A SWORD’S SHEATH - A Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild fanfiction

Story by: @gregogm
Image artist: @wondyworld


It has been a year since Link and I vanquished the calamity called Ganon. Hyrule had shown remarkable progress onto getting back on its feet during the past months.

When the news had been announced of my return, everyone across the lands had banded together to help return the kingdom to its former and glorious self. I felt relief and peace when the people didn’t forsake the Sheikah tribe any more. Just like everyone else, they, too, suffered Ganon’s wrath. Seeing people of all kinds working strong and united as one had brought such a beautiful joy to my heart. I know Father would have been proud to see what I was seeing. I was certain that his spirit saw everything from the heavens.

Though there was still much work to do, I was still baffled to see Hyrule Castle rebuilt the way it has been over a century ago. I had walked in its halls, the rooms; it felt so familiar and yet so alienated. 100 years would make you feel as such. Despite the year that had passed, I felt it was too early to occupy this vast home. Castle Town was far from being ready after all and the emptiness of it would freeze my soul if I decided to retake my old home. I wasn’t ready to be crowned Queen of Hyrule just yet.

I also had another surprise. In the castle’s destruction, my old diary had survived. When it was brought back to me, I had shed tears and held it tightly in my arms. It wasn’t as shred as I thought it would be. I had read the old pages written in it. So many different thoughts and feelings had traveled my mind while revisiting the past told.

In the quietness of night, a candle lit my room in the house of Lady Impa. I read my old diary once again as if trying to find a certain attachment to a past era. I must admit, it took me a lot of time to get used to the changes of a hundred years. The adaptation went smoothly well. But truth be told, I kept reading the same pages related to one person in particular: Link.

How I met him, how I had my doubts about him, how I lashed out my frustration to him, how he opened up to me, how he risked his life with no regards for his. How we’ve gotten closer to each other.


I thought that things would have changed between us. At least, I thought they did at first. But weeks after our victory over the calamity, he… how could I say it. He became the formal Link; the one before he opened up to me. I had asked him if he was all right. Of course he smiled and told me that he was. I felt a wall around him and I didn’t know why. I thought at first that this strange mood of his would go away, but months had passed and he was still sheltering himself from me. Was I at fault? If so, what was my crime?

The morning rained its rays through my room and the birds sang at my window. Summer looked promising at the looks of it. I got up on my feet and stared outside. The village was getting up slowly alive; the shops were opening, the people started working on the field, warriors doing their daily training routines.

Speaking of which, there he was again. Every single day, at the same morning hour, Link was training vigorously with the Master Sword. He gracefully swung the blade cutting through air as if he and the blade were one. The drops of sweat, the strength of his muscles, his hair swimming in air; I would be blind to not notice how handsome he had become.

Our eyes crossed each other for single instant, it made him stopped to look at me. I waved my hand to him, he bowed his head to me.

He bowed. I knew it was out of respect. Everyone bowed to me, I was used to that. But I didn’t want him to.


We travelled to Hyrule Field in the Central Hyrule region. There remained a lot of Guardians and I had asked the help of the people to their dismantlement. Other than the four divine beasts, I took the decision to take them apart. Though the events of the past made them Ganon’s slaves, it was a reminder of large and painful scars yet to be healed for all of us. I believed it was for the best of everyone and for the good of the kingdom’s future.

Link was taking a break. People wouldn’t let him have a moment of peace. He was popular with no surprise; even more with young women, which stung my heart most of the time. He was the hero of Hyrule after all.

I saw him having a playful moment with some children, playing knights with them. The scene lit me in admiration for him. He was a good man, but I had no doubt at all that he would make a great father someday.

I held the Sheikah slate in my hands and captured the wonderful moment. Link appeared to be so happy. My fingers cherished his face on the screen as I blushed seeing his childish smile to the younglings. I felt small burden of jealousy in me. I wished I could made him smile as such. But his heart became once again a fortress. And I seemed to be the enemy.

Why was I guilty? Why was he so carefree to others but not me?

I let those unanswered thoughts for another time and joined Link and the children.

“Is it okay if I play with you?” I asked cheerfully the group.

