dirty dancing the move

Otp moments to think about

~ A jumping onto the sleeping form of B and screaming ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ before showering them with kisses and presents

~ A taking the hand of nervous B to calm them in public and whispering encouraging words

~ A taking care of B when B has been working too hard and neglecting their basic human needs

~ Adopting a pet!

~ Sharing their favorite music with each other

~ Introducing each other to movies and TV shows that mean a lot to them!

~ Babysitting

~ Playing video games

~ Reuniting after a long time away from each other

~ Coming up with and discussing theories at 2 AM

~ Knowing each others triggers and having well thought out plans for when those moments happen

~ Helping each other get over bad habits

~ Helping each other maintain good habits

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs

~ Laying on the hood of a car, looking up at the stars and talking about childhood memories

~ The calm before the storm, a small, precious moment that they have, not knowing if they’ll see each other alive again

~ A admitting a hard-hitting truth to B

~ Shopping!

~ Reading and cuddling on a sunny day

~ Trying out glasses

~ Whispering sassy comments to each other and ‘staring into the camera like their in the office’ looks but their each others cameras

~ Trying to outsmart each other in front of a teacher / boss / high rank

~ you say TWISTER and I raise with MESSY TWISTER (paint!)

~ Finals week and coping mechanisms

~ A lost their baggage and needs to borrow basically everything from B

~ Late night phone calls

~ Napping

~ Jamming in the car

~ Introducing each other to their families

~ Tired monday mornings

~ Stealing food and hauling ass from a party neither of them want to be at

~ Reenacting the Dirty Dancing dance move and messing up

~ Lost in the woods 

spiderman things!peter parker headcanon

idea: basically things that remind you that you’re dating a superhero?

  • showing up outside your window, hanging upside down and pretending as if it isn’t the middle of the night
  • “can i try on the suit?”
  • you may or may not have accidentally webbed him in the eye
  • good luck kisses before he goes off to fight crime
  • webbed notes on your windows/car/locker in the mornings
  • tending to his wounds after particularly difficult fights
  • “peter, stop whining. it’s just ice”
  • he totally pretends they hurt much worse than they really do to get more kisses
  • its 10x easier to sneak him in at night
  • the countless times where your parents almost caught him because he sleeps like a fucking rock
  • superhuman!stamina (winkwink)
  • you’ve made him do the dirty dancing move more times than you can count
  • do i need to mention the upside down kiss
  • no seriously, peter loves doing it
  • its ridiculous
  • webbing is all over your clothes
  • instead of getting up, he just webs you and pulls you over
  • “how is your blood not rushing to your head?”
  • late to everything
  • “peter, you can fucking fly! you should not be an hour late!”
  • “there was a cat stuck in a tree”
  • “do you wanna meet iron man?”
  • dealing with his random abroad trips
  • “um… i have to go to germany for a week”
  • hickeys don’t last ten fucking minutes?????
  • learning to sew so you can patch his suit up
  • conversations with karen
  • you told him once you thought it was hot that he could backflip
  • he’s never stopped since
  • seriously, walking through central park: flipping
  • walking through the halls at school: flipping
  • always telling him that you love him
  • not spiderman, but peter
  • because spiderman is just a part of the man that you love so so dearly

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Could you do a head cannon about cute couple stuff with tom? Like dancing in the kitchen singing songs together, going grocery shopping and all that jazz

