. I bring my hands to his chest and I can feel the steady rhythm, yet I can feel the small pickup.

He moves his hands under my shirt, caressing the bare skin. He rests his large hands in the curve of my lower back. I kiss him deeper and my mind can only communicate with my body, telling me what to do next and how good this makes me feel.

“I want you,” I whisper against his lips.

He pulls back and looks at me, biting his lower lip and I can feel the lust and desire that begins to show, but the love doesn’t waver. It was different to have sex and not feel something for someone. Anyone could do that. But when it was right, when you loved someone and they felt the same way, everything was so magical. The feeling was like euphoria.

“Jump.” And I oblige, wrapping my legs around his torso. Harry’s hands instinctively grab my ass, squeezing greedily.

My lips find his again and I press against him with a certain urgency. I have him, right here, right now, but there’s always something in the back of my mind when we’re together, reminding me of how long it might be until we are again. I pull his hair and press my chest to his as if we could get any closer, because when we’re apart, I reminisce on the feeling of completion.

“I’ll be sure to give you all the inspiration you need tonight,” I say looking into his eyes and biting my lip.

“I don’t think that’s exactly the right message I’m trying to send my fans,” he smirks.
“What message would it be?”

“That I want to make you scream my name. Over and over and over.”

“I’d listen to that song,” I purr. And he finds my neck again and he walks towards the kitchen.

He puts me down on the kitchen counter and I wrap my arms around his neck to pull his face towards mine. He kisses me softly and runs his fingers through my hair. I smile up at him.

“Baby, how about we make love, right here, right now, on this here kitchen counter?” I ask.

“I was thinking the same thing.” He kisses me on my nose. I kiss him on his lips. Harry takes my wrists and kisses my right hand, then my palm, and then my wrist. He runs the kiss up my arm and begins to roll up the sleeve of the flannel shirt.

“Whose shirt is this?” he asks teasingly.

“Just some guy’s who comes over occasionally when you’re away,” I tease back.

“Oh really?” He raises an eyebrow at me daringly.


“Then we’ll just have to do away with this.” He pulls on the buttons until they all pop out of there stitching and the shirt rips. He fits my chin in between two of his fingers and lifts my eyes to meet his.

“I liked that shirt,” I say.

“So did I.” He admits and I take the shirt completely off.

“Red lace. Matching panties. You weren’t serious about ‘some guy who comes over occasionally’ were you?” Harry says jokingly.

“Why would I even waste my time. No one can make me scream like you can…” He gave me a look as if he were pondering the statement.

“Hmm. You do have a point.” I pull his face close to mine and whisper nearly inaudibly.

“Then prove it.” That’s all the provoking I have to do. Harry pushes me further onto the countertop and kneels at the edge. I sit up watching his every move.

“I miss your pussy, y/n,” he says. I can’t even respond. I feel myself getting wet.
“What do you want me to do?” Harry says.

“Harry,” I whine. His gorgeous face is in front of my area. The place I need him so badly now. And he knows I need him there. But he wants to hear me say it.

“Tell me, y/n. What do you want? Do you want my tongue?” Harry asks while pulling my panties down my legs.

“Yes, Harry. Please. I want your tongue,” I say while laying further back on the counter.

He simply smirks and moves towards my pussy. He licks right up the center and I heave a breath of air.
He finds my clit and gives it a small kiss before circling it with the tip of his tongue. He flicks it back and forth and his hot, wet tongue makes me moan.

“Yes, baby,” I moan as he pushes his tongue deep into my center. I run my fingers through his curls as he goes deeper. He slides it against my folds and I close my eyes and bite my lip. I move my hips along with the movement of his tongue.

Soon after this continuous feeling of ecstasy I feel myself moving closer to my edge. My heart is racing and my toes curl. I feel his tongue push inside of me and I can barely contain my moans.

“Harry I’m gonna c-” I can’t finish my sentence as my heart shattering orgasm comes over me.

“Baby, you’re so fucking sexy,” Harry breaths heavily as I collapse onto the cold kitchen counter.

I’m still breathing heavily when I kick my red lace underwear from off of my ankles and Harry stands in front of my sprawled body. He unbuckles his pants and pulls them down and disregards them on the floor.

“I want to make love to you, y/n,” Harry says. I don’t have enough energy to form a complete sentence but I nod my head quickly.

I sit up slowly on the counter as Harry walks towards me. He stands directly in front of my pussy with one of my bare legs on either side of him. He leans in and presses a kiss to my lips that are swollen from my biting.

The kiss becomes hot and passionate and for the second time tonight I feel myself growing hopelessly wet at my excruciatingly sexy boyfriend. I slip my cold hands under his shirt and rub my palms around the smooth canvas of his skin. I moan into the kiss and bite his lip.

He groans. “Y/N, such a fucking tease.”
Harry reaches to lift his shirt and upon seeing his abs, his tattoos, his chest and his naked skin, my heart beat pulses back to life. He’s green orbs bare into mine and for a second we only state into eachother, drinking up our view. I can hear him breathe and see his chest move as I know he hears my breath and watches my chest move.

Harry takes no more time to adorn my face with soft kisses. Peppering my jaw. My cheeks. My neck. Oh, I moan at how he kisses my neck.

“Lay back,” he commands.

I push myself back onto the counter and let him guide himself ontop of my body. His weight pressed against my bare skin, my heaving chest, my naked breast… It’s enough to set my skin on fire even against the chill I feel of being completely naked in the cool room.

As Harry continues to kiss all over my body, leaving bold bruised and slight scratches I find a spot on his broad right shoulder pressing my lips to it. I hum my moans and whisper his name onto his body.

I reach down inbetween us and tug on his boxers.

“Off,” I demand in a whine like a spoiled child.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, y/n. I want to take my time with you,” Harry whispers alluringly into my ear.

“I want to feel you.”

Harry nods his head. He places his lips into a hollow above my collar bone which drives me crazy. He nibbles on the skin and smooths his hot tongue against it before pushing himself off the counter to remove his underwear.

I see the prominent bulge in his boxers and I can’t help but to stare at it with lust and need. His eyes are dark with the same desire as he pulls his underwear down and reveals his enticing shaft.

“Come here,” I whisper.

He complies and pulls himself ontop of my eager body. I feel my center dripping and pulsing for him. He kisses my lips with a passion that awakens my soul.

“Make love to me.”

He enters my pussy and it throbs around him. I feel my walls stretch around his long, thick shaft and I allow the moans to spill out of my lips.

“Harry,” I moan deliciously.

“Y/N, you feel so good around me.” He gives me just a minute to adjust to his appreciable size before moving within me.

His thrusts are continous and thorough. He moves his hips expertly with mind and I feel every inch of him. I spread my fingers across the skin of his back as my eyes roll into the back of my head and I can barely think.

Harry groans gorgeously into my ear while grinding his dick into me. I can’t breath and I can’t think.

When his speed picks up and his thrusts are more forceful I hang onto his body with everything in me. I dig my fingers into his lovely hair and wrap my legs completely around his torso. I moan his name at first. And eventually I scream it. Over and over just as he said.

“Baby, you’re so good,” Harry says to me while sucking on the same dip in my neck. My nerves are on high alert and I can feel every touch deep inside my bones.

I feel the skin of his chest against mine. The small drops of sweat from his forehead falling onto me and the feeling of my nails scratching into his back. He groans into my ear and his silky voice nearly pushes me to my climax all by itself.


“Are you gonna cum for me, y/n?”

“Yes! Yes Harry,” I strain as his thrusts continue. I feel his tip reach deep inside of me and I can barely look at his face without needing to cum.

“Cum for me, love,” Harry says while pushing deep inside of me. My walls contract around his throbbing dick. My toes curl and my back arches. Moans slip out of my mouth along with curses and Harry’s deliverable name on my tongue.

After I’ve come off my high I feel Harry twitching inside of me.

“Now, cum for me, Harry, baby. Show me how much I really inspire you,” I moan into his ear, which is all he needs.
The look on his face is the sexiest of which I’ve probably ever seen. His eyes nearly shut and his mouth falls open with my name. He continues giving me small strokes until I feel him explode inside of me and go soft.

“Y/N,” Harry says after finally catching his breath. His body is still on top of mine, but I don’t mind because of my desire to feel his warmth.

“Yes, baby?”

“I love you,” he whispers.

“I love you, too,” I say smiling uncontrollably. “Think you can write that song now?”

“Mmm. Maybe later. I think I might need a round two,” he says cheekily. I push his body off of mine and he catches his feet and is standing above my recovering body looking down at me.

I sit up and give him a mischievous look.

“I’ll be inspiring you all night, then,” I say. He laughs and presses a kiss to my lips.

“That’s what inspirations are for.”

Okay! So I was inspired to finish this imagine I started a while ago due to the recent album leaks that had me very excited!!! So I’ll try my best to write some more but make sure you guys reblog and heart and all that ishh so I know you guys actually enjoy these and I’ll keep writing them. If I have any mistakes, I haven’t really done too much editing but I’ll for sure go back to do that soon. Thanks for reading. Bye bye!