dirty blossom

INFINITE REACTION: Watching a super hot sex scene in a movie with their girlfriend

Sunggyu: Would try give you a sexy look, but you would end up laughing a lot.

“no gyu… just watch the movie”

Dongwoo: “hum… what about another movie?”

He’d try to change your attention from the scene, mainly because it was his recommendation.

Woohyun: He’d be freeze in his place.

“okay woohyun, is just a movie… she wouldn’t want to…”

Hoya: “omg I didn’t know about that”

Would focus on tv to cover his blossoming dirty mind

Sungyeol: He couldn’t control his dirty mind.

“you know baby… life imitates art”

L: “woah… “

Sungjong: “ahhh so dirty jagiya”

Actually thinking about do something.

~ADM Cherry~

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