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Turf Wars Part 8

Betty popped her knuckles, her teeth digging into her bottom lip. She had to stay strong, she couldn’t let trivial things like boys shake her focus. But still.. her mind traveled to the dark haired boy she had just left standing by the trailers, was he okay? Had they made it to a safe place fast enough? What would he think of her now? She was dangerous, everything about her life was a gamble, was that something he was willing to play?

She straightened when Reggie came sauntering over to her, his game face on as he nodded quickly to Betty, she let out a breathe she hadn’t even realized she was holding, she could always count on Reggie, he was quick on his feet and he had never let her down. She knew her friends were safe for now.

“You’re not welcome here, it’s time to take your leave.” F.P stated icily, his arms crossed as he stood before the dirty group of bikers.

“Where’s the hospitality? The love?” The toothless man who seemed to be in charge leered, his eyes lingering on Betty before he turned back to the older man.

“Leave now.” Joaquin’s uncle stepped forward his 6'7 burly demeanor was enough to make even the scariest of men shiver.

In an instant it had escalated, one of the opposing gangs men had grabbed one of the Southsides woman and chaos ensued. Gunshots filled the air and screams and curses were all you could hear. Betty was being gripped by a particularly nasty looking, skinny, dirty man. She was swinging but she couldn’t breathe, the boy had a tight grip around her throat, she clawed desperately her foot coming down to stomp on the boys foot, he yelped and released her for a millisecond and that was all it took, she turned around to swing when suddenly the boy was down on the floor before her.

Jughead was standing over him, his fist extended and his eyes frantic, searching her for any damage.
“You okay?” He asked quickly

“You shouldn’t be here!” She yelled over the obnoxious volume of her gang members “it’s not safe” she turned quickly, clocking the girl who was gripping at her hair in the face, sending her flying.

“Betty, behind you!” Joaquin called from his vantage point on one of the trailers roofs, turning she saw a grown man running towards her with a baseball bat, she sidestepped him quickly and ripped the bat from his hands, ramming it into his knees and wincing as he screamed gutterly.


The booming voice came from behind the group and everyone turned to see F.P holding up the same toothless man by his shirt

“You wanted a turf war, you have one. But this is not how the serpents settle our problems. I’ll meet your leader tommorow night at Hannigans. I’ll bring a few of my snakes but I will not put my whole family in danger.” His eyes lingered on Jugheads for a second too long.

The gang dispersed mumbling curses as the opposing gang mounted their bikes. Betty spit at a particularly angry looking man and he reared back before his friend shoved him forward.

Reggie came over, Archie slung over his shoulder, nursing a nasty black eye and a limp.
“We should get this guy a jacket, he’s pretty much an honorary serpent. I’m gonna take him back to his girl, she’s probably biting all her fake nails off” he grinned.

Jughead turned to look at Betty but she was avoiding his gaze, her eyes angry and ashamed.

“Bets, I..”

“How could you be so stupid?!” She screamed, whipping around to face him, his eyes going wide as he stared at her “this isn’t your fight, you can’t just come out here and put yourself in danger like that. You can’t do that!” Her eyes were watery and jughead saw the smallest hint of vulnerability, something he was certain she worked very hard to hide from everyone.

“I’m okay Betty.. it’s okay.” He whispered, his hands coming out to grip her leather jacket and pull her closer, she let out the tiniest whimper and threw herself into his arms, letting go as he rubbed her back gently

“You’re okay. We’re okay. I’ve got you.” She cried for a few minutes before straightening herself out and pushing her long blonde hair out of her face

“ I didn’t want you to see me like that. I didn’t want you to see me go….dark.” She looked up at him, the tiny cut underneath his eye was bleeding so she reached up and wiped it away. her own bruises slowly forming.

“I don’t care how “dark” you are, I like you. Nothing you do is going to make me stop liking you.“ He said, smiling softly, as he brushed a strand of hair out of her face.

She sighed
“Everyone leaves Jughead.”

He shook his head, grabbing her hand leading her to the trailer where his friend and hers were

“Not this time” he whispered.

Just Friends

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Request: Imagine where you and Opie are friends that like each other.Then they get trapped in a room together… 😉

This one is looong.


