dirty and rowdy

trc dudes as mcelroy Boy Quotes™

ronan: he’s a fun-havin’ fun-lookin’ dirty boy. like a really rowdy boy. just a dirty boy. just a rowdy, dirty boy. he’s a true rowdy boy.

adam: my perfect boy. my sweet boy let me show you the world! my sweet boy! MY BOY!

gansey: it’s a beautiful baby boy. there’s a good boy. hey! hey! hey there’s a, now that’s a boy that i could get into! that’s a perfect boy! let me see this perfect boy. justin’s special boy.

kavinsky: garbage boy. garbage boy boy stinkman. 

noah:  nervous little punk boy…

henry: i gotta say you’re starting with a sweet boy. he looks like a sweet boy. MY BEAUTIFUL BOY! oh my sweet boy! sweet boy.


greenmantle: very bad boy.

jesse dittley: VERY strong boy! a thick boy. oho yeah, i bet you can’t knock that boy over with a pail of water.

declan: oh god this is such a good wrestleboy.

matthew: you want a big boy or you want a little boy? a little boooy!

anonymous asked:

~ Having inside jokes in public and sharing looks and smothered laughs with Todoroki pls?

Todoroki Shouto

“That’s a dirty boy.”

“Mm.” He nodded in agreement with a straight face but you could see how the edge of his lips quivered slightly. “Like a really rowdy boy.”

“Just a rowdy dirty boy-” you managed to say right before snorting. You covered your mouth to hide the dork grin you must of had as you see Todoroki smirk down at you.

“You dork.”

“The hell?!” Bakugou yelled at the both of you, scowling fiercely. “Are you talking about me again? Where the hell is that from? Dammit it!”

a list of boys

Genuine wrestle boys
Just a skin boy
Handsome boy
Kind of a greasy boy
A good ladder boy
Face boy
An extra boy (on him)
Fox boys
Busy boy
Dirty boy
Fun havin’, fun lookin’ dirty boy
Like a really rowdy boy
Just a dirty boy
A rowdy, dirty boy
True rowdy boy
(inaudible) boy
Garbage boy
Garbage boy stink man
A regular boy
Real boy
Normal boy
Beautiful baby boy
A good boy
A boy i could get into
A perfect boy
Justin’s special boy
My two special boys
Can you move faster, my perfect boy
My sweet boy
My boy
Sweet boy
(inaudible cackling boy)
Not a sweet boy
Nervous little punk boy
Perfect beautiful business child boy
Cream face business boy
Such a good wrestle boy
Glide you beautiful boy
Big boy yes yes yes
Chat with boy
Silly boys
Goofy boys
A way better boy
This boy’s good
Big boy
Little boy
(singing) little boyyyy
Big ol’ boy
Benjamin button baseball boy
Crossbow boy
Perfect swoid boy (not a typo boy)
Space-fairing kissboy
Cream face business boy
The original pizza boy
Donald’s play place boy
Very bad boy
Very strong boy
A thick boy
Can’t knock that boy over with a pail of water boy
A field of thirty ghost boys
My perfect boy
Burger boy
Todd’s boys
Monster factory boys
Boy hat
Toss Boy
This may not work juice we may have to start over and give our boy a new job boy
How many boys can we get in this forest boy
Not a boys house boy
Two boys
Two boys two boys
Two boys half boys
Two half boys jammed together
A lot of boys
A family of all boys
The boy family
Just all boys
Too many boys
Too many beautiful boys

the signs as monster factory boys
  • aries: a perfect sword boy
  • taurus: a very strong boy
  • gemini: two half-boys jammed together
  • cancer: a couple of genuine wrestle boys
  • leo: a sweet boy
  • virgo: soft boy
  • libra: a space-faring kiss boy
  • scorpio: just a rowdy, dirty boy
  • sagittarius: the original pizza boy
  • capricorn: cream-faced business boy
  • aquarius: just a family of all boys
  • pisces: a nervous little punk boy