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Who do you think you are?

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A/N: This was requested by anonymous! I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Please do an imagine where Y/N is dating Archie and at Jugheads Party when they’re playing sins and secrets after they say about Archie and Ms.Grundy the reader tries to defend him but then Chucks says something like “Daddy Issues here has a secret of her own” and when Archie asks what he’s talking about Chuck says he saw Y/N and FP getting pretty steaming in his car in front of Pops and when everyone leaves Archie and Y/N get in a fight. Smut please where he marks Y/N up to prove she’s his 💖

Warnings: smut, swearing, violence, marking, dom!Archie, sub!(Y/N), spanking, blowjob, daddy kink, marking, teasing and PORN GIFS.


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The pink surprise

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Cheryl Blossom x reader

Summary; You are dating Veronica but lately you’ve been distracted by the red haired leader of the River Vixens, the one and only, Cheryl Blossom

Warnings; smut smut smut, sex toys and some more smut, fisting(?)

A/N; @dbtvluv thank you for requesting this! I loved writing this and might have gotten a little carried away but I hope you like it!

The devil in disguise. That’s what you had thought about Cheryl Blossom when you had first met her. She had an amazing resting bitch face and was good with her words. And her looks were to die for.

But that was weeks ago. You had been dating Veronica Lodge from the first week she had arrived into Riverdale. You had tried to ignore your sudden interest about Cheryl as you had started to get more involved with her when you had started to hangout with Betty Cooper and the rest of the gang.

Dating Veronica felt natural and you had started to love the girl but you couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing. And that’s when Cheryl steps in the picture. Cheryl and Veronica both were the ‘alpha female’ girls that you liked but in different ways. But somehow, Cheryl had made you question if Veronica was the one you should be with.

Recently, she had been more kind towards you and even defended you when someone had tried to make a little fun of you. Knowing that this wasn’t Cheryl’s normal behavior, you knew something was up. And you wanted to know what it was.

And that’s why you were now standing by the Thornhill gates.

The large metal gates creaked open slowly, making the dark, foggy evening even more creepier than it already was. A chilling wind blew through your hair and you took quick steps along the long driveway to the house.

Knocking on the big door, you took a step back to wait for someone to open it. After a moment, the door slowly opened and you were expecting Cheryl with an unimpressed look on her face, but to your surprise, you were greeted by a smiling Cheryl.

“Hey Y/N, what brings you here?”, she questioned, still smiling.

“I was hoping we could talk”, you told her, smiling but not fully trusting her smile to be genuine.

“Sure, come on in, we can go up to my room as my parents are enjoying the fireplace”, she said as she took a step to her side to let you walk into the house. You looked around the huge, beautiful but a little scary house and felt a hand on your lower back and you looked over your shoulder to see Cheryl still holding her smile.

“Follow me”, she said and started to guide you up the large staircase.

Walking to sit on Cheryl’s soft and inviting bed, you tried to quickly gather some strength to ask her about her behavior. You had no idea of her answer but felt afraid if she had just been playing you and was now getting to make her final move.

“So what would you like to talk about?”, Cheryl questioned as she sat really close to you.

Staying silent for a moment, thinking about what to say, you decided not the beat around the bush.

“Why are you not being a bitch to me anymore? I mean, no offense, but you’re not the nicest person around and don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining but this little nice act of yours, has made me wonder about you”, you said to her, trying to make your thoughts clear to her.

“I like you, Y/N”, she simply answered.

“What?”, you almost choked on your own spit.

“You heard me, there’s no catch or ulterior motive. I simply have started to take a liking to you”, she explained and you felt suddenly really hot.

“Okay, I wasn’t expecting that but I still don’t trust you to believe that completely”, you said with a raised brow.

“Fine, there might be something I want”, she confessed and you knew you had been right.

“And what might that be?”, you asked, raising both of your brows.

“You”, she whispered and started to lean into you. You almost had a moment of weakness as you felt yourself leaning in but quickly pulled back when you realized you would be cheating on Ronnie.

“I-I can’t…”, you said and Cheryl just smiled.

“I get it. I’m gonna go get us a drink so we can talk more, just wait here and I’ll be right back”, she said and left the room.

You sat on the bed, deep in your thoughts. You couldn’t cheat on Ronnie, you loved her but why were you feeling something towards Cheryl? She really was something else and you just needed to get to know her and be with her. Wait. What? Your thoughts surprised you and you couldn’t stop thinking about how Cheryl’s lips would feel against yours. The fact that she had just confessed her feelings to you, had made this situation harder but there was still a small doubt in your head if she was telling the truth.

“Here you go, beautiful”, Cheryl’s voice brought you back to reality, seeing her handing you a small glass with amber liquid in it. You knew it was alcohol and brought the glass to your lips to down the drink quickly. Just as you were almost finished, you saw Cheryl looking at your chest and bite her lip. This made you cough and you managed to spill the rest of the drink on your shirt, making it stick to your skin from the sweet liquid.

“Shit”, you hissed, slightly embarrassed.

“It’s okay, I’ll give you a clean shirt and you can go take a shower”, Cheryl told you, taking the glass from you and guiding you to her own, large bathroom.

“Thanks”, you silently said and started to remove your clothes as Cheryl walked back to her room.

Removing the last piece of fabric from your body, you stepped into the big shower room that had several shower heads on the walls and the ceiling. You located the ‘on’ button to the fancy shower and in a second, felt the sticky substance leaving your body. You really enjoyed the warm water hitting your skin with the right pressure and closed your eyes to enjoy the feeling. A hand on your shoulder made you almost scream out loud but you turned just in time to suppress it as you saw Cheryl standing in front of you. Naked.

“Oh my god, you scared me! What are you doing?”, you questioned, trying to not look at her amazing figure.

“I thought I’d join you and I also ran a bath for us. I thought since you came all the way here, you might as well enjoy your time”, she said, stepping closer to you. You felt at loss with words so you just turned you back to her to calm your nerves a little.

After a moment in silence, you felt something soft touch your lower back and saw Cheryl with a soapy sponge.

“Relax”, she said with a soft voice and you closed your eyes to enjoy the gesture.

The sponge was suddenly switched to soft hands caressing your sides smoothly. You thought if you should stop her but when her hands started to rise against your ribs and finally reaching your boobs, you lost all train of thought. Cheryl started to flick your nipples softly for a moment and then she was pulling and twisting them, making a moan escape your mouth.

Her left hand stayed on your left boob when her other hand started to make its way down. You waited with excitement for her to reach your most sensitive spot. She finally pressed her middle finger on your clit and started to make circles against it, causing moans to fall out.

She then reached even lower and two of her fingers slipped inside your pussy with ease, due to you being already soaking wet for the red haired vixen.

She fingered you with skill for a moment before turning you around and instantly attacking your lips with hers. Your hands flew to her sides, pulling her wet body against yours, making your hard nipples rub against each other.

You broke the kiss to lower your head to softy nibble on her nipples, making her moan.

You then went down to your knees and pushed her legs apart before using your hands to pull her pussy lips open to reveal her swollen clit and dripping wet pussy. You smirked before you went to lick and suck on her clit, inserting two fingers inside her. She started to moan wildly and you were afraid that her parents might hear.

“Oh my god Y/N, that feels so good”, she praised you.

Suddenly pulling herself away from you, she helped you up.

“Go into the tub and wait for me”, she said as she ran back to her room.

You stepped into the ridiculously large, half filled hot tub and waited for Cheryl to return.

It didn’t take her long to come back and you felt excited when you saw what she had went to get. A thick, long, two headed bright pink dildo.

She grinned widely as she stepped into the tub and kissed you.

“Sit on the edge”, she told you and you did.

You spread your legs widely for her and she pulled your lips apart as she brought her mouth to your clit and started her magical treatment.

You were a moaning mess when she pushed three fingers inside you and started to pump in and out. Adding a fourth finger, you started to feel filled to the limit but it didn’t hurt, the pleasure was overwhelming.

“Can I try with all five?”, Cheryl asked and you tried to form an answer.

“Y-yes, plh-please!”, you tried.

Pushing her thumb in, almost her whole small fist was inside you and you loved it.

“Thought I’d stretch you for the dildo”, she said as she removed her hand from you.

“Well let me return the favor”, you smirked as you switched positions and in seconds, you were pushing your hand inside her as she was moaning louder than before.

“Let’s go to the bed”, she told you and pulled you with her as you both ran.

You hopped on the bed, eagerly waiting for her as she crawled on top of you. She spread your legs and placed her another leg over your stomach and the other between so that your pussies were now lined against each other, almost making contact. You reached to spread you pussy to reveal your clit and Cheryl did the same and lowered herself onto you. You waited for her to start moving and when she did, you couldn’t stop the loud moans coming from your mouth. You rubbed against each other for a while but eventually parted as you grabbed the big dildo on pushed Cheryl to lay back, leaning on her elbows. You lined to dildo with her wet entrance and slowly pushed it in deep. You then sat in front of her and repeated the same action. As the dildo was now filling you both, you started to move it back and forth, pleasuring you both equally.

The pleasure you had received before the dildo, helped you both to reach your orgasm fast, both almost screaming when you came. Pulling the dildo out, you fell back on the bed and felt Cheryl crawl next to you, stroking your cheek.

“So was this is enough to make you believe me?”, she asked with a smile.

“Yeah but I gotta break up with Ronnie”, you said with a little sadness in your voice.

“I know, I’m sorry but I really do like you and I wanna be with you”, she said, sounding sincere.

“I like you too, CherylBombshell” you told her with a kiss.

“I started doing photography in my second year of middle school. My rival then started doing photography right around the same time. On social media, she uploaded only the pictures that were cool and pretty by anyone’s standards. But when I took photos, I didn’t notice anything other than things like grass, trash, or sprouts blossoming in dirty water. Other things didn’t catch my eye. At first I wondered why I only noticed these sorts of things but eventually it came to me: The things I generally see, and the things that I photograph, have helped me find my own identity. I thought there must be other young people experiencing the same things. So I wanted to become a photography instructor that could help those people find their own identities. After studying photography in university and graduating from there, I completed teaching courses and became a teacher at a media high school just like I’d dreamed. It was hard to become a teacher there, but when I actually started to teach, I discovered that the school was teaching something very different from my philosophy—It was a school for fostering kids to be wedding or baby photographers. Eventually, I quit. And for the sake of my dream, I recently started a photography school and am training students.”

