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as an 'innocent' (dirty minded) 13 yr old I have a question. Some of my friends already lost their virginity and it's honestly confusing for me. 2 of them ended up pregnant and they lost the child. And my cousin is pregnant and we're the same age so I can't really see her anymore. But my question is when do you know the time is right. (I'm not think of having sex) i'm just curious on why people do it to people they claim that they love. And than bitch about it on snapchat.

I personally don’t think it’s the right time in your younger teens since ‘love’ then a lot of the time doesn’t really mean much 🤷🏻‍♀️ I think it’s best to wait and honestly when you’re older you’ll just know when the times right, just don’t rush into anything with anybody or let yourself feel pressured if you don’t want to

the list of movies that will never e v e r disappoint you.

1. Dirty Dancing

2. About Time

3. Love, Rosie

4. PS I Love You

5. Psycho

6. The Princess Diaries 

7. Star Trek 

8. Drive Me Crazy

9. Funny Face

10. Good Will Hunting

11. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

12. The Fault In Our Stars (you know you loved every sappy second of this film)

13. 13 Going on 30

14. How to Train Your Dragon

15. Notting Hill

16.  Love, Actually (no matter what time of year it is)

His Dirty Little Secret

Chapter 13

“Did i just say that?”

Warning;sexual content!

Hailey’s Pov

I haven’t left the house in 2 days.

i faked being sick to my mum and she has believed me surprisingly

i texted Sophie and Lauren about my sickness and told them not to come over in case i give it to them.

they hate getting sick so i knew that would keep them away.

i’ve been going to the forest for the last two days.

it’s been peaceful and i needed to get out of the house but i can’t face school yet.

i couldn’t face him not yet.

what he said really got to me.

at least he tried? tried what?

i was so confused but i didn’t want to go to school just yet to have him annoy me and throw paper at me.

i needed to think before i face him again

i lied to him.

i don’t want us to be over, i have really missed his touch.

How could I let myself get into this mess, the mess containing Luke hemmings he has really fucked me up because I have feelings for him there is no point denying that anymore.

i just can’t get these thoughts out of my head.

no one can ever love me, maybe that’s what he meant.

i sat up in my bed looking at my four walls, i have done nothing but cry this morning.

the thought are getting worse in my head, the more and more i think about cutting the more i want to do it.

my cut is almost healing.. healing into a nice scar on my wrist.

that is not going to go down well with my mum, i can only keep it hidden for so long.

maybe one more won’t hurt.

at least not for a while.

Luke’s Pov

2 days.

i have been driving myself crazy for 2 days! No Hailey has been driving me crazy for the last 2 days

she hasn’t showed up at school and after what happened on Monday i know she won’t repily to my text that’s if i had some confidence to actual text her, i always open her messages and go to type something and then put my phone away.

i really want to go over to her friends Lauren and Sophie to ask where she’s been or what’s wrong with her but they would just look at me strangely.

her curtains are closed, i haven’t seen them open once.

i’m really worried about her, i keep thinking about her scars and if she will cut again

it’s driving me crazy, i shouldn’t care for her like this.

Yes at the start i just wanted her as my little secret but now it has gone to far and i can’t keep away from her.

it’s like she’s a drug and i need her.

it’s strange because i have never needed anyone in my life before, that’s because i grew up not feeling wanted.

today is going to slowly, the clock keeps ticking and ticking like it’s mocking me.

it’s driving me insane!

the bell rings for break time but i don’t go to the canteen

i have given in to my thoughts and i walked out of school to go see Hailey

i need to see she’s okay.

Hailey’s Pov

this book is so good, i am almost to the end.

i can’t put it down.

i was just about to turn the page when i heard someone at the front door

What the hell?

it was almost 11 o'clock who the hell could that be?

and then i thought it must be the postman

i pulled my blanket around my shoulders as i got out of bed and made may way down stairs to the front door.

when i opened my front door i was surprised to see Luke standing their looking out of breathe.