“Hey, it’s the princess!” a young boy said amazed. “You really wanna play with us?” I nodded.

“But if that’s okay with you,” I said, “I would like to be the hero. You can be my brave companions.” I pointed an adorable girl who made me think of a child version of me. “You will be the princess, and Link can be the evil Ganon.”

I could see he was surprised by that. I sent him a mischievous smile while the children agreed to my plan. He smiled back awkwardly. It was the first smile I’ve gotten from him that felt innocent in a  very long time. Perhaps he started to re-open once more. I hoped so. But for now, I anticipated a good fun vanquishing the calamity Link with the children.


The day was filled with hardworking and amusement. Link made these children’s day unforgettable; very noticeable on the fun they had by the dirt and sand his clothes bore. I thought this joyful moment would suffice for him to break the thin ice around him, but in failure, it seemed it became thicker.

I tried making conversation with him on our way home. He replied and participated, and even smiled. But the smile he did wasn’t the same. I felt he was drifting away. No, it wasn’t that. The way he acted seemed familiar. He was just as such when he was appointed as my personal knight.

Was he carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders once again? Despite the calamity’s defeat, was a knight’s duty never to rest? Not even a little bit? Or, perhaps, could it be that I was really at fault, for something I didn’t acknowledge yet?

Sunset claimed the sky as the day was bidding us goodnight. I was happy to have arrived before the full arrival of night. I felt it would have been awkward to be left alone with Link. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t say something as such, but with him acting strangely distant from me, I couldn’t think of anything else.

As we got off from our horses, I looked at Link caressing his steed’s muzzle. My mind was obsessed about his behavior. It was driving me mad. I wanted things to be so well between us, especially after all we went through. I had told myself that it would pass, that he needed time. But no more!

I walked to him in haste, determined.

“Enough of this, Link!” I said firmly to him. He looked surprised and puzzled. I took a deep breath to collect all my heart’s content. “It has been months now that you’ve been acting cold and afar. I thought at first that you needed time to recover from the battle against Ganon, but now you seem so far away and distant. You smile at me, but there’s nothing behind your lips. And the more I see you after each passing day, the more you look like a shadow of your former self… at least when interacting with me.”

It seemed my aim was true. A sense of guilt embedded his face. I had no intention of hurting him, but I couldn’t take this behavior of his any longer. I had to know.

“After all we went through together, I thought there wouldn’t be no walls between us.” He remained in silence, yet hurt was clear on his face.

I was no reader of minds, otherwise it would have been easy to ease the illness he bore in his heart. But I couldn’t force him to tell me his secrets, no matter what. All I could do was be present for him.

“But…” My right hand delicately rested on his left cheek. His expression quickly turned to a warm surprise. His sudden and clueless adorableness appeared. “I can’t force your secrets out of you. But know this: I’m here if you want to ease that burden. Always.”

Link’s face was glowing red. He nodded to me and smiled; genuinely. I smiled back, happy of seeing him more relaxed.

I had forgotten that my hand was still cherishing his face. Before I could take it back, his hand covered mine and held it dearly. His head turned towards it, and to my unexpected surprise, Link kissed its palm.

I felt a burst of heat embedding my face. I was frozen by… his act. More than that, my gaze couldn’t leave his. My heart felt like Death Mountain erupting passionately and my breath was rapid. He looked so shy, and yet so open and vulnerable at that moment. I could read all of his emotions. I wondered if he could read all of mine. This was the first time I had seen Link behave like that.

And… I didn’t mind it at all.


The moon was high in the night sky, reigning like a beautiful goddess. I bathed in its moonlight unable to sleep and thinking about this… moment. If Link’s horse’s tail hadn’t whipped him in the face and broke the tension, I wondered what would have happened.

I could still feel the wet heat of his lips kissing the palm of my hand. I blushed just at the thought of it. My lips couldn’t help smiling of happiness; a happiness I’ve never felt before. What was wrong with me?, I asked myself ridiculously. I squeezed my kissed palm against my chest, reliving in my latest memories about this instant with nothing but gleefulness in mind.


Was he asleep as well? Or perhaps not? Should I bother him?

I had to. Well… I wanted to.

I knew it was late, but my heart wouldn’t find peace if I didn’t settle this on this night.

His room was just next to mine. I didn’t want to knock and wake the others out of their slumber. I tried whispering his name. No luck on this attempt. I held and twisted the handle. It was unlocked.

Swinging the door quietly, I gasped, startled to see him sitting by the window. Blessed by the moonlight, he felt asleep there. I was right to think that he wasn’t able to sleep either. At least some moments ago.

He looked peaceful. He looked handsome too. But sword in hand, he was as always vigilant. I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad for him. I wished for once he could truly being at peace, without the need of a blade at hand. For Hyrule, he represented the hope and the future, but he was no god. He was just a man. But a great man at that. Perhaps the greatest one I’ve met in my life. And knowing that, I knew in my heart he would always defend the kingdom against all threats. That was the man he was.

I wanted to talk to him tonight, but after some thoughts, I believe my words could wait tomorrow. I took the cover laying on his bed and opened it wide to cover him. I was a step away from covering him, but the step I took creaked the floor. A high-pitched noise broke through the silent night; along through Link’s slumber. His eyes opened sharply and widely, wild and threatening. In a blinding speed, I saw a flash carrying the lunar light hurling itself at my neck; the Master Sword rushing take my life swiftly and painless.

Was my life going to end by Evil’s bane because of my care for him? Why did I find this ironic?

The Goddesses decided that my fate wouldn’t be death tonight. Link stopped a hair away from my neck being sliced clean. I could feel the cold of the steel of the sacred blade at my throat. Link recognized me and was horrified of his near-fatal action. Apologizing numerous times, he fell down on the floor with his breath harsh and heavy and his heart must racing faster than lightning.

As I stared at him, scared and shocked about what he almost did, I understood. I finally understood everything. The distance, his heart being closed, him being more focused on his knight’s duty to protect and defend me, the kingdom and its people. I understood it all.

I knelt to him. His face was sweating as he was still catching his breath. I could see shame and disgust in his eyes aimed at himself.

He had done so much for me. I wasn’t going to give up on him when he needed me the most. It was my turn to save him.

I grabbed his hand and held it firmly. I welcomed his confused gaze with a soothing smile.

“Come with me, Link.”


We walked in the peaceful night to the Great Fairy Fountain near the village. During this small path, never once I let go of Link’s hand. I looked behind me as I led him to our destination and smiled. His face lit brighter than the sun. I was glad he shed away his shock from earlier.

During a full moon, the fountain was a marvel to explore. Fireflies and fairies waltzed gracefully in the air, silent princesses and blue nightshades glowed with a divine light. It was a blessed place, as if Hylia herself had given this piece of wonder to us mortals.

We sat down, still holding hands and Link looked very timid. I never thought he could be this adorable. It was a side of his charm; a side I was very fond of.

We remained silent watching the beautiful spectacle of nature around us. It felt like we were the only ones in the entire world. It felt perfect as such. Thinking about it, I believed Link and I never took a moment to enjoy ourselves like that. No duty, no destiny, no calamities; just the two of us in peacefulness.

A moment that I longed for for a very, very long time to share with him.

I could feel Link’s gaze upon me. I didn’t need to look at him to guess he was speechless. Our hands held together, his thumb cherished mine. I knew too well that my face had gained the same shade of a fresh picked apple.

My head rested on his shoulder. It took him by surprise. I could feel he was tensing a little. But he closed the very small remainder of distance between us and sighed in relief.

“You once told me,” I said, breaking the silence between us, “that you remained silent from others because it was necessary for you to stay strong and carry any burden. Is this why you have been silently closed from me during these past few months? Even though we’ve won against Ganon?”

Our eyes met. He nodded, confirming my discovery. For Link, even though peace had returned to Hyrule, he was still at war.

The fortress around his heart crumbled as he opened up to me. He told me everything about his burden. He told me about this journey to save our kingdom and free me from my century-old battle with the calamity. As his memories were returning, he felt shame and helplessness that he had to sleep all this time before being enable to save me. The reason why he acted distant was to be ready and never fail again to protect me.

