Hello everyone, Lacey here! :)

Hey guys, this is like my very first post on here where it isn’t Sam and I sitting in my room doing crafty things and talking about The Weird Sisters.. So, WOO! 

Anywho, I just wanted to update everyone (since Sam did her own update). I am currently working on some pretty cool jewelry. I have made multiple cork necklaces and radish earrings that were inspired by Luna Lovegood herself (GO RAVENCLAW!). These items will be listed on our Etsy. I am brainstorming on more things that I think you all would love, and I will update you all on those things as they come. I really hope you enjoy what we are doing here, because Sam and I are having a complete blast. I look forward to feeding all of your Harry Potter hungers in the future. 

Don’t forget, get your weird on! 

The Weird Sisters