dirty cupcakes

John and Paul at a party be like

John: This is fucking boring

Paul: Indeed… Wanna go have some real fun? *wink wink*

John: I’m ready, on my feet, standing, let’s go

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Yoongi Scenario: Wanna Be.

Request: Can i resquest a scenario where yoongi and y/n are in kindergarten and for some reason yoongi makes y/n cry so he feels bad and gives her a gift.. I really want this type of cute fluff. Love your blog

Genre: Fluff

Yoongi doubted someday he would understand girls. They were loud and whinny, always seeming to cry for something. As he played with his rubik’s cube his eyes went to the front were all the so called fun was happening. Yoongi couldn’t understand that either, all the other kids were playing to police and thieves and right now were arranging the teams. Everyone was so loud laughing and pushing each other, he wasn’t interested in participating, his rubik’s cube was way better than that.

A loud whine interrupted his concentration, it was you, the noisiest girl he knew and who Yoongi honestly couldn’t understand.
You wanted to play with all the other kids but the teams were already of even numbers.
-You can’t play with us today Y/N- you stared at the boy who had told you that with your lip already quivering. -We don’t want to play with you today- the boy added making you cry openly, you gave him a kick in the knee and ran straight towards the other lonely kid in the playground. Yoongi.

He shrank his knees to his chest and lowered his head to focus on his rubik’s cube so you wouldn’t bother him, if he avoided eye contact then maybe you wouldn’t talk to him.

-Hey you- 

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Rucas prompt using this line "I mean I could.. But why would I want to?" 🤓

I am SO sorry this took so long to write! I really don’t know why I struggled to find inspiration it’s a really good lyric for a prompt lol! I hope its okay :)

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Riley and Lucas were assisting in the bake sale to raise money for their class trip. Topanaga had granted them access to the bakery/cafe (What is it even classified as these days?) after hours, so they could use the ovens there to make copious amounts of cupcakes. 

They had had one batch of 12 to mix up and make last. The first 88 they made took longer than expected and the two were working into the early hours of the morning. Sleep deprivation has made the pair silly and a little inattentive. 

Lucas is supposed to slowly pour small portions of the flour into the egg and milk bowl as Riley combines it with the electric mixer. In his sleepy state it tips the entire flour bowl in and a powder explosion covers the both of them but Riley got the majority of the hit. She stops beating the mix and with a stiff body she turns to Lucas who is in a fit of laughter at her now, ghostly complexion. 

“You asked for it.” Riley picks up an egg from the counter. 

“Put the egg down, Riley.” Lucas seizes laughing and puts his palms up defensively. 

“I mean I could…” Riley smirks lowering the egg. “But why would I want to?” She chases him around the kitchen and ends up cracking the egg on his shoulder. 

“That’s it.” Lucas retorts, swiping his finger in some left over batter from an unwashed bowl. “It’s war!” He catches Riley and smears it over her face. 

The two enter a dirty cupcake fight that messes up the majority of the kitchen and themselves. A good twenty minutes later they call a truce for the sake of the bake sale and clean up. 

Finishing the decorations on the last of the cupcakes Riley and Lucas slump down together on their usual seat at Topanga’s. The pair are exhausted and Riley rests her head on Lucas’ shoulder. 

“We have to leave for school in an hour.” Lucas laughs looking at the time. “We should probably get home and shower before we have to come back and collect the cakes.” 

“Can we rest for just five more minutes?” Riley groans sleepily. 

“Okay.” Lucas smiles wrapping his arm around her shoulder. “Whatever you want.” 

1000 Days Of You - Part 11

A/N: Rating M.Children look away (at certain parts). Also, if you are not into fluff, move on, this is not for you.

Chapter 25 – Colors Of You


The warmth of the morning sun;
The glowing amber of the fireplace. .
The dream of waking up to golden curls;
And a smile that feels like summer has come at last.

Her alarm had gone off twice in the past forty five minutes, but she refused to wake up. He watched with hooded eyes as she stopped the beeping of her alarm for the third time.

“Time to wake up ” he reminded her, his arm still wrapped around her from behind.  

“Mmmm” She hummed, her eyes still shut tight.

He placed a lingering kiss on her cheek.  

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