dirty bus

Hate to Admit

Brett Talbot x Reader

•Summary: Y/n has joined Devenfords lacrosse team.The day of the scrimmage against Beacon hills, Y/n finds her self being something she wouldn’t have ever dreamed of, let’s just say she needs to get her answers from a certain jerk.

•Warnings: None

•Word count- 2010

A/n: First imagine, probably very bad & I apologize in advance :-)


Brett Talbot, biggest jerk I know but also the captain of the lacrosse team I’m in. Although I’m lucky that they let a girl on the team, being with competitive jocks almost everyday is a pain in the ass but I guess its tolerable. Anyways today is the scrimmage against Beacon Hills, nerves and excitement washes over me as the bus pulled up into the opponents car park.
I look out of the dirty bus window as I wait for my peers to file out. I see Brett surrounded by teammates standing tall over Liam. Liam Dunbar got kicked out of Devenford for destroying our coaches car, classified with having IED and one of my good friends. I try but struggle to push past the last few guys walking out the bus, trying to get out before either Brett or Liam kills one another. Finally as I stepped out of the bus I caught a snippet of the end of the two enemies conversation. “Yeah, you’re gonna pay for it, we’re gonna break you in half out there. And its gonna be all your fault”. Two other boys came up to Liam and one dragged him back towards the group of public high schoolers who gathered around to see the other school who was going to verse theres. As I didn’t get a chance to actually talk to Liam I stood in the crowd of my teammates listening to what this other guy had to say. “woah, hey hey hey hey hey! Whats going on prep students, welcome to our little public highschool. How ya doin?“ As he stuck out his hand for a shake. “Stiles” he states, unusual name but he does seem pretty cute. “That’s a firm handshake you got there. Uh we’re very excited for this scrimmage tonight but let’s keep it clean alright no rough stuff okay?”
And there goes jerk Brett again, I can’t believe this is the guy I actually like. But I do not want to mess with him, you know him being a werewolf and all. Yes I know about him being supernatural because of his pea sized brain, he ‘accidentally’ flashed his eyes at me when I pissed him off.
I saunter over next to Brett as he didn’t reply back, I jab him in his side making him glare down at me. I smile at him and turn my head to the unusual name guy. “No promises, but hey Stiles right? Y/n” I sweetly greeted as I put out my hand just like he did a few minutes ago to Brett.
Stiles nods and awkwardly smiles towards me as he shook my hand. “Well nice to meet you, sorry ‘bout Brett, pretty sure he doesn’t have nice in his vocabulary” I say as I innocently look up to Brett beside me, having him roughly nudge my shoulder and sending a hard glare to Stiles who was stiffiling a laugh. “I do agree with that but I also agree that you are the best looking out of this bunch” Stiles blurts out the flirty sentence, a red blush fading in on his cheeks. “Did I just-, oh my god… I actually s-said that?” He stutters out as the realization washed over him. I smile and giggle at his awkwardness finding it cute how flustered he was, although someone else wasn’t as happy about it. All of a sudden Brett wraps his arm around me pulling my figure a bit closer to his. “As nice as this welcoming was, I think you should go back to your friends. We’ll see you on the field, bye Stiles” I nicely close off the conversation and started walking off towards their highschool, but before going very far Brett yanked my gym bag off of my shoulder and slinging it on his where his very own bag hung. His arm returning around me as he continued walking off, pulling me along with him.
Although Brett was a jerk I seem to hate, I can’t seem to shake off the uh- minimal amount of feelings I have for him. As we get on the field, some teammates began stripping off of their casual wear, as others remained in their clothes and had already started practicing. Curiosity got the best of me as I walked towards Brett, who was now shirtless. “Why’d you do that?” I question avoiding looking down his body, my eyes stay on his face. “Do what?” He fired back smirking then retrieving his lacrosse stick. “What you did back there, when we were with Stiles” I wasn’t that annoyed even if it portrayed that in my voice, I was just confused about why he was being weird when Stiles blurted out the cute, flirty sentence. “Ohhh that, he was just annoying to me” he shrugged and ran off practicing with the others.
Wow that was the worst answer I hoped for but in reality was I really hoping for anything special? And from Brett? That is literally impossible, but I can wish. I run out into the field, getting warmed up and practicing for this match, even though it was only a scrimmage, Devenford was competitive and I would like to keep my spot on the team.
After scoring goals, passing the ball and not really tackling too much there was a big collision between Brett,Liam, Garret and I.
I fall onto the ground, the grass prickled all over my back as I feet excruciating pain spreading through my body. I took off my helmet but didnt have enough strength to pull my self up. After hitting with the three other players I had felt something very sharp pierce my abdomen. I cry out and groaned but the audience and the others who got injured basically drowned my pleas out.
