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Just Madison Things™ that Eric Bittle does

Because of these posts and my non-existant self control

  • the nearest real city is Athens and if you think Bitty isn’t there every weekend there’s football you’re wrong
  • should win the Slowest Walker award. its more an amble or a stroll
  • would never ever pass anyone on the street and even more so never on the stairs. it’s bad luck.
  • dirt roads mean washing his truck more than should be humanly possible, but also driving fast down a dirt road so you don’t feel every bump when it’s all washborded out
  • more on roads- what in the ever loving hell is a snowplow???
  • even more on roads- why the hell would you ever jaywalk? to where???? the garbage can so you can throw away some stranger’s litter? (Bless their sweet little darlin’ heart!)
  • is in denial that the Atlanta Thrashers ever left. They’re just on a long off season.
  • stops to talk to anyone at any time. Had a class together once freshman year before you dropped it three days in? Bitty is gonna ask about your momma and your dog because “Lord honey, that’s just how you do things”
  • going to Murder Stop n Shop means ‘going into town’ 
  • is frankly apalled at the lack of farm stands on the side of the road
  • Thank The Lord there aren’t half a dozen of those awful ‘southern charm’ boutiques on the square- probably because there’s no square
  • complains that there are no antebellum homes to decorate at Christmas and make the cold less awful
  • making friends with history nerds read: Jack Zimmermann and informing him that Madison was the only city spared on Sherman’s March to the Sea because it’s the only Georgia history he knows
Ferris Wheel

Summary: At a carnival, Bucky experiences love at first sight when he sees you, completely blown away by your beauty. Throughout the night, he can’t help himself by making an effort to ask you out, even though he will not take no for an answer.

Word Count: 1,642.

A/N: After watching one of most cliche films ever, “The Notebook”, I got major inspo after watching the scene where Noah meets Allie for the first time. And here we are now, hope you enjoy! :D (this is also based off of pre war!bucky & steve because why not)

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Namjoon Fluff

Originally posted by jiminrolls

Word Count: 1240

Genre: fluff…. slight angst?

Warnings: None

Pairing: Namjoon x reader

It wasn’t unusual for You and Namjoon to wake up in a tangled mess of arms and legs when you’ve both slept in separate houses the night before just because Namjoon’s own bed sheets won’t substitute for Your warmth. It wasn’t unusual for You to wake up frustrated to Namjoon’s ear deafening snoring to hit the back of his head with a pillow and fall back asleep with his hand rubbing your back apologetically. It wasn’t unusual for You to wake up to the highest volume of some science channel because Namjoon wasn’t satisfied with the amount of information his brain has already consumed. What was unusual though, was for You to wake up at 4 P.M. to a silent Namjoon sitting on the desk chair placed to your bed’s left side, staring into nothing. Your eyebrows met in the middle as you watched him silently. Namjoon hadn’t slept over, nor did You recall waking up to him snuggling close to you at 3 A.M. His hair was a mess due to the countless times he’d pulled at it with slim fingers. Traces of smeared dirt covered a fair amount of his cheeks. Black circles surrounded his eyes. Head thrown back with his eyes closed. To say he looked exhausted would be an understatement. His usual dimpled smile was replaced with a thin lipped frown.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you take prompts but if yes, I'd love a ff about the first Bellarke kiss. I hope that we get it in s4. How do you think that could happen?

Even though I’m answering this 7 months late…YES, I do take prompts. Lmao I’m so goddamn sorry. I just could not think of a way to write this for the life of me.

Also, this is actually NOT how I think a S4 Bellarke kiss will go down. However, I do think it will be…happy, if you know what I mean. I have yet to see one of Clarke’s first kisses be a happy thing. So, happy is kind of what this tried to be.

Like Petrol Soaked Paper and Fireworks (She Burns)


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Words: 3874

The apocalypse isn’t as bad as Bellamy thought it would be.

