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More Ducktales Headcanons

☞ Donald Duck’s Italian Superhero identity, Paperinik (or Duck Avenger here in the states), was a phase he had whilst studying abroad in Italy and discovering the AI; One, in his apartment building.

☞ He refuses to speak any language other than Italian while in his Paperinik persona. (Think Supercow from Cow & Chicken.)

☞ Drake Mallard (aka Darkwing Duck) was a huge fanboy of Paperinik in his college years and aspired to be as amazing as his hero.

☞ When Darkwing first meets Donald, he writes him off as a bufoon. But the second he realizes who he is, he immediately begins worshipping the dirt he walks on.

You stranded on a deserted island with INFINITE ONLY (text ver.)

Sunggyu: He’s the born leader with intelligence, calmness, resourcefulness and sense of responsibilities. You probably got the highest chance to get off the island with him. But until this day will come, you would first have to suffer survive under this annoying strawberry princess’s nagging and blaming. Due the grandpayish and lazy nature of this highness, he wouldn’t lift a single finger, so you’re basically doing all the labor alone under his strict small eyes and complaining. Possible cause of death: nagging.

Dongwoo: On the outside an optimistic and energetic man of nature, who got the stamina and fitness to take care of himself. Actual reality: a chaotic and distracted child, who’s doing the most weird, random and useless shit stuff. You would probably stuck forever on the island, because of his carefreeness. He didn’t want to get out of the island in first place. Possible cause of death: getting bite by a snake, because you tried to save Dongwoo, while he was playing with it.

Woohyun: This hot guy is a gentleman equipped with cooking skills and physical strength (ABS + ARMS + thick thighs, his whole damn body). Unfortunately he’s a whiny emo idiot with no sense of priorities. Obsessed with aegyo. Let’s be honest, you would be suffocated with his cheesiness. Possible cause of death: greasiness.

Hoya: The most reliable and level-headed member with stamina, determination and charisma. All just tough act, is an actual baby. You would hear his dad jokes every moment. Possible cause of death: lame jokes.

Sungyeol: If you want to get out, you should choose this tall jungle queen king. Got the best experience for survival out of all members, so he’s very confident and in his element. There’s still a slight chance that you would die in one of his crazy wild plans or pranks though. Possible cause of death: prank.   

Myungsoo: A hardworking and determinated cute boy with carpenter skills; never gives up. However got a super clumsy and clingy nature.You would die because you can’t stop staring at his handsome face. Possible cause of death: visuaL.   

Sungjong: The second most experienced and level-headed member. His weakness: no stamina and physical strenght + too fabulous to touch dirt. Since you worship him and his fabness, you would do all the work. Possible cause of death: fabness + overwork. 

with the help of mutuals I summarized (their rankings, which are hilarious and interessting lol) and analyzed the chance of you getting out of a deserted island with the infinite members LOL

Credits to the enjoyable ranking sources LOL: @dracgyula @jamless-daejae @leesungjongg @puppynamu @saltygyu @shinwhoohoo @soooldout @whiteconfession

“I knew I would love you until the day I die.”

“It’s dangerous to go out when the sirens sing.”

“I’m surprised you’re not worshiping the dirt I walk on.”

“You and I are just too different for things to work out.”

“Are you even listening to yourself?”

“I’m tired of offering more than what I have. Take it or leave it.”

roegadameshieldmaiden  asked:

Ever thought like doing a Cid and leaving Garlemald? I'm sure we got some job openings for you here in Eorzean Alliance.

Dear Roegadame:


I believe in the work that my Empire is doing. I have no interest in lowering myself to the level of Eorzean dogs, worshiping dirt and relying on half-cocked remedies or the “grace of the elementals” for one’s health.

As it is, I wish I could be back in Garlemald right now instead of serving here, but I do what I must for the good of my people.

And yours, believe it or not.


A Garlean

Instead of plucking the petals for reasons to stay, it turned out I was picking thorns, and wishing it was still right even though it hurt me. Roses were red because I bled. My skin now inside out, I saw you emptied it out when I gave up everything to be with you, now it’s only filled with knives I still slit my throat for clarity that the bones you lent me lifted up my balloon instead of dragging me to slouch and worship dirt. And I let you because I felt nothing so you squeezed my keyhole heart the chained keys twisted from your own version of love, and whatever it was, I lost to the evolution of my body to adapt to your law; I grew scales to breathe the oceans I had to drown in, I conformed to the colors that impressed your eyes, I gave up my tail, now my balance tipped to your demands, I had to absorb temperature extremities to a point when I could take anything you made me feel, whether it was painful, or worse; even if it changed me more.

But you were a bad place all along. A haunted secular of musky dispositions, of black mails sent to my address I returned with a postcard love note, of gambling my teeth and nails so I can win a smile from your poker face, of my hands stretched out to claim yours although it was a fistful of anger you fed to grow in your heart’s acres, of blinding my truth by adjusting the rearview mirror to my perspective that this was worth it, of genies I demanded too many wishes to prove me they were wrong that this was wrong, of foolish bewilderment mistaken as astonishment, of falling in love, and not knowing when and how to get out.

—  doubting // s.c