“I understand now,” I replied to his explanation. “But I, too, wished I could have been by your side, Link. I as well felt helpless when I couldn’t help you during your journey. But your courage showed me to never give up as I saw all that you went through. It gave me faith that we would be together again to never be torn apart.”

I stopped for a moment realizing the words I just spoke. The Great Deku tree was right; telling these feelings myself sounded better.

“Link,” I said. “You’re not alone. You’ll never be. As for any burden you may have from now on, I want to carry it with you. Because I, too, vow to protect you and be at your side.”

His face was embedded with a sense of serenity that I haven’t seen in ages. The fear, the sense of duty, the burden, everything else weighting him down; they melted away giving place to a rebirth of self he dearly needed. He smiled and nodded. There I saw him; the Link I wanted to see. He had returned to me.

He called my name. “Yes?” I asked. Link got on his feet and I followed him.

I stood in front him, hands still holding each other. His free hand laced itself with my other one. His eyes plunged in mine with a lovely but intense fire in them. I couldn’t gaze away from them. He looked a little nervous and his face flushed like the shiniest among rubies. So did mine. He slowly closed the small space between us. I didn’t know which emanated heat the most; this summer night or Link’s body. I was attracted by the latter. He looked so timid at the moment, yet he was so… perfect. The warm light of the fireflies and fairies surrounding us, the glow of the flowers at our feet, the moon blessing us, and Link, standing so close to me. How could I ask for anything more?

“What is it?” I asked. My voice was soft and whispering.

He answered, but words didn’t come out of his mouth. He flared my heart and soul to no bound as his lips gently embraced mine. My arms snaked around his neck to savor this feeling even more. His arms pulled me closer to him by my waist.The delicious feeling embedding my whole being had no word invented yet to describe it. Calling it celestial, divine, majestic or supreme wouldn’t do it justice.  

A century had put us apart and many hardships followed. But finally, our happy ending bloomed on this starry night. If I had to do it all over to cherish this moment again with him, I would do it blindfolded. As he would, too.

Oh, Link… How have I fallen in love with you.


I could feel the morning sun shining its light upon us, but the warmth that cradled me in his arms was by far better. My dreamy thoughts relived those memories now sacred to Link and I. The vow we made, the kiss we shared, the night spent together in each other’s arms; this was our paradise. I thanked the goddesses to have brought us together.

A soft contact landed on my nose. I tried to wiggle it off, but it kept on dancing annoyingly. I laughed to the ticklish feeling.

“Stop it!” I giggled. “That tickles, Link!”

I opened my eyes. Here he was. In his sleepy allure, he looked lovely and otherworldly, like an angel. He moved closer and kissed me softly. I savored his lips for long seconds. Never would I stop enjoying the sweet pleasure of kissing him.

“Good morning to you too,” I told him tiredly. “Ready to continue our work in Hyrule field?”

Link hummed with disappointment in his voice as he pulled my body to his. Seeing how tightly he held me, he didn’t want to go. Truth be told, I desired nothing but spending the rest of the day resting here at his side. Alas, the hero and princess of Hyrule had duties and responsibilities to fulfill to the people.

“Well it’s about time!” The voice of an elder woman interrupted us.

Link and I immediately got up as fast as lightning seeing Lady Impa blessing the door frame of my room. Embarrassment was an understatement regarding the emotion dressing our faces.

“L-Lady Impa!” I stuttered! “T-This isn’t what it looks like! We just-”

She laughed in a humming voice. “I know you, child. I know you wise enough to not share such passion before a proper wedding. A honeymoon is well-timed for such actions.”

A bright image burned my mind like the marking made by hot iron. I saw Link laying in a bed of silk white sheets, which a part of it barely covered his… privacy. My face heated out of raw desire; quite inappropriate for a princess. I looked at Link, and I could tell my obscene fantasies matched his. He quickly looked apologetic when I eyed him threateningly for his naughty thoughts. But… perhaps I didn’t completely mind it.