Sure, the rain hasn’t turned black yet and the only cancerous lesion they’ve come across is Jaha on his soapbox, but just knowing The End is neigh should be enough to dampen moods, at the very least.

Which it has. Plenty of Arkadians have thrown their hands in the air and called it quits; they drink themselves into stupors, start brawls for the smallest reasons, spend entire days crying inconsolably into the dirt.

It’s fair to say the news is devastating to pretty much everyone.

But truthfully? Since the moment Bellamy hit the ground, everyday has felt like his last one. Somehow, against all odds, it never has been. So this? The end of the world? It’s not the end of the world. This is nothing new. It’s just another fucking obstacle that needs to be overcome so his people can move on and get lives already.

Bellamy means that in the nicest way possible. Really.

Some people, however, have heeded his advice prematurely. They’ve chosen to avoid jumping the hurdles to salvation and skipped straight to the victory party. Or maybe it’s a pity party. Bellamy isn’t sure what to call it when you’ve given up on survival and decided to simply…live. Is that what losing hope is? Accepting your fate and embracing every punch life throws your way with a bloody smile on your face?

Bellamy understands the appeal, sure. Plenty of times he’s wanted to just end the fight, let the universe have its way with him. “Go with the flow,” Octavia would call it. The notion reminds Bellamy of a boy, on his knees, begging a vision to kill him; of a girl, under a tree, not letting him surrender.

Bellamy never considered defeat until that night. He hasn’t ever since. The fight is ingrained in him like a bullet. It wakes him up in the morning and sets him moving, working, never contemplating otherwise.

They say as long as there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes it feels a will is all Bellamy has anymore. But he firmly believes that you can only have a will when you have hope to fuel its fire. For Bellamy, Hope happens to be sitting right in front of him, hanging onto his hand, the warmth of her cheek pressed firm against his knuckles.

The apocalypse isn’t great. It’s not horrifically mortifying yet, either. What’s worse right now, for Bellamy, is seeing Clarke Griffin sagging against him, her spirit wavering along the fine line between anger and despair.

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Scene from my fave FFVII fic

Counter Crisis

Little Robin

We all know how I feel about high school AUs, so I went with normal teens. 

They came twice every year. Once in April and once in October, right when the leaves were starting to turn and the chill of the night air seeped into the brightly colored tent, glittering with lights and ripe with the smell of dirt, sweat, and fair food. Raven had been entranced with the circus since she was little, and she found herself whisked away to a fantasy land where people performed death-defying acts, and fire was a form of magic.

As she grew older, she found herself practically enamored with the sight of a lithe form leaping from one act to another, his body bathed in bright yellows and reds, like a little robin as if flew across the sky. He was always smiling, always laughing, always performing each trick without so much as a hair out of place. Sometimes he would make silly jokes from his perch, and even Raven found herself laughing at his antics.

He was this little star of light in a very dreary world of hers, and for two times a year, she forgot about the darkness she lived in.

And then tragedy.

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A Scholastic Secret

I know this isn’t the usual dinosaur or Jurassic Park related post on my blog, but I figured this was too good not to share since you tumblr people love books!

As kids growing up in American schools, there was always the delight of having one of these bad boys pop up in your library one day:

For a lot of kids (and many tumblr users, from what I understand) this was a huge deal. Your parents would give you some spending money and you could go crazy. Buy books, crazy pens and school supplies, video games, and posters–it was like an indoor playground. But they always left as quickly as they came, as most book fairs were only up for a whole school week. It never felt long enough.

As a kid, though, my experience and relationship with these book fairs was very different. Very rarely did my mom let me purchase anything from a school book fair because we had a secret:


My mom worked and volunteered for the private school that I attended, so Scholastic would send her emails and invitations for a teacher/volunteer only event. See, at the Warehouse, all of this stuff you could get at a school book fair was dirt cheap. Books would be up to 80% off and we always left with a carload. And it wasn’t just reject books that didn’t sell. They always had the Harry Potter and Series of Unforunate Events hardcovers for 10 bucks or less. There were even comic book compendiums and YA and Adult level reads! 

