Hoseok's Mixtape be like

1. INTRO : Sunshine in your Area
2. 1 Verse fucks you twice
3. Golden Hyung (A diss to Haters)
4. J-farmer - The Saga Continues
5. Dirry water on yo faceu bc u very no fun
6. First Kiss feat. Kim Taehyung
7. Sprite Sunbaenim
8. INTERLUDE : Hip thrusts feat. OT6
9. Jay Dope
10. Extra and nothing ordinary
11. Sibling goals (dedicated to Hobi Noona)
12. Os-car feat. Jeon Jungkook
13. We gonna hit off feat. Tinashe
14. J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOPE feat. Min Yoongi
15. Sleep on my skills and get slapped like a bitch, don’t act dumb when u act like a bitch. (Diss to Antis)
16. OUTRO : I’m your Angel (dedicated to ARMYs)

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Like Suga's 'infires', what would be some phrases the other BTS members would say? <3

Hello lovely anon! Infires is such a funny world lmao xD Uhhh idk how well I’ll do on this but I can try and hopefully it’s up to your standards pls dont hurt me~



“Oh mai gawht.”

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“Girlll~” (If you haven’t seen their BTS Congrats on 4 million followers on VLive I suggest you do, it’s hilarioussss~)

“My introduce?”

“Do your best~”

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“Excuse me~”

“Tony, Tony I luv you~”

“Oh my Gaat.”


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“Jimin, you got no jams.”

“Live life sexily.”

(Tbh what more do you need from Namjoon? ouo)

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“Hellooo~ I’m your hope! I’m your angel! J-Hope~”

“You very, very dirry water.”

“Don’t touch my faceu.”

“Oh my Gaat. My heart is, my heart is, oh my Gaat.”

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“Jjang Jjang Poong Poong.”

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JIN - 

“My heart is… red.”

“Hey! Stob yit!”

“R… Revolution, E… Evolution… D… Drumbrotion.”

“You know pi ttam nunmul?”

“You know BTS?”

“You know annyeonghaseyo?”

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Aggghhhh I’m sorry if this isnt what you were asking forrrrr ;;n;; PLease dont kill meeee this was fun doe

Here’s Some Jungkook Drinking Water.

Cause why not?

I see nothing wrong.

Having some Korean guy.

Drinking water.

That looks highly attractive.


Oh god.

Can you do an imagine where y/n give nash a silent treament and he find out that y/n giving him a silent treament so he find a way to make her speak but he fails and the only way to her speak is nash fucking her senseless like a smut thingy! i love your blog by the way😻💝

“Morning babe” nash said as he walked by you into the kitchen. You just lifted your head, ignoring is comment. You figured nash didn’t get the hint of you ignoring him when he continued to make whatever he was in the kitchen. You clicked on the tv , crossing your legs as nash walked in with a glass of orange juice. “What are you watching?” He asked while sitting next to you. You didn’t say a word as you flicked through the TV channels. “Cameron’s coming over later. ” he said nonchalantly. You sighed heavily, turning the TV off before marching your way to your shared bedroom. Nash furrowed his eyebrows together before following you down the hallway, shutting the door behind him. “Hey you okay?” He questioned, placing himself next to you on the bed. You just looked at your nails, pretending he wasn’t even there. He sighed heavily. “Silent treatment huh?” He questioned. You still refused to speak to him so he laid his head on your bare thighs considering you were only wearing his T-shirt and panties. “Are you still mad at me for yesterday?” He asked, hitting the jack pot. Yesterday you both had gotten into an argument because he decided to tell Cameron and the jacks about your sex life which you didn’t really appreciate. He had decided to just go to bed and not solve the problem but you were stubborn so you continued to hold it against him. “I said I was sorry” he said looking up at you with his sparkling blue eyes. You still continued to ignore him which he got frustrated with. “Baby talk to me” he said trailing his fingers up your thigh. You jolted a little trying to get him to stop but that just made him continue. Nash sat up, his knees on either side of you straddling your waist as he forced you to look at him. “Come on baby, you can’t stay mad at me forever. I’m sorry I brag about how fucking hot my girlfriend is” he said before leaning down and kissing your jaw. You swallowed quickly, trying to not let out the moans that were on the verge of being let out. “You’re so fucking hot y/n I just couldn’t help it” he said as his hands cupped your breasts, his thumbs massaging your hardened nipples. You accidentally let out a moan, mentally cursing yourself as he smirked against your neck. “Its hard when you don’t talk to me y/n. I need to hear you say my name, especially when you tease me dressed like this” you tried to ignore his comment as he slid down your body, his fingers going under your big T-shirt, tugging at the hem of your panties. You laid your head back, still refusing to speak to him. Nash laid next to you, his hand rubbing you from outside of your underwear. Your breath hitched in the back of your throat as he rubbed you, teasing you to no end. You gasped as his finger moved your underwear before plunging it into you. “Fuck nash!” You moaned out as he curved his finger. “There it is” he said with a tone of accomplishment. Nash suddenly removed your panties before lowering his head. “I’m going to make you scream my name now since you wanted to be a stubborn tease” he said, now in control. “Fuck” you groaned, knowing being a tease probably wasn’t the best thing to have done. Your mouth fell open as nash licked up your slit before sucking slightly on your clit, his finger still pumping into you. You bucked your hips up slightly as he moved at a faster pace. “I’m close nash” you moaned out, your head laid flat in the pillow. Nash lifted his head from your heated area before removing his shirt. He barely pushed his briefs down, enough for his hardened member to pop out before he quickly pushed himself into you. “You’re such a fucking tease y/n, but now. I’m in control. And you’re going to scream my fucking name” he said sternly before lifting your leg up over his shoulder, punding into you harder than ever. “Oh god nash right there” you yelled, tugging at his hair. The sound of slapping of skins, your moaning and his groans filled the room as you became closer and closer to your climax. Nasb felt you clench around him so he pulled out. “On your knees” he commanded. You quickly obliged, your face in the pillow as your ass stuck far into the air. Nash smacked your ass not once but twice before he plunged into you deeply from behind. “Fuck!” You screamed as both pain and pleasure rushed through you. Nash pulled at your hair as he rammed into you quickly. You tightly grabbed ahold of the sheets as you felt that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach rise before you came around nash. “Oh fucking Christ nash!” You moaned out as he continued to pound into you. Minutes later he twitched inside of you before shooting his loads out. He thrusted a few more times before pulling out and placing himself next to you, you both out of breath. “I should give you more silent treatments” you said with grin. “No those are torturing” he said with a small chuckle following behind before he kissed your forehead.