  • tom and you were practically the old married couple in your group of friends
  • but no one could deny that you guys had the cutest relationship
  • cuddles cuddles cuddles 
  • cuddling was a frequent occurrence
  • when he came home, he’d be instantly searching the house for you and wouldn’t hesitate to plop down, half the time directly on top of you, and wrap his arms around you and bury his head into either your chest or the crook of your neck and mumble how good it felt to be with you
  • laughing at each other’s jokes 25/8
  • forehead kisses
  • neck kisses
  • soft kisses where he’d let his lips linger over yours and then pull his head back enough just to look at you and remind you that he loves you and vice versa
  • text messages throughout the day
  • “babe, i’m bored harrison locked me in my trailer hELP” 
  • “hey darling i miss you and i hope you have a great day” 
  • “i miss our bed, but specifically being with you in it” 
  • making playlists for each other 
  • always sharing new music 
  • “baby! check out this song, i think you’d love it!!”
  • speaking of music 
  • dancing around the house together
  • especially in the mornings while cooking breakfast together
  • or in the evenings, both of you in your sweatpants, passing ingredients back and forth while both of your hips were swaying 
  • midnight kitchen dances were your favorite
  • he’d cue up a slow song, probably frank sinatra, and grab your hips and nudge his forehead against yours before two-stepping lightly to the beat 
  • your arms would wrap around his neck, your head dropping into his chest 
  • him spinning you around 
  • don’t tell me you guys wouldn’t try the move from dirty dancing at least once
  • it was finally successful on the 19th attempt 
  • play fights 
  • him teaching you his iconic spider-man moves turn into a challenge of who has the better fight skills 
  • most of which end up with him pinning you to the floor and his head stooping down to give you quick pecks
  • sometimes turning out into full on make out sessions 
  • him insisting you be his workout buddy
  • ending up beneath him as he does push-ups over you and kissing various parts of your face each time he lowers himself 
  • sometimes they were very successful trips that proved you were both sensible and mature adults 
  • with the occasional begging from tom of various sweets
  • otherwise
  • one of you would end up sitting in the shopping cart while the other pushed 
  • chasing each other through the aisles
  • playing hide and go seek in the produce section 
  • nearly getting kicked out after tom starts yelling the lyrics to the song playing on the overhead speakers 
  • hand holding is a big thing 
  • when you’re in the car together
  • even in bed
  • out in public
  • he just loved being able to be physically intertwined with you 
  • if you think him pressing kisses to the back of your hand didn’t happen often you’re wrong
  • alright
  • this was supposed to be short
  • whooPS


He Had No Right (Pewdiepie/Reader) Smut-ish drabble

Request: Are you still writing for Felix? Because if so I’d like to request a smutty or even slightly smutty fic with him? Maybe in a car?

This is slightly angsty, slightly smutty, and slightly feely. I did this pretty quick so I apologize if there are any errors.

Important info for the fic:

Vad fan?! vad i helvete tror du att du gör det – What the fuck? What the hell do you think you’re doing?!

du rövhålan- You asshole

YT/N- Youtube Name

Originally posted by partypewds

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do you know any dancer fics that turn into smut? bc i am in love with that concept and i haven't read any particularly good fics of it

found these two!
- Vallie

Dirty Dancing by cattchi (8/8 | 19,755 | Mature)

Keith + his makeshift family move to Cuba, and Keith contemplates his existence; learning to dance latin ballroom with a little extra oomph (courtesy of poolboy staff, Lance) apparently helps with existentialism.

Dirty Dancing (2) AU! (Modern setting.)

YSBTF by sevenfivetwo (2/2 | 13,187 | Explicit)

Lance loves to dance. Lance pours his heart and soul into dance. He comes in every week, to every dance rehearsal, pumped and enthusiastic and energetic. One of his favorite dance groups is a hip hop group that dominates the floor on Thursday nights. Lance loves to watch them, admiring their cool choreography and hip dance members, marveling at their synchronicity and sleek movements. They’re so cool.

Never mind the fact that Keith is one of the dance members.

(AKA: after dance practice Keith confronts Lance about how often he catches him watching his rehearsals, and they get it on lol)

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thank you boo ily !! i hope you enjoy this 💙

p.s. just a note this is set in the this world inverted verse xoxo

500 follower celebration (want one?)

The music in the club is loud, and Magnus feels out of place almost instantly. But Alec had asked him so nicely to go, his excitement over the blacklight party so genuine that Magnus was too weak to say no. Besides, they spent their last 2 dates doing what Magnus had wanted. They ordered food in Magnus’ loft and exchanged sweet and soft kisses while some rom com played on the TV in the background. 

Everything between them is so new, but so unbelievably exciting. Magnus hasn’t felt this way about someone in such a long time, and although they are polar opposites, they really do go together well. Alec fills a room with his presence while Magnus prefers to blend in with the crowd, but somehow, they always meet in the middle. 