Just aisles and aisles of books. The Costco of any librarian’s dream.

So when the book fair rolled into my school library, it was worth not getting anything–because I knew I was going to go somewhere even better later.

hawkeyie  asked:


this is why i’ve missed you oh god yes

  • Thomas brushing the horses’ mane when Minho walks in with a bunch of apples  one day and he kinda just stops in his tracks bc wow who’s the new kid oh god he’s gorgeous how does one look that good all covered in sweat and dirt this isn’t fair i can’t be into someone while we’re on tour jfc i need to focus oh god but he kinda just like walks up to him all confident and grinning and Thomas is just “oh…hey…um are the horses needed right now because i was just about to finish grooming him” and Minho is just like “ah no, just brought something for the horses to eat” and thomas just grins and nods and trying to keep himself calm bc wow jfc he’s beautiful no wonder he’s a crowd favorite
  • Minho coming by more frequently bc he likes to help thomas feed and groom the animals and it becomes a regular thing. Thomas always finishes up the more important errands early and Minho tries to finish up rehearsals quickly so that they can always meet and talk and laugh and exchange stories and jokes. Thomas tries to convince himself that it’s because he needs help managing the animals. Minho tries to convince himself that it’s because he has nothing else to do and he’s particularly found of the animals. But they both know that’s not true
  • Minho being late for a training session because he was too preoccupied gaping at Thomas shirtless as he was washing up the cages and the way his wet skin gleams in the sunlight
  • Thomas finishing up his work early bc it’s the last night of the tour and sneaking into the show just in time to see Minho with his hair gelled up and in these tights that highlighted all his muscles and curves and  covered up in body glitter and he’s wearing eyeliner and it makes Thomas want to melt bc it looks so hot with the focus and adrenaline you can see in his eyes throughout his act 
  • Afterwards, Minho comes by the stables while Thomas cleans up and he’s just like “so how did you find the show?” and Thomas blushes bc he didn’t know Minho saw him in the crowd and he’s kinda just like “oh yeah…it’s was great….the acts with lions was nice-” and minho cuts him off like ” i meant my act” and thomas just stammers like “um yeah you were great…very ah…flexible” and Minho smirks and walks up to him and Thomas is dying inside bc no one is allowed to look this fuckable in eyeliner and body glitter and Minho kinda pulls him by the collar and whispers “i have a room in the motel across the road. come with?” and thomas tries to hide his excitement like “oh, d’you need help packing? let me just finish up here i have a few more things to-” and  minho rolls his eyes like “no. so that we can quit this charade that’s been going on the past month and i can finally show you just how flexible i can be” and kissing him him full on the mouth, pushing him against the wall
Not Quite Standard [lieutenant duckling fic]

Title: Not Quite Standard

Summary: Killian Jones has always wished to be a hero. Though when he finally encounters his very own damsel in distress… well, she’s not quite what he expected.

Notes: Inspired by this AU gifset by rosenlight. Some inspiration is taken from the corresponding scene in Disney’s Hercules. Killian is a dork, and Liam is alive! Good fun all around.


It would be entirely improper to say that Killian was excited to come across a vicious beast preying upon a helpless young woman. That would be morally reprehensible in a whole slew of ways, so obviously it was untrue. The swiftness with which he wheeled his horse around at the sound of a feminine scream in the distance was naturally just a result of his concern for her wellbeing, and any grin on his face was simply a reaction to the adrenaline. He could hear Liam swearing and riding after him, but didn’t pause.

“Don’t worry, miss!” he yelled loudly as he galloped across the field and dismounted smoothly, unsheathing his sword with an incredibly satisfying schwing sound (which he absolutely hadn’t spent ages practicing). “I’ll save you!”