In a few seconds people gathered around me standing like giants as I laid there groaning in pain. People were kneeling next to me trying to find the problem but I couldn’t take it anymore as darkness took over my vision.
My eyes fluttered open only to see a dark ceiling, I slowly moved to sit up, my hands press against the metal table beneath me. I look around seeing my surroundings and I guessed it was their animal clinic? But why would I be here, I certainly remember being stabbed with something sharp. Suddenly I lift up the unfamiliar oversized shirt I was wearing to see nothing, no marks, no scratches and definitely no stab wound. My head started to throb and I could hear a slow but steady heartbeat, along with the distant hoots of the owls out at nignt. Was my heart beat that loud? How was I hearing an owl? Was one in here? That’s when I realized to my left was laying Brett shirtless and then re was some sort of yellow substance around his lips. “Brett?” I whisper just in case anyone else was here, there was no response. In the next half hour it consisted of me asking if Brett was awake or alive, listening to the little noises that I’ve never been able to hear this clearly before and wishing I wasn’t here right now. Now I started to get annoyed I just decided to leave Brett, (which I shouldve done ages ago) and go back home. So I unlocked the doors of the clinic and started my path to walk to the nearest bus stop,hopefully not waking my parents when I get home.
When I successfully made it up to my room, hearing light snores on the way there. I finally layer on my bed not bothering to change or pull the covers up. i was definitely not ready to sleep, my mind was racing with questions. Why was there no wound? Why was Brett there? Did I actually get hurt? Is this real? Why were all my senses heightened? Was i a werewolf? And What the heck just happened? This was all worrying and panicking me, what the hell is wrong with me. I then start to feel a tingle feeling on both my hands, I was horrified to see two sets of sharp claws slowly growing out of the tips of my fingers. By the time the claws were fully grown out I was freaking out, I stood up and walked over to my desk breathing deep breaths and leaning my weight on the wooden piece of furniture. I couldn’t control what was happening, hair started to grow on my hands and I could feel the sides of my face tingle. The claws on my hands digging into the oak of the desk leaving indentations. From then on the night was a blur of me scratching and ruining random things in my room.
“Her room should be this one” “let’s just hope nothing bad is being this door” “more like, hope its not her dead body laying on the floor” “Stiles! Not nessasary”
I hear the muffled voices being my door as I slowly woke up, just as the door creaked open memories flushed back into my mind of last night. I looked around my room and basically what was left was the bed that I was suprisingly laying on. “Woah! Looks like an animal rampaged in here… Haha get it?” I think I remember as Stiles joked, he was from the scrimmage. “Nows not the time” a guy replied, he was the one who pulled Liam back into the crowd. Then I spotted Brett behind the two. “Uh… Y/n right? I know this is all confusing but we’re here to help, I’m Scott and this is Stiles” The guy/Scott introduced. And that’s the beggining to my supernatural life in beacon hills.
Over the weeks that passed I learnt a lot about this world and even though I knew about Brett being a werewolf, being one myself was a lot of work. The full moons were a struggle to begin with but as I slowly came to terms of what I am, it got easier and I became my own anchor. A month ago this’ll kill me to say but during this month of controlling the wolf inside I actually bonded with Brett. As I went to Devenford it was easier to communicate with about these types of things instead of calling or taking the bus all the way to BeaconHills to talk to Scott or Stiles. Which leads me to now, I’m currently walking alongside Brett under the night sky after hours of training in the woods. “You know this actually made me not hate you” I said breaking our silence as we were in front of my house, turning to look at him. “You know I never hated you” he replied as we stood looking at each other. I didn’t know why but I started to move closer to him until we were only inches away, suprisingly he didn’t move away and actually did the same. Our foreheads were touching now and my eyes kept on flicking to his lips, both leaning in until our lips were brushing against each other and I could feel his breaths. My front door opened and my mum popped her head out. “Y/n Get in here, its getting late!” She shouted out, making me and Brett jump away from each other. “Uh, well that’s my cue. I’ll see you tomorrow?” I awkwardly asked as a shade of red flushed my cheeks. “Yeah, yeah I’ll see you tomorrow” Brett awkwardly stated. Without thinking I moved toward him again and pecked his lips. as I moved away I sheepishly smiled and walked to my front door and entered closing it and leaning my body onto it smiling and blushing. Little did I know Brett was doing the same as he brought his hand to touch his lips thinking about what just happened and walking away waiting to see you again tomorrow.
I hate to admit it but Brett isn’t the jerk I thought he was and he might of stolen my heart.

