dirty airy


While the Quays are known primarily for their puppet films, around here, on Tumblr, at least, they’ve curiously become accidentally famous for their first live action film, Institute Benjamenta.  Famous, of course, without renown, as that last image and variations upon it have popped up on various and sundry aesthetic without attribution.  This isn’t entirely surprising, as the entire film is positively gorgeous, a visual ode to illumination and darkness, the movement of light and shadow.  It’s also a morbidly witty, extremely dirty, airy little confection, centered on the need of human beings for personal purpose and interpersonal connection, and what happens when these are denied, either by accident or by design.  My write-up of it is here.

(Again, if these are your images, and you don’t want them on my Tumblr, I will gladly remove them.)