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Those are Blackwing symbols above the cloud of Zs. Which makes sense, since the comatose Boy was obviously taken to Blackwing. But how did he know about the other subjects? And how could he have known about the symbols? They’re in exactly the same order as on the chart, although the top two lines are cut off

how could he have known?

Dirk describes his hunches as being “like reading in another language, with signs and symbols I don’t understand”, which is obviously a metaphor. It’s not like there is a magical Language of The Universe with a mysterious alphabet that no one can translate

Oh wait. Maybe there is…

(I’ve spent hours trying to work out what this stuff means, and I noticed some interesting patterns, but I’m no closer to understanding it)

I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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According to the myth of Icarus he was given wings made of wax from his father Daedalus. We all remember that Daedalus told Icarus to not fly too high or else the heat from the sun would melt his wings (spoiler: Icarus flew too high and his wings melted and he fell into the ocean and drowned.) What is often not mentioned is that Daedalus also told Icarus to never fly too low or the waves from the ocean would batter him and swallow him down.

The symbol that Blackwing uses in correspondence with the codename reflects this myth. The circle in the middle is symbolic of Dirk needing to stay in the middle, neither flying too high or too low. Dirk is similar to Icarus in that they stray to flying too high or to run into danger.

An incubus is a mythical figure, usually depicted as a demon or other evil presence. These creatures are usually depicted as male demons who would sleep with women, with the possibility of impregnating them. (some variations of the mythology also depict these demons sleeping with men.) Incubi usually comes to people through nightmares, thus they are said to also be agents of fear and chaos. Some of the descriptions of incubi are shared closely with vampires; seducing women, states of thrall or hypnosis, being unusually cold to the touch, striking fear in the hearts of men, etc.

The Rowdy 3 are definitely agents of fear and chaos. I believe that they are so destructive partially so that fear is heightened in their victims (like Dirk.) They then seem to feed off of a persons energy/psychic force. The symbol looks to be four figures connected at center (or head) how one would see them when prone with the four standing over them. This seems to imply that the four share the same energy between them.

The one that was the hardest to figure out was Bart Curlish. Marzanna was a Scandinavian goddess associated with death and rebirth. She is celebrated in spring by drowning a straw effigy (sometimes the effigy is set on fire first.) We first see Bart next to a body of water, later we see the biker gang about to set her and Ken on fire. Both elements of the ritual are seen.

The symbol was even harder to understand, however in similar goddesses associated with death/rebirth a theme of crossroads appear. Crossroads are closely seen in narratives about fate. Choosing a new path or old one or keeping on as you are. In fact the Roman goddess Trivia (who is very similar to Marzanna) was called “the goddess of the three ways.” The circle representing Bart is at the top of three parallel lines or “ways.”

What exactly happened to Wendimoor and The Boy? aka. I think I just solved the case!

Let’s begin with how the people are connected to each other. Starting with Wakti Wapnasi.

Yes, Wakti. She’s one of the most important characters here. 

So: Wakti is a product of Moloch’s mind so basically she’s a splitted version of Moloch’s consciousness. She knows about the prophecy and the boy, she also kind of knows who The Boy is but not where he currently is since he disappeared from Wendimoor. She just knows where he was the last time that she was able to reach out to him in his dreams which was in Bergsberg, in the Cardenas house to be exact.

Wakti knows Mona and told her about the prophecy and the boy and Dirk Gently. Mona knows who Dirk is. She contacts him and sends him straight away to where Moloch was the last time: Bergsberg.

Then all the Wendimoor stuff happens and in the end Dirk finds the mural with the two boys on it, one of them sleeping. That’s how Dirk found Moloch. He knows who The Boy is and the most important thing: He knows where he is.

Here’s what I think happened: The story of Moloch and Wendimoor

The Cardenas found Moloch on the boat that appeared in the middle of the field. Of course they couldn’t just leave the helpless baby there so they took it with them. Soon, they learned about his powers and also how to deal with them. I think that the things that Moloch creates kind of manifest when he wakes up. That’s why Marina Cardenas was so careful not to wake him up when the purple people eater appeared and told him, to dream it into something nice. Later, Arnold was born. 

They grew up together like siblings (who also fight with each other). Maybe both of the boys or just Arnold created Wendimoor. But just as the drawing on the wall. They used it to deal with what was happening in their lives, just like we do. I think everyone reading this has kind of a fantasy world in their head that they can escape into when life gets shitty again. Just like these boys. The Trosts and Dengdamors could’ve represented their parents. Notice that Silas only has a mother and Panto only a father. And they’re cowboy-ish and knight-ish because that’s what was on TV, as we can see in the scene where Dirk is in the house within the house. Also, the Trosts are farmers. One of the Cardenas wanted to keep the farm, the other one wanted to sell it. And then we have the Kellum Knights, representing the people who wanted to buy the farm, the evil ones looking at it from the perspective of a child. Last but not least Wakti Wapnasi, the forest witch who protects everyone. The real life Wakti was a doll that either belonged to Moloch or Arnold. Who hasn’t had a doll or teddy bear or whatever as a child that protected them at night? But then Hector Cardenas found it and covered it with wallpapers as punishment. He didn’t want it to become real. Just imagine what would’ve happened if Wendimoor had manifested itself outside of the Cardenas house, in the real world?

Moloch started to have nightmares. And it got worse. Arnold had to watch his parents nearly getting killed by a purple people eater and eventually it became real, that’s why it’s still in the very existent house within the house.

“I did what I had to do” and “It wasn’t human”. He’s the reason that Moloch fell into the coma that he’s still in. Maybe he attacked him with the air gun, could be the reason on why he was so horrified to see it. 

Now the Cardenas had to take care of a coma child with superpowers and the hospital bills or meds, idk, were probably really expensive. Blackwing showed up, promised to take care of Moloch. The Cardenas got into a fight and killed each other or what I think, Priest (or someone else) eventually showed up. Or Marina killed Hector who sold the farm to the Kellums or the government. She drove away in shock mode. The kids witnessed it and Moloch dreamed up the purple people eater again who then killed Marina. That’s also how the car got up in the tree. And maybe Moloch also dreamed Hector into the tree? No matter who or what killed them, the result is the same. Hector and Marina were dead, the two boys didn’t have parents anymore. 

Arnold ran away and got himself a new identity, never came back. Blackwing got a hold of Moloch and they bought (or just took) the Cardenas house. Marina and Hector are dead, it’s the government, who would say something against it? And that’s why the house is property of the government and was on lockdown. 

I think the person holding Moloch is Riggins. He started Project Blackwing but my first thought was actually because of the cap.

Notice the zzzzz’s above Moloch’s head that lead directly to the Blackwing symbols? 

Dirk said that Riggins often took him to see Moloch. And remember when Friedkin wanted Dirk to touch Moloch’s forehead and magic him awake? I think that that’s what Riggins hoped would happen. So he took every single not dangerous Blackwing project (that’s why not all the symbols are on the mural) to see Moloch. They talked to him and he got to know them, added it to the drawing in Wendimoor, his story. Dirk made him his assistent, told him all these stories about him being (or becoming) a detective and soon, Dirk became his hero.

But then the big escape happened. Everyone could flee, except for coma Moloch who was left alone. He told everyone in Wendimoor (his escape fantasy world) that Dirk Gently would come and save them. He probably couldn’t psychologically age anymore because he was in the coma. Anyway.

Dirk became a legend in Wendimoor. Blackwing closed. They moved Moloch and he had the stroke that Friedkin mentioned. Moloch lost complete consciousness and Wendimoor was left to itself. The boy, their ruler; gone. Everything fell slowly apart, drowning in chaos.

“Farson told me they had been waiting for Dirk for years!” - Amanda. I think the years probably refers to the time after the big escape where Moloch hoped his friend would come back and then the image of Dirk manifested itself in the minds of all the Wendimoorians as soon as The Boy was gone.

Like Amanda, Wakti (aka. a part of Moloch’s consciousness?) is connected to the thing, the fabric of reality, just like Mona and Amanda can reach out through the water to the others which is why she’s the one to unite them all. I think it was Max who said that Blackwing thought that the powers are as simple as just “Shapeshifting”, “Finds stuff” and “Turns invisible”, but it’s not. They’re all connected to the thing which means also connected to each other. That’s how Wakti managed to reach out to both, Amanda and Mona. They’re all connected to the same water-ish realm.

Wakti can see and reach out through the water. Mona can travel through it or shape into it? Still unsure about that. And in the first season, we saw Amanda having her first vision where she had full space Mandelbrot make-up and was laying, you guess it, in water where she heared Wakti’s voice.

And here we are again. 

Wakti contacting Mona who knows Dirk who knows the boy.


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