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Tom Holland Imagine

Originally posted by won-der-land89

He watched you dance from the corner of the room. He’s been doing that a lot the past days. Tom loved it when you danced, he loved how you moved, how you expressed all your emotions in one dance. Tom also loved it when you finished dancing you looked so happy, he couldn’t look away from your smile or stop himself from smiling. 

Tom decided to do something he hadn’t done before. Join you when you dance, as you moved around he jumped in and tried to movie with you. Him doing that didn’t scare you or make you mess up, you turned to him and danced. It took him few minutes to get into it, but soon he got the hand of it and you could dance together. You both smiled as you moved as one. 

“I should have done this much sooner” Tom whispered in your ear as you kept on dancing around the room. You could tell the music was about to stop but by the way Tom moved himself and you, you won’t be stopping when the music stops. The music ended but you didn’t. You were so surprised and proud of how Tom moved. 

At some point the dancing had to stop and it did with an amazing move: Tom lifting you up in the air and slowly placing you back to the ground, almost like the famous Dirty Dancing move. 

“I hope this isn’t the last time you’ll be dancing with me” you said to Tom when he had placed your feet back on the ground but didn’t let go of you. 

“No, I plan on dancing with you on our wedding day and all the anniversaries to come after that” he kiss you tenderly leaving you wanting more. He smiled at you the way you smile after every dance. 

You and Tom made it a daily thing. When ever Tom had some free time he would join you. Thanks to dancing you and Tom got even closer it was like you had opened another door in your relationship no one knew existed. 

Party girl-Justin Bieber imagine (mature)

Justin meets Y/N at a party.

Y/N POV-  

“Y/N, Y/N!” the loud chants of my name can be heard throughout the room, above the loud music. I decided to let loose and go to my best friend’s brother’s birthday party. Tessa, whom i’ve known for over 5 years, assisted we went to her older brother’s 21st birthday party, saying it was party ‘we could not miss.’ 

I continue to move hips to the beat, dirty dancing on the kitchen counter top, not giving a care who was filming. I move my hips, shaking my ass to the fast beats, my mini shorts clinging tight to my curves. After my 5th shot of the stinging vodka, I went crazy, my mind not stable to think anymore. I close my eyes, feeling the hype run down my body, I continue to dance, raising my arms in the air. I open my hazy eyes, glancing down at the crowd. I spot a cute boy. He wore a tank top, that exposed his perfect structured arms that I wanted to touch so badly. 

He focused on me, his eyes staring looking up at me as he leans down to sip from the red cup in his hand. I stand there, lost and dazed from my dancing. I couldn’t focus anymore. 

“Y/N, that was so good!” I hear Tessa cheer from below. I jump down the counter top. 

“I got it all on video!” She continues to cheer for me, telling me how good my dancing skills were. 

I nod lazily, my mind on able to comprehend what she was saying, her words going straight through my left ear and out of my right. I feel unable to stand up, my legs suddenly feeling weak, as if any moment i’ll collapse. I clutch onto Tessa’s shoulder, leaning my weight onto her. She quickly notices something wrong. She turns her attention to me, holding me with two arms, slowing walking me into a quiet corner. 

My mind begins to fuzz, a blur suddenly taking over my vision.  Out of the blue, my eyes began to spin, the blur slightly easing my sight. I look around, confusion striking me. I didn’t know where I was. 

The bed sheets were soft, white and thick. The room, oddly tidy, clean and crisp, not an object out of place. A slightly familiar scent floats around the room, a woody earthy but warm and slightly rosey scent, travels to my scenes. The scent smelt so nice and welcoming. 

“Y/N” A deep voice, still and captivating rang in my ears, signaling my head to turn to its direction. 

I see him standing there, with the same red cup and with a hand in his pockets. He looks handsome as ever, his hair brown and soft, making me want to run my fingers through it, his smirk so confident making me suddenly fall into a nervous pit. 

“Uh,” I awkwardly begin, “What am I doing here?” 

“Well, I saw the way you looked at me the entire night” He replies with a half grin, “and the way you move your body is a sight to see.” 

He begins to walk closer to me, moving closer to the side of the bed. The insides of my body starts to tear apart, struggling to breathe, my mind still boozed from the large amount of alcohol I consumed the last hour. I sit there, unable to move, my eyes large and scared for what’s about to happen. He sits his cup on the bed side table before climbing on the bed. He hovers above me, slipping off his expensive slide ons as he gazes into my eyes, his eyes raking over my face intensly. He closes his body around me, supporting himself with his left hand against the headboard. His face so close to mine, I could smell his scent starting to blur my vision.

My body falls apart under him, suddenly I forgot how to breathe. I hold in my breath, eyes wide as he leans beside my ear, “let’s have some fun.” 

His voice making me melt instantly, “What do you say baby?” 

My tongue suddenly ties in a knot, not being able to reply. He suddenly rubs his thumb inside my inner thighs, making me squirm under his body. I close my eyes, my body not responding anymore. I raise my hips at his touch, wanting more, wanting him to touch me further. 

“More,” I breathlessly moan. I didn’t even know his name but it was ridiculous how much I wanted him. I feel myself becoming wetter every second. He continues to tease me, lightly grazing his thumb in my inner thighs, close to where I wanted him to touch. I quickly unbuttoned my denim shorts, signaling him where I needed him most. I clutch the sheets at the side of me, waiting for him to feel me up. I notice his actions suddenly stopping. I open my eyes to see his brown eyes full of lust. My eyes lace in confusion. 

“You’re drunk Y/N, I don’t think I should go any further,” he spoke seriously. 

“Please, I need you,” I whine breathlessly as I grip his large wrist in a tight grip, wanting him to penetrate me already. 

“God, you’re making this so hard,” He groans. 

I stare at his face. Eyebrows creased and bottom lip taken between his teeth, looking as if he was trying to control himself. I lunge at him, kissing him forcefully, pouring out my lust and want into the kiss. He slides two fingers against my slick folds. I moan into the kiss before I quickly pull away from his lips, instantly forgetting how to breathe. I begin to let out little pants, breathless as he begins to rub against my core with his large fingers.

“You’re so wet,” He growls deeply. I shut my eyes, loving the way he was making me feel. 

“Moan Justin’s name babygirl,” he demands with a warning tone, his warm breath blowing directly in my left ear. His voice edging me closer, making me want to let go already. 

A boy I just meet only less than a couple of hours ago has his fingers between my legs. He had a dangerous look on his face the first time i laid eyes on him, already knowing that he was trouble. His arms, decorated with ink and perfectly displayed through his baggy basketball singlet. The way his eyes would follow, indicating me he wanted me right there and then. 

Suddenly he plunges two fingers into my heat, feeling myself stretch with his digits. I yelp at his rough actions, my eyes opening wide. 

“Say my name Y/N,” he demands once again. 

He roughly penetrates me at a fast pace making me go crazy, my body not able to take it any longer. I feel his digits rubbing intensely against my walls, the pleasure so overwhelming. I stare back at him with lazy eyes, my lips not being able to form a sentence anymore, my tongue tying itself in a knot. He gazes right back at me with an intense stare before quickly flicking his eyes down at his fingers disappearing into my heat. 

“Come on, baby,” He whispers as he leans in beside my ear, “Am i doing you good?”

He harshly tugs at my left thigh, forcing my legs apart. He continues to plunge his two fingers into my walls. The feeling in my lower stomach becoming so intensely sore, beginning to tighten up.

“Justi-n,” I whine, my voice sounding more high pitched than normal. 

I glance down to see his hand deep in my shorts, moving at a fast pace. I feel my stomach tighten to the max, the sudden buildup letting go. I shut my eyes close as I grip the sheets tightly, letting my orgasm wash over me. I peer open my eyes to see Justin’s pupils looking straight into my face. 

“I love it when you let go for me,” he says as he licks over his plump bottom lip, his eyes examining my after sex phase. 

He keeps his harsh stare as he brings his two fingers between his pink lips, that I wanted to kiss so badly. His fingers dripped with my juices. He cleans them up, taking his time before taking them out. The sight so memorising but also the feeling strangely hitting straight to my core.