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To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra

And I built a home for you…for me

He cradled the baby in his arms. She had your nose. Thank God. Her smile belonged to you too. And so did the shape of her eyes. He kissed her forehead. She cooed softly in that six month old kind of way. His body felt out of place. It was too cold out. The baby shouldn’t be out…but she was…and he couldn’t stop his feet from moving. So he clutched her closer to his chest blocking the wind.

“Hey,” Louis said softly. “Here, let me see the little love,” he whispered and pulled the baby from his arms and held her. “Bye Dadda,” he cooed. “We’ll be right back,” he promised. Liam grinned weakly and kissed her forehead then nodded at Louis.

Liam turned to the stone before him. He melted to his knees. They simply could no longer support his weight. His eyes immediately stared at the two years on the stone, they were too close together. His heart clenched. “No,” he whimpered out. “Why,” he croaked. “It’s not…you…” tears fell onto the grey stone and it darkened the color. He was so upset. His body ached as he rested both hands and his head against the stone with your name on it. “We didn’t,” he choked out. He felt sick but he needed to say it. He wanted to say it all. Maybe that’s why he was sick with it. Sick with a broken heart and the only way to get the love out was through word vomit.

“We didn’t get to do it all,” he whimpered as he ran his fingers over the name etched into the stone. It was his favorite name. His favorite word…and you were just gone. “Our little one,” he said brokenly. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he inhaled a shaky breath. “She’s not going to know how lovely her Mum was…how-how can I do this, raise a little girl on my own, baby,” he whispered sadly. “And our house,” he groaned. “Oh God, baby girl, our house will never be a home without you,” he continued to break down into awful sobs that wracked his whole body with wretched grief. “And we were just starting to get the hang of–Goddammit,” he shouted and smacked his hand against the stone and then slumped down to the grass. As he sobbed more. “Give her back,” he moaned into the dirt. “It’s not fair, I barely had her,” he said heaving on uneven breaths. His body shook and he felt so horrible. “I’ll take better care of her,” he promised. “Please, I need more time with her. She,” he choked off again with another sob. “It’s not enough,” he whispered sadly. “I can’t…I need her. I can’t do this without her, any of it!” He sobbed brokenly into the ground. “She…she understood. She got me, I–” He felt sick and it hurt ever inch of his body from the bone to the surface of his skin. Every cell felt like it was individually aching without you.

“I just want to say I love you…one more time,” he begged the cruel, hard ground. “I love you,” he sobbed. “I love you so much,” he cried. His body almost folding in half as he sobbed into the earth where your body peacefully rested but peacefully wreaked havoc on his body.


Liam had never been so relieved in his whole life to be awoken to the ceiling of the tour bus. If you were still together, he would have called you and almost cried at hearing your voice with the knowledge you were okay. Right now he had to assume you were alright. The sound of Louis laughing as Niall messed up his video game and Harry telling the boys they needed to eat more fruit…it was comforting, but not what he needed.

Liam slunked out of bed to use the bathroom and then was destined to crawl right back into his bunk. “Li?” Harry asked softly seeing Liam look a bit under the weather. “You alright, lad? You seem a bit upset,” he said softly. He shook his head and with teary eyes he turned back to his bunk.

Harry frowned and gently shook Zayn awake. “Aye, what?” He groaned sleepily.

“Liam’s sad,” he said gently.

Zayn jumped out of bed, almost knocking Harry to the ground. Then pushed Liam against the wall as he crawled in beside him. “What’s wrong?” He asked and rubbed Liam’s back.

“I dreamt about her,” he whispered sadly. Zayn’s heart broke for Liam. He was too kind to feel this emotional pain. “And…” he frowned and tears spilled over his eyes. “She was gone,” he said brokenly and recounted the events of the dream. “Zayn,” he whined. “I need her so badly…and it’s all my fault I can’t have her,” he murmured brokenly.