“Umm hello?” i said

he didn’t say anything for a second and then he pushed past me and walked into my house

ugh he needs to stop doing this..

but i’m kind of glad he’s here but i wasn’t going to tell him that

“So you are alive..” he said

i looked at him confused and said “ Yes i am why do you care?” i asked him

he looked mad as hell

“Are you serious!!! you’ve been missing school for the last 2 days and i’ve just walked out of school to see if your okay and you asked me why do i care? you’re the only person right now i do care about” Luke said

my eyes widened at his words

ugh why does he have to say such nice things after the way i have treated him

i can’t let me see how i feel, i must stay strong

“well now that you know i’m alive you can go back to school, you didn’t need to leave school you could have waited till after school” i said to him not looking at him

that’s when he really lost it

“You can’t be this cold hearted,i just told you i care about you and that’s all you have to say, you do know who i am right?” he said

i almost wanted to roll my eyes at him

“that’s exactly the point i know who you are and how you behave so i’m sorry if i don’t believe you when you say you "care” about me" i said to him

i wasn’t expecting what he done next.

but i loved it!

he just stared at me and then he pushed me up against the door and kissed me


i wanted to pull away so badly!

in my head i kept saying pull away, pull away but i couldn’t i just pulled him closer.

we pulled away catching our breathes and then Luke leaned his head against my forehead and said

“believe me when i say i care about you.. and i’m going to show you”

i didn’t know what he meant until he threw the blanket of my shoulders and lifted me up in his arms making me grip his arms in shock

he started walking and i knew he was going to my bedroom and right now i was excited.

were we going to have sex?

do i want to have sex with him?

he threw me onto the bed making me bounce, i giggled a bit making Luke laugh as well

i stopped laughing and just looked at me while he looked at me

“Have you been crying?"he asked looking serious coming closer to me

i turned away from him and his gaze and said ” we all need a good cry sometimes"

he sadly smiled at me when i looked at him then he said “no more tears baby” then he kissed me

The kiss was hard and forced but I didn’t care I loved kissing him, I pulled him closer, Luke put one leg between my legs and then he started grinding on me, I could feel his penis on my leg and it was getting hard.

Did I do that??

Will I have to suck him off?

I have never done that before, I watched porn before so i know how to do it but I have never actually done it.

“ want to fuck you so bad” Luke said between kisses

“ I would have you begging underneath me while I finger you and then I would fuck you so hard, you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day” Luke continued

All I could do was moan in response,

I could feel myself get the similar feeling inside I got yesterday when I thought about us having sex before we were interrupted.

Oh how badly I wanted to have sex with him.

I have never really been interested in boys before that was until this thing with Luke started

“Would you like that baby?” Luke said when he pulled away

I looked into his blue eyes and nodded.

What was I doing.. I just agreed to have sex with Luke hemmings

What is wrong with me!!!!!

Luke smirked at me and then his hands gripped the bottom of my vest top and pulled it over my head, I had to sit up a bit for it to come off, I took my bra off as soon as my vest top came off, I don’t know if I want to do this but I knew I didn’t want to stop this.

Luke attached his lips to me again and kissed me hard, he was pressing me into the bed and I started to get uncomfortable to Iayed down which helped.

Luke started kissing down my neck and then he started gripping my boobs, I looked down at him and he looked up at me and then he brought his mouth down to my breasts, the feeling I got was insane i couldn’t control myself my hands where everywhere, on his shoulders, in his hair and gripping the bed sheets I have never felt this before and I didn’t want to stop, no wonder people like to do this a lot because this feeling is the best.

When Luke took one of my nipples in his mouth that is when I lost it, I couldn’t control my moans. I gripped the bed sheets so hard my hands started to hurt but I didn’t care.

Luke stopped and when he did I opened my eyes because i was confused as to why he stopped, I looked down at him and he was looking at me smirking

What is he planning??

“ Remember I said that one day I would taste you properly” Luke said

I nodded my head and he said “ Well today is the day”

I didn’t know what he meant until he undone the knot on my shorts and sat up to pull them off my legs.

Did I mention that I wasn’t wearing any knickers.