I smile hazily at him, barely able to keep my eyes open. My eyes begin to drift off too sleep all to sudden for me. My presence finally giving up on me.

Justin POV-

She was breathtaking. I saw her when she first walked through that door. The way she would smile and greet the birthday boy with such an innocent smile. She came along with Tessa. She did look slightly lost, as if she did not really knowing her way around parties. But the way her hips would move made me think otherwise. 

The clothes she wore gave me more than enough skin to tease me, for my eyes to touch as her soft glowy skin shone when she danced. God she did look sexy. The way her body responded to my fingers made me instantly want to pleasure her to the max, to she show her what i’m really made of. But I knew I couldn’t continue it because of her drunken state and didn’t want her to wake up and regret it. 

The high pitched moans from her sweet lips and the noises she would make every time I thrusted my fingers into her made my mind go crazy. The feeling of her wet tight core clenching my fingers nearly made me want to flip her over and fuck her continuously with my shaft deep inside her heat. 

“Justin,” a voice awakes me from my daydream, “are you ok bro?” 

I shot open my eyes to realise Darren still next to me as we sat on the couch. 

“Sorry,” I mutter, stretching my arms from the back of my head and bringing them to rub my tired eyes. 

“what time is it?” I mumble, my mouth feeling a bit dry. 

The air seems almost dark, despite all of the lights still on. I spin my head around to find no one present, the crowd of teenagers all gone. The only thing left as a reminder of this lame ass party was the mess they left behind. The whole house looked like a pigsty, cups and rubbish thrown around. God, why did I even let Darren host his birthday party at my house. 

I raise my hands to roughly rub the sides of my head. A headache racing into the insides of my brain. The stinging making my head want to explode into a million of pieces. I groan angrily, the pain taking me by surprise. I force myself off the couch, slumping my way up the stairs to my room. Every step was a struggle. I finally push my way into my room. I hastily grab the pills off my bedside table, popping two in my mouth and swallowing once. The relief instantly taking over me, calming my state. 

My eyes spot a red cup from last night. My eyes linger on the cup for a moment. The flashbacks of last night hitting me straight in the face like a bullet train. The moments so vividly clear, almost knocking me off my feet. 

I sit back onto the perfectly made bed. Y/N was here, it wasn’t a dream.

She's Dirty Dancin' On Me [a Sebastian Smythe smut]

Request: Sebastian smut where the reader ties his hands with his tie and is wearing nothing but his blazer and underwear as she teases and seduces him.

a/n: oh i love my friend for requesting this, love youuuu xxx

How the hell did Sebastian manage to get himself into this one? And how the hell did you restrain his hands with his tie?! The Warber squirms in the sleek brown wood chair, praying nobody will come into the common room. Not a lot of students are here on the weekends; most go home to their families. And thank god, because Sebastian really did not want anyone seeing his dick out on display.

Again, he tugs at the tie, huffing angrily with a snarl. He hates not being in control. The giant oak door creaks open ever so slowly, anxiety bubbling up in the brunette. You slide in, quickly shutting the door behind you. Sebastian’s bright green eyes enlarge when he sees his Dalton blazer on your upper body. Your breasts peek out as you remove your shorts, revealing your thin underwear.

A groan escapes his throat, head bending backwards, eyes still focused on you. He tries pulling his wrists apart, going to throw out a snarky comment, until music erupts from your phone. His eyes squint, hearing the sound of New Kids On The Block’s ‘Dirty Dancing’ begin. “Wasn’t in the mood for dancin’, forget about romancing, ‘cause I already got a lady.” you rap, smirking, slowly strutting towards him. “Wasn’t tryin’ to be flirty, wasn’t feeling dirty, 'til this shorty started runnin’ on me.”

Dipping your fingers in your underwear, his breath hitches, back arching against the chair. His white button down stretches across his chest, becoming almost see through. “With her itty-bitty waist and her pretty pretty face, and the leanest, meanest, baddest, baddest body…” you step out of your underwear, tossing them aside. “Didn’t have no time to waste, she was looking for a test, and she was wanting me to party.” you hum, swinging your legs around his waist.