“중학교 2학년 때부터 사진 촬영을 하기 시작했어요. 그때 제 라이벌이 있었는데, 걔도 마침 비슷한 시기에 사진 촬영을 시작하더라고요. 걔는 SNS에 누가 봐도 예쁘고, 멋있는 것만 찍어서 올리는데 저는 사진을 찍을 때 풀, 쓰레기, 구정물에 피어나온 새싹 막 이런 것들 밖에 안 보이더라고요. 제 눈에 보이는 건 그런 거 밖에 없었어요. 처음에는 ‘나는 왜 이런것들만 보일까’ 이런 고민을 많이 했죠. 그러다보니 깨닫게 되더라고요. 제 눈에 주로 보이는 것들, 그리고 제가 촬영하는 것들이 제 정체성을 찾는데 도움이 된다는 걸요. 동시에 나 같은 시기를 겪는 청소년들이 많겠다는 생각을 하게 됐죠. 그런 사람들의 정체성을 찾는 것에 도움을 주는 사진교육가가 되고 싶었어요. 사진학과를 들어가서 졸업하고, 교직이수를 해서 꿈에 그리던 미디어 고등학교 교사로 가게 됐죠. 어렵게 들어갔는데 막상 들어가보니 제가 구현하고 싶은 교육관과는 거리가 멀더라고요. 아이들을 웨딩촬영 기사나, 베이비 촬영 기사로 양성하는 학교였어요. 결국 그만두고 나왔죠. 제 꿈을 위해 최근에 직접 사진관을 차려서 수강생들을 교육하고 있어요.”

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How did the boys discover they had felling for there current gfs?

basically what happened, except this is only like the tip of the iceberg of their feelings tho

Boomer is attracted to Buttercup because all he sees is someone who can defend herself and he isn’t looking too deeply into her attacks. He likes the bright colors and the loud sounds since he’s not the type to analyze a fight. 

Brick paid more attention to Bubbles because he thought that Bubbles was a sissy. Her normally cutesy and nice attitude made him underestimate just how powerful Bubbles actually. He can’t say that Bubbles is just too nice and frail because now he knows that she can beat his ass any day.

Butch was watching Blossom fight because he used to see her as a stuck up nerd that is graceful and tidy. Seeing her get rough and dirty makes Blossom seem less intimidating and out of his league. In my headcanon, Butch is closest with Brick and admires his leadership. But as he watches her, she takes leadership to a whole other level. In other words, he really admires her

but again this is just the tip of the iceberg

The party’s only just getting started

This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Requests: “Could I please request a fanfic where reader is hugging Archie at a party or something and FP walks in a catches them and then finds the reader later on a “punishes” her or something? (Whatever you’re able to write I’ll be fine with thankssss)”

“some more FP smut would be greatly appreciated👀️ I can’t wait for season 2 to start💗💗💗

“REQUEST Keen for some Fred Andrews x Reader smutttt and FP x Reader smutttttt!!! If you’re still available to request from and whatnot. Its so sad no one finds fred daddy material :( makes me sad. But honestly thanks if you do!”

The reader is legal age (18/19).


The gang had decided to throw Jughead a surprise party but it didn’t work out too good. Jughead hated surprises, especially ones that involved big crowds. Cheryl and Chuck had shown up with half the school and two huge keggers. I was currently with Archie, trying to talk Jughead to come back to the party.

“Come on, Juggy! Betty worked really hard on this party. The least you could do is pretend that you want to be there.” I begged Jug as he continued to pet the dog, ignoring my pleas. I stood up with a groan before walking over to Archie and putting my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around me when a knock came to the door.

“It’s open,” Jughead muttered out as FP walked in. I turned to see him glaring at Archie. “Dad?” Jughead questioned before Archie and I stood up straight.

“Mr. Jones, hey. How are you?” Archie questioned while I just smiled at him.

“Hey, baby.” You see everyone knew we were together. FP and I really didn’t give two shits if people accepted it as long as we were happy nothing else mattered.

“Hello, son. Archie.” FP muttered Archie’s name before turning to me. “(Y/N). What are you all doing out here when the party’s in there?” FP questioned to his son, turning his attention away from me.

“Jughead doesn’t want to go to the party and (Y/N) and I were trying to talk him into going.” FP nodded with the same glare spread across his face.

“Well, Jug. You should go enjoy the party with your friends.” FP said turning to his son. Jughead shook his head.

“No, thank you,” Jughead replied before turning his attention back to the dog. FP sighed.

“Where can I put this?” FP questioned holding up a gift box. I smiled as I removed myself from Archie’s grip.

“I’ll show you.” I walked next to FP while he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’ll be back,” FP said as he glanced back to Jug before we headed out the door and on the way to the house. “What was that?” FP snapped while his grip tightened.

“What was what?” I questioned. FP stopped mid-walk, he walked in front of me with his eyes wide.

“That thing! With the Andrews kid!” I smiled to myself before replying.

“Are you jealous?” FP raised his eyebrow at me as he chuckled.

“Me? Jealous?! In your dreams, little girl.” It was now my turn to raise my eyebrow at the older man.

“Oh really? Well, if you’re not jealous, then you won’t mind if I spent the rest of my night hanging with Archie.” I said grabbing a hold of a passing Archie.

“(Y/N)? Mr. Jones. Something wrong?” Archie asked while I still held a hold of his arm.

“Oh no, Arch. I was just telling FP, that I was going to hang with you all night and he has nothing to worry about.” Archie nodded his head in agreement before turning to FP.

“Trust me, Mr. Jones. I’ll keep her safe, you have nothing to worry about.” FP clenched his jaw as I grabbed Archie’s arm and headed for his house. As we were going in Jughead ran passed us and headed for the door.

“Jug!” I yelled as he continued walking. I glanced at Archie before making our way down the hall after him. Cheryl and Chuck blocked the door before Jughead could leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cheryl snapped.

“Out of here. Move.” Jughead replied. Cheryl and Chuck chuckled before Cheryl reached behind her and locked the door.

“Not before we play our little game.” Archie and I exchanged looks before Jug spoke up.

“What game?” Jughead questioned.

