first time i’m drawing this disaster gay and its for pride month. fitting.

sometimes i remember how bart was allowed to be so utterly disgusting and is truly one of the least sexualised women i’ve ever seen on tv,,,, she was so menacing and in some ways terrifying yet so innocent and adorable. and i just :D

or sometimes i remember how farah black was allowed to be so badass and capable but SO confused and neurotic and vunerable and i’m just amazed,,, especially as a black woman, who are still so often forced into a “kickass and untouchably tough” trope. she’s just allowed to be fuckinh weird and complex and that’s just :D!!!!!!

sometimes i think about amanda brotzman who is allowed to be angry!! she shaves parts of her head and rocks that “three days later and i haven’t removed any makeup but i just keep putting on eyeliner” look! she smashes and screams and she’s punk baby!! her chronic illness does NOT define her or even stop her and hey maybe it turned out to be useful in other ways but yknow what she was Out There way before that and she still fights through the pain!!! look at her go :D!

Top 10 TV Shows

10) you can’t

9) always

8) judge

7) TV shows

6) this way

5) as they mean

4) different

3) things to

2) different people

1) Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency