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Hi, you seem like a clever and understanding person so I want to read your thoughts about Louis in all this mess. I know that he is surrounded by people he loves who are kind to him but does the fact that his image is dragged through the worst dirt is affecting him on personal level? Sorry if it's to personal. I hope Harry is giving him the best of hugs ;)

I cannot really talk on his behalf, I can only share my opinion as an observer and believe me I am all for ending this shit show because it is ridiculous and it has been ongoing for 209 days, and my heart literally stopped when he tweeted the announcement tweet, but I do believe it could be so much worse if he did not have people on his side. 

And this in itself is calming and is probably still hard on the fandom, but the thing is that they are not doing this to *us*, we are not part of the *show*, they are just in an unpleasant situation and they are doing whatever they can to get the freedom they deserve. And because the fandom *is hurting*, it is easy to project that hurt to Louis and Harry and I probably have an unpopular opinion but I do not think it takes that much of a toll on them as it does on *us*. 

In the beginning it was sure hard and I would be naive to think they just took it easily, but I don’t think it was a piece of cake, especially the month-long physical separation in April, but in May they were totally together in LA for a month, and they could argue and talk it out what needs to be done. This is a very heavy stunt.. fooling an entire fandom, fooling the entire world basically, but it was NOT supposed to last this long and that fake baby bump should not have ever been strapped on, but it was.  

I can also imagine babygate being part of a 3 hours meeting when H or L flat out refused to cooperate, maybe even left the room and then after taking a few deep breaths and weighing in the pros and cons they started to think about it, and whatever decision was made, the final one was made together. 

So we are in an unpleasant situation and the worst would be if there was no fan questioning the legitimacy of this *pregnancy*, if the Larries would be turning their backs on him, if there was a common change of minds that this boy seems to change his mind and wants to stay closeted now, or even worse, some could believe that he really cheated on Harry and knocked up a random girl.

I think they somehow learned to ignore the media and I am pretty sure there are moments when they take the phone from each other, to stop checking out the articles or the tweets, because of course they are IN THIS TOGETHER, no matter who says what, Harry and Louis are in everything together and babygate is not an exception.

At the moment there is no win-win situation. He either plays along and posts an ig picture, gets papped with the carrier and tweets some off his account (if that was even him) or he can ignore the whole thing and let the media/Syco/OT spin it and put such a dent in his already awful public image that would take tremendous effort, time and money to correct. GP is good at *forgiving*, but those who leave their kids, leave the baby mama, and who just simply refuse to be in the life of their kid are NEVER going to be in the good graces of GP. Even if it is not true, remember that negative scandals are very damaging.

But the thing is that the news broke in the most coming out friendly way, and although the story is absolutely putting stunts into shame in terms of how far are people willing to go but at the same time they left so many holes in the story that literally all of us are still here. I do not want to sound naive, I am very aware that some stuff are done to ensure us, and I would really quickly like to put a disclaimer here that this is not queer-baiting because we are talking about an actual closeted couple, and yes although there was some Larry-friendliness in the press, the actual red flag was how the MEDIA treated this fetus/baby. And that is not a normal thing and whatever your beliefs are, there is NO WAY the media is mocking an actual baby and an actual pregnancy the way media mocked this fetus. So I think that helped a lot in undermining this story. And it is quite a relief to Louis that people see that.

So I think they cope with it just *fine*, which sounds ridiculous, but tbh he still did very minimal efforts, and when he was done with work he could meet up with Harry, Anne, Robin and just forget about it. It means the world to me that Harry is there with him, that at least that part is covered that we are not getting angsty attacks that H is not there, H doesn’t love him, look how H is in the UK, they broke up etc etc. 

Also when we saw them, I am thinking about the shoeless fan fic and Harry’s quick shopping trip to YSL, they looked well rested, tanned and pretty fine to me.

They are in a business situation, knowing pretty well

  • WHAT is happening, 
  • WHY it is happening (hello yachtgate initial freak out and now the relieved realization and virtual high-fives that it is mocking Simon when I vividly remember how people hated on him after it happened.cough-cough..), 
  • WHEN the next step is and that makes such a difference.
  • THAT at the end they will get their freedom, the freedom they have craved for since the very beginning. 

What you see was their business decision, I am 100% sure of that and they both agreed to go along with it.

Feel free to disagree, I was just laying out my opinion on how I see things. :) 

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25 Things I Love About Cycling

Sometimes the more you do something the less you enjoy it because it becomes boring and repettive. Sometimes the more you do something the fonder and more excited you become with it. As I cycle toward my goal I have a bit of spare time to sit and think about the reasons that cycling is so enjoyable, peaceful, and rewarding to me.

Here are a few of the things that I love about cycling:
Riding into the wind at the front of a pace line.
Espresso half way though a long ride.
Pushing your legs and body to complete exhaustion doing intervals.
Finishing a ride covered in sweat, road dirt, and looking the worst for wear yet feeling like a million bucks.
Riding a new bike for the first time.
The first outdoor ride of the year after spending the winter cooped up on the trainer.
Getting new cycling gadgets & gear.
Being asked to take another pull or a longer one at the front of a pace line.
Outsprinting a dog with your heart beating out of your chest.
Being told you climb really good “for a big guy”.
Gliding past cars in traffic while drivers stare ahead filled with road rage.
Your first ride in a real cycling kit.
Teaching your kids to ride a bike for the first time.
Finally learning how to pedal circles and seeing how it changes your pace forever.
That click your shoes make locking into your pedal (well, I used to).
Being able to help someone fix a flat (well… moral support because I do not appreciate to srew up with may nails #fact)
Riding on an open road with no one around for miles.
Watching the pros climbing in Le Tour and daydreaming about doing it someday.
Being schooled by an older rider on a fixie.
The first ride after cleaning your bike.
Your first successful clip out.
Seeing someone admire your bike.
Breaking 42 miles per hour on a hill decent.
The anticipation of a weekend ride after a stressful work week.
Standing to climb a hill and smiling when you reach the top only to realize you made it without walking or sitting.

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