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I really want to love Getaway Car but it just comes across as way too harsh for me. Basically saying that Tom was nothing more than a fling that had no hope of lasting. Wow.

I love Taylor but dragging someone’s name through the dirt like that, fully aware of how it’s going to be taken by everyone, is too much. Considering how mature he’s been about the whole situation, never badmouthing her or their relationship, and then she does this.

Like I said, I love the album, and Getaway Car is such a good song. The meaning behind it just keeps me from enjoying it to its full extent I guess.

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TFP Starscream, Shockwave,Soundwave, Knockout, Megatron, Breakdown, & Predaking with shy sparkling give a drawing of both of them & said Happy Father 's day to them?

Prime is my favorite and the decepticons as dads? Yes, please!


This con rarely let’s this sparkling off his hip, holding them while he works. He only sets down if Knockout is to be watching them. So, it’s rare that this little one would get the chance to draw something for their dad. They take the chance when they have it, Knockout and Breakdown glad they just have to watch a sparkling color.

Starscream walks in with the intent to just grab his sparkling, stopping when his little one comes running up to him holding a large poster, he’s not even sure where the little thing got it from. He kneels and catches them, hoisting them up to hold them properly as the hold out the paper. 

“What’s this?” He asks as he takes it carefully and looks at it, it’s crude and the colors are terrible, but he can see that it is him and his sparkling and he smiles softly, “What is this for?” 

“Happy Father’s Day!” They cheer and he gets it, they’ve been on the internet again. He chuckles, shaking his helm as he turns to walk out with them, “I believe it would be Sire’s Day for us… But thank you my fearsome little seeker.” He says as he bumps their helms together.

No one knows how he has a sparkling, no one’s thought to question. It was just there one day and has been running around the Nemesis making everyone’s life hell since. No one is going to dare tell Shockwave his sparkling is annoyance and they’ve already learned telling it to buzz off results in a pissed Sockwave and a crying sparkling. Even Megatron just let’s it be, he doesn’t care. The only place it is never allowed is in Shockwave’s lab, he’d never allow such a thing.

The sparkling, as per usual, has been running about, but this time it was gathering things it could use. Paper, crayons large enough it could grip them properly, something an eradicon had gotten it, and a place to lay down and color. Shockwave was just coming to collect them for their bath and bedtime when they finished, turning toward the large mech brightly.

Shockwave watches them run and hang onto his leg. He picks them up by the back of their neck, much like a kitten, and they hold the picture out to him. They are set, gently, on his chest as he turns his attention to the paper. He can clearly see that it is the two of them, though he fails to see the point. 

“It’s the Earth holiday ‘Father’s Day’ and I wished to do something nice for my sire.” It’s no surprise Shockwave’s sparkling can speak so fluently. “That is… illogical… But the sentiment is appreciated.” he says and turns to take the sparkling for it’s bath. He keeps the drawing with him, though he’ll never be sure why he does something so illogical.

He’s almost as bad as Starscream about always having this sparkling on his hip or in his presence. He worries when he can’t see them because he’s never sure exactly what the hell these others will do. He barely trusts Megatron around his little bitlet, let alone anyone else.

The only reason the sparkling can get away with the drawing is because Soundwave hands them the material and tells them to color until he’s done, he has to concentrate on his work. So they’re laying at his feet as he works, coloring to their hearts content. Laserbeak is watching them to make sure they don’t run away, but pays no mind to the drawing.

They finally stand up and Laserbeak is just about to alert Soundwave when the little thing turns to him and pats his leg until it gets his attention. He lets out a vent before picking them up and bumping his visor against their helm. They hold out the picture for him to look at.

He takes it from them gently to get a better look, the little smiley face appearing only a moment after. He’s very proud of his sparkling for making something like that for him. He reads what’s written at the bottom, ‘Happy Father’s Sire’s Day, Papa!’ He nuzzles his helm against theirs gently, placing the picture in his subspace for now, he’ll frame it up in his habsuite later.

He’s actually a really high strung dad. He’s worried about his finish and he’s worried about the sparkling getting hurt and he has patients and no the sparkling’s trying to wander off and he has to work on files and projects. He ends up with sparkling on his hip almost the whole day until he can hand it over to Breakdown for a bit. The sparkling causes a lot of scrapes and scratches to his paint job, but he can never be angry with the little thing.