Music poured out of the speakers and the air was thick with the smoke from cigarettes and joints.
Alcohol fuelled laughter echoed around the room, and you could barely make out the words to the song above the talking and laughing.
SAMCRO parties had always had a special spot in your heart. Most of your friends thought they were gross- ‘dirty old bikers’ and drunk whores.
They weren’t entirely wrong, drunk croweaters were a regular feature but the club was your family, and you embraced every part of the life- whores included.
You had grown up in Charming, and ever since you’d left school a few years ago you had been around the club nearly everyday.
Gemma had taken you under her wing, you were her sidekick, her ‘assistant’.
You were the daughter she never had and she had welcomed you into her family and it wasn’t long before the rest of the club did the same.
You were closest with Opie and Jax, and often looked after the kids while they were on runs or dealing with club business.
Jax loved you like a little sister and he always swore to protect you, not that you needed it.
You had no family of your own, only distant relatives and they were a long way from Charming and you’d had a hard life.
You had seen the world for what it was, and you had had to learn to take care of yourself long ago.
You spent most of your days at the clubhouse, cleaning up after another drunken night or helping Gemma in the office. You even helped the boys in the garage from time to time, but the majority of your day was usually spent daydreaming about your best friend.
It was inevitable, really, that you’d fall in love with Opie.
It was the classic 'in love with the best friend’ scenario and you had spent a long time trying to deny it.
Opie had always been there for you. He was different to the other guys.
He was quiet and gentle, despite his size but he had a way of putting you into fits of laughter.
No one could make you laugh the way he could, just the thought his smile was enough to make you grin like an idiot.
And no one could comfort you the way he could either.
You didn’t cry often, and you hated crying in front of people.
But the first time Opie had seen you cry, up on the roof of the clubhouse, the sun setting behind you, he hadn’t laughed at you. He didn’t even say a word.
He just opened his arms and you stepped into them, his warmth and comfort wrapping around you.
All your troubles seemed to float away in his arms, and it was that night when you knew how screwed you were.
Madly in love with your best friend, who didn’t see you in the same light.

“You okay, sweetheart?” Gemma asked, her dark eyes scanning your face.
You smiled to her widely and nodded.
She pursed her lips and continued to watch you carefully as you moved through the crowd, making your way to the bar.
“(Y/n)!” A very drunk Tig yelled, both arms raised and a beer in each hand.
You laughed loudly.
“Are you behaving, Alexander?” You asked coyly.
Tig pretended to be offended, his mouth open in pretend shock and his hands at his chest.
“Ye-” He began to say but quickly stopped, his stance changing.
“If I say no, are you gonna spank me?”
Laughter escaped your lips and he grinned at you before throwing his arm over your shoulder and leading you closer to the bar.
“Chucky! Get my girl a drink!” Tig yelled and you rolled your eyes as the heavy scent of alcohol on his breath hit you.
Your girl?” Jax asked as he leant on the bar next to you, his famous smirk on his lips and his blue eyes sparkling.
“Don’t tell Ope.” Tig winked and you groaned and covered your eyes, which only made the two laugh more.
They were the only two that knew how you felt about Opie, and they were relentless with their teasing.
You thanked Chucky once he handed you your drink and you took a long swig of the whiskey.
You weren’t a huge drinker, but stuck between Tig and Jax, you definitely needed something to get you through the night.
The boys continued to tease you, making jokes about your children having beards like Opies but you drowned them out, letting your eyes scan the room.
Almost instantly your eyes were drawn to him.
He sat across the room, a crow eater on his lap and a beer in his hand, yet his face was stone cold.
You watched him closely.
He didn’t react to the girl in his lap, despite her efforts, he stared at the bottle in his hand, a bored expression on his face as she threw herself at him.
You sighed and placed your drink back on the bar and headed for the bathroom.
After closing the bathroom door behind you a breath of relief came out of you.
The music was drowned out slightly by the door and you were thankful, you embraced the slight peacefulness amongst the chaos outside.
You did your business and went to the basin, splashing water on your face and patting it dry as you looked at your reflection.
You lowered the towel and quickly wiped your hands before hanging it back on the rail and turning around.
But before you could move the door swung open and Opie leapt inside, quickly shutting the door and locking it behind him.