“ No knickers, you naughty girl” Luke said and then he moved down the bed a bit so he was facing my exposed vagina

Omg this was actually going to happen, Luke has fingered me before but this.. This was different.

Luke pushed my legs wider and then he started kissing the insides of my thighs

I couldn’t control my body, every time Luke kissed me on my thigh near my vagina my body lifted of the mattress into the air I couldn’t help but moan everytime he done that.

“ Let’s see what my piercing can do baby” Luke whispered

I didn’t know what he meant until.. OMG!

His mouth was attached to my clit

he kissed me twice before he inserted a finger in and I was gone

I felt like I was on cloud 9

Luke added another finger and my moans got louder, Luke’s fingers started going faster and I could feel the wetness between my legs and then… I felt Luke’s tongue on my clit.

It was the best feeling ever. I could feel myself getting close to my orgasm and Luke knew I was close

“ Are you close baby?” He whispered

I managed to breathe out a “ Yes” and then Luke’s tongue started flickering more and more and I could feel the orgasm building and building and then Luke said “ Let go baby” and that’s all it took for my orgasm to hit.

I gripped his hair so hard, my back arched of the bed while I came.

I was in heaven.

Once the orgasm ended I layed back down and untangled my hands from Luke’s hair, he looked a mess but a hot mess. I’m sure I did too.

“ You taste like heaven” Luke said coming face to face with me and then he kissed me, I could taste myself on him wasn’t a bad taste if I’m honest.

Luke started grinding on my legs and I could feel how hard he was, I pulled away and looked down

Yup he has a hard on.

I am about to do something I have never done before

But I might as well reward him after he has made me cum twice.

The words came out of my mouth before I could think about it

“ Do you want me to help you with that?”

he looked at me confused and then he said “You don’t have to”

i smirked at him and said “ But i want too”

i turned us around surprising us both and Luke said “Wow”

then i bent down again not before i gave him a peck and bit down on his lip.

he started moaning when i started pulling his jeans down…

once his jeans were on the ground, he was just in his boxers.

it’s the first time i’ve seen him like this.

he looked at me so innocent but he is far from it

i suddenly realised i was going to be to shit at this.

he won’t enjoy it, i know it

“Hey what’s wrong?” he asked sitting up

“I’ve never done this before..” i said

i thought he was going to laugh at me but he didn’t

he grabbed my hand and said “ i did say you didn’t have to do this babe, i can just go into the bathroom to get myself off”

he was about to move but i stopped him and spoke “ No, i want to do this. you please me all the time i want to do the same to you”

he smirked at me then he layed back against the bed like before but then he pulled his boxers right off making him completely naked

he’s big.

oh my god.

i wasn’t expecting him to be his big

“i’ll show you what to do baby” he said then he grabbed my hand

i moved closer till i was in his lap then he guided my hand down until i touched his cock..

i had watched porn before well i tried, i had seen woman do this before so i decided to take control

i slapped his hand away from mine making him smirk and then i let my hand go slowly down his body until i gripped his member making him stop breathing and moan.. i haven’t even done anything yet and i was doing this already.


“Feel what you do to me baby” Luke moaned


i never knew i could turn someone one so much

i moved my hand up and down gripping and then i started thinking about the porn scene i watched so i decided to lean down and kiss the top of his tip

“Fuck baby..” Luke moaned

i grinned to myself and then i took him in my mouth, god he is big i feel like i’m going to choke.

His gaze was intense as he observed the way I pleased him. “ Your mouth is amazing,FUCK!” Luke moaned as his head leaned back on my pillow and he closed his eyes in pleasure..

i was loving this.

my pace quickened and his breath hitched. He hissed against my pillow as  my mouth tighten around him,the desperation was clearly evident in his voice as he grunted because of the pleasure my mouth was giving him.

he came three seconds later in my mouth.

the taste wasn’t as bad as i thought it would be, i swallowed without any problem

“No gag reflex?” Luke said once he came down from his high

“no” i said hoping he wouldn’t question it, he doesn’t know about my eating disorder.