He’s had to put them down to look at patients and he’s handed them the things to color so, he hopes, they won’t wander off from him and end up lost with him losing his mind. 

He’s glad to finally be finished up so he can get back to properly watching his sparkling. He turns to pick them up after having washed up and they’re holding out a drawing. He picks them up before he carefully takes the paper from them, he doesn’t want to tear it with his claws. 

“What is this, sweetspark?” He asks as he looks at it and then he realizes and chuckles, “Oh it’s us! You really captured my beauty!” He says proudly as the sparkling giggles, “Happy Father’s Day!” They proclaim proudly and he’s chuckling again, nuzzling his helm into their stomach gently, “You’re such a good sparkling and this drawing is so good!” He hangs it up in the medbay so everyone can see and definitely shows it off.

He’s terrible with sparklings and he knows he is, but he’s trying his best, he can at least say that. Most often the sparkling is running from him because, let’s face, he’s a big, scary mech towering over this tiny, fragile baby. He leaves the sparkling in Soundwave’s care quiet often, he can’t watch them, not that the sparkling seems to want him to.

He comes to collect them for their bed time with them clinging to Soundwave’s leg and sticking their tongue out at Starscream, who’s actually doing nothing but standing there, for once. When the sparkling sees Megatron they run to him, to his surprise, and hold their servos up to him, wanting him to pick them up. He can’t tell what’s in their hands as he lifts them up to hold them carefully. 

They finally move the picture so he can see what it is, he doesn’t take it from them, he’s aware his claws will just tear into it. He can tell that it’s him, though he’s a bit more… pointy than he remembers being, and his sparkling together. He looks at them with a raised optical ridge. 

“Happy Sire’s Day!” They proclaim and he looks a bit confused before he realizes it must be an Earth holiday the sparkling has decided to take up. He smiles softly and nods a bit, “Thank you, little one.” He says. He nods to Soundwave before turning to take the sparkling to his habsuite so they can drop the picture off, he doesn’t want to ruin it while bathing his sparkling.

Out of all of the cons here, he’s the most easy going when it comes to taking care of his sparkling without the chance of murder. He lets them run around as long as they stay where they can see him, because that means he can see them. He’ll hand them things to do like blocks and coloring and anything they need to keep busy while he, himself, is busy, so it’s not hard for them to draw and color this picture.

He looks down when he feels the patting of little servos on his legs and leans down to hoist them up to hold them on his shoulder, “What is it, my little bit?” He asks before a picture is shoved into his face.

He chuckles as he takes it from them and moves it back so he can actually look at it. He shakes his helm with a soft laugh at how he looks, like a boulder, but he loves it none-the-less. He turns his head to gently press a kiss to the sparkling’s cheek. 

“This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten! But what’s it for?” He asks, curiously, he thinks maybe it’s just because, but he wants to be sure. “Happy Father’s Day!” They proclaim, throwing servos up and leaving him scrambling to keep them from toppling off his shoulder. “Careful!” He says as they laugh and hug his head. He laughs and shakes his head, he’ll keep it with him from then on.

His sparkling is either held firmly in his arms or climbing across his back, it’s rare that they’re out of his sight and he wouldn’t trust anyone to watch them. He usually leaves the ship to allow them to play, he doesn’t want anyone near his sparkling.

There’s nothing for them to properly color or draw with, so they’re doodling in the dirt as he lays beside them. He occasionally peaks over at what they’re doing and he’s getting an idea of what it is, but he’s not looking long enough to be sure.

He’s finally allowed to look when the sparkling pats at his hind legs to get his attention. He turns his head to look at the picture in the dirt fully and he chuckles as he sees him in his beast form wrapped around his sparkling. Of course it’s simple and crude, but he doesn’t care. 

He nuzzles his head against the sparkling, “This is a lovely drawing, little one.” He says as they turn to wrap their arms around his snout and hug him. He lives his head a bit so their hanging off his head, laughing. “Happy Father’s Day!” They say and he chuckles, setting them back down so he can gently bump them, he wishes he could keep the drawing.

