dirk gently 2

Why watch Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency?

1. The amazing, intricate plot

  •  it’s a murder mystery unlike any other on television
  • intriguing story that gets you hooked on wanting to figure out the connections
  • no plot holes, brilliantly written
  • everything that happens is deliberate and has a purpose
  • “everything is connected”
  • involves time loops

2. The relationships

  • no heterosexual romance, no romance at all until season 2
  • real, meaningful friendships
  • the relationships go through major development and change that is important to the story
  • the friendships make you have a lot of emotions

3. The characters

  • such lovable characters
  • no seriously, you’ll fall in love with the characters
  • most charaters are relatable in some way
  • they’re all dorks and have no idea what’s going on
  • character development 

Characters include:

  • one guy with a very interesting past that’s uncovered during the season
  • the other guy who’s an asshole who has done questionable things but goes through stuff that changes him during the season
  • a badass black woman (edit: who also has a mental illness)
  • a women with a mental illness who’s really cool
  • a group of badass boys who also have a very interesting story that I can’t spoil here
  • a murdery woman who has no idea how anything works and once drank shampoo because it had fruit on the bottle
  • the two great police from missing persons who are trying to figure out what the flying flip is going on

Season 2 has a bunch more characters (but I haven’t seen it yet so idk them really)

  •  including a gay relationship with a man of colour 
  • a bisexual police woman

Please try out this amazing show and help us to get a third season by watching season 2 in January on Netflix! (out Jan 5th)

the boys, the beast and the boss

edit: vogel skin tone darkened.