He bites his lip, panting while he racks his brain for the lyrics. “Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze,” he smirks, bucking his hips up. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up…So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now…” he gasps, feeling your pussy sink down on his dick. The muscles in his back moves, arms hugging the chair.

Licking your lips, you let your hands tangle in his growing sleek light brown locks. After you adjust to his size, you harmonize the chorus with him. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You rock your hips on his, moving your upper body as well. “She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me. She’s dirty dirty dancing, dirty dancing on me.” You start unbuttoning his shirt, causing a moan to bubble inside him.

Following your upper body with his to the rhythm, Sebastian leans into your ear, tugging on it with his teeth lightly. “Now, I ain’t looking for no drama, I don’t want karma 'cause my baby sittin’ in bed at home.” he pouts, bucking his hips up, gasping when cool air hits his exposed chest. “She knows that I be lying and that I be trying to get this shorty with me all alone… Pretty pretty lips and her big 'ol hips, it’s getting hotter when she touches me with her fingertips-” His breath hitches, watching your fingers trace his abs. “And her sexy eyes and those big 'ol thighs…” he says breathlessly, mouth hanging open as you flutter your eyelashes at him. “It’s getting hotter like The Block up in the summertime-”

“Oh, it’s so crazy, she’s like Baby, I’m like Swayze.” you sing, letting the navy Dalton blazer fall off one shoulder, giving him a full show of your breast. He eyes it before smirking, bending his neck and taking your nipple in his mouth. “I’m said, oh, and I’m burning up,” you gasp, bouncing up and down on his dick. “So, let’s turn it up, I said turn it up now.” you purr, tugging on his hair, pulling him back.

Sebastian glares, stomach scrunching in on itself as he yanks on his restraints. “Now, I know that my girl is alone and she’s been blowing me up on my phone,” he echoes, snapping his hips up, smirking at your whimper. “But I can shower when I get back home, 'cause tonight I’m dancing dirty, yeah…” he hums, nibbling on your collarbone while you repeat the bridge.

A shiver runs through you and you groan, “Sebastian….I’m - ugh!” you cry out, feeling his dick twitch. He nods understandingly, hips bucking up once more, chestnut strands of hair falling in front of his green orbs. Withering, you cum at the same time as he does, chanting his name breathlessly.

“Y/N…” Sebastian hisses, panting while coming down from his high. His pale, sweaty chest rising and falling; he stares at you lazily, broad shoulders stretched behind him. “You… look hot in my Dalton blazer, babe.” he smirks, winking at you. “Just… just one question…how’d you get my tie so tight?”

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Heyy! I just wanted to say that Im still new here but I love your blog! And... Would you do a list of some Bellarke fanfics that are based on movies/music?



+ you can check out our inspired by tag!

Shake It Off

Pairing: Dean x Reader (ish)

Word Count: 1,494 

Warnings: Dean being a cutie, date gone awry, Dean and the reader are best friends but it doesn’t go much further than that, drinking, cussing

Summary: Reader is upset after a date and Dean tries to make her feel better

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog‘s RomCom Fluff challenge. It was a pain in the ass, but I got it done and I’m pretty happy with the results. Btw this is my first time writing spn fanfiction so if my Dean isn’t good, apologies. I picked a line from Friends With Benefits and used part of it, which will be in bold.

Prompt: “It’s not you. Nothing is wrong with you. He’s a guy. You gave him a five date challenge, he got you and cut out. Forget the douche! He’s a dick. He’s a dick douche.”

It’s not unheard of to have a bad date or two, but this date had to be the worst Y/N had ever been on by far.

It was going so well too, she had gone on a few dates with this guy. He was handsome, funny, well-mannered, and a dentist. He was so perfect and of course, of course, he was married. She should’ve known; his name, Barry, should’ve been a red flag. It should’ve been so obvious, seriously what guy with his life together hasn’t probably settled down?

It wouldn’t have been so bad if his wife hadn’t come into the restaurant, and… oh man. Could she even call it a scene? The poor woman was distraught. I mean, finding out that your husband was cheating has got to suck, but finding out that your husband is cheating while the two of you are going to marriage counseling has got to be absolutely awful.