Medieval prinxeity AU one shot

The prince moved forward on his horse, toward the foreboding fortress. He was only fifteen, but he had enough experience in fighting in the battle like the upcoming one that he no longer got chills. It had become familiar to both he and his stead. The aforementioned German forest horse strode up to the rote iron gates, the smell of burning and blood bringing no deterrence to him.  Dismounting swiftly, the prince walked up to the gates, looking for his target. One of the guards questioned why he’d come,  the later replying that he was there to see the princess. Both guards nodded to each other and let them in through a side door, pointing him down to the the princess’ court. With a nod and words of thanks, he walked on with his stead, until the side door closed. As soon as it was shut, he was going through a passage way to the court yard, sword out and eyes open. what lied before him was a poor excuse of a beast. The creature was chained with metal that burned their scales and decorated with festering wounds. Their mouth was clamped shut, wings nailed down with iron stakes. The boy would have snarled at the scene, but one look into the mud colored eyes, and the knowledge he couldnt risk loosing his composure slapped him. That could cost him. Flicking his head in one direction to him,  the horse went to work getting rid of some of the restraints. The prince trotted cautiously toward the nearest wing, sword sheathed and eye contact unbroken. Careful jiggle, pull, nail one out. Good. After the repetition of this meticulous process, one wing was free, two bound legs visible. An apollogetic look and the rivets were gently twisted out, the searing metal falling to the ground.

Just as the prince goes to release the other side of the dragon, a grunt interjects and a broad sword tries to make a statement out, but is blocked and countered with a scimitar. A push, and  broad sword had stepped back enough for a blow to kiss his calves, leaving him on the ground. An adjustment of the prince’s hand and the man began to choke on his own blood.  Moving on from the scuffle, he started on the other side. Time raced forward and stood still all at once, anxiously watching while trying to see what happened next sooner. Soon though, booth wings were free. Then, all their legs, tail free as well. all that was left was their maw.

Giving him a boost, prince and horse began to work on the blood rusted muzzle. those bolts took the longest. The horse nickered quite comfort. The prince hummed apollogies and encouragement. One bolt dropped. Then two more. five more.  After fifteen bolts dropped to the red flaked dirt, the dragon was fully unchain and unbound. The once glasses-over mud eyes began to blink into vibrant  orbs of flame. A choked roar came from the dragons throat, the prince grinning merrily. The three moved toward the gates sluggishly, the prince more concerned with the state of the dragon than quickly opening up the gates. But soon they were there, the horse kicking open the gates, the prince slashing through those that appose their exit, the dragon following behind.

At the days zenith, the small group was as far as possible from the once-cage, resting.

Running a hand through his hair, the teenager approached the dragons,“so, i’m Frederick and my friend and accomplice is Mora,” he gave a slight smile and wave. Mora gave a slight nod to the dragon and went back to grazing. The later, lifted their head shakily, flicked their tough and then within a blink, a ragged boy no older than Frederick was in the dragons place. With out warning he hurtled into Frederick, hugging him as best he can. “Th-thank you. So very much. i am Marcelous, and i am forever in your debt,”

Frederick hugged back, silently swearing to protect his new charge so long as he lived.

He may not have gotten chills from battle, but he did get butterflies from certain hugs.

Life in her yet - Chapter 1


Summary: Cleo made a huge decision when she decided to separate herself from the group she was staying with. After being on her own for a while, she crosses paths with a group that calls themselves ‘the Saviors’. When she meets their charismatic leader and his righthand man, she begins to doubt everything, including herself.

Word count: 2060

A/N: I’ve had this fic in my laptop for months now, but never had the guts to upload it *insert Negan pun here*. But here I am, finally posting it. I hope you enjoy the idea of this fic! And if you do I would be thrilled to read your thoughts and opinions!

This fic was inspired by this song; Life In Her Yet– Rag'N'Bone Man

Warnings: swearing, violence, gore, eventual smut, a little bit angst?

Tagging: @negans-network

Let me know if you want to be tagged.

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Chapter One:

“Jesus fucking Christ” Cleo mutters while she rushes through the darkening, chilly forest without turning to look if one of those fuckers was following her. She didn’t remember anymore what bloody force led her back to the place she wanted to escape so desperately.

