dirt wolf

are you dead or are you sleeping
(’cause your blood drool attracts the flies)

1 hr 40 min: 26 songs for general undead purposes

molten light  chad vangaalen  |  vampire smile  kyla la grange  |  demon daughters  phantom planet  |  spine (mmix)  loch lomond  |  your lips are red  st vincent  |  control  halsey  |  monster  meg myers  |  fresh blood  eels  |  eat raw meat = blood drool  editors  |  i can’t control myself  the horrors  |  barton hollow  the civil wars  |  satin in a coffin  modest mouse  |  a handsome stranger called death  foe  |  devil town  bright eyes  |  they are night zombies  sufjan stevens  |  passage  vienna teng  |  howl  florence + the machine  |  damn these vampires  the mountain goats  |  black dirt  sea wolf  |  let’s kill tonight  panic! at the disco  |  blood makes noise  suzanne vega  |  zombie  natalia kills  |  save our city  ludo  |  bloodletting (the vampire song)  concrete blonde  |  lovely creature  nick cave & the bad seeds  |  bad moon rising  mourning ritual

cover art by @isozyme who loves me & tolerates ghosts 

Because every one of us has our box, a dark chamber stowing the thing that lanced our heart. It contains what you do everything for, strive for, wound everything around you. And if it were opened, would anything be set free? No. For the impenetrable prison with the impossible lock is your own head.


broken bottles [silversun pickups] family [noah gundersen] nothing but trouble [phantogram] evil friends [portugal. the man] for the pier(and dead shimmering) [sunset rubdown] stork and owl [tv on the radio] terrible things [brick + mortar] the golden age [woodkid] turn the dirt over [sea wolf] creep in a t-shirt [portugal. the man] flip [glass animals] locked in a cage [brick + mortar]

inmywhipitrust  asked:

∞ ft. Papa for the lols

send ∞ to me and i’ll shuffle my itunes and the first six songs will be our muses playlist.

manfred + franziska

  • pictures in an exhibition - death cab for cutie
    • the silence isn’t breaking / back-washed and stranded memories / of something i thought could be
  • dreams - tv on the radio
    • but your heart can’t grieve / for your little dreams
  • turn the dirt over - sea wolf
    • come closer to the window-frame / window to the dark and the field of snow
  • neptune - sleeping at last
    • if brokenness is a form of art, / i must be a poster child prodigy
  • fair fight - the fray
    • it’s alright, this could be a rough night / so hold tight, this is not a fair fight
  • white water, white bloom - sea wolf
    • but i went running through the moonlit forest / alone and searching for the cold white current

what i’ve learned from this is that my music can be really fitting when it wants to be

Back-bent head against your chest, she’s shaking but you can’t tell if it’s because your hands are doing something right or completely wrong. She tastes of honeysuckle and soft innocence; she tastes of home.

In the afternoon light her skin looks golden and you don’t know how to hold her without leaving dirt stains behind. Your wolf hands surround her like holding prey; she falls limp into you. She is soft whimpers and spine curling into you. She is almost inaudible. You question if she’s even there at all.

How do you tell her that a wild thing never once learned to love? Do you tell her how you chased beautiful things down rabbit holes and only came out with scars? That your fox-sharp tongue never once tasted something so soft?

Skin brushes against the dampness of the forest floor. She turns to you with a wetness on her face like morning dew and tree-sap. She turns to you chap-lipped and pink-cheeked and before you know it she is gone in an afternoon daze.

                                              H O U N D.
                                                                mix inspired by the heavy heart
                                                                             of an ancient hound.

I. daisy by brand new // II. illuminated by hurts // III. i’ll be good by jaymes young // IV. heart of stone by iko // V. running with the wolves by aurora // VI. blue lips by regina spektor // VII. bad news by bastille // VIII. black dirt by sea wolf // IX. the other side by woodkid // X. warrior by beth crowley // XI. unconsolable by x ambassadors // XII. when the darkness comes by shelby merry // XIII. ache by twigs // XIV. coming home by skylar gray 

[ listen here ]