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More About Babies -- It’s About Balance One Shot

This… is a result of one Harry Styles who needs to not be around babies for my own health and sanity. I’m using the It’s About Balance sequence as a base, but honestly it isn’t explicit. x.

Warnings: difficulty getting pregnant is mentioned. It’s the lightest mention, but just in case. 

Harry’s in a particularly cuddly mood this morning and it hasn’t escaped your notice. He starts with kisses on your neck and cheek, and then he brings them down your chest over the t-shirt you’re wearing you smile despite yourself.

“What are you up to?” you ask him suspiciously as he lifts your t-shirt and sprinkles kisses on your stomach.

“M’not up t’anythin’, pet,” he promises into your skin. You squirm a bit from the way his lips tickle and he nips gently at your skin and that’s when you feel his smile.

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Gotham Knights #63: Return of Hush

im literally crying he thinks he’s so fucking cool but in reality he has been planning this he was like im going to make this really stupid plan where i have some sort of immunity to ivy and then im going to jump off the roof like a baDDaSs SAAYING BY THE WAY MY NAME IS TOMMY ELLIOT AND THIS IS JACKASS

also he did exactly what she asked him to do oh my god