“What the fuck, Ope!” You cried,
He grinned sheepishly and leant against the door.
“Sorry (y/n), I gotta situation with a stage 10 clinger. Plus, you really should lock the door.” Opie said with a smirk.
You scoffed and hopped onto the counter, swinging your legs off the edge.
“So tell me again why your hiding in the bathroom?” You said, your eye brows raised.
Opie laughed and moved forwards, leaning against the counter next to you.
“That crow eater won’t leave me alone.” He said blatantly.
You nodded in acknowledgement and bit your lip, unsure of what to say next.
Opie nudged you gently with his elbow.
“And why are you hiding in the bathroom?” He asked you.
You chuckled lightly and shook your head.
“Hey I was just about to come out when you barged in here.”
Opie laughed too and you both stood in comfortable silence.
“So what do ya say, should we go and join the party?” He asked.
You grinned and nodded before slipping off the counter and standing straight.
Opie threw his arm across your shoulder and you both moved towards the door.
His hand reached out and grabbed the handle, he turned it and pushed forward but the door didn’t budge.
You both frowned and looked at each other.
Opies arm left your shoulders and he fumbled with the door handle, twisting it and pushing at the door.
Still, it didn’t move and you rested your hands on your hips.
“Shit.” Opie said quietly and you couldn’t help but laugh.
He turned to you, his eye brows raised but when he saw your smile he couldn’t help but laugh too.
“Guess we’re stuck in here, huh?” You said as you walked back over to the counter top and hopped up.
“I guess so.” Opie said, and leant his large frame against the wall.
You smiled at him widely and he smiled back.
Opie moved forwards and leant against the bench next to you again before turning to you, his face serious.
“You wanna play 'I-Spy’?”

You weren’t sure how much time had passed, maybe an hour.
You’d spent the time talking and laughing with your best friend, telling jokes and stories and reminiscing on the time you’d spent together.
“What do you meeeean you forgot?” You asked in disbelief.
“I didn’t forget, (y/n), it just never happened.” He told you matter of factly.
You laughed.
“Sorry Ope, but there is no way I imagined you dancing to ABBA.”
Opie smirked and you both laughed loudly.
“Never happened.” Opie said once you both stopped laughing and you rolled your eyes at his denial. “You must of dreamed it.”
You scoffed loudly.
“I don’t aaaalways dream about you, Ope.” You said sarcastically and he chuckled lightly.
“Just sometimes then?” He asked cheekily.
Your cheeks blushed slightly but you laughed and nudged him playfully.
His eyes stayed focused on you though, and you looked down, trying to keep yourself from blushing further.
“(Y/n).” Opie said quietly and moved to stand in front of you.
You looked up slowly and met his gaze.
His eyes locked on yours and were filled with warmth and you heart fluttered slightly and you gulped.
He moved forwards and you moved your legs, letting him stand between them.
He towered over you and you tilted your head to keep his gaze and he looked down at you.
You didn’t move, you sat frozen, scared that if you moved the moment would be over.
Your breathing quickened and your heart skipped a beat when Opie reached his hand out and tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.
“Do you.. Do you want this?” He asked quietly.
You gulped and stared into his eyes. Everything you had ever wanted was right in front of you.
“I want this, Opie. I want you.” You said, your voice shaking.

Opie nodded and moved closer, his head hovering over yours and you tilted your face towards hip.
Slowly, his lips touched yours for the first time.
You had been alive for a while now, well your whole life really. But you had never truly felt alive, at least not like this.
Fire flowed through your veins as his lips pressed against yours and your skin to tingled.
Your fingers traced over his cheeks and you wrapped your hands around his neck.
His tongue flicked along your top lip and he bit your bottom lip gently. You moaned softly in his mouth and he growled, his strong arms lifted you and he moved you across the room and pressed your body against the wall.