“You’ll see. Now, everybody listens up! We’re going to play a little game so everybody needs to get into the living room asap!” Archie lead me into the living room as we took a seat next to Betty and Veronica. “We’re going to play a game called, ‘Secrets and Sins. It’s a little twist from truth or dare. I’ll start it with… Veronica Lodge.” As the Cheryl went on tormenting Veronica. I sat in between Betty and Archie when Chuck spoke up.

“I guess, it’s my turn. I choose Betty Cooper.”

“Leave her alone Chuck.” Archie snapped as Chuck chuckled.

“You might get a free peep show every night, Archie but you don’t know the real Betty Cooper.” I felt Betty tense up while Chuck continued. “Everyone knows why I got suspended but what you don’t know is that she dressed up like a hooker, in this God-awful black wig and handcuffed me to the jacuzzi.” I glanced at Betty to see a single tear streak down her face. Anger boiled within me as I stood up.

“Hey, Chuck! Why don’t you learn to take your own advice and shut the fuck up because none of us want to hear it!” I snapped out before Cheryl began to walk my way.

“You’re one to talk serpent slut! Your boyfriend is what? Twenty, twenty-five years older than you? You can’t say-” I reached my hand up before slapping her across the face as Jughead punched Chuck. FP and a few other guys pulled Chuck and Jughead off each other before kicking everyone out. I began to walk over to Betty.

“Hey, are you alright?” Betty surprised me by standing up and pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N).” I chuckled before hugging her back.

“You’re welcome. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine.” Betty smiled as she nodded her head. I glanced behind her to see Jughead standing there. “Ah, listen to Hun. I got to get going but I think there’s someone who’s wanting to talk to you.” I said pointing at her. Betty glanced back before nodding her head.

“Alright, see you tomorrow?” I nodded before hugging her one more time and heading for the door. I walked out the door to see Archie leaning on his porch.

“Arch!” I yelled as he turned to face me with a smile.

“(Y/N). Sorry about Cheryl, she can be a real…”

“Bitch?” I questioned, finishing his sentence. Archie chuckled before nodding his head.

“Yeah, exactly. I think FP’s waiting on you.” Archie said pointing towards FP who was leaning against his truck.

“I should go.” I reached over and wrapped my arms around him. “It was a great party. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Archie hugged me back before we pulled away with a smile and a nod. I walked down the steps and over to FP. I immediately wrapped my arms around FP’s neck.

“Hey, baby.” FP’s hands gripped my waist before turning us around and slamming my hips against his truck before roughly kissing me. I kissed FP back with the same amount of roughness until we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“FP Jones. What are you doing on this side of the tracks?” I sighed as FP let go of my hips and turned to face Alice Cooper.

“I am trying to celebrate my son’s birthday while spending some quality time with my girl before you rudely interrupted.” Alice glanced at me with a look of disgust.

“Can’t you do that on your side of the tracks?” I rolled my eyes before speaking up.

“Can’t you mind your own business?” I snapped at her as she stared at me in shock.

“Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking too?” Alice questioned still in shock.

“I do actually. I’m talking to an ex Southside slut who got knocked up after the high school prom by a rich douche bag and made it big by mooching off him. Now, if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something and we’d like to get back to it.” I snapped before removing myself from FP’s grip and heading for his truck. I opened the door before closing it behind me. FP walked around the truck before doing the same.

“Well, baby that was hot,” I smirked to myself as FP continued. “But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting punished for flirting with the Andrews kid.” I felt my panties get wetter at his words. FP started up his truck before glancing at me with a smirk and taking off.

We pulled up to his trailer while he parked the truck. I opened the door as FP blocked my way. He reached up into the truck before hauling me out and lifting me into his arms.

“Save your strength, because tomorrow you won’t be able to walk.” I blushed at his comment as he continued to make his way up to his front door. Holding me against his chest he dug around his pocket for his key before unlocking the door. We walked in as FP kicked the door shut. “Pick your place.” I stopped and thought for a moment.

“The bedroom.” FP nodded his head. He made his way to the bedroom with me still in his arms. We walked into his room as he threw me down onto the bed. “Not going on easy me, are you?” FP chuckled before shaking his head.

“Not even a little bit, baby girl.” I giggled at him. “Now, strip for me.” I raised an eyebrow at him while I propped myself onto my elbows.

“What if I say no?” FP chuckled before leaning down on the bed as he looked at me with his lustful eyes.

“I’ll rip all these clothes off you. One by one. And then I’ll take you against the wall and pound into you until you never can walk again.” I moaned at his words.

“Fine… Daddy.” FP’s eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. I slid off the bed and began to slide off my jacket, FP stood up and turned around. I reached up before pushing him onto the bed. I slid my hands down to the bottom of my shirt, taking a hold of it and pulling it off. Leaving me in my black lace bra and blue skinny jeans. FP reached his hands up to touch me as I slapped them away. “No touching.” I reached down to the bottoms of my jeans and undoing them. Sliding them down my legs revealing my matching black lace panties. I walked over to FP, putting one leg one each side of him until I was straddling him. “What now?… Daddy.”

“Fuck, baby girl. I love it when you call me that but it still doesn’t make up for flirting with the Andrews kid.” FP flipped me over in his lap. So, that my stomach was flat against his knees. “We won’t be needing these,” FP said ripping my panties off and throwing them across the room. His warm hand came to my bum as he began to knead my cheek before laying a hard slap across it. I squealed out in pleasure and pain. “I want you to count each slap.” I nodded furiously. FP slapped me again, this time harder.

“O-one.” FP rubbed the spot before doing it again.

“Two.” This continued for six more slaps. My cheek was red and numb when FP finished. I sat up before turning myself around on his lap.