After a few more minutes of running, she decided to slow her pace into a steady jog all the while panting like a dog on a hot summer day. Her ice-blue eyes widened in surprise when she spotted a little, crumbling cottage in the middle of the woods and made her way over to it.

She began to secure the wooden house that lacked a door, window glasses and half of its roof, but decided to seek shelter there for the night anyway. She removed her heavy backpack from her shoulders and hurled it in the only fully intact corner the house seemed to posses.

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Hi! May I request a fic? Levi's tea stash was missing. He suspected Hanji but it was not her. They investigate the mystery of missing tea together. Maybe during canonverse? But it's totally up to you.

sorry it took a bit, I was challenged by your request yet at the same time had fun! I had to search for animals, tea, and the SNK Map in order to do this so I hope you like it! :D (PS. I snooped over your profile first because your doe of Levihan makes me high -why it took a while as well lol-)

Sleuthing for Lavender (LeviHan - Missing Tea)

Theme: Missing Tea and Detective

Rating: PG

Warning: Has curse words

It was one of the nights when Levi could not get any sleep more than two to three hours. He had been groggily padding through the kitchen, rubbing his eyes, and maneuvering through the dark. He had only hoped for one thing, his Lavender White tea which keeps him at bay during nights like these.

That specific kind of tea had been his favorite for the past three months. He had purchased it in Yalkell -the western bait town of wall Sina- when he had accompanied Erwin for a meeting with Darius Zackley a while back. He immediately knew he had to taste the tea after smelling the aroma of the tea leaves in the market. Although he lost a month’s worth of money to the damn overpriced merchant, he had no regrets once the sleepless nights came and the tea gave him adequate company.

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Hannah prayed for a son
and they called her a drunk.
No one had seen someone
feel a desire so desperately
that it could not stay an ache in their heart
and a fire in their stomach.
That desperation and longing
only became spiritual
the moment they leapt onto her tongue
forcing words from her lips
for her soul knew the wrongness
of containing them.

Hannah knew the volatility of thought.
How sometimes it sprung from the dirt
fully grown and wild
spreading like a weed
overgrowing the mind
until its roots absorbed new ideas
only to turn them into the poison
seeping out of its stems.
How sometimes it descended like dust
coating everything in its grime
changing its color to monotony
and flattening the world to fit its character.
How sometimes it was thin as air
barely noticeable
whispering through the tangles and tangents
of other well-established truths
until they shook like dying leaves.

Hannah prayed for a son
but knew that prayer means only as much
as the sincerity behind it.
That every concept
true or not
would pass through her mind
and entangle her thoughts.
But her lips and her tongue faithfully separated
her thoughts from her sincerity
For when Hannah spoke her prayers, she declared:

“Let my mind run freely
with a thousand thoughts
and their thousand outcomes.
I make my thoughts my own
and mine alone.
When I speak to you, oh Lord
I speak my truth.
I give you all my words
and only the truth
in my words.”

Statera finds a new home, And a new friend?


Statera jolted awake his eyes adjusting to the sunlight as sweat dripped from his forehead and face as he reached up to grab his forehead groaning softly. He looked around blinking a few times seeing people walk down the sidewalk as he slowly got up. “Well..an hour or two is better then nothing. ” He said his voice was a bit deep for his small stature he being 4'9. His white robes covered in a bit of dirt and mud as he slowly walked out of the alley. He wasn’t poor, but he found living in a poor house didn’t suit him and the large neighborhoods filled with so many people scared him off. Not that people scared him it was more the constant interactions that scared him more.  Statera sighed as he used some money to buy some food from a street vendor as he made his way down the street.

He lost count of the minutes he had been walking. Maybe it had been an hour or two he was so tired he really couldn’t tell. When he stopped dozily walking he looked up and tilted his head seeing a well somewhat large building to the left of him. He slowly walked forward it looked abandoned and ruined down he was impressed the building hasn’t caved in on itself. He creates a small energy ball in his hand and wipes a window clean using the ball as a makeshift flashlight looking inside. “Looks like an old animation studio. Oh those were the good old days.” He pulled away looking around seeing an old for sale sign looked just as weathered and old as the building. He picked up the sign dusting off the dirt and dust. “almost fully weathered numbers still here. That’s good at least. Nice and isolated too i think ill make this place my home.” He looked around and walked over to a payphone booth calling the number and after a rather lengthy conversation with the person on the other side which surprised him seeing that building was still for sale. They agreed to meet and sign the paperwork.

