dirt yard


Sash found a pit of loose dirt in the front yard at my parents’ house and actually went around digging! I’ve never seen her do that before it was super cute.


Taking breaks between sand surfing, and manual work at our dirt yard. It helps my posture when I do some pull ups, chin ups and hanging leg raises.
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Someone asked me where I got the backdrop for the villain hideout on the @funkoadventures blog, which i accidentally deleted (sorry!) but I actually made it using an egg carton, white glue, a glue gun, dirt from the yard, and some acrylic paints (black, white, grey, peach and green). 

Its a kinda fun craft for days you want to relax with a movie and not have to try to make something perfect. The more messy it looks the more ruins-like it gets! Have some fun with your recycle bin for things to add to your backdrops with different textures. ^_^ 

Mesmerized By You (part 3)

I hope you guys enjoy this! You can read Part 1 & Part 2 at those links. Let me know what you think and as always send any requests or ideas to me!

I find myself extremely nervous on the way to Axl’s house. Though I’m not sure why, but the idea of being at his home with him gave me both an excited feeling and made my stomach turn a bit. He’d warned me that it was rough, saying that he’d started to look for other places. So when I pulled up I wasn’t totally shocked at what I found. 

The paint chipping, nothing but dirt in the yard, several beer cans over flowing the trash can. I park my car in the road out front and walk to the door. My hand hovering, in mid-knock, but before it can touch the door it whips open.

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