Zayn sighed softly and ran a hand down his face. “I know, buddy,” he sighed and slipped out of Liam’s bed and Harry looked at him expectantly. Zayn pinched Harry’s cheek with a smirk. Harry was so cute and wanted to help. He loved his boys and hated when they were upset.

“Liam, do you want some fruit?” Harry asked gently.


Liam was so sick. He couldn’t sleep the next night and he swore all the sniffling he did developed into a cold. All he wanted was you and he couldn’t have you. You were gone. He blew it. He didn’t know how or why. At the time he swore it made sense but now nothing made sense without you.

He told you that it was getting to be too much so far from you. And he didn’t mean you were a chore, but he felt bad he was missing you more than he was seeing you.

“Li?” Zayn asked stroking Liam’s face. “We’ll be in the studio, yeah? Okay?” He asked gently. “Just call us if you need us,” he reminded Liam. Louis turned the TV on low and rested the remote on the small table just in front of the tour bus couch.

All Liam could think about was that way too vivid dream. He never wanted to exist in a world where you didn’t live. His head was aching and his throat was sore and tight. His whole body seemed to throb in pain and discomfort.

He stupidly dialed your number. In his fever ridden state he called your number. “Hello?” Your sweet voice asked softly. He actually couldn’t believe you answered and he’d savor the sound of your voice saying hello for the rest of his life.

“I miss you,” he said softly. “I know I have no right to say that and you’re probably doing fabulously because you always have and always will do well…no matter who you’re around, but I miss you. I miss you so much and I don’t…” he coughed. “I feel like…” he sighed softly and sniffled. “I don’t even know what you would want to name a child. Or how big a house you wanted. I don’t–I don’t know any of that stuff. And I just–” he croaked as he finished in a coughing fit again. “I miss you, I messed up so much,” he whispered. “I know it’s my own fault and I miss you…” he sighed softly. He didn’t hear anything. He listened to you breathe throughout his speech and his heart was pounding. He felt even sicker as the dial tone sounded loudly in his ear. He started crying a bit as his phone fell to the floor. He curled up to a pillow that you used to use and still had remnants of your perfume if he inhaled deeply enough.

His head hurt so much that he couldn’t keep his eyes closed so he just curled upon the sofa reliving how stupid he was.


He stepped through the door as you were putting dishes away in the kitchen. Your workday started earlier than Liam’s as a hospital receptionist. But you also got home a good three hours before him.

“Hey,” you whispered gently. You had noticed Liam had seemed off for weeks…you were scared to ask…because you knew what was coming. Liam was a prince, and he deserved the most royal princess in the world. You weren’t sure if you were what he deserved. And even though you loved and adored him, you couldn’t let him stay with you if he wanted to find his princess.

He smiled weakly at you. “Can…c’mere, love,” he whispered and kissed your forehead as he sat you on the couch. “I just…” he sighed softly. “I would never trade the year and months we’ve had together for–”

Your eyes watered and Liam almost instantly regretted it. He frowned softly stuttering over his words as he tried to let you down easily. “It’s fine,” you said softly. “I can…move out,” you offered quickly standing trying to escape.

“No, darling,” he started. “You don’t–”

“Li, I don’t want to live here,” you shook your head as tears fell down your cheeks. The memories would overwhelm you and you’d feel sick if you had to look at all you and Liam once shared. He sighed gently. He loved you; he always would. Never wanted you to feel so badly about anything. And it was just…he didn’t feel the same way as he first did.

“There’s no rush, babe,” he promised. You nodded.

But you were gone the next day. Your coats weren’t on the rack. The teddy bear Liam won you at the fair no longer resided on his bed. You beauty products were absent from the bathroom counter and he never noticed how cold it seemed to be without your bubbly presence there in the flat. From your cooking to your body, you made the flat a warmer, happier place to be.

Liam realized he made a mistake. And he realized that he couldn’t just tell you he wanted you back.


Liam was so sick that he was becoming delirious. His head felt too big for his body. And his nose was so stuffed up and his throat so sore it felt like he was dying his breathing was so poor.