A few days passed as statera met with the house retailers and statera signed and payed for the building of course he was a fix itself yourself guy and refused the offering to hire a repair company. Instead opted for the back area of the building to house tons of construction items in order for him to repair the building.  Statera walked back to the building sighing softly as he walked up to the door pulling out a key. He inserted it slowly and turned it hearing the lock click open as he slowly opened it walking inside. The building was dark as he reached to the walls to find a light switch. It took a while but he eventually found one and flicked it on as the lights slowly blinked on. “Well power still works, that’s a good sign. Though i may wanna check out the fusebox power could short out any moment. Probably in the lower levels.” He continued walking inside as he looked around seeing the old drawing desks before his eyes finally noticed the large cutouts of a cartoonish character. He tilted his head walking forward picking up the cutout. “Now whats your name?” He looked around, looking at the desks eventually finding some legible paper seeing the name bendy. “Is that your name? Well hello bendy if it is. Im statera i hope we can get along well.” he chuckled softly. Putting down the cutout before pulling out the blueprints to the building and sighing. “Oh this is gonna take a long time..Well better start with the foundations and power before the building collapses.” He chuckles once more.

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Tips on how to clear skin?

Before I give you any tips, please remember that I am not an expert and these are somethings that have been able to work for me. <3


  • To minimize the redness of a pimple. Use tooth paste. I know your probably like oh hell no, you crazy lol. But trust me it works. Each time I get a pimple I just put some toothpaste at night. My pimple is usually less irritated/red the next morning
  • If you have oily skin or dry skin I would suggest using Cetaphil as a facial cleanser. It’s very gentle on the skin and really does it’s job.
  • Also I use a moisturizer that will help lock in moisture. I just the Cetaphil’s face/body lotion. Here are 2 lotions I use. 

  • Also use a toner. The purpose of the toner is to get any dirt that was not fully removed when you washed your face. I use this toner. 
  • If you have unwanted marks that are dark. I would suggest using 

this stuff is amazing, like my problem area is my forehead. I would use a small amount and i’d rub it on to the areas that were dark. (A LITTLE GOES ALONG WAY)

LASTLY, talk to your doctor, about skin care. Most likely they will be able to provide you with antibiotics (such as creams & pills). That should be able to work for you. 

Hope this helps. xoxo


phinks the corn snek was not out when i went to clean up a poop. Then i saw him…poking out from burrow… my small noodle child. (remains of a previous substrate that didn’t work for him i changed out are at the bottom if ur wondering abt the weird dirt, will be fully gone when i clean the tank this week)

DO NOT REMOVE TH MYSTIC LOAF!!! Need that loaf for SCRYIN’ !!! 9.65241/10 Gotta use that loaf to find the gandelfs and the ring lord

Pan - Chapter Six

AU Peter Pan Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: i wanted to go into more detail describing everything but… in my mind Neverland is different for everyone. its made up of your dreams and your imagination so i don’t want to impose my Neverland on you. Make it your own. I’ll describe what I have to but I want everything else to be what you imagine :D that is, after all the point of Neverland :)

CHAPTERS: 1 2 3 4 5

As they past the first line of trees the forest grew thick and dark around them. The darkness loomed in making it impossible to see the frost covered branches and sharp frozen leaves that nipped at her skin as she ran past. Thomas gripped her hand tightly, pulling her along behind him at a steady pace. Suddenly a bright yellow light flew out in front of him and illuminated the path ahead. It sped along before them, guiding them through the dense frozen forest.

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trying to write, here’s what i have so far

working title: night of the living she-wolf


Derek faints.

He and Stiles are on the porch discussing the wraith they banished last week when Derek turns toward the woods and scents the air a few times before going stock still.

Stiles hates when one of the wolves smells something coming, there’s always this delay before whatever awful thing it is comes into sight where Stiles has to just stand around and panic because of course they never tell him what it is.

He sees something coming toward them from behind the tree line—someone, it’s a woman with tangled dark hair and covered in what looks like dirt. When she comes fully into the light Stiles doesn’t have time to process where he’s seen her before because Derek drops like a barrel of bricks next to him.

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