“fuck” he said then he leaned down bringing me up till his face and kissed me hard.


my mum was due to come home soon but i didn’t want to tell Luke

we were laying naked in bed just talking about everything

about school and he was making fun of teachers making me laugh so much

“i never knew you were so good at impressions” i said in between laughs

“Well i am full of surprises baby” Luke said smirking making me laugh harder

“oh you think that’s funny do ya?” he said then he got on top of me, i didn’t know what he was going to do then he started tickling me

“Oh my god please STOP!!” i said laughing trying to push him off me

“Not until you admit i’m the best” he said tickling my sides harder

i could feel a little bit of pee coming.. i can’t pee myself.. not in front of him

“OK!! okay you are the best” i said and he finally stopped

we just stared at each other smiling and then i asked him a question i’ve been dying to ask

“why didn’t you fuck that girl on Saturday night?” i asked

he got off me and sat back but not letting go of my hand, he was about to speak but i beat him to it

“ it was because of me right?” I said to him..

I sat up in bed because I knew I was right.

Luke looked down at my floor for a minute and then he looked up at me and strugged his shoulders.

I love him.


Did I just say I love him??

I couldn’t control my happiness right now. I was so fucking happy.

“ Why are you smiling like that?” Luke asked with a confused face

I smirked at him and said “ You like me”

Luke looked at me confused and then his eyes widened at what I meant and then he said

“ No I don’t”

ha liar.. I can tell he’s lying. It’s written all over his face.

I smiled at him and said “ I know your lying, admit you like me”

Luke looked me straight in the eyes and said..

“ Okay fine.. i like you..”

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100 banging kinks for Bucky’s 100th birthday runsheet!

Because I’m a producer at heart and I can’t help it, here’s a run sheet starting from 12am NYC time. 

00:00 – Kissing - @persephone-is-here-omg
00:10 – Discovering Boundaries - @emilyevanston 
00:20 – On the Sofa - @goody2shoessmut 
00:30 – Masturbation - @dragonsrequiem 
00:40 – Bodily fluids - @find-me-here2
00:50 – Oral sex - @pauldepleur
01:00 - Something new - @thecrownedrose

01:15 - Romantic evening  - @winter-soldier-bucky
01:30 - First time  - @amrita31199
01:45 - Blindfolds  - @shittywriters
02:00 - No speaking (only using body language)  - @pauldepleur

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Ayy, it’s 4/13 and one thing I could never shake was my want for Feferi and Eridan to make proper ammends and be happy again. I like to think there’s plenty of bubbles out there where they did. So here they are joining one another in stride for a brisk speedwalk in the astral plane where they sort their shit out. Anyway: dirty 4/13 confession. Happy Homestuck

Request Are Open!!!

I’m more than happy to start making imagines of any kind, just lmk. I can do

° Vampire Diaries

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° Etc.

I can also do fluff and smut if requested, I am comfortable with ANYTHING, don’t be afraid to ask lol

GOD BLESS ROMCOMS VOL. II - the sequel to this mix

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  2. When You Say Nothing At All - Ronan Keating (Notting Hill)
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I had to sketch these two because of ep 12…!
Yata showing Fushimi how fun it’s to skate with a “fire powered” skateboard orsomethinglikethatidk

Claire Novak Playlist

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1. Rhiannon | Fleetwood Mac

2. When i’m gone | 3 Doors Down

3. Zombie | The Cranberries

4. Silence is the enemy | Papa Roach

5. The Good Life | Three Days Grace

6. Prayer of the refugee | Rise Against

7. Riot | Three Days Grace

8. Cake | Melanie Martinez

9. Mrs. Potato Head | Melanie Martinez

10. Monster | Paramore

11. You call me a bitch like it’s a bad thing | Halestorm

12. Daughters of Darkness | Halestorm

13. Heavy Dirty Soul | Twenty One Pilots

14. Cherry Bomb | The Runaways

15. T.N.T. | AC/DC

16. Hallelujah | Fit For Rivals

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