Your legs wrapped around him and his hands caressed your thighs as he held you up, his body pressed against yours.
Your lips moved in harmony and you could have sworn you were in heaven.
His hands traced up your waist and he lifted your shirt. Your lips parted and he lifted your shirt over your head and dropped it to the floor beside him before crashing his lips against yours again.
His kisses were hungry, desperate for more of you and his lips left yours and traced down your neck.
He sucked roughly at your skin. He wanted this for a while, and he wasn’t going to take his time. He wanted you know, and his movements were rough and fast and you felt heat building inside you as he ground his hips against you.
You moaned softly and a low growl escaped his lips. His hands moved up your back and he quickly unhooked your bra and tossed it aside, his hands quick to reach your breasts.
You moaned as he lowered his head and you felt his lips wrap around your right nipple. He sucked roughly at you, his other hand caressing your free breast and he continued to grind his hips against yours.
Your panties were wet and you reached down his body and tugged at his shirt.
He moved his body away from you slightly, allowing you to lift his shirt and you caught his eye as the fabric slipped out of your hand.
You both paused and looked at each other, both of you panting, your cheeks flushed and your hair wild.
You both smiled and his lips found yours once more and he growled against your lips as your nails traced down his bare back and over his tattoo.
His hands gripped your legs and he quickly moved them to tug at your jeans and you panties, and he quickly tossed them to the ground before pressing his body against yours again.
You moaned against his lips as he began to grind his hips against your naked core, his hands gripping your ass.
You dragged your nails down his back and he growled, his lips moving to suck at your neck once more.
You moved your hands to his chest and trailed them down his body. You grasped his belt and unbuckled it rapidly, letting his jeans drop to the ground.
You pushed his boxers down and pulled out his member, moaning softly once you felt the long hard length.
Opie growled and sucked at your neck roughly.
“You sure?” He asked breathlessly, pulling his head away to look into your eyes.
You grinned up at him and kissed his lips hungrily.
Opie took the hint and he drove himself forward, letting his length push between your folds.
You were practically dripping, ready to take him and he growled as he felt how wet you were.
He slid into you slowly and you gasped as his length filled you.
He slid out of you slowly and you moaned, his lips were at your neck again and he left a trail of bruised across the skin.
He thrusted into your once more and your nails dug into his shoulders.
He began to thrust more rapidly and you moaned loudly, enjoying every inch of the pleasure.
“Fuck, (y/n).” He growled as he pounded into you.
You only moaned louder and scratched your nails down his back as he slid his large cock in and out of your dripping pussy.
“Ope!” You moaned as he thrusted faster, his full length entering you.
He growled at the mention of his name and his thrusts became harder.
You were already close to orgasm, and your body shuddered in pleasure as his lips wrapped around your nipple once more.
“Fuck, Ope!” You moaned loudly as your orgasm built and he growled before pressing his lips against yours once more.
Suddenly, the door flew open with a crash and Tig walked in.
You both froze, your eyes wide and your lips still locked.
“Don’t mind me.” Tig said, and strolled in casually.
He walked to the toilet and began to unzip his pants.
Opies lips left yours but he didn’t move his body, and you rested your head on his shoulder.
You could hear Tig peeing and your cheeks were flushed a bright pink with embarrassment.
But just as casually as he entered, Tig left, quickly rinsing his hands.
“Carry on kids.” He winked and walked out, closing the door behind him.

sofreddie  asked:

Sons of Lawrence. Is this a thing? Like is it real? Is this happening? I'm sooooo curious and freaking terrified to venture forth and read. But so very naughtily intriqued.

Sons of Lawrence is indeed a real thing. It’s 17 chapters of dark and dirty biker!Winchesters. There’s betrayal, sex, and maybe even a happy ending. People get shot, stabbed, and some of them even die. 

I do hope that you venture forth and read. 

Special To Me

Imagine being on a date with your old man Chibs and you wind up running into your parents who are a nightmare, which is why Chibs has never met them. It’s completely embarrassing and Chibs takes you home to show you how wonderful you are.

Warning: Smut

Guys I suck at smut, I’m so sorry. XD

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You gasped at the inappropriate comment your old man had just made towards you over dinner, tossing a french fry at his face. He smirked, tossing one back at you, missing entirely and hitting the head of the elderly lady in the booth behind the two of you. 

“I hope you have better aim when you fire your gun,” you whispered, covering your face and trying to suppress the laughter threatening to escape your lips.

“I hope so too,” he replied, taking another bite of his hamburger.

This caused you to laugh even more as you admired your husband’s grinning face, cheeks packed with food. Tonight had been the first proper date night the two of you have had in nearly a year and you hadn’t realized just how much you missed it. Things had been hectic with the club, but now that they had space to breathe Jax had forced Filip to take a night off, promising to only call if some really serious shit went down and they absolutely needed him. You couldn’t thank Jax enough. 

More jokes were passed between you and your old man as time went by, and the two of you were now just sitting around with a cup of coffee, passing the time.