“You took your punishment so well, baby girl. I think it’s now time for you to get a reward for your good behavior.” FP said whispering into my ear. He stood up with me still wrapped around his waist. FP turned around before kneeling on the bed and laying me down.

“These need to go,” I said tugging at his belt. Undoing the loops, one by one.

“You got it,” FP said ripping down his pants before doing the same with his shirt.

“I’m on the pill, by the way,” I said winking at him.

“Fuck! First, you started calling me daddy and now this. If you don’t fuck me soon I’m going to come in my pants like a teenager seeing a tit for the first time.” I giggled before pulling him down to my lips and pressing a kiss to his. Our lips moved together while FP’s hand slid between us and lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me as I moaned into the kiss. FP began to thrust going harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Fuck daddy!” I moaned out which made FP speed up.

“Fuck baby! Who makes you feel this good?!” FP moaned out as his thrusts picked up the pace.

“You do!” I screamed out feeling my climax beginning to rise.

“What was that?!” FP moaned out as my climax hit.

“Fuck! YOU FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out. FP’s thrust began to become sloppy until he slammed into me one more time. FP fell limp before hauling out and laying beside me. I rolled over until I was laying on his chest.

“I’m sorry for flirting with Archie. I wasn’t trying too.” FP smiled. Lifting his hand, he took a hold of my chin and pulled me up until I was looking at him.

“That doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that we’re together and we’re happy.” I smiled before nodding my head in agreement.

“You’re right, I love you, FP Jones.”

“And I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”


Send me your wildest, dirtiest, craziest thoughts about the Riverdale cast!

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I’ll write almost any character x female!reader


Cheryl Blossom: dirty, dirty -Smut-

Request: hi, could i have a cheryl x fem!reader smut please? where they are friends with benefits and one day at a party one gets jealous of the other so they “punish” them? make it as smutty as you can pls (or as smutty as you’re comfortable of course)

Notes: Oh, honey I can make this as dirty as you want lmao. Hello, hi here I am. Again, apologies for waiting for fucking ever to actually write some shit. I didn’t proofread lmao

Warning: Jealous!Cheryl x Reader. Not really anything kinky. All vanilla, baby. Cunnilingus, fingering, me listening to the same song over and over again, bc that’s my inspiration for this imagine. Maybe some dirty talk from Cheryl😉. Of course, some cursing (although you guys should be used to that by now.) 

Please listen to this song for this imagine.

Cheryl’s POV

Since school was almost over, I decided to throw one of my infamous parties. My parents were almost never home so, I didn’t see any harm in it. Not like I cared anyways. Of course I had to invite my good friend Y/N, wouldn’t be much of a party without her. You see, when I say good, I don’t mean like best friends. I mean like we’re basically fuck buddies. Yes, we do act as kid friendly as possible in public, but once we’re behind closed door, it might as well be a porn video. Feelings weren’t much of a problem, or at least I thought so. Lately, I’ve been catching myself thinking of her in other ways. Like, imagining us as girlfriends. Before we started this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing, we both made it clear that there were absolutely no feelings between us. We’d been going at this thing for some months now, so I knew her pretty well. What made her tick, and what made her happy. But, I couldn’t control them. When I’m near her, I get all flustered and somewhat speechless. Since she’s friend with Betty and her crew, they were always together. It honestly made me angry, seeing the way she’s all smiley around Betty. Maybe I’m reading way too much into this, but it’s almost as if she has feelings for her. I mean we aren’t dating so I can’t just go up to her and say “hey I don’t like you hanging out with Betty.” No, I believe that’s not how it works. Anyway, I can’t let jealousy ruin such a good thing for me. It was about 6:00 pm, the party didn’t start for another 20 minutes. I walked up the long stairway and into my room. I put on one of my sexiest outfits and my lovely red lipstick. In the next hour, my house was filled with sweaty bodies and pumping music. Everybody was having an amazing time. I’ve seen everyone but who I was looking for, Y/N. I was going to go get a drink, until my eyes landed on a certain brunette with a certain blonde. The anger was evident. They were a little too touchy feely for my liking. I stormed towards their direction.

I see the way, I see the way, the way you want her. You’re not easily impressed, baby I got more under my dress. But you won’t twitch I see she’s got, I see she’s got some thing I don’t. You know I’m jealous in my head, cause you’d look so good in my bed But you really like the bitch.

“Y/N, you made it.” I said as I forced a smile, while giving her a hug. I looked at Betty and frowned. “You too.” I glared at her. “Y/N, can I talk to you for a minute?” I pulled her up to my room before she could answer. “Cheryl, what’s wrong?”

Maybe I’m young, maybe I’m too young to understand this. But you’re a mess in your own ways. Let’s mess it up together babe I’m what you need. Who could I, oh, who could I be just to get to you You should be ripping off my gown turning me on, you just send me down, down on my knees Pretty little tears.

