Good Homestuck Ships

- All of them

Bad Homestuck Ships

- Antis/Bullying
- Antis/Harassment
- Antis/Spamming tags with hate
- Antis/Accusing people of Homophobia and or Rascism
- Antis/Accusing people of being Rape/abuse/incest apologists

Imagine This

It’s An AU Where Your OTP Are Neighbors.
Person A Comes To Person B’s House Because There’s A Thunderstorm.
Person A Is Afraid Of Thunderstorms.
So Person B Comforts Person A And Hugs Them.
And Person A Starts Having a Cute Crush On Person B.
Person A Always Comes Over To Person B’s House Even Though There are No Thunderstorms.

And The Rest Takes Off From There.

Alpha Kid PSA:

oh hey fandom

remember when the alphas were all tuckered out and hungover from trickster mode

and the whole fandom was rightfully gushing:

“Dirk and Jane’s freindship is so cuuuuute!”

“There may still be hope for Jake and Dirk!”

“Awww Jane and Roxy are bffsies!”

“Dirk says that he’s proud of Roxy!!!”

“Jane isn’t mad at Jake any more!”

which was true

and awesome

and needed to be celebrated

but like


and roxy

were having the cutest



i have ever heard

in my whole


and nobody




at all

god dammit fandom

you dont have to ship them but nobody even acknowledges that their friendship fucking exists!