“(Y/N), is that you darling?”

You froze mid sentence, all of the blood draining from your face as you heard a voice you had never wanted to hear again.

“Don’t ignore your mother, (Y/N). That’s unbelievably rude.”

You forced down the remaining food in your mouth, placing your napkin on the table in front of you.

“Mother,” you acknowledged, nodding in her direction. “Father. What brings the two of you to Charming?”

“Business trip,” your mother chuckled nervously. “You almost sound unhappy to see us, dear.” 

You watched as both of your parents eyed Filip, disgust on their faces as they took in all of his scars and his leather. 

“Because I am,” you spat back, your blood boiling as they silently judged your old man. “There’s a reason you haven’t heard from nor seen me in 10 years.”

Your father took an angry step towards you, Filip rising out of his seat immediately, daring your father to take one more step towards you. Your mother placed a hand on his chest, patting it softly. “C’mon, dear. No need to make a scene.”

Your father reluctantly took a step back, and once Filip was sure he wouldn’t come any closer,  he slowly sat back down in his seat.

“Well, sweetheart, who’s your friend?” Your mother asked, clearly not taking the hint she was unwanted, and instead trying to dig into your personal life.

“This is my husband, Filip Telford. Filip, as I’m sure you’ve gathered, these are my parents.”

“Aye,” he replied. “Nice to meet you both.”

“Your husband!?” Your mother gasped, clutching her chest. “You can’t be serious! I- I heard nothing of a wedding! He’s nothing but a dirty, low life, biker criminal!”

“Don’t fucking speak about him that way,” you growled, standing from your seat to stare her directly in the eye.

“Do not speak to your mother with that language, you ungrateful brat,” your father spat, shoving you away from her.  Filip was up in a flash, his hands gripping your father’s suit as he shoved him into the diner counter. 

“Don’t you ever put your hands on her again,” you heard him growl over the chatter of the nosy folks in the diner, and your mother’s shrieking scream for help. “Next time you even try it, I’ll kill you.”

“Excuse me!” The manager, Marcus, shouted breaking through the crowd. He was a good friend of SAMCRO, so when he noticed it was Filip, he groaned. 

“C’mon Chibs,” he grumbled, pulling him away from your father. “Time to go, buddy.”

Filip backed away from your father, hands held high in surrender. Smirking towards both of your parents, he tossed a wad of cash on the table and grabbed your hand, tugging you along side of him.

 "You always have been, and always will be, a disgrace to this family, (Y/N),“ Your father called after you.

 Just as the two of you reached the door, Filip turned to face your parents, flipping both of them off. You could hear your mother’s gasp from where you stood, and you couldn’t help but chuckle.

 "C'mon,” your old man said, wrapping his arm around your waist and kissing your temple. “Let’s go home love.”


 "Well,“ Filip mumbled as the two of you entered your home, sliding his coat and kutte off, hanging them on the rack by the door. "I can see now why you never wanted me to meet your parents.”

 "I’m sorry,“ you mumbled, running your hands over your face. "I had no idea my father’s business had branched out into Charming. I didn’t think they’d ever find me here." 

 "And I had no idea you came from such a rich, uptight family. Why didn’t you ever tell me, lass?" 

 You sighed, flopping down on the couch as your old man leaned back against the counter across from you, arms folded over his chest. "When I left Eden and came to Charming, it was supposed to be a new start. I wanted out of that town’s grasp. Everyone there either wanted to know me, or avoid me as well as possible, all because of the money in my parent’s pocket. I never cared for that lifestyle. The social image you had to keep up , maintaining relationships with the right people and always getting special treatment; I absolutely hated it. So, when I moved here and met you I decided to exclude that part of my past. I knew you’d never give me second glance if you knew that deep down I was nothing more than a spoiled rich brat. And then when things got serious … I don’t know I was scared you’d leave me or something if you found out. So I just kept it hidden." 

 Chibs stood in silence, pondering his thoughts for a few moments while your legs started bouncing due to your nerves.  Finally he lifted his head, meeting your eyes and slowly approached you. You gulped as he knelt down in front of you, but relaxed slightly as he removed your heels and began feathering light kisses up your legs.

 "What are you doing?” You asked as his kisses reached your thighs, and he rolled up the edges of the dress you had slipped into for tonight’s date.

