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just a couple things i noticed about peridot in “catch and release” and writing them down in hopes that it’ll make me stop screaming internally like an angry desert rain frog

speech quirks

peri seems to have a tendency to get things slightly off in her expressions, namely in the two following cases:

  • “What’s your shirt?” (ironic response to steven’s earlier “what’s on your shirt?” prank)
  • “You may have won the war, but the battle isn’t over, crystal clods!” (”war” and “battle” are switched up, i.e. it should be “you may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over”)

then there’s several slurs/insults she throws at the CG

  • “pebble”
  • “filthy war machine”
  • “clods”
  • “insufferable half-form traitor mega-clods”
  • “dirt bombs”

homeworld perspective on crystal gems/rose’s rebellion

it’s probably stating the obvious to say that peridot’s dialogue is colored by her homeworld upbringing, but it still provides an interesting insight on a few things

“You smashed me into a limbless clod!” 

this seems to imply that “clod” might be a term for a gem without artificial enhancements, such as the limb enhancers.

“Oh my stars. You’re going to harvest me?” 

besides the cute af way her voice shrills and goes quiet here, it seems like she doesn’t quite understand what’s with all the bubbled gems until steven explain it for her. this makes me think either a) bubbling is just not a thing on homeworld or b) she genuinely thinks the CG are going to “harvest” her gem, whatever that may mean.

“Look, over there. Another planet to betray!”

canonically, not the first time the CG have been called traitors by a homeworld gem, but this makes peridot the third non-CG gem to acknowledge them as rebels. plus this implies a certain bitterness in peridot about the issue and subsequently a blind, most likely indoctrinated hatred of the traitors on earth.

“As if I’d negotiate with you, filthy war machine!”

a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stab at the concept of fusion. the CG (and garnet especially) view fusion as something wonderful and positive, something that makes gems stronger. jasper - and now peridot - look upon it in a much more negative light. jasper sees fusion as a “shameless display” and a “cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.” peridot sees fusion as a something that instigates conflict, unclean, and generally disturbing to the peace.

“Is that a weapon?”

not as deep as the previous lines, but it’s very telling of her fear of this strange planet she finds herself stranded on and her general doubts about steven’s good intentions.

stress & fear

as adorable and smol as peri is in this episode, her caginess, agitation, and mistrust, while completely justified in her case, absolutely break my heart. because in her position, let’s be real, we’d all be fucking scared as hell.

cute af expresions

if the average tumblr user and the tumblr community had a spirit animal, i’m pretty sure it would be peridot.

These are muffin-like donuts with buttery croissant bits folded into the batter, rolled in melted butter, cinnamon and sugar, filled with pastry creme and topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream on top. They’re somewhere between a Cronut, a cupcake, a Dirt Bomb and the Malasadas that we get from the Portuguese bakery in Provincetown.