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“If I was a radiant bride, the groom was positively resplendent. My mouth fell open and stayed that way.
A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight—any Highlander, no matter how old, ill-favored, or crabbed in appearance. A tall, straight-bodied, and by no means ill-favored young Highlander at close range is breath-taking.
The thick red-gold hair had been brushed to a smooth gleam that swept the collar of a fine lawn shirt with tucked front, belled sleeves, and lace-trimmed wrist frills that matched the cascade of the starched jabot at the throat, decorated with a ruby stickpin.
His tartan was a brilliant crimson and black that blazed among the more sedate MacKenzies in their green and white. The flaming wool, fastened by a circular silver brooch, fell from his right shoulder in a graceful drape, caught by a silver-studded sword belt before continuing its sweep past neat calves clothed in woolen hose and stopping just short of the silver-buckled black leather boots. Sword, dirk, and badger-skin sporran completed the ensemble.

Well over six feet tall, broad in proportion, and striking of feature, he was a far cry from the grubby horse-handler I was accustomed to—and he knew it. Making a leg in courtly fashion, he swept me a bow of impeccable grace, murmuring “Your servant, Ma’am,” eyes glinting with mischief.

“Oh,” I said faintly.”

- Outlander

(Brianna says in Drums of Autumn: “My mother always said men in kilts were irresistible. I guess she was right.” I guess this is when Claire realize that)

[s] game over metaphorically predicted this election

aranea (donald trump) ditched meenah (the IRS) and vriska (vriska) and invaded the b2 session (united states election) in order to take control of the timeline (the united states) by using gamzee (various scandals) to acquire the ring of life (candidacy). meanwhile, terezi (the GOP), who was initially okay with aranea (donald trump), realized that she made a huge mistake by being influenced by aranea (donald trump) and being complacent towards gamzee (various scandals), and lost part of her identity as a result. aranea (donald trump), who was opposed by crockertier jane (ted cruz) and jake (marco rubio), uses brain ghost dirk’s sword (outright bullying) to skewer jane (ted cruz) and jake (marco rubio) and remove them as threats. at the same time, karkat (mainstream media) attacks gamzee (various scandals) for his attacks on terezi (the GOP), but gamzee (various scandals) overwhelms karkat (mainstream media) and stabs him into a pit of lava (truly horrifying unbelievable shit). kanaya (social media) bisects gamzee (various scandals) with a chainsaw (fuckton of people with information). aranea (donald trump) uses her network of damaras (loud angry bigots) to force terezi (the GOP) to stab herself with a sword (accept donald trump as the republican candidate).

I saw a post a few days ago about how big a deal it is that Dave (who breaks swords) was able to cut through Dirk’s sword (the unbreakable katana), and I got to wondering on why that was the case. I think I’ve come up with an answer.

A warning: I went full literary analysis with this, and it’s pretty long. Prepare yourself.

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john buys dirk an actually shitty katana for his birthday. Dirk cries for several reasons

Reason 1: Dirk is a fucking sword elitist and he can’t stand the shame of having a pathetic piece of scrap metal in his collection, but it was a gift… he can’t throw it out. He’s doomed to possess this fuckin’ cursed ass shitsword until entropy does its job and destroys it.
Reason 2: John spent like $400 on this piece of fuck.


alpha bro’s sword WIP’s (finished sword)

build time: 1 week

this was a quick little project. its always shown as a black or white silhouette so i had a bit of liberty with my choices. i based the shape off the sprite image for the most part. its essentially the same design as the unbreakable katana but with a more rounded guard and a bit of a bend towards the end of the blade. i definitely made the bend a little too sudden there tho, but i didnt feel like buying more material so i just rolled with it.

  • half of the fandom: the fact that dave's fragile sword broke the unbreakable katana is symbolic of dave letting go of his fear of his abuser and coming into his own as a person and of dirk making himself vulnerable enough to another person to let himself break even though he's always the tough manipulative closed off one it's a culmination of their character arcs a push and pull and emotionally fulfilling
  • half of the fandom: dirk's sword broke. he's so fucked. rip dirk. sucks to be you. permadead as hell. who will pay for dave's therapy bills