dirty convo

Chuuya:  I have hella feelings for you

Dazai: Really?

Chuuya: Yeah. They all are hate

Dazai: This isn’t what you said last night, Chuuya

Chuuya: I only said tHaT because I was drunk

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CEO!Tom being very protective at office parties/anytime when his male employees were around. Tightening his grip on your waist, jaw clenched and glaring daggers at anyone who was caught looking at your body in the tight dress he bought you. Eventually using less subtle methods like resting his hand on the top of your ass as you're next to him, ducking down to kiss your shoulder and neck when you're having a convo, whispering dirty things in your ear while keeping eye contact w your admirers, etc

  • “tom, you can’t keep grabbing my ass in public, at yOUR OWN EVENT” 
  • “darling, how else can i show that you’re mine without losing my temper on one of these fuckers?”

that’s it i’m typing from my grave


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Do you think the intent of the writers was for us to see that Leia had a crush on Han all along? He came off as pretty childish, pulling her pigtails so to speak and borderline harassment (that hands dirty convo was ripped off Gone With the Wind almost verbatim!) I love them as a couple, but I think the beginning was poorly executed. Is it bc Lucas can't write romance? I thought up to her first kiss with Han that she hated Han and was actually interested in Luke, in episode IV too.

To be honest no. I think at the beginning Luke and Leia were supposed to be the couple cause, hot little Farm Boy comes out of nowhere and gets the Princess that fairy tale crap.

But then what I think happened is…..Carrison Happened. George who I agree sometimes cannot do romance for shit, saw that Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford had great chemistry together and would do better as a couple and thus the Luke getting the Princess was just a fantasy and instead the Princess became his sister.

Its okay though, Luke totally met this hella gay guy who dressed as stylish as him named Lando Calirissian and they got married. And that’s why Lando wasn’t in TFA. [Han definitely cried at the wedding] so it wasn’t a total loss -winks-