“I am glad,” Lady Impa continued, “that I’ve lived long enough to see the two of you find each other in this path called love. After all the hardships that you have been through, along with your efforts of bringing back the lost glory of Hyrule, you truly deserve each other. May it be that way for as long as you live.”

Those words of hers couldn’t have sounded better if it was from someone else. Her unwavering wisdom and strength that inspired me so much. Goddesses know what would have happened to me if she hadn’t been present in my life.

I walked to her and thanked her for always being there for us by hugging her frail body. Thank you so much, Lady Impa.


Another beautiful day awaited us as Link and I stepped outside Lady Impa’s home. The sun shined beautifully and the people around us were busy and bustling as ever. At the end of the stairs, Cado and Dorian saluted us as my hero delicately held my hand, leaving the guards taken aback from our affection. As we walked around town, everyone took notice of our newfound love, but their happiness for us was very palpable. We kept blushing at every compliment thrown at us; we enjoyed all of them.

Link asked me to lend him the Sheikah slate. I was puzzled on why he needed it, but I did as asked. As he stretched the device in front of us, he held me closer to him as we smiled.


A beautiful moment of us in love captured forever. And definitely not the last.

“It’s beautiful,” I said. He nodded in agreement.

Our gazes crossed. Staring at him left me breathless. Free of his burden that plagued him, Link was a reborn man. I had heard once that love could move mountains; I understood its meaning now.

Link whispered my name… following three sacred words.

Those words made my heart explode with more affection than I could already have for him. I held his beautiful face in my hand and captured his lips with mine, kissing him and pouring all my love in it. Parting from it a short moment after, I replied to his sacred words, vowing to myself to never leave his side and to always love him, just as he did when he said his.

“I love you too, Link.”

(To be concluded in Epilogue 02)
Author’s Note:
I had finished the game not long ago and I was moved by the story of sacrifice, duty and even love regarding Link and Zelda. There was so much passion in it that I came up with this story. I’m glad that it came out as the way I published it. I think Link and Zelda are a perfect match, but in this story I made it so that they need each other for everything: life, love, hardships, etc. Hopefully you guys understood the meaning of the title. 

I hope you loved the story. Please leave comments! And thanks again to @wondyworld for letting me use her Zelink fanart as a cover for the fanfiction. Thank you! Please comment?



The Princes and The Pirate - Yondu Udonta x Reader - SFW

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader

Word Count: ~4,500

Summary: A lovely and fun request that @teampurple sent in that took me forever to finish! Yondu is hired to keep a Princess hidden on his ship after a threat against her life turns out to be legitimate. The Princess cannot understand for the life of her why this man agreed to take her on, seeing as he hates her so much.

Warnings: language, mentions of violence/slavery, threats of violence, mild sexual suggestion.

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Win-win situation

Requested by Anonymous: “Imagine Thorin, Dwalin, and Fili fight for your courtship during a simple games” from ImaginexHobbit


The last thing you had expected to hear as you made your way into the armory was your own name, especially in the gruff tones that belonged unmistakably to Dwalin, but there it was. You pulled up short in the vestibule, an irresistible curiosity demanding that you stop and listen, and silently flattened yourself against the wall just outside the door. After the grating, metallic rasp of swords being returned to sheaths, his conversation continued.

“Come on, then, you’re as hot-blooded as any son of Durin, King though you may be. Why not give the old warhammer the chance to see the light of day?“

“Well, when you put it in such romantic terms,” came another well-known voice, rich and deep, and tinged with dry amusement. “How shall this proposition of yours be decided?”

A frown knitted your brows together. What on earth could Thorin and Dwalin have to talk about that concerned you?

“Och, we’ll come up with something that’s fair,” Dwalin said airily. “What about you, lad? Care to try your luck?”

Lad? Your breath stilled as you waited to hear who would answer.

“I don’t know.“ Fili’s voice was doubtful. “Not that I don’t fancy her…but you can’t really win a woman in a game.”

Dwalin’s barking laugh rang out, and you could hear the smile in Thorin’s voice. “Of course you can’t.”

“‘Specially not this one,” Dwalin interjected. “She’s a lively lass.”