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Crossover Idea # 5

Batman & Harry Potter

The first and last trip the Dursley took to North America was a very successful trip in their eyes. In America on a random bus they left the thing that shamed them the most; a freaky five year old curled up on one of the dirty bus seats sleeping. The little five year old with only his cheap suitcase has to getting off the bus when he becomes extremely hungry and ends up in Gotham in the middle of the night. That’s how Jason Todd finds the kid in poor clothes (that were way to big) wondering Gotham’s street. And every time Red Hood leaves the kid at the orphanage the kid randomly pops up in one of Hood’s safe houses the next day. So Jason Todd (The Red Hood) because the guardian to a very mysterious little five year old . And ends up dragging Tim into the new family dynamics because Jason sure in the hell didn’t know what to do when the kid starts to make objects float and change its colors. And there was no way in hell he was going to ask B or Dickie bird for help. And that’s how Harry Potter ends up with two dads and a huge extended family.

Musically Inclined

“James asks Sam to run into town and pick up some music for him, and this one dumb errand turns into a trip he won’t soon forget.” Music Store AU that is fluffiness to the max. 

Dedicated to @the-sassy-sister as a late birthday present, and a speedy recovery charm! Thank you so much for all of your help with editing and for just being there for me. I hope you all enjoy! 

Rated T for language, ‘cause Sam.

Link: FF.net        Link: AO3

Sam didn’t get the Human World.

Sure, there were some sweets perks to living in it: he had way more freedom than when he was living in the Abyssal Plains, for one. Yeah, he’d pretty much slacked off that whole time, but at least here, he could slack off and not have his douchebag Dad breathing down his neck.

Video games were pretty cool, too. Matthew had dug up some old human gaming console from the mansion’s basement the first week after they’d arrived, and since then, handing his ass to him never got old.

But the rest was kind of a shitshow.

Sam didn’t know much about Human World history either. Unlike James, who for some reason actually liked studying every aspect of human life. Their traditions and cultures were fascinating to him, and he seemed to start on a new research topic every other week. This time it was music. More specifically, a bunch of long-dead musicians.

“Sam, I’d appreciate if you could simply do me this favour,” James yelled tiredly through the open window. Sam didn’t have to see him to know he was pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation.

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The problem with a Winchester going to Hell, is that they always come back so aloof and serious. Dean got grumpy more often, and Sam didn’t even care about anything (he lost his soul, so maybe that didn’t count, but it’s still valid). Adam wasn’t any different; he was very distant from everyone. Never smiling. Lost his temper a lot.

Soon enough, you had enough of a mopey and stern Adam. He used to be carefree and loving. And you wanted to bring that Adam back. You baked him cookies, made him hot tea, took him to a carnival. Nothing really pushed Adam out of his mood.

You were just about out of ideas. The final plan was to tell him jokes, which you didn’t think would work, but you had to try. You owed it to Adam to at least make him smile.

“Hey, Adam.” You stated with a smile, slinking onto the couch next to him.

The youngest Winchester glanced up to you, his brow arching expectantly. “Yes, Y/N?” He replied, his tone just as low as its been for weeks.

You didn’t let his tone faze you. “What’s the different between a lobster with a bra, and a dirty bus stop?”


With a grin on your face, you sat up straight. “One’s a busty crustacean, and one’s a crusty bus station.”

To your surprise, Adam snorted and smiled, wrinkles forming at the corners of his eyes. “That’s a really dumb joke.” He stated, and when you didn’t reply, he looked back up at you. His smile grew a little more at your own smile, though, your smile was there because you had completed your mission. You made Adam Milligan smile. It’s only a matter of time before you make him laugh.

