dirtbag baby

Teenage Dirtbag (Baby)

This is for @pies-cakes-and-gays because sometimes I keep promises.

A bit angsty, I’m sorry


Ann was… Well… He was…

He was not important, that was for sure.

Always with his black hoodie and hair over his face and extremely closed up personality, he didn’t know many people, he had one friend, and he was basically the least person in the entire school. And that would be fine for him, honestly, if it wasn’t for one single problem:

He had fallen in love with Roman, the most popular boy in the school. And not only the most popular boy in the school, but also the one that dated the biggest and most handsome guy in the school, the quarterback of their football team.

Like what chance someone like Ann would have with someone that dated a quarterback?

And yet, there he found himself, staring with wide eyes under his fringe while Roman walked past him after his boyfriend had hit his bike with his car. Or smiling as he saw Roman coming to his direction in the hallway, only to be pushed by his big boyfriend on the ground. Or blushing when he caught his stare in the cafeteria.

“Why don’t you go talk to him?” Logan, his best friend, said once, clearly annoyed by his little affection demonstrations. Ann groaned, looking down at the floor. “Look. Prom night is coming. You should ask him”

“Are you going to ask Morgan?” he asked, bitterly, and that shut up the other immediately. Ann looked up again, biting his bottom lip as he saw Roman giving him a quick glance from all the way down the cafeteria.

He was probably looking at someone else. Roman couldn’t possible know who Ann was. But still, he liked to think that those glances were for him. Because why not? He wasn’t harming anyone.

Then, prom night came, and he had no one to dance with. He was sitting down, looking at the table, hair messy, suit bothering him, everything hell. He looked at his side and smiled shyly as he saw Logan and Morgan dancing. At least someone had been lucky. He turned his head forward again and he froze, eyes wide.

Through the crowd, Roman was walking to him, looking shy but decided, and Ann turned around all the way, checking if his boyfriend was anywhere near. No. He was nowhere. He felt his heart speeding it’s beat and his hand shake and looked up again, Roman stopping next to him, smiling.

“Hey.” He said, and Ann couldn’t even answer, a knot on his throat. “I heard you like My Chemical Romance. Would you like to… I don’t know… Go on their show with me this Friday?” he asked, and then pulled out of his pocket two tickets for the concert. Ann’s eyes widened and he was then pulled up by Roman, gently, while the tickets were forgotten on the table.

“I-I…” he mumbled, shakily, and Roman smiled shyly, pulling him for a dance. Ann swallowed his awkwardness up and wrapped his arms around Roman’s waist, slowly starting to dance with him, losing himself in the boy’s eyes.

They danced, slowly, close, and Ann couldn’t believe it. It could only be a dream. And as Roman started to lean down, their faces so close, noses almost touching, he felt something tugging on his shoulder and groaned.

When he opened his eyes, he was on a couch, with Logan staring down at him, confused.

“Come on, Ann. You have been sleeping for two hours and you need to get ready for prom night” he said, before rolling his eyes and walking away. “I don’t understand why I promise these things to you”

Ann looked up at the ceiling and sighed, closing his eyes, begging to fall asleep again. It had seemed so real… They had been so close…

But someone like Roman would never want him unless it was a dream.

He should  have realized it sooner.