So here Y/N is, coming back from what she thought was going to be a wonderful date rather early. Time for the good ol’ Winchester “cure” for all your problems.


Dean is just finishing up a call with Sam when he hears the bunker door open and slam shut. Looking up, he sees Y/N back from her date. She was back awful early.

“Hey Smalls… how’d your date with the dentist guy go?”

She doesn’t answer. And she’s on her way to the kitchen. Oh boy, not good.

She’s already digging through the liquor cabinet when Dean catches up with Y/N. The woman doesn’t even look at him.

He can tell by the way her mouth and shoulders are set that she’s upset. Okay, he can do this. Not the first time she’s been pissed about a date, but this is kind of different. So he tries to do what any good friend does.

“You doing okay there?”

She still isn’t answering him. In fact, she’s probably so pissed, she can’t hear him. Fuck, he doesn’t know how to handle this. He’d usually just go and look for the guy then kick his ass, but knowing Y/N she probably already took care of the guy herself.

Dean isn’t necessarily bad with emotions, he’s just never really dealt with bad dates. When you’re a hunter, you don’t really have time to. The most romance you get is a good lay from some bar dweller. Dean’s tried before but using that dating app ended up in gaining a hunt, so he deleted it and just settled with the standard hookups.

Y/N is his friend, his best friend, and she’s always been a good listener and problem solver. Dean wants to give back, but he doesn’t even know where to start. She’s usually the one to pick him up when he’s down, literally and figuratively.

She’s finally found the bottle she was looking for; George Dickel, her favorite whiskey. Now Dean knows something is wrong.

“Look, Y/N, if you don’t want to talk-”

She grabs a tumbler glass and starts walking away. Damn it.


“If you need me, I’ll be in my room, drinking away my feelings.” She throws over her shoulder.

She stops just before entering the labyrinth of hallways and sighs. She looks at Dean, giving him a sad little smile.

“See you in the morning.”

Y/N has watched five episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and drank about half of the George Dickel when she finally breaks down. Why the hell did she even try? Ah, yes…it’s because she’s a hopeless romantic. One would think after years of hunting, she would be jaded in every aspect.

Maybe that was the problem. Y/N had this little sliver of hope that she’d possibly find someone to fall asleep with, come home to; perhaps settle down with, but we can’t always get what we want, sadly.

Sighing, she rubs away her tears, ready to call it a night… but something catches her attention. Listening more closely, she realizes that it’s music. Y/N can’t really hear what’s playing, but Dean is the only other person in the bunker, so it’s probably his music.

She grabs her whiskey and glass, deciding to put it up, maybe give Dean a hug to say she’ll be okay. You know, best friend stuff.

Y/N can already hear Dean singing and the smell of burgers before she walks into the kitchen. She stops in the doorway, watching Dean. He’s doing a dramatic air guitar solo, powerslide and all, to “Stairway to Heaven”.

He sees her just before the last line of the song, holds the spatula out to her like a microphone, she laughs and goes to take it from his hand.

“And she’s buying the stairway to heaven.”

She sings the last line and Dean’s grinning like he won the lottery. He takes the spatula back and pauses the music. He flips the cooking patty.

“So how you feeling, Smalls?”

Y/N shrugs while putting away the whiskey, and leans against the counter after rinsing out the tumbler.

“I feel a bit better, I guess.”

Dean flips the patty he was cooking onto a plated bun, throws a slice of cheese on it, and slides the plate over to her. Y/N turns to pull all the burger toppings out of the fridge, while the older Winchester throws another beef patty on the skillet.

“You wanna talk about it?”

She sighs. God, where to start?

“It’s really complicated.”

Dean turns to her with a hand on his hip.

“Sweetheart, our lives are all kinds of complicated and weird. I don’t think a bad date will be hard to explain.”

“Okay, wow, that is complicated.”

Y/N had explained how the whole date had gone down. Thrown drinks, screaming, dramatic exits, etcetera etc. Dean even looked genuinely shocked and gasped a couple times.

Dean puts down the burger he’d been chowing on, and grabs Y/N’s hand across the table.

“I’m sorry he turned out to be an asshole, I know that you liked him.”