 He paused for a moment, looking up at you from in between your legs. “You aren’t some spoiled, rich brat, my love. You’re a strong, fierce, loyal, amazing woman. The shit you’ve dealt with for me and this club, the late nights and struggling with the bills when deals didn’t come through for SAMCRO… You’re all I could have ever asked for. You’ve loved me through all my shite, so don’t ever doubt for a moment that I won’t love you through yours." 

 Tears threatened to well up in your eyes at Fillip’s words, and he pressed a couple more light kisses to your inner thighs. 

 "I don’t tell you enough, so tonight I’m gonna show you just how wonderful you are,” he whispered.

 You let out a gasp as his fingers brushed against you, gripping the edges of your panties, sliding then down your legs. You pulled your feet out of them, and Filip tossed them across the room while you slid down onto the edge of the couch. Your old man smirked up at you, pushing the rest of your dress even higher up your waist, spreading your legs. 

 Teasingly, he attacked your thighs with more kisses, slowly making his way towards your sex. 

You gripped the edges of the couch as his tongue slowly traced your clit, his lips wrapping around the already swollen bud. He picked up the pace, his mouth moving a little faster and once you were wet enough he slid in one finger, another following right behind it. He began pumping them in and out of you at a quick pace, and you felt your legs begin to shake. Before long you were crying out his name, your back arched and your hands tangled in his hair.

 Once you orgasm had ended, and he’d given you a moment to recover he lifted you from the couch, effortlessly tossing you over his shoulder. You giggled as he dashed for the bedroom, kicking the door shut behind the two of you and gently laying you down on the bed.

 You peeled the rest of your dress off, as well as your bra and your old man worked on getting rid of his pants, shirt and boxers. Within a minute you were both completely naked, and he smirked at you, hovering over your body. “I love you,” he mumbled between kisses he attacked your neck with, sucking at the skin. You’d have quite a few love bites to cover up tomorrow

. “I love you,” you responded breathlessly.

 His lips trailed from your neck, down to your breast, taking one nipple in his mouth and attacking the other with his hand. You tossed your head back, moaning at his touch; a low groan escaping his throat at the sound of your voice.

 "I can’t wait anymore,“ he growled, moving in between your hips, adjusting your legs around his waist.

 You laughed at his urgency as he lined himself up with your entrance, positioning one hand above your head to keep him from falling on top of you. Your eyes closed in bliss as he slowly entered you, pulling in and out at a teasing pace. 

 "Look at me,” he demanded. “I want to see those gorgeous eyes.”

 Your eyes fluttered open to meet his, a small smile tugging at the corners of your lips as his pace quickened and your fingers raked down his back. Soon enough you were both riding out your highs together, Filip rolling over beside you, lacing his fingers in yours. You turned on your side, sliding the blanket up over you and resting your head on his shoulder. Leaving Eden behind was the best decision you had ever made. You had found your happily ever after right here in Charming, and your rugged biker made you feel like a queen.

Little Angel

Castiel x Reader / Dean and Sam

Warnings: Reader is jumped

A/N: I hope you like it sorry it took so long to post. Also side note - I was hopped up on pain meds because I’ve been dealing with a nasty painful toothache. Any feedback would be great.

You were in heaven when you heard the news about Dean Winchester and the mark. Another angel told you about it and warned you that your brother Castiel might be in danger. You knew your brother was too invested in the Winchesters and his bond with Dean was unbreakable, you needed to go there yourself and find him.


It’s 2am and you’re in some dirty biker bar and you still had no idea where Castiel was and you were starting to feel defeated “Where are you Castiel” you spoke to yourself. That’s when a young woman from the bar walked over to your table where you were sitting with a bunch of newspaper clippings spread out and the journal you had been using to take notes while tracking Cas.

She stood at your side and placed a shot down on the table “Did you say Castiel?” You hadn’t bothered to pay her much mind until your brother’s name was spoken. Hope filled your eyes and you looked up at her and gestured for her to take the seat across from you. “Yeah, do you know him?” She looked over you for a second before asking “Who’s looking for him?” you crossed your arms and leaned back in your seat “His sister, me. I’m looking for him.” Her eyes shot up and looked directly into yours and her mouth fell open slightly “Your Y/N?” she finally spoke.