“Y/N, I know we said that there would be no feelings at the beginning, but I couldn’t help myself. Seeing how close you are with Betty makes me so fucking angry. I can’t stand it.” “Cheryl, are you…jealous?” She smirked. “What the fuck? No. I just don’t like sharing what’s mine. So, since you wanna fuck with my feelings, I’m gonna fuck with you.” I pushed her onto my bed and straddled her waist. I pinned her wrists above her head and whispered in her ear “I’ve liked you for weeks now. How come you’ve never noticed? Hmm?” She didn’t answer. “What? Cat’s got your tongue?” I leaned closer, so I could kiss her, or at least tease her. My lips connected with her. I sat up so I could take of the dress I was wearing, along with my bra and panties. Y/N did the same thing., so we were both naked. I kissed her lips again, inhaling her sweet scent. She tasted like strawberries. I bit her bottom lip as my hand cascaded down in between her thighs. Her moans echoed in my room as my finger ran circles on her clit. When I felt that she’d had enough, I slipped a finger inside her. Then I added two more. She was full on screaming now. But thanks to the loud music you can’t really hear. “Can Betty make you scream this loud, baby?” “No!” She nearly yelled. “Who can only make you feel this good?” “You.” “Exactly, love. Only me.” I could feel her clenching around my fingers. “Oh my god, Cheryl. Fuck yes!” When she came, I pulled out and licked them. “Can I show you how much you mean to me now?” She purred. I nodded. “Go on.” She flipped us over, so she was on top now. She was in between my legs in a matter of seconds. The amount of pleasure I was receiving, drove me insane. I was a moaning mess. I felt fire pooling in my lower abdomen, as my orgasm rippled through me. I could honestly see stars. When I felt calm enough, I sat up on my elbows looking at the girl as she sat between my thighs. “Oh and by the way, you’re my girlfriend now.” I said as I was getting dressed. “Fine by me.” Y/N smiled.

Cherry Blossoms- Part 3

You saw Brett sitting in his parked car, tapping away on his phone, as you slid into the car, your phone lit up with a text from him.

“You’re about two minutes late with that text,” you said closing the door.

“Oh well, let’s get going,” he said starting the car and driving off.

You both sat in comfortable silence as music from his radio played softly. You were examining your nails when you heard Omen by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith come on.

“Oh my God! I love this song!” you said reaching over to turn up the radio when Brett gripped your wrist.

“Yea, don’t touch my stereo.”

“Oh, you’re one of those guys.”

“Okay, I’ll bite, what kind of guy?”

“You know, the type of guy that’s so obsessed with his hair and his car that he’ll have an aneurysm if someone so much as breathes anywhere near them.”

“First of all, I am not obsessed with my hair. This car is brand new and you couldn’t reach my hair, even if you tipped.”

“Well,” you scoffed crossing your arms.

“You’re kinda cute when you’re mad.”

“You even use really lame pick-up lines.”

Sweetheart, I don’t need a line to pick you up,” he said increasing the volume of the radio. “Turns out I love this song too,” he said causing you to smirk.

“You’re an asshole,” you said before singing and dancing along to the song.

“And you’re giving my leather seat a boner.”

“Sorry, am I distracting you?” you asked batting your lashes.

“Yes actually, your screeching and my heightened hearing are a bad combination.”

“Whatever,” you scoffed singing louder and even more off-key.

You didn’t realise it, but the sight really warmed Brett’s heart and mad him smile.

“What’s got you so happy?” you asked after detecting his chemosignal.

“We’re here,” he replied with a shrug.

“Oh,” you said hopping out of the car and following the music. “Do you guys always party in the woods?”

“Yea, we’d do it in the woods because the excessive drinking would give the school a bad name.“

“You’re a pretty loyal set,”

“We love the school,”

“I hate all schools, especially prep schools,” you said weaving through the crowd.

“That’s a bummer, you look hot in a uniform,” Brett smirked handing you one of the cups he got from some guy walking by.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“Blame it on the Goose,” Brett smirked sipping the vodka.

“But we can’t get drunk, can we?”

“We could pretend,” he smirked.

“Are your lips permanently set in a smirk or are you doing it on purpose?”

“Is it bothering you?”

“Would I have brought it up if it wasn’t?”

“That means it’s working.”

You scoffed and took a sip of your drink as your cheeks heated up.

“Okay, keeping drinking and I’ll be right back.”

“You’re leaving me alone with prep school freaks?”

“They aren’t freaks,”

“Brett, you gave me a detailed orientation and you spent half of the time talking about how you’re surrounded by freaks daily. Then there’s this thing where I have eyes I saw proof,”

“Relax, you’ll be fine. If anything serious happens, come find me. It shouldn’t be too hard.”

“Because I can track your scent?”

“I was gonna say because I’m so tall but that works too.”

You rolled your eyes and leant against a tree waiting for Brett to come back. When he finally did, his pupils were dilated and he was as high as a kite.

“Hey Y/N,” he slurred.

“How the hell are you high?”

“Just these,” he said holding up a bag of purple pills.

“Wolfsbane,” you asked.


“Well, can I have one?” you asked growing irritated.

“Sure,” he smirked before taking one of them and placing it on his tongue.“Take it,” he said bracing you against the tree.

“I am not drunk enough for this,” you scoffed.

“You could be,”

“Fine,” you said tipping and placing a kiss on his lips.

You slid your tongue into his mouth and began deepening the kiss. The pill had already began to dissolve and you could already feel it tingling along with the butterflies in your stomach. You felt your eyes changing and when Brett broke away you were met with his amber eyes.

“Whoa,” he chuckled.

“Is it always like that?”

“I don’t usually take it like that,” he said rubbing the back of his neck.

“Oh,” you said awkwardly.

“Maybe we should take another then go dance?”

“Sounds good,”

“Great,” he said pulling you into the crowd.

“Open up,” he said holding the pill in front of you.

You opened your mouth and allowed it to dissolve on your tongue like he did.

“It’s gonna take a while to-” He was cut off by your giggling.

“Dance with me,” you slurred running your hands over his body as you moved seductively.

“With pleasure,” he said gripping your hips and moving with you.

His movements were pretty clean until the Wolfsbane kicked in, then he pulled you closer and gripped your ass while he ground his crotch into yours. You found yourself being pushed against a tree as Brett continued grinding on you; his lips found your neck and he began to suck against your sweet spot causing you to moan and wrap a leg around his waist. He began caressing your leg before moving his lips from your neck and to your lips.