He squeezes it in comfort.

“Barry was a real douche. He cheated on a woman willing to work out their problems and then he dipped out on an awesome date with you to go after the same woman he has no chance with now.”

Y/N gives him an ‘I know right’ look.

He’s a dick.” she says in exasperation

He’s a dick-douche.” Dean says that like it’s an absolute fact, which it is.

Y/N snorts and shakes her head. She takes their plates to the sink and starts washing them, then sighs for what seems like the millionth time that night.

“What is it now?” Dean takes one of the newly washed plates to dry.

“I guess the whole situation just bothers me.”

He takes the other plate from her.

“Well I think I’ve got the perfect cure for all your worries.”

Sitting the plate down, Dean unlocks his phone and scrolls for a moment. Then taps something, smiles, sits his phone back on the counter, and a familiar beat starts.

I stay out too late,

A look of pure joy comes across Y/N’s face, and Dean’s already bobbing to the song.

“I cannot believe you!”

Y/N starts swaying to Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off” is their guilty pleasure song. They only listened to it when Sam’s gone.

Dean suddenly grabs Y/N’s wrist, pulling her to his chest and starts dancing.

Cause the players gonna play, play, play, play, play
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate
Baby, I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake
I shake it off, I shake it off

By this point, the two are singing and doing a goofy version of the twist. They throw in some butchered Dirty Dancing moves. Twirling and laughing. Then their favorite verse comes on.

Hey, hey, hey!
Just think while you’ve been getting down and out about the liars
And dirty, dirty cheats of the world you could’ve been getting down to this sick beat

They face each other and recite the words.

My ex-man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like, “oh my God”, but I’m just gonna shake
And to the fella over there with the hella good hair
Won’t you come on over, baby, we can shake, shake, shake

They dance around the kitchen some more until the song finally ends. The two fall on the floor in a laughing heap.

Eventually the laughs turn into giggles and Y/N can finally form words.

“Dean, thank you,”

She smiles brightly.

“For everything, seriously. You’re the bestest friend I could’ve asked for.”

Dean smiles and pulls her to him, hugging her, and kisses the crown of head.

“Nothing to it, Smalls. I’d do anything for ya.”

And the two best friends stay like that, on the floor, talking about nothing and everything until they both fall asleep with smiles on their faces.

anonymous asked:

Dancing with s/o headcanons for Bruno's gang?

Abbacchio can’t really be persuaded to dance with his s/o; if he’s feeling particularly kind to their demands, he might hold them awkwardly whilst they sway against him, but he’s neither particularly intimate, sentimental or fun-loving - his unmoving form is a hindrance to his s/o rather than a romantic help. It doesn’t assist much that the man has no sense of rhythm at all. 

Bruno is perfectly happy to take his s/o by the waist and waltz around the room with them, smiling serenely down at their face and enjoying feeling so close to them. Whilst he can be persuaded to dance something a little more street-wise, he looks painfully awkward doing it, even if he’s laughing and enjoying himself. 

Fugo doesn’t dance particularly easily; his s/o will have to badger him and wheedle and pull on his arm to get him to agree. When he finally relents, he rolls his eyes as he does it - and then proceeds to dance everyone else out of the room (providing Narancia isn’t there). Behind his reluctance is serious skill. 

Mista dances plenty on his own, because he doesn’t care about what people around him think. He’s glad every time his s/o asks him to dance - he’s a hopeless romantic - and is perfectly comfortable slow-dancing and swaying as he is getting Down and Dirty with his dance moves. What’s important to him is that his s/o is smiling. 

Narancia will take any excuse to dance with his s/o, whether in public or in private. He cannot be convinced to slow dance, but he can be convinced to bump and grind and sometimes just to show off. It’s his personality; ebullient, over the top and always ready to have a good time. 

Giorno has a rhythm to his walk, a slow measured step that looks as though he thinks through everything he does. You would think that this would make him a graceful dancer; it does not. Like Abbacchio, he has no sense of timing. Unlike Abbacchio, he is a romantic - and if his s/o wants him to dance, he’ll damn well try his best - s/o is still probably better off sticking to ‘sway and hold’ with him, though.