making everyone uncomfortable on movie night bc dirk loves the pda

jane is needlessly supportive of these shenanigans bc shes like “dirk never leaves the house i found him sleeping on his keyboard with an empty box of cake mix. he keeps eating my cake mix, please take him”

dave consistently acts like a child who has just realized that their parents have had sex

no glasses bc the glasses would fight

“Dave really looks up to you, y'know. He never stops talking about you sometimes.”

He quietens down a bit at that, his eyes becoming distant again as he looks back out over the town below. You’d give anything to have the ability to read minds at that point, trying to pick up any little movement that might give away his thoughts as he pulls the cigarette packet from his jeans pocket. He offers you one silently but you shake your head in decline, which he doesn’t seem surprised by.

“Yeah, well, I damn near raised him for the past five years didn’t I? Only two years difference doesn’t mean shit when suddenly I’m all he has in terms of someone to guide him,” He pauses, turning the cigarette over in his fingers and then snapping back into a signature smirk, glancing your way as he catches the cigarette between his teeth, “What do you think of me?”

a scene from this fanfic. eh, this looked way cooler in my head. oh well