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There were a ton of wolf whistles coming from around you and you both broke away.

“Well that escalated quickly,” Brett chuckled nervously.

“Yea,” you said as an awkward silence descended on you both.

“Do you wanna get outta here? I’m starving,”

“Yea, I’m starving too,” you said taking his hand as he weaved through the crowd.

Several team members cheered obscene things at Brett as they saw the two of you leaving together. These of course made you blush even more but Brett just had a smug look on his face.

“Is it just me or is this longer than before?”

“It is,” he shrugged.


“Because I like walking this way,”

“Do you also like freezing to death?” you asked rubbing your shoulders.

“I actually don’t get cold for some reason. But here,” he said taking his jacket off.

“Thanks,” you said as he helped you into it. “How’s it look?”

“Pretty good actually, I mean the leather jacket and combat boots is a good look on you.”

“You should me in clothes that actually fit,”

“Can’t wait,” he smiled.

“So, you’re a born wolf?”

“Yep, how’d you get turned?”

“My dad took my older brothers and hunting once and it just came at me.”

“What were you hunting?”

“This wild animal that was terrorizing the town.”

“Was it the werewolf?”

“No, it was a mountain lion.”

“Oh, and uhm, your eyes are blue not gold.”

“You wanna know who I killed?”

“If it’s not too much,”

It was an accident,” you shrugged.

“I can actually see how that happened. Do you still have those accidents?”

“Well I haven’t killed anyone recently,” you said omitting the part about where you bring the people to be killed by your father.

“How do you control it?”

“There’s this mantra, my alpha taught it to us.”

“Well, what is it?”

“The sun, the moon, the truth,”

“Are you Buddhist?”

“You could say that,” he smirked. “Are you?”

“Not particularly, but my father has certain beliefs that come from Buddhism I guess.”

“Nice,” he smirked as you walked out of the woods and towards his car.

“So, where exactly are we going to get food this late?”

“There’s this diner not too far away. They have the best milkshakes,”

“Well I do like milkshakes,” you smiled.

“If you don’t like milkshakes you have no soul.”

“What about lactose intolerant people?”

“My guess is that they sold their souls at birth. I mean dairy is the greatest thing on this Earth, well besides-”

“Let me guess, besides you?” you asked with a scoff.

I was gonna say sex, but that works too. Because come on, I am sex,”

“You’re a dork and a horrible Buddhist,”

“How am I a horrible Buddhist?” he chuckled after parking the car.

“You have sex, drink, get high, I’m guessing you fight too.”

“I fight in self-defense and I found a loophole,”


“Yea, basically you’re supposed to avoid a harmful lifestyle. I’m a werewolf, nothing is harmful to me,”

“That’s actually pretty good,” you said smiling as he opened your door for you.

“Thank you,” he smiled taking your hand as you walked into the diner.

“Hey Brett,” a middle aged waitress said as he entered.

“Hey Annie,”

“Your usual booth’s free,”

“Thanks,” he smiled dragging you to a booth.

“You come here often I presume?”

“Yep, after every game, every party, when I’m leaving the club, so basically every night.”

“You party a lot,”

“What can I say, I’m a people person,” he smirked.

And what, I’m not?”

Well-” luckily, he was cut off by the waitress, Annie coming over.

“So, what can I get you kids?”

“Two chocolate milkshakes and my usual,”

“Is that it?” she asked knowingly.

“And a large serving of fries,”

“Topped with bacon and cheese?”

“Is there any other way,” he scoffed.

“Alright, sit tight, I’ll be right back with that,” she smirked walking off.

“Do you always order for the girl on a date?” you asked with a smirk.

“Oh, so we’re on a date now?”

“You know what I mean,”

“No, but I know that my usual is the best and there’s no way you’re gonna finish it so more for me.”

“You really don’t know me do you?”

“No girl can eat more than me,”

“Challenge accepted,” you smirked as Annie came over with your milkshakes and fries.

“Thanks Annie,”

“No problem sweetheart by the way, nice job.”

“What do you mean?” Brett asked scooting over to you to allow space for Annie to sit.

“Your girlfriend is gorgeous,”

“I’m not his girlfriend,” you blushed.

“Please, your lips are swollen and I can see the hickey from here.”

“Hickey,” you asked.

“Relax, I was young too so I’m not judging. Besides, Brett’s a great catch,” she smirked walking off.

“Hickey,” you gasped nervously.

“Let me see,” he said brushing your hair to the side before smirking.

“What is it?”

“You look sexy with my mark on your neck.”

I shouldn’t have any marks!”

“It’s the pills, the high fades quickly but it slows your healing.”

“Great,” you groaned. “My parents are gonna see and I’m gonna die from my mom’s embarrassing questions and then my dad’s gonna kill me, and you and-”

Brett cut you off with a kiss before breaking away and saying,

“Relax, it’ll heal soon.”

“Okay,” you sighed shoving a few fries into your mouth.

“Good, because I’d hate to have to kiss you again.”

“Then don’t,”

“Then stop pouting.”

“Why,” you asked pouting more.

“Because, if you don’t stop I’m gonna kiss it right off your mouth,”

You let out a scoff before seductively sipping your milkshake.

You ate the fries but ensured that a bit of cheese got onto your lips so you could lick it off but Brett beat you it. He used his thumb to wipe it away and brought it to his lips so he had the advantage.

“Don’t look so disappointed, I’ll let you lick cheese off of me if you want.”

I’ll pass,” you chuckled.

“Okay, but just know, the offer still stands and it goes for more than just cheese. You can lick anything off of me.”

