Okay okay, remember I was asking you guys about the dress Isabel is wearing over here?

A closer look:

Certain details of the dress caught my attention a while ago, but I ignored them until I saw a japanese fanartist pointing out that the dress Isabel is wearing is a dirndl. A dirndl is a traditional dress commonly worn in sourthen Germany – especially Bavaria –, Austria and South Tyrol, based on the historical costume of Alpine peasants. If you go to an Oktoberfest, in fact, you’ll see ladies wearing these dresses, but shorter and a bit more revealing.

The dirndl consists of a bodice, blouse, full skirt and apron. While appearing to be simple and plain, a properly made modern dirndl may be quite expensive as it is tailored and sometimes cut from costly hand-printed or silk fabrics. In the South German dialects (Bairisch), Dirndl originally referred to a young woman or a girl, and Dirndlgewand to the dress. Nowadays, Dirndl may equally refer to either a young woman or to the dress.

The winter style dirndl has heavy, warm skirts and aprons made of thick cotton, linen, velvet or wool, and long sleeves. The colors are usually rich and dark. The summer style is lighter and more revealing, has short sleeves, and is often made of lightweight cotton.

Accessories may include a long apron tied round the waist, a waistcoat or a wool shawl. In many regions, especially the Ausseerland, vibrantly-colored, hand-printed silk scarfs and silk aprons are worn. As far as jewelry is concerned, women often sport necklaces, earrings and brooches made of silver, the antlers of deer or even animals’ teeth. For colder weather there are heavy dirndl coats in the same cut as the dresses, with a high neck and front buttons, thick mittens and wool hats.

There are a lot of types of dirndls. One of my followers pointed out that the dirndl Isabel is wearing is an older, more traditional type of dirndl.

It makes sense given that the skirt is longer (usually these dresses are longer in winters?) and the dress has short sleeves. Usually, summer dirndls with short sleeves have short skirts. It really depends. The dirndl above is an older one and it looks kinda similar in model to the one Isa is wearing.

If you look closely at the dress Isabel is wearing, you’ll notice that it really resembles a dirndl. And what caught my attention, is the knot of her apron.

If I am not mistaken, the knot of her apron is tied to a side. More specifically, her apron knot is tied to the right.

And there’s a curious fact for y’all.  It is sometimes reported that the placement of the knot on the apron is an indicator of the woman’s marital status.

We all know Isabel is not german and all, but the coincidence is just too… interesting? I mean, the artist (Hikaru Suruga) would’ve drawn the knot of her apron to the left or behind her back if she wanted to make it look like a normal dress instead of a dirndl. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it’s a very interesting one!

Now, what does a knot on the right side in a dirndl mean?

Dirndl apron bow on the right side

Women, who wear the dirndl bow on their right, signalize that their status is - taken! Because the wearer has found her happiness in love already, this means: Look but don’t touch!

As I said. It might be a coincidence, but it’s an interesting one, mostly because the dress doesn’t seem like a normal dress but it’s a dirndl. An old, traditional dirndl (if I’m mistaken please tell me ;;). Isabel could’ve been drawn in a normal dress for this ocassion, but the fact that this dress had an apron got me curious and more after finding out it was, in fact, a dirndl.

Now… Hikaru Suruga is, apparently, trying to tell us that our dear Isa is… taken? Yes, according to the dirdnl tradition, it means that she is!

But… by who?

By Levi?

As far as we know, they both saw each other as brother and sister, and Levi is way older than her. Seeing their interactions in both manga, visual novel, anime and other stuff Hikaru Suruga has drawn, you can see that they respect each other in a sibling manner.

That leaves us one option left.

Who else is close to Isabel, part of her family, and has been seen sharing time alone with her, worrying about her and even sneaking some glances at her?

-Whistles innocently and dashes off-