“We’re only vying for the chance to woo her,” Thorin went on, in a placating tone. “The choice is the lady’s…for our part, it remains only to decide who shall approach her and who shall step aside.”

“Fair enough,” Fili answered after a pause, his voice taking on an admiring softness. “She’s worth taking a chance.”

You heard the clap of hands being shaken amid chuckling, and heavy footsteps moved in the direction of your hiding place. Like a startled rabbit, you bolted, willing your feet to carry you as far from the armory as possible, mortified by the thought of being discovered eavesdropping, and on such a conversation!

Stopping only when you’d reached your own chambers, you flopped breathlessly onto your bed, your mind spinning with what you’d overheard and what you were to do about it. You had never dreamed of having three men competing for the right to court you, and certainly not three men such as these.

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Sifting the Dirt

A friend was explaining to me why she’d decided not to be an archeologist. It was because she discovered in the field that mostly the job turned out to be spending ten hours a day sifting dirt in hopes of finding some tiny bit of pottery that only turned up once a month. It was backbreaking, boring work and not at all as adventurous as Indiana Jones made it look.

“You mean, just like writing?” I said.

Everyone laughed.

But it’s not a joke. Writing is possibly one of the most boring jobs ever. Unless you happen to like putting words together the wrong way over and over again until at last, maybe once a month, you figure out how to put them together.

I absolutely understand people who hated writing in high school and college and are happy to have jobs where they never have to write again. There are plenty of jobs that are like that for me (chemistry comes to mind, as does ironing shirts). So the solution is not to do that job if you don’t like the nitty-gritty.

This isn’t to say that you have to like all the parts of writing. No one likes all the parts of their job, least of all writers. Lots of writers love the copyediting stage (I’m fine with it, but it’s not my favorite). Lots of writers really find first drafts difficult (which are my favorite part, still). Some writers love meeting fans. Some, well, don’t.

I suspect we all tend to have blind spots that lead us to do more of the things we like and less of the things we don’t like. (Probably why I tend to have a lot of first drafts lying around that I don’t know what to do with.) Sifting dirt is boring, hard, nit-picky work. You have to care about getting just the right word in the right place and having all the pieces of story unfolding properly and making your characters interesting in all the right ways. But it’s a pretty good job, as jobs go. For me.


“People always talk about how dangerous it is to Hitchhike. 
How everyone is super sketchy, unwelcoming, and how around every corner and on every highway there’s someone waiting to stab kill or rape you. I don’t speak from common knowledge, but from experience.
After having traveled literally thousands of miles in this fashion- I can tell you that’s complete and total bullshit. Yes, some people are dangerous. But those dangerous people are everywhere- and you’ve got the same level or risk walking home from your friends house after a party at 3am as you do getting on a freight train or in a strangers car. 

America is not dead. Humans are not evil.
The vast majority- are entirely afraid of eachother, because we’ve been trained and conditioned to be from a young age. One of the scariest things I’ve ever been told growing up is not to talk to strangers.
And for about 17 years of my life, I didn’t. I thought all strangers wanted to kill or kidnap me. Then one day I realized that was bullshit, and began to talk to other human beings outside of my social circle. Strangers. That started happening about 2 years ago- and to be honest: the last 2 years of my life have been the best so far. 

We’re so afraid to talk, interact, and trust other people that we’ve caged ourselves. When just like you and I, most Americans, and Humans- are incredibly thoughtful. Compassionate. Most people WANT to help other people, to meet new characters, to have new experiences. But they’re too afraid to leave their safety net. It takes a certain kind of person to hitchhike, and it takes a certain kind of person to pick up a hitchhiker.
So far, I’ve met some wild, strange, and incredibly intelligent people. 
The vast majority of my world view has completely changed based upon the conversations I’ve had with them. Travelling in this manner has been what’s humbled me, given me confidence, allowed me to grow, and opened me up to so many other opportunities. It’s even allowed me to meet people on a whim that ended up being the same characters who’ve helped me network and gain more distance into my career as a photographer. It’s single handedly been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Yet every time I go on a trip like this, I’m told I’m crazy. 
I’m not, I’m just curious. I get bored. I need to meet people, to have new experiences, and when you’re dirt broke(or just bored) this is the best way to travel." 