“Got it,” you chuckled.

“You have a cute laugh,”

“Gee Talbot, keep up this behaviour and even I’m gonna believe I’m your girlfriend.”

“I see no problem with that,” he smiled.

“Yea- well- These fries are incredible,” you said shoving a few more into your mouth.

“Yea, I know,” he smirked, proud of the effect he had on you.

“So, what exactly is your usual?“ “It’s a double cheeseburger topped with bacon, pulled pork, sauteed onions, pickles and bell peppers with a side of hash browns stuffed with mozzarella bacon and chicken.”


“What’s the matter, ready to back down?”

“Hardly, in fact, I can’t wait,” you said eating the last of the fries.

“It’s a good thing Annie’s on her way then.”

“You know Brett, all this is bad for your health. You’re not gonna be a teenager forever,” Annie said putting the food before you.

“I think I’m good,” Brett chuckled before standing and lifting his shirt causing you to choke on your milkshake.

“Are you okay sweetheart?” Annie asked.

“I’m fine,” you sputtered.

“Well you kids enjoy, if you need anything you know what to do.”

“Yep,” he said as Annie walked off.

Brett moved both of your plates closer to the middle of the table before scooting over and grabbing your hands before pulling you closer to him.

“This is why I hate round booths,” you groaned.

“I like it, our legs are touching.”

“Are you always this forward with girls you’ve just met?”

“Only the interesting ones,” he smirked popping a hash brown into his mouth.

“So I’m interesting?”

“Oh definitely,”

“How so?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you tomorrow,” he said taking a bite of his burger.

“At school?”

“Didn’t you read the email?”


“Yea, the school sends them to parents and students to tell them that school is out of session for those attending the party.”

“Wow, that’s weird.”

“What can I say, they’re weird people,”

“Does this mean you’re asking me out?”

“If you win, I’ll answer that,”

“So you’re betting that I won’t be able to finish this?”

“That’s exactly what I’m betting,”

You rolled your eyes before scoffing and saying,

“I guess you’ll be admitting that you’re taking me on a date then,”

“Oh I doubt- how’d you knock off those hash browns so quickly?”

“A few of them are inside my burger, the rest are going down my alimentary canal.”

“I’m impressed,” he scoffed.

“Yea well maybe you shouldn’t have-” you were cut off by your burger being shoved into your mouth and you let out a moan of approval.

“It’s good isn’t it?”

“It’s amazing,” you mumbled, taking another bite. “Please remind me to never doubt anything you say ever again, you are a god.”

“Glad you’re seeing things my way,” he said wiping barbeque sauce from your face.

“Don’t get it twisted, I still think you’re a narcissistic douchebag.”

“And I think you’re a stuck-up bitch,”

“Gee, the stuck-up bitch and the narcissistic douchebag,” you scoffed.

“Has the makings of an epic love story don’t you think. Just like Romeo and Juliet,”

“Let’s not talk about Romeo and Juliet,” you smirked.

“Let’s not talk at all,” Brett said running his hand up your bare thigh as he leant in to kiss you.

“You’re right, let’s not talk. Let’s eat,” you smirked evilly.

“You’re a bitch,” he scoffed before going back to eating. 

“I know,” you pouted before doing the same.

Like you expected, you finished before him and you were now trying to steal some of his food, but he wouldn’t have it.

“Come on Brett, please?”

“Gee, you think saying please will help?”

“I’ll be your bestfriend,” you said batting your eyelashes.

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“You’re cute, but no,”

“Fine,” you said pouting. “But just know, I’m plotting your demise and planning to tell my dad that you gave me drugs before placing me in a compromising position. You know, my dad that killed the alpha werewolf that bit me, his only daughter and youngest child.”

“Sharing is caring after all,”  Brett said allowing you to take what you wanted.

“Gee, you’re Friendliest Giant I’ve ever met,” you smiled.

“And you’re the most evil pint-sized demon I’ve ever met.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me,” you said dramatically.

“Oh bite me,” Brett scoffed messing your hair up before going back to eating.

INFINITE REACTION: Watching a super hot sex scene in a movie with their girlfriend

Sunggyu: Would try give you a sexy look, but you would end up laughing a lot.

“no gyu… just watch the movie”

Dongwoo: “hum… what about another movie?”

He’d try to change your attention from the scene, mainly because it was his recommendation.

Woohyun: He’d be freeze in his place.

“okay woohyun, is just a movie… she wouldn’t want to…”

Hoya: “omg I didn’t know about that”

Would focus on tv to cover his blossoming dirty mind

Sungyeol: He couldn’t control his dirty mind.

“you know baby… life imitates art”

L: “woah… “

Sungjong: “ahhh so dirty jagiya”

Actually thinking about do something.

~ADM Cherry~

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       ❝ r-robin?! what’re you doing here? weren’t you with chrom, just a while ago? i could’ve sworn i saw you two walking to the tent to join frederick to discuss our next move… ❞ her arms cross to ponder, unaware the being that stands before her is not the tactician she knows but a mere stranger— someone who should be considered an enemy with his prior actions. “hm… did you guys finish talking already…? talk about a short strategy meeting!


“I hate cleaning up around here! What’s the point? It’s just gonna get dirty again!” 

Growing up Blossom was actually my favorite powerpuff girl, but now that I am older, I am pretty sure Buttercup has now taken that title. Unlike her sisters, I decided to have Buttercup in ripped jeans (for her edgy personality) and a peplum green blouse to mimic her dress. The belt mocks the black stripe on her dress and the boots are in the place of her flats. I used earrings in her signature colour green and to imitate her big round eyes.

{Look like Buttercup!