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You Wanted a Hit
LCD Soundsystem
You Wanted a Hit

You wanted a hit
But maybe we don’t do hits
I try and try
It ends up feeling kind of wrong

You wanted it tough
But is it ever tough enough?
No, nothing’s ever tough enough
Until we hit the road

Yeah, you wanted it lush
But honestly, you must hush
No, honestly, you know too much
So leave us, leave us on our own

And so you wanted a hit
Well this is how we do hits
You wanted a hit
But that’s not what we do

You wanted it real
But can you tell me what’s real?
There’s lights and sounds and stories
Music’s just a part

Yeah, you wanted the truth
And then you said you want proof
I guess you’re used to liars
Saying what they want

And we won’t be your babies anymore
We won’t be your babies anymore
We won’t be your babies ‘til you take us home

No, we won’t be your babies anymore
We won’t be your babies anymore
We can’t be your babies 'til you take us home

Yeah you wanted it smart
But honestly, I’m not smart
No, honestly, we’re never smart
We fake it, fake it all the time

Yeah you wanted the time
But maybe I can’t do time
Oh we both know that’s an awful line
But it doesn’t make it wrong

You wanted it right
No out of mind and out of sight
No dirty bus and early flight
No seven days and forty nights

Yeah you wanted a hit
But tell me, where’s the poignant?
You wanted a hit
But that’s not what we do

And we won’t be your babies anymore
We won’t be your babies anymore
We won’t be your babies 'til you take us home

I Knew it Was a Bad Idea (But I Did it Anyway)

Summary: You left Sam fourteen years ago to try and give your daughter a normal life, but she is determined to find him. When you have to go and get her from the bunker… You almost lose your resolve.
Word Count: 3,468
Pairing: Sam x Reader; Sam & Your Daughter
Warning: None
A/N: If you like guys like maybe I’ll make a second part ^-^
“I” is your daughter, Elizabeth Casey, everyone else is in third person, this is a reader insert.
Also, a little bit of help, what tags should I use, or, what tags do you guys look for the most when you’re looking for this kind of thing. I’m still trying to figure out how to tag things.
Much love, hope you enjoy

Sam and Dean were sitting at a table doing research when someone knocked on the door. Dean and Sam locked eyes, each asking if the other had invited someone.

Dean took point, gun in hand and Sam right behind him, where he’d be hidden behind the open door.

So, I knew that it was a bad idea. I knew that, I just didn’t care. Mom would be pissed, so pissed, but you know what, this was what we both needed. To see Dad. Or, Sam, I guess I can’ trust call him Dad, or maybe I can. I’m not sure how that actually works.

Well, Dad/Sam was in for a surprise, if he was alive. Let’s be honest though, he’s alive. I know that he is. He has to be.

If Sam weren’t alive, that’d be a weird thing to leave out of the books.

So, if Sam and Dean weren’t dead yet, they’d probably be here, at this super secret bunker whose location a thirteen year old girl could find. Of course, I’m a very persistent thirteen year old girl.

I knocked on the door and waited, expecting to have a gun pointed at me when the doors opened, and I was right. I didn’t know who the person was pointing a gun at me, but I smiled and tried to act as naturally as possible. I’d never been told stories about my father by my mother, but I’d managed to coerce some other people into telling me stories, and this was the greeting that I was expecting. The intense man edging on fifty was fit and attractive, so I kind thought be might be one of the men I was looking for.

“Hi,” I said, “I’m looking for Sam Winchester.”

“You’re a kid,” He said, never lowering his gun.

“I’m his kid, more specifically. Hi,” I smiled, waving my hand at him. I was acting more bubbly than I normally would, but having a gun pointed at you is surprisingly scary.

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What is the difference between a really dirty bus stop, and a lobster with breast implants? 










One is a crusty bus station, and the other is a busty crustacean XD

rival team au (daegu boys vs. busan boys)

inspired by this tweet by @a6

“fucking shit this lawn is better than my future.” min yoongi gawks at the school’s entrance, looking more like a european castle rather than a place where they cram kids inside to learn. he cannot believe he’s only in busan and not in rome or something.

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