dirtiest player in the game

Villainess (?) prompt list #29
  1. She will fight just about anybody if you give her a reason to
  2. She just might be the dirtiest player on this game 
  3. Even as chained to a wall, bruised and battered, she was still the one in control.
  4. With a gun against the side of her head, blade sticking out of her shoulder, the breath and soul knocked out of her, she still laughed with ever hit she received. 

Let’s share some of our favorite dirty tricks from GOTY’s past. 

I’ll start: 

-Jeff looking up the ending to Life is Strange on Wikipedia while Vinny, Alex, and Austin hadn’t yet finished it, and telling them it’s bad with no payoff. 
-Jeff asking if any of them would put Rocket League above Mario Maker. Half of them say yes, and Jeff promptly changes the subject and runs down the remaining games and strategically leaving out Rocket League. 

Jeff is secretly the dirtiest player in the Game of the Year. 

anonymous asked:

All these cules saying this was the greatest comeback and shit. This wasn't a comeback this was puro puto robo. In what world is this a great comeback? This is absolute bullshit, Chewy Suarez and his garrapatas can suck a dick. I think I can speak on behalf of non-barça aficionados and say that FC Barcelona are the dirtiest players. You got me fucked up if you say think that this game was wasn't rigged and the refs weren't bought. I don't understand how cules can possibly defend this crap.

honestly I wanna say I’m surprised, but there’s a certain mentality you expect from those who choose to support Barca in the first place knowing how corrupt they are. Not of course this doesn’t apply to all cules, I have some really nice decent cules as mutuals and I’ve loved their reaction to tonight’s win. Unfortunately they only make up like 0.00001% of the fanbase. There’s no defending what happened tonight. It wasn’t just a case of biased refs, like we’ve seen so many times before with teams all across Europe..It was a ref doing his absolute best to make sure they made it through to the qfs; it was diving and cheating and getting away with it, it was not caring about the values football instills in its players and fans, it was a disgrace. And the sad thing is, it’s not the first time it’s happened, and it won’t be the last. As long as UEFA is controlled by money hungry individuals who don’t give a shit about the sport, Barcelona will keep getting away with ruining this beautiful game 

Eddie Guerrero's motto was literally 'lie, cheat, steal' whether as a face or a heel, RIC Flair is known as 'the dirtiest player in the game' Edge is the ' ultimate opportunist ' Seth hasn't won a match clean since he was in NXT (I know I'm probably exaggerating now but only slightly) Lay-Cool utilized dirty tactics in every one of their matches Shawn Michaels's most famous victory was a screw job.

And y'all mofos pissed at Nikki? 🐸🍹🍹🍹 # tea ain’t strong enough.