Does anyone else remember when Mary lost the baby in 2x04 and how there Francis was for her! and he told her the story about the fireflies and then had all those lanterns lit into the sky just to see her smile. and you could see it on his face when she told him the news how devastated he was, but you could see how much it pained him to see Mary in pain and upset. And with the rape he was there for her and all Mary did was push him away. Through everything he has been there for her, by her side, her biggest supporter.  Don’t anyone ever tell me Francis did not/does not love Mary!!!!!!!

anyone else who’s gotten bored of Thanos twice over by now because of all the hinting and nothing else??

Getting in to your cleaning headspace

One of the main issues that people have with cleaning is that it is incredibly hard to get motivated about it. Such a boring process that serves to reach a boring end is never going to inspire anyone to get on with it, especially when it can be pretty tough work as well! If you are having

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