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Like Suga's 'infires', what would be some phrases the other BTS members would say? <3

Hello lovely anon! Infires is such a funny world lmao xD Uhhh idk how well I’ll do on this but I can try and hopefully it’s up to your standards pls dont hurt me~



“Oh mai gawht.”

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“Girlll~” (If you haven’t seen their BTS Congrats on 4 million followers on VLive I suggest you do, it’s hilarioussss~)

“My introduce?”

“Do your best~”

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“Excuse me~”

“Tony, Tony I luv you~”

“Oh my Gaat.”


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“Jimin, you got no jams.”

“Live life sexily.”

(Tbh what more do you need from Namjoon? ouo)

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“Hellooo~ I’m your hope! I’m your angel! J-Hope~”

“You very, very dirry water.”

“Don’t touch my faceu.”

“Oh my Gaat. My heart is, my heart is, oh my Gaat.”

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“Jjang Jjang Poong Poong.”

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JIN - 

“My heart is… red.”

“Hey! Stob yit!”

“R… Revolution, E… Evolution… D… Drumbrotion.”

“You know pi ttam nunmul?”

“You know BTS?”

“You know annyeonghaseyo?”

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Aggghhhh I’m sorry if this isnt what you were asking forrrrr ;;n;; PLease dont kill meeee this was fun doe

Here’s Some Jungkook Drinking Water.

Cause why not?

I see nothing wrong.

Having some Korean guy.

Drinking water.

That looks highly attractive.


Oh god.