Every muscle in his body ached. He didn’t know what to do. He actually thought he might die on the couch. And then the door opened. He knew it was Harry, but he was so sick, he wanted to believe it was you. Your cool, gentle hands skimming his skin and sighing sadly when you felt how warm he was. A cool rag was wiped gently over his body a few minutes later that left him shivering despite his high fever. He was seated upright a few moments to be fed medicine and for him to drink a tall glass of water. “I don’t feel well,” he whined.

“I know, sweetheart,” your voice sounded in his ears. “We’re going to lay you down and get you to sleep, okay, honey bunch?” You asked softly. He nodded in exhaustion.

“I miss her,” he whispered. “I don’t want to dream about her…it makes waking up worse,” he told you. “I need her so badly,” he explained. “Everything hurts.”

He didn’t know it was you. He had no idea that Zayn had called you the day before and begged you to come talk to him. It didn’t take a ton of talking. Knowing Liam was getting sick because he was going crazy over you convinced you to go almost immediately. You felt so bad that Liam was upset and sick.

“It’s okay, Li,” you said softly. “You won’t dream about her,” you squeezed his hand. You truly figured he wouldn’t because you gave him Nyquil and if he dreamt about anything but sleeping, you would be shocked.

“I don’t feel good,” he mumbled and then coughed. You nodded and stared at his sick body. He was still beautiful. Just pale and sweaty. He was so warm you were scared he needed to go to the hospital which would be a disastrous production.

“I know, baby,” you said empathetically. “Just try and sleep, okay?” You whispered and kissed his forehead. His skin was so warm and the poor love felt so bad.

“Everything hurts,” he whined. You didn’t want him to dream about you either. You figured it would make him sad and you didn’t want him to be sad.

You grabbed his hand and start to rub gentle circles into his muscles working your way up his arms and then moving to his neck. He didn’t complain and his body relaxed a ton. You couldn’t help but smile at him. He was so cute. Your sweet little teddy bear. You loved to take care of him. He was a little prince and you knew you didn’t deserve him. You didn’t mind he broke up with you–you missed him, but you totally understood.

His phone call made your heart flutter, but you still felt awful. You couldn’t get your hopes up. Once Liam was asleep you kissed his forehead once more before you started cleaning the bus up a bit. Maybe you’d know more when he was coherent.


Liam got up from the couch and he felt marginally better. His head ached a bit less, his eyes no longer stung. His nose was less stuffy and his throat wasn’t as sore. His body even felt less achy. He was still quite dizzy and stumbled a bit to the bathroom. In the meantime, the boys came back on the bus. They all looked curiously around and noted how clean it looked and how nice it smelled. Like Liam had cooked while they were gone.

Harry folded Liam’s blankets up and Niall checked the oven. “He cooked?” He asked. Zayn shrugged.

“You cleaned?” Louis asked Liam as he left the bathroom. Liam stared at Louis completely baffled.

“No,” he shook his head. “I’ve been sleeping.”

There was a loud thunk.”Fuck!” Niall hissed. “Who was packing?” He asked.

“Packing?” Harry muttered.

“Oh my God!” Niall gaped as he pulled the curtain back from Zayn’s bunk. He smiled brightly. “Babe, what are you doing here?!” He asked excitedly.

“Shh,” you whispered. “He’s sleeping,” you told him.

“No he’s not,” he shook his head and wrapped his arms around you tightly. “Oh, princess, it is so good to see you,” he said in your ear. You smiled gently and held him close to you.

“Nice to see you too, Niall-bear,” you said sweetly.

He kissed your temple. “What are you doing here?” He asked. Liam’s heart was pounding and he felt dizzy again. He sat on the couch and you looked over at him. He shyly peered up at you.

“Zayn called,” you said gently. Liam stared at him. “I heard Liam was sick,” you said softly. Liam met your gaze and he thought he had a whole new kind of fever. “Do you guys mind if we have a minute?” You asked the boys. They all nodded quickly and pressed kisses to your cheeks as they left the bus.

“Easy on him love,” Harry whispered to you. “He’s so upset about it all,” he promised. You smiled gently at him and then sat down next to Liam on the couch. Your knees bumped together and he almost cried at how nice it was to be this close to you.

“Hi,” he said quietly.

“Hi, Liam,” you said just as softly. “Do you wanna lay down? You look a bit dizzy,” you explained.

He shook his head. He was worried he’d fall asleep and miss seeing your kind face. “Thank you for taking care of me.”

You nodded. “Of course. I love to take care of you,” you said sweetly. He knew that. He knew you loved to take care of things that needed time and patience. He was all time and patience. He loved you. You were his angel and he adored everything about you and all you did for him; past and present.

“Rose,” you said softly.

“What?” He asked quietly. Did you want roses? He would get you a million roses…as many roses as you could possibly want if that’s what you wanted.

“I’d like to name a baby Rose,” you said gently for clarification.. “Call her Rosy,” you said gently. “Maybe Aiden for a boy…” you shrugged. “I’ve always liked Liam too, maybe even Niall,” you smirked. Your eyes were so gentle and loving. They were the most beautiful color and Liam swore he would never see another girl with your eyes.

His heart pounded. “Oh,” he murmured. You took his hand and threaded your fingers between his. He didn’t know how he could let you go when your hands fit so perfectly together. You smiled shyly at him…your teeth were so shiny and bright and Liam could guarantee that angels got wings when you smiled. Tan cheeks, wavy hair, soft skin, you were the most beautiful girl in the world. The kindest heart, the most beautiful soul…Liam was lucky to have met you and he would do anything to tell your future husband that they won the lottery.

“And I want a house with a big yard…and some trees and a place we can plant flowers everywhere and I want a hammock between two trees in the backyard where you and I can take afternoon naps together, when the kids are at school while I read and I listen to you snore…just the two of us,” you whispered to him. His eyes watered.

“Really?” We? Us? Together?

“Liam,” you said shaking your head. “It’s always been you. All you had to do is ask,” you told him so very softly as you ran his hand along his cheek.

He wrapped his arms around your waist and cried into your collarbone. You gently ran your fingers through his stubbly hair, massaging his scalp. His shoulders shook with tiny, silent sobs. “I’m so sorry,” he whimpered. “So sorry. You’re…you’re goddamn everything, my sweet perfect girl. I love you. I love you so much. I’ll spend forever making it up to you,” he vowed.

“Oh darling,” you cooed. “Don’t cry. Don’t you know?” You asked gently and tilted his chin up. “Home is us, together; always,” you vowed and smiled at him sweetly.

“I love you,” he said shaking. “If I wasn’t so sick, I’d kiss you into oblivion,” he promised.

“Well you are, so you can’t. So we’re going to feed you some soup and get you back to sleep,” you said knowingly and stood up to move to the kitchen.

He smiled happily and his heart was still pounding in happiness and relief. “And for the record,” you whispered gently tilting his head up again. “I love you so very much, Mr. Payne,” you told him and pressed a kiss to his warm forehead.

“Are you guys married yet?!” Louis shouted from outside. “It’s soundproof from the inside out,” he called knowingly.

You laughed and opened the door for them. “Ask Li about a ring, I only know we’re getting a house,” you smiled brightly.

The boys had never been so happy to see Liam smile–his Liam smile. The smile for you. For him. For the two of you.

anonymous asked:

I would like to apologize if I offended you by requesting the drunk one night stand drabble. Perhaps you would be willing to write one where everyone has passed out from exhaustion at the guild hall after a big party/celebration and Gajeel and Levy wake up cuddling eachother?

I wasn’t offended! However, this prompt’s going to turn out a little differently in correspondence with my headcanon concerning that situation.


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