"Hitchhiking Moments" | Photographer
All of the above photographs were taken on a single trip- from Bellingham, Washington to Crater Lake, Oregon and back. The goal of these photographs strung together was simply to help see the struggle, humor, and beauty that comes with hitchhiking.)

anonymous asked:

I'm confused by the contradictions between the way Sherlock describes Mary and the reality of the way she is with John. On the one hand, she's supposed to be "what [John] likes" -- a killer with a psychopathic edge of danger, etc etc. But in reality, her marriage with John seems duller than suburban dirt. He was bored out of his wits within a month. Other than a few moments of random cleverness, she never displays any of that 'edge'. So which are we supposed to believe?

I agree. I feel badly for John being told that he chose Mary because of her secret psychopathy. No one saw her for what she was; Sherlock missed any signs completely, and utterly underestimated her right up until she shot him at point blank. Apparently Mycroft did too. (But who knows with him?)

If two of the most observant men in the world fail to see Mary’s secret dangerous side, and utterly fail to see what she is capable of, how can John be expected to sense anything unusual about her at all?

There were a few signs: recognizing a skip code, being able to tell when Sherlock is lying. Her perfect memory. But these things didn’t trip Sherlock’s spidey senses, so why should they have tripped John’s much less sensitive ones?

I love the crushing realization John has to have that he is what he is (a man usually attracted to dangerous people) and that fighting his tendencies gets him nowhere, because it’s also a very clear and not-in-any-way-subtextual acknowledgment of John’s attraction to Sherlock. It’s pretty fun to watch Sherlock tell John in no uncertain terms that he is attracted to both Mary and to him. Brilliant scene!

But I do think it’s unfair. John didn’t choose to marry a psychopath. He married someone capable of deep emotion, kindness, warmth, and generosity. He married an incredibly likeable person who supports her neighbours and accepts John’s strange and needy best friend with no jealousy (at first, anyway). He didn’t marry her because she can shoot 20p out of the air. He didn’t marry her because she can go cold as ice and kill anyone who gets in her way. He really didn’t sign up for that, and frankly I don’t think that’s something he finds attractive.

Interesting, though, isn’t it? Poor John. He does his best to get on with it. Trouble just loves him, that’s all.

shulkie  asked:

i like you because you use swears and you write hella good. O.O i'm going bed! <333

FUCK that’s so damn nice of you to say! XOXO

Here is something just for you. Think about this - izzy is sleeping in late (AGAIN) and Levi restlessly roams around the house, looking for something to do.

He spots Eren doing some early morning yard work. He has a rose garden at the back of the house, and a few rows of vegetables stretching beyond that. Its a tame kind of chaos, but Eren seems to find peace bent between the greenery, digging his hands into the dirt.

When Levi steps outside, quietly sliding the French door shut and shuffling over the patio, he tells himself that he’s just trying to nice. He’d almost rather do anything than play around in the dirt, but he’s so fucking bored that he’s willing to risk sunburn and clawing through God knows what to help Eren.

What propels him forward is definitely not the thought of the way Eren’s ripped forearms look against the tanned leather of his gloves, or the way Levi can see the smooth skin of his chest beneath the low vneck of his shirt when he bends down to move the green wheelbarrow.

Definitely not.

When Levi is just behind Eren, watching his shoulder blades work underneath his shirt, he suddenly drops to his knees, tugging at a particularly deep root.

It happens so fast and unexpectedly, that when Eren turns to toss the root into the wheelbarrow, his face is level with Levi’s crotch. For a moment Levi feels like he’s still dreaming, that he’ll wake any second to realize he’s not any further in making his fantasies a reality.

Eren looks up at him from his place on the ground, and the sight of his eyes slyly working up Levi’s body is cum-worthy. It takes every ounce of his self restraint to keep the blood from rushing to his cock.

“Looking to get a little dirty?” Eren asks, leveling Levi a perfect smile.

“Always,” Levi breathes, partly because he’s not completely convinced he isn’t still dreaming.