“Yes. Do you know where he is?” You begged her. “Yes he’s with the Winchesters.” You already knew this “Where are the Winchesters?” You opened your journal so that you could write down an address “Their safe house” she paused and you picked up your pen to take notes and that when she looked away “I’m sorry I’m not sure where that is.” Guilt spread across her face when she realized she didn’t have much information to share but what she gave you was enough. You stood up and started shoving all your clippings and journal into your bag. “Thank you.” You hugged the young woman forgetting to ask for a name as you stormed out of the bar.


In the parking lot you got into your car and turned on the overhead light and pulled out your journal and started piecing all your notes together hoping to find some sort of clue as to where the boys were hiding out. You stared at your notes for another hour and then a map and you finally put it together.

“Finally!” you said to yourself as you threw your bag and journal into the backseat.

“Finally what?” you hear a raspy voice from outside your car window and turned to see who it was and before you had a chance to react the man pulled you from your car through the window. He slammed your body against the hood of the car “Look what we have hear boys, an angel.” He smirked to his friends who were now surrounding the car “and she’s a looker too.” Another man said.

The man looked at you and his eyes flickered black. Then you looked around and saw what seemed like 100 pair of black eyes on you. The man loosened his grip on your shirt slightly and you took the opportunity to try and get away. You lifted your body up slightly and pulled a demon blade from the back of your pants and stabbed the man in the neck.

His body locked up and fell to the ground at your feet. You looked at the other demons around you and suddenly they all jumped you. You thought you could take them but soon realized that you were no match for this many demons.

You were weak from the beating but you flashed yourself to the bunker anyways hoping you were right about the boy’s location. You were too weak and before you had a chance to make sure you were in the right place you blacked out.


“Who the hell?” Dean said to Sam when they walked into the bunker getting back from a hunt just moments after you flashed into the library. Castiel rushed in behind them sensing your presence and pushed past Sam and Dean “Y/N” when you didn’t respond to your big brother he looked over to the boys and started listing off items he needed “I need some blankets and water.” When they didn’t respond to his demand he yelled “HURRY!”

“Y/N what happened?” He kneeled on the floor beside you and pulled your head into his lap. Your vessel was beaten and bloody. The thick red liquid covered your face and your clothing was torn. Your shirt almost completely ripped away and your jeans stained with blood.

Sam came rushing in with a glass of water and Dean followed behind him with a couple of blankets. Dean covered your body with one of the blankets and tucked another one under your neck to prop your head up. Sam stood by with the glass of water and Castiel began to heal you. He started from your feet and hovering his hands above you until he got to your neck then he placed two fingers on your forehead.

Your eyes shot open and you started coughing, that’s when Sam handed the glass of water to Cas who then held it up to your lips for you to drink. You lifted your head up and took a few sips and then laid back down on the bundled up blanket below.

“What’s going on?” Dean broke the silence.

“Guys this is my sister Y/N” Castiel helped you sit up and sat himself behind you so that you could lean on him.

You were still weak so you took a few more large gulps of water before you tried to speak “Cas I’ve been looking for you.” You turned and smiled up to your brother who couldn’t help but smile back down at his little sister. “Well you found me sis.” You both smiled at each other for a minute and then Sam chimed in “Why were you looking for him Y/N?”

Dean was staring right at you and you didn’t want to say but you knew Castiel would be able to tell if you were lying so you decided it was best to tell the truth “I heard about” you looked up at Dean and then at his arm where the mark made its home “the mark and I needed to make sure you were safe.”

“What you think he’s not safe with me?” Dean stood taller, his face now hard. “Dean stop.” Castiel stood up and walked toward Dean “No don’t ‘Dean stop’ mean Cas. Who the hell does she think she is?”

“I won’t warn you again Dean.” Castiel now just inches away from Dean. Sam realized what was about to happen so he intervened and got between them.

“Guys come on.” Sam placed his hand on Castiels chest and looked over to Dean.

“I’m sorry Castiel I couldn’t just leave you here with him.” You finally chimed in and Dean gave you a hard look but then relaxed his face when he saw how weak you still were and how much you went through to be here with your brother.

“It’s okay Y/N” Castiel turned to you helping you stand up “I got you here with me now.” He pulled you into a hug and grabbed you face “Now who did this to you? I’ll kill them.” You chuckled a little at your brothers over protective nature and went to hug him again “